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  1. I agree w/ the above. I've had the 19* for over a year now. To me this club just looks very confidence inspiring at set up. Its very easy to hit and get up in the air also. I do fight a hook w/ it. I'm not sure if this is the shaft or if the face is slightly shut. If i hang on at impact, i can blast this thing about 230 +/-. I sticking w/ this club and adding the new titleist 909 hybrid 15* in place of a 3 wood. I may even get the rescue 22* in place of a 4 iron. Its that good and easy to hit.
  2. thanks is it super small? looks like a kiddie bag on the titleist site.
  3. cool maybe i'll pick one up nxt year once prices come down a bit. I assume it will be about 1* open like past tp drivers.
  4. It looks to be the fourth in their line-up. Weight is about 3.3 lbs. I walk a lot and considering this bag, but don't want to look like a kid/junior golfer carrying it.
  5. so is it confirmed that TP version is coming in 09? I put this driver up against the new 909 and i hit the limited about 10 yards further w/ much better launch numbers.
  6. I have the 16* w/ vs proto regular shaft. My SS is about 105 mph and this thing keeps fading right. I normally fight a hook and cannot get this thing around. Is the regular vs proto that much flimsier than a stiff? or did i just answer my own question... :(
  7. my shop has the hybrid. i ordered a 15* last week. should be here any day now. woot
  8. Nobody playing these yet? i just ordered a 15*. I'll let you all know how i like it when it comes in next week. At set up, the thing looks damn good.
  9. ive been trying to do the same and its very difficult to say the least. im 34 and play to a 5. by keeping the left arm straight, it makes you actually turn a lot more, which is a good thing. Almost all good guys on tour swing w/ their left arm straight if that means anything. One thing i've tried is to stick a towel under both arms when swinging. your arm will be straight and you will be connected. its tough, but worth a try.
  10. i hit the 909 d2 and d3 back to back on a launch monitor today against my 907 d2. long story short, i hit my 907 d2 longer with less spin than the other two. i have no idea what the reason is.. maybe my swing sux
  11. its a real toss up for me between the D2 and D3. i just don't like the way the d3 looks, but i hear the d2 is only for people with a certain swing type (spin rate & launch angle). what to do??
  12. wow. that looks really good. I'd love to get my hands on a 14* of that. I just bought a 16* idea pro hyprid and its pretty damn good. I have a problem of it fading on me, but anything is better than left. :)
  13. i hear oak creek is awesom. i would not recommend the navy course. thats basically a muni.
  14. hey guys. the screw on the bottom of my hybrid is coming lose and i never got any type of wrench. what to do?? :(
  15. Who plays them?I'm about to upgrade from my cg 12's. Anyone play the v4's?
  16. this happened to me also. i sold a club for $150 and funds are on hold. Get this, the club was delivered and buyer left me positive feedback and funds are still on hold. This is just ludicrous. I know they are trying to protect buyers, but in the process, they are punishing honest sellers. wtf.
  17. hey guys, is there a safe way to get the rust off these things? also, whats the best way to get the grooves super clean? Mine seem to be lacking spin, but i assume thats because the grooves are filled with dirt?
  18. Hi all. I currently play the cg12 Cleveland 56 and 60 deg. zip groove wedges and looking for something with similar head shape but lighter. the cg12's feel like hammers to me. I'm thinking of going either Fourteen or Vokey? Thanks
  19. hey guys. anyone play a 15 degree g10? i have a demo that i want to compare to my adams idea pro. the g10 actually looks easier to hit given the head size, but it seems to set up a little closed? Let me know your thoughts.
  20. just received my 16* yesterday. the only problem is that it has a regular proto shaft instead of my normal stiff preference. Anyways, the looks nice at set-up and has no offset which I love. I also tend to hook shots on my misses, but this thing would not go left at all. In fact, i was hitting a fade about 230. How high do you guys tee the ball with the idea pro? I assume you would tee it up like an iron?? I'm anxious to get this thing out on the course soon.
  21. ok guys just ordered a 16* to replace a 3 wood. fingers are crossed that i love it as much as you guys!!
  22. Hey guys, i know this has probably been discussed a million times, but is it best to have your left arm firm or flexed on the back swing? I know guys like ernie else and tevor imellman have firm arms. Seem like this really keeps certain components of the swing in check. thanks!!
  23. Hmm.. is nobody playing these irons? i bought a set a few months back after selling my callaway x-forged. these irons set up really nicely. Also, they are fairly foregiving for blades. I have the s-300 DG (s) shafts and love them. These will probably stay in the bag for a long while.
  24. anybody notice that these wedges are a lot heavier than others on the market or is it just my imagination? thanks
  25. Hey guys, I am really interested in playing golf with some better players. Normally, I get together with buddies for saturday rounds who are all 20+ handicappers. I currently play to a 3.9. If anyone is interested and can play saturdays, please let me know so we can set something up. I only get out once or twice a month since my wife and I had a baby recently. Also, are there any hidden secrets in the greater los angeles area you guys can recommend? I don't mind driving an hour out from where I live in Huntington beach either. Just looking for some pure greens, lush fairways, and nice views. thanks!!
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