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  1. We currently have an older clicgear 3.5 that probably needs replacing. Basically when I try to fold it, it is not staying in the folded position which makes the unit hard to carry. Anyhow, I've been looking at the Bagboy Nitron which looks pretty good and is lighter than the clicgear. Anyone with experience using both please chime in. Thanks
  2. How is this stupid? If I have the ability to see a coach who is personally connected with top D1 coaches then why not? Some college coaches have a huge amount of trust in golf coaches so when they are looking to fill a roster they look directly to the coach for recommendations. The whole recruiting process is fairly tough for most kids so why not get an edge up if you can through the coach. I will let you know if my plan works out in 5 years.
  3. Of course it varies by person, but here is what I look for in a coach. In no particular order: 1. Caliber of existing players in his stable. 2. Connections with D1 college coaches. 3. Attitude and ability to relay teachings to a kid effectively. 4. Cost 5. Personal connection with the student I've left coaches in the past not due to bad results, but because points 3 and 5 above. Of course we all want results and want them now. In the world of golf, it becomes very hard to get results fast for a million reason. If a kid is taking lessons from a top instructor, but is not improving I've noticed one of two things happening: 1). The kid isn't putting in the work and/or 2). The kid is not seeing the coach often enough to make the change(s) necessary. If your kid is working on something then seeing the coach once ever 3 months probably won't do much. Then again, there are those kids who are extremely gifted and also take to instruction immediately. These kids never really skip a beat in tournament play whether they are playing their best or going through a minor slump.
  4. Is the plan to release driver and fwys together? i can't remember how it worked last year.
  5. Some kid had two aces in his round in a junior tournament in palm springs. I think the odds of this are something like 1 in 67,000,000. Amazing stuff.
  6. FWIW, my son plays recoil 460's in TM p7Mc's. Amazing combo for him thus far. I think I have extended the shafts just once so far so next step will just be replacing shafts as he gets taller.
  7. I need new irons soon and will probably give Epon a try since the cb-57's are discontinued. Looking for something similar in the Epon line. Specifically, size, shape, and amount of offset. To me, the cb probably has one of the best profiles out of any iron I've hit so far. Thanks!!
  8. Just curious. When I check out the IG for recent golf commits they either have 0 or maybe 1 post. I'm curious if they are asked by respective colleges to delete past posts and essentially start over? Can anyone offer insight into this?
  9. Thats what I was thinking. We have tried a lot of different heads out there with nominal gains. I need to see this for myself.
  10. Just curious if any of you guys have kids playing this driver and results thus far. I know a few kids who were recently fit into the new cobra line and they supposedly gained an average of 20 yards using trackman numbers. Most of these kids currently use TM so that kind of gain with driver is mind blowing if actually true. Thanks for any input.
  11. Sorry if this has been discussed but I'm getting crazy high spin #'s with the mevo+ even on an outdoor range. Spin is showing 4,500-5,000. I tested this against one of the more expensive flightscopes and spin was 2,500. Is this a bug or does my software need updating? I feel like everything else is fairly accurate- within 5%.
  12. Dammit Leezer. I thought you were posting a video of the cheating.
  13. So I ask my 11 yr old son if he knows anything about the 2022 TM driver. He's like yah dad is going to be called the Burnr . No idea where he finds this info.
  14. Some guys swear by Golftec. I would never go to one or send my kid. Way too many options out there to chose from that allow you to hit off real grass in an open range.
  15. Yup. That's him. Funny thing is we have played a handful of these events and I've never seen Chris there. I'd assume he is at the tournaments with the older kids. The younger kids in these tournaments don't really get any love. As much as he charges for tournaments, its surprising that they aren't better run with at least a few marshals around to help the kids with rulings etc. I think the best bang for buck tournaments we have played are the sdjga tournaments. The directors know their stuff and tournaments are well run with marshals.
  16. This tour has always been a money grab and continues to be. This whole membership thing seals the deal in deciding to never play an fcg event again.
  17. Is there such thing as Miuraism cb-57's?
  18. A very easy way to tell if a club is too heavy for a kid is to watch the ball flight. I've seen kids transition into adult heads because their friends have them and the ball shoots very low off the face making it very difficult to hold greens.
  19. Unless a kid has some formal contract in place, they have the same freedom that you do and that is to play whatever they want. Only thing is they may need to pay for it like you do.
  20. I love it when you back up your posts with straight facts. Tiger needs to do the same.
  21. :Bump: I really wish I joined a club a year ago. The initiation for courses around me have gone up 15-30% and the courses we used to practice at are packed from sun up to sun down. Need to move to Florida asap
  22. I have a friend who just started the whole home schooling for his son who is 12 y/o. I haven't asked him directly, but I am assuming it is 100% to put more time in and get better at golf since it is basically his only sport. He is a good player, but has struggled in local tournaments lately with some high scores. I'm really curious how it is going to work out for them.
  23. check out www.igengolf.com These can be built with different head weights according to shaft. Solid clubs, forged, and very forgiving.
  24. If your primary goal is to shoot a low score than your points 1,3,4 all all equally important. Of course, if you bomb the ball then points 3 and 4 should become exponentially easier for a child since they would likely be hitting shorter clubs into holes and miss less greens and hopefully put the ball closer to the hole. For kids, they always want what they can't/don't have. You have Player A who bombs it out there but can't hit a wedge to save their life and no short game. On the flipside, Player B is average in distance but with a deadly wedge players and can putt very well. On the kids tour guess which kids win more often than not?
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