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  1. amateur hour trying to buy a new wedgeHey im looking to buy a new lob wedge. Currently i have a 60 degree tvd with an M grind on it. However vokeys shop got rid of the 60 tvd and replaced it with the L and E grinds. I like the verstatility of the TVD where i can open it up and have minimal bounce and sit it square and still have some bounce. Will the L Grind still be pretty much the same as the M? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. he uses a ping crazy- belly putter.
  3. Boyle572

    Mp 37

    bouncei Currently game a set of mizuno mp 37 6.5 PX. im a scratch handicap and play everyday, i love my life. I'm contemplating purchasing a new set of irons either hte Miura tournament blades or the cb201. My only concern though is in my short irons i am a slight digger. will the tournament blades dig more than the 37's. And my other fear is that the cb201 will have too much bounce with the thicker sole than my 37 and just sweep the ball....any help?
  4. if you come to MA itd be great for you to get a quick round in and be a guest a brae burn..
  5. i hate to bust everyones bubble about Game improvement irons but KJ only plays the ignite 3 iron. the rest of the set are blades.....old school prevails with a hint of new school.
  6. Boyle572

    David Toms

    emoney where do you play. im a member over at greensboro cc.
  7. not to toot my own horn but ill be joining you guys this week at the optmist and anyone else the following week at the BIg I ....tooot tooot
  8. I recently purchased the TEE 13 degree and quickly reshafted it with a V2 and this thing is an absolute rocket launcher. I was wondering if anyone has hit the driver and has received the same sucess or if the exotics are just strictly a good fairway wood.
  9. Beverage walking down 15 fairway?Did anyone else notice what tiger was drinking while walking down the 15th fairway. It looked like some sort of protein shake or amino vital?
  10. Has anyone who has hit both drivers noticed a difference in yardage. Im currently contimplating between pulling the trigger on of these drivers yet i was wondering if the FT-I was not as long as the Ft-5 due to the shape.
  11. I live in the northeast and play in pretty firm and fast conditions. Im confused on what grind i should get for my lob wedge. I use it for my bunker shots and alot of flop shots soo any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. would you be willing to sell an extra set of your nikes?
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