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  1. Found a team for my son to play on. Hardest part at this point is scheduling all the matches before the July deadline. There are so many other tournaments going on during June and July that each kid can't make every scheduled match. We could of had a really good team, but a few kids had to drop out. Hopefully next year things will run a lot smoother.
  2. LOL. Wish I had the patience and @MikekiM is very good at keeping these stats. I see him taking notes during a round. I wish I had the patience to do this but for me it would just piss me off more than anything lol
  3. Currently 7th in points and the 4 ahead of us are already in so I'm sure my son will qualify. Playing this year for experience and look forward to actually competing next year as a 12 yr old.
  4. Congrats on qualifying. Still can't believe boys 11-12 are playing Pala Mesa. If I had to take a plane to play that course, I would be livid. Its sad that most of the kids in this age group are very well off and members of some of the nicest clubs in San Diego and practice in pristine conditions. Meanwhile they will need to play a goat track for IMG.
  5. Thanks guys. It was just a local tournament, but we were playing with a kid who has been trying to beat my son forever. My son ended up losing by two shots with a score of +1. I was super proud of him for making two birdies after the blow up instead of crying and calling it quits. Seems like he is finally maturing a bit
  6. If the penalty area was marked right before the shrubs then we would likely be able to drop at point of entry, no closer to the hole instead of stroke + distance. We all agreed where the ball hit and conclude entry would be just to the right due to the hard kick of the mound next to the green. Thanks for the pic above @wildcatden. That is the exact hole!!
  7. I'm bringing this up because its the first time I've ever seen it. My son played at local US kids tournament at Cimmaron Golf Resort in Cathedral City. Everything is going great until we reach the 135 yard par 3 (hole 12). He blocks his iron right and we see it hit next to the green and kick right. We thought ok, no big deal. Once we get up to the green, we notice there is some brush in a waste area to the right of the green and water. Neither the brush or the water is visible from the tee box. I've never seen a water hazard not marked by either stakes or a painted line. Although
  8. Not a big kid. He is tall for his age though. Voice sounds funny so I'm not sure he's hit puberty already or if thats even possible. At 10 yr old us kid yardages he can pretty much drive every par 4 and a lot of times its not even with driver.
  9. Speaking of speed and distance, my son played a few practice rounds with a 10yr old kid who consistently hits it 240-260. I've never seen anything like it. We put him on the mevo+ and his average SS was 97. He's very good, but luckily golf isn't his #1 passion
  10. Thinking about it, but only if there is post season play. My son made it to the all star team year before last and that was really fun although they lost to a team of much older kids. We normally join a muni team with a group of solid kids and players. Hope it all works out this year.
  11. My son is currently 5th in the points race to qualify for this year. Its been a grind, but hopefully he gets in. Sad part is his course will be Pala Mesa. We have played a lot of golf and this has to be the most mickey mouse layout with the worst conditions I've ever witnessed. The 11-12 boys have some elite players so not sure why they couldn't get these kids on a better course. As for playing IMG, I would go every year a kid can qualify. As @leezer99 mentioned, it only gets harder to qualify each year and I definitely can attest to that.
  12. This whole junior distance things is somewhat frustrating especially with my son being the youngest in the group of juniors he plays with and in tournaments as well. I feel like he is on track for his age, but its been a huge uphill battle over the last few months with him playing 5,7000-5,800 yard courses as a fairly young 11 yr old. Par 4 yardage ranges from 315 to 360 with par 5's in the area of 470. Most of the kids in the tournaments are 12 and I've seen very noticeable distance gains from them compared to just the year before. I'm sure a lot has to due with puberty too as I can he
  13. Thanks for that. I can also live with the minor differences with the benefit of huge savings.
  14. Yup I noticed that yesterday. The readings come out before the ball even touches the ground so your comment above is spot on. thanks.
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