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  1. amazing. thanks for sharing. How much would you say it cost you in total?
  2. Thanks guys. I'll try this. playing the driver at 9* now. Will go up to 10.5* and report back.
  3. So, I went on a flightscope recently and the numbers were really odd. I currently play a Ping G400 Max with GD Di 6x shaft. SS is only about 100 mph. On the handful of drives I hit, Angle of Attack was 9+* and spin was only about 18-1900. I fixed the angle of attack by changing ball placement a bit, but could not get spin up for the life of me. I'm too old to fix my swing so if there are any head/shaft combos I should to optimize my numbers and get more spin, please let me know. Thanks
  4. I was able to source a set of MC's for my son. I think I will take one of the irons out to test today before we cut and fit him. These things are just perfect to the eye. They don't look overly demanding to hit, but I'm also used to looking at a blade.
  5. I would say a week max. If you take a break, lets fish!!!
  6. If anyone wants to let go of a mint set of mc's 5-pw, let me know. Just need heads.
  7. So there aren't bad breaks in golf caused by something other than a bad swing? I guess PGA commentators have no idea what they are talking about then.
  8. I played a course recently with a metal rod running about a foot up the flagstick and it wasn't flush. I had a putt hit the metal piece with perfect speed and line. The putt bounced off. The guy I was playing with said I should have moved the metal piece around to the other side of the hole before putting. I almost lost it!!!
  9. I'd have to agree. Even the younger kids these days are so conscious of distance these days almost to a detriment. Just because Bobby over there hits it 200 and you hit it 180 doesn't make Bobby a better player. The parents of the shorter hitters seem even more concerned about distance. Speed is great as a young golfer but not a necessity. Obviously when the kid hits 14-15 speed becomes paramount. As for the speedsticks I think they are just a gimmick.
  10. In my experience no they aren't fade biased. My son can hit the SIM left/right/straight often on the wrong holes. Thats how you lose a regional lol!! He plays the SIM Max D, which is supposed to be draw biased and he proved yesterday that it can go very right if you swing it bad.
  11. He just didn't enjoy playing at an organized level where they require multiple practices each week. It would be virtually impossible to juggle all 3 sports both from a time and money perspective. He did play soccer and basketball at school everyday during school recess pre-covid.
  12. You never know man. Our boys may not go pro, but a majority have a chance to play college golf at some level if they stick with it. Oh, does fishing count as a sport? If so, my son also plays fishing.
  13. I would say my son has already specialized. He's 10 and its way too early but not sure what to do. He's a pretty good athlete and played club soccer and basketball until last year. His love for golf seems stronger than ever, but different things seem to motivate him now. He gets really excited to play new courses and country clubs.
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