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  1. If your primary goal is to shoot a low score than your points 1,3,4 all all equally important. Of course, if you bomb the ball then points 3 and 4 should become exponentially easier for a child since they would likely be hitting shorter clubs into holes and miss less greens and hopefully put the ball closer to the hole. For kids, they always want what they can't/don't have. You have Player A who bombs it out there but can't hit a wedge to save their life and no short game. On the flipside, Player B is average in distance but with a deadly wedge players and can putt very well. On the kids tour guess which kids win more often than not?
  2. Thats interesting stuff @cwilk. Puts things into perspective. Does your source also show how many tournaments he played in the above years?
  3. All I read is a lot of 'Others this and other parents that.' Keep focusing on your daughter alone and she will improve and finish more in line where you think she should be. According to your other comments this already seems to be working so keep it going.
  4. From my experience, golf isn't normal. Its a very tough game and things happen during the span of 18-36-54-72 holes. Like TW said, all you can do is control yourself. You have no control over other players so if they normally shoot 90's and catch fire with a -5 why lose sleep over it? They shot what they did and it has no bearing on your or your daughter except her place in finishing. If you look at the scoring history of a certain player, normally you can kind of gauge what they might shoot during a tournament. There are also those other kids who haven't peaked and are fully capable of shooting a low number, but just haven't yet.
  5. Why do you always think a kid got lucky if he/she shoots a low score? Sounds like sour grapes to me. To answer your question and I'm speaking about my son only. His scores in USkids tournaments can range anywhere from -5 to 5 over. That is a huge differential, but it happens. It kind of depends on who shows up that day and how many putts fall. Over 5 tournaments so far, his average is 71. If we are talking about longer courses in the 5,700 yard range his scores range from -2 to maybe 6-7 over.
  6. No Trades please. Purchased these new from TM when released. Wear from normal play, but tons of life still left in the grooves. 52, 9* Bounce 56, 8* Bounce 60, 10* Bounce All shafted with Nippon Modus 120-S shafts. All Standard L/L/L $350 shipped CONUS OBO. Due to shipping I need to sell all 3 wedges together.
  7. If she swings lefty in softball, I would have her play golf righty as to not disturb her softball swing. Also, as others have said, righty golf equipment is much more available.
  8. I'd have to agree with this. Wedge play from about 80 yards and in has become very inconsistent for my son. Distance is all over the place and I think his current set up is just too heavy for him. Currently playing TM mg2's with recoil shafts. He's had to learn to just hit knockdown or choked pw instead of long wedges. We played with another kid over the weekend and he was sticking every wedge shot. Guess what he was using? 3 year old uskids stuff that were all beat up. lol
  9. Our rep said that the recoil esx 460 shafts have been discontinued. Any ideas what will replace them? My son uses these shafts in his irons and wedges.
  10. Man I wish my life was so simple that I had worries like that.
  11. It depends on the price. I had a set and they just felt different (bit harsher) than the normal cb57 set I also have. Note also the black finish will wear very quickly if you are worried about that sort of thing.
  12. We have been to a few golf camps at top D1 colleges and the coaches were asked about this topic and both said it is very...very...very...very rare. Basically almost never happens.
  13. Thanks, I hear that a lot and its a tough wait. Luckily, my son's putting and short game is much better than average so that has gotten him through on longer courses. Yesterday we played a local USkids tournament and my son was the longest in the group for once. Started off bogey-bogey on very easy holes and somehow he fought back to make 7 birdies, but still finished 2nd. That to me as huge. I'm hoping he can keep learning from every tournament to keep building his mental toughness when things aren't going his way. Yup, we are with AP now.
  14. kekoa

    Miura Irons

    I've been playing the cb57's forever now. Tried a lot of different irons and can't let them go. I have been looking for a brand new back up set, but they are discontinued :(. Profile, feel, everything is just about perfect. I'm a 3.8 index and don't find them hard to hit at all.
  15. I sure hope my son is a late bloomer. He used to be one of the better kids out there and has won a lot across various tours. Big thing for him is the lack of distance. He's 11 now and is probably one of the shortest and smallest kids out there. The kids we used to beat easily are now bigger/stronger/a lot better. I guess it doesn't help that he is going through some swing changes. A few of the kids he competes with in the 11's are already going through puberty hitting 210-220+ yards on average. At this point my son is stuck at the 190-200 yard range which is making some courses very tough for him. What I am finding is its very hard to be patient and wait for that growth spurt to come along with added distance. Mentally I can see my son getting a lot more frustrated than he used to while in tournament play.
  16. TM always does it right. I still remember going to the Carlsbad Kingdom several years ago to get fitted into the R11s driver. Still talk about it to this day. congrats to all the participants!!
  17. One thing I will say about that SD team is they have depth. Basically each and every player on the squad can flat out play and are tournament tested. The coach did a very good job hand picking this team and they had great camaraderie. As for our team, we had a good idea of who would make the team, but the kids still had to play 5 (9 hole matches) so the spots were earned. Most of our kids were very good as well, but a few kids were not as polished in tournament play. Hoping to give it another run next year with a few girls on the team.
  18. For anyone who went from the mg2's to the mg3's, what are your thoughts so far. I was able to set up to some kids mg3 yesterday and took one swing with it. I actually love the squared off look of the mg3. It also felt noticeably softer than the mg2. It was hard to thoroughly test is as the kid is really small and 11 yrs old.
  19. Wow crazy finals. We made it to match play and tied the other team with 6 flags a piece. Needless to say we lost in a cardoff. Anyone know where I can find the specific pga jr league rules in case of tie? I cant believe they handle a chance at the finals with a cardoff. We teed off at 7am and each group only played 9 holes. I assume the resort we played at wasnt willing to allow an actual playoff, which is how it should of been handled.
  20. @Pepperturbo Just to clarify, its the OC USkids Tour. I'm sure you have heard of that. The club I'm referring to above is Old Ranch. I know MVCC has raised rates as well. Yorba Linda CC and a few others have raised initiations and have a waitlist of 50+. I'm just going by what members are telling me.
  21. Update: The Hawaii team couldn't make it so we are going to Regionals after all. I'm liking our chances.
  22. Yup, everything is filled up here in socal. My favorite is the Orange County Tour. Every event isn't even close to OC. The director tells me that none of the courses locally want him unless he pays a much larger green fee than normal. On a sidenote, country clubs are getting crazy too. A buddy just showed me a notice saying they are increasing initiations from $25K to $50K and monthly dues will go from $800 to $1,350 :(. The course is just mediocre at best too.
  23. There are a million things. But if I need to limit it to one thing right now, I would transfer 30 lbs of fat from me to him.
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