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  1. There are a million things. But if I need to limit it to one thing right now, I would transfer 30 lbs of fat from me to him.
  2. Maybe they do yell and scream at the kid behind closed doors. I have no idea and at that point its none of my business. In this case, the kid is bigger than both his parents. lol!!
  3. I'd be interested to hear if your daughter's issue persists in 2 years when she is 11. I think its a maturity thing, but some kids just can't get past a bad hole, bad shot, or how they are stacking up against others. It's tough. My son at 11 still does this. Sometimes he will do everything he can to beat an older/better kid. Other times, he will throw in the towel and flop. We are not yet at the point of seeking a mental coach, but will definitely look into it in a few years. On a side note, I was watching this Thai kid play who won IMG in the 11-12's. His demeanor was amazing. Par-Bogey-Birdie, whatever he made there was basically no emotion. Not sure that is good either, but kid was super composed throughout the entire round. Played like he didn't have a care in the world and his scores showed it.
  4. ughh.. i thought you meant instructor. my bad.
  5. Got booted at La Costa. Head to head we had the way stronger team, but ended losing by 1 to move on. There other team had a few 11-13 yr old girls that were good and able to tee off from the front tees. This really evened out the playing field for them. Already looking forward to next year.
  6. Solid response @Golfingdawg19!!! We have seen probably about 5 coaches so far and my son is only 11. It's really hard to find the right 'fit.' Current coach is really good with a proven track record of producing very good juniors. Actually, they are already really good when they see him and he just fine tunes from there. Our coach now is more of the 'all business' type which I like, but really not sure it is best for my son. I keep reminding myself that we are looking for the 'best fit' for my son and not me lmao!!
  7. Please stop!! You give like the worst advice.
  8. Two of my sons started golf at an early age. One is 11 now and he started hitting it around at 18 months. I probably took him to the range for the first time at age 3. He had a great time and would literally have a complete meltdown when we had to leave. Luckily he still plays golf and seems to enjoy it for the most part. I have a 2 yr old who hits balls everyday, but in our backyard. Not sure I can go through this whole jr. golf thing with him unless he shows some real promise. lol I would just go with the flow and take your girl out as much as she wants to. Keep it fun and if she ends up finding other interests down the line then so be it. If she ends up quitting for a while I'm sure she will be back at it once she gets older and sees her friends playing. good luck!!
  9. It's not hard to learn how to win? Ok. Nobody said kids don't like winning either- of course they do. Depending on where you live, it's hard to win. I'm not talking about your local 7 yr old US kids tournament with 3 participants either.
  10. I think it is very important to win as many tournaments as possible as a youngster and learn how to get it done even if the competition isn't the best. Finding out now that winning in older age groups becomes incrementally more difficult. Competing to me means finishing top 10-15% depending on the tournament type, field size, and strength of field.
  11. USkids is a company like any other. They are around to make money whether it be through tournaments, equipment, etc. Is your main gripe over the recent increase in cost or something else? I personally think US kids is fine for a lot of kids. Not everyone is cut out to play ultra competitive tournaments, no matter what age. Also US kids is quite economical given the ability to play different tours nearby. You will really get milked once you start AJGA's etc... With that said, the local tours around me charge $75 per for 18 holes and most of the courses are goat tracks. In Palm Spring they only charge about $50 and get to play some nice country clubs. Really depends on the area and tour director.
  12. Bingo. It is very much score based now. Consistently shooting right around even to maybe 4-5 over should get her in easily. I wish I understood the system better as well. We just play and hope
  13. Great playing by J!! I was going to text you about fishing but assumed it didn't happen. Some of the guys fished at another lake and caught tons of LM and SM bass. I'm going to stay there next year just for the fishing.
  14. Yup, I agree. I will say this though. Literally 1-2% of the kids in the field have a chance to win and probably 15% can actually compete. The rest are there for the experience and fun, which is great.
  15. With all these predictions of success at worlds equating to D1 or PGA tour, I'm glad we stayed home this year.
  16. If anyone is looking for a driver and fwy shafts I have some really good ones that I will part with. Perfect for ages 8-10. They have TM tips on them right now. They remind me of autoflex a bit given the bend profile. These are Mitsubishi Diamana proto shafts made specifically for juniors. The shafts have each been extended a few inches, which can easily be removed.
  17. Great overall condition. Wear from normal use. Purchased new about 18 months ago. Includes single strap (not pictured). $275 obo local pickup only. Im located in orange county, ca
  18. I agree. We have a local 12y/o girl here who almost qualified for the Women's US Open and has also won a few AJGA's against much older girls. It's a huge achievement, but didn't seem like many cared. This girl normally hits a bucket on the range and plays on the course past sunset everyday. Its normally just her and the dad and the girl looks miserable.
  19. We are basically past the caddying days and the golf relationship between my son and I has improved because of it. I don't get pissed anymore after a bad shot and he can't blame me for pulling the wrong club or a bad read on the green. Win/Win. With that being said, I do miss caddying though.
  20. Was speaking to my son's coach about this. He suggests playing within your age group for tournaments. Sees no real point in playing up 3 or 4 age groups and get your Word not allowed handed to you.
  21. I understand it varies from school to school, but what GPA would you say can get a kid into a top golf program assuming they have the ability? 3.3- 3.5+?
  22. While we are on the subject. Got paired with a kid over two days at FCG Worlds. The dad starts off telling me what a stickler he is for etiquette etc. I was like ok, whatever. After the 2nd hole he tells me that my son keeps moving around while his son is putting. Dad also says that everyone needs to stay off the tee box while his son is teeing off. Love it!! This dad actually cares more about stuff than his own child does and it showed. It was actually funny and annoying at the same time. Throughout the round, he is giving full on advice to the child. Everything from 'Check the wind to watch your lie.' The kid even used a motorized push cart for a few holes, but told the rules guy that he didn't know he couldn't use one. It was complete torture!!!
  23. Assuming one of the girls is AA? No idea who the other one is.
  24. From my experience, basically talking anything golf is giving advice. Like someone said above, 'good shot' or 'eat this/drink that' is ok. Almost everything else is advise. Becomes very tricky when player/caddy speaks another language. There is no way it takes 5 minutes for the parent to tell their kid eat/drink. lol
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