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  1. Well lets see. I've been in contact with the marketing director. If numbers are off I will return it. I have access to a trackman as well so I an do some comparing.
  2. Just ordered a mevo+ to dial in distances. Plan to use it in the backyard and range. I will report back once we have some time with it. Appears they are backordered for a few weeks direct from flightscope. I know a few local juniors who have them and love the unit.
  3. I currently play the cb-57 and like everything about them but the grooves are very worn. Looking or a replacement and read that the tc's are the most similar in terms of head shape and offset. Would those who have hit both agree with this? I have a set of heads on order sight unseen and plan to pair them with MMT 125's. If anyone has both irons and can post address pics side by side that would be much appreciated. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. Its funny. My son wants to only play tournaments that have no spectator policy in place, but I only sign him up for one's where I can come watch
  5. After a few weeks with the g425 max, I'm finally making it work. Not as well as the 400 max, but hitting many more fairways now and seeing some distance gains. Nothing huge, but best drives are about 10 yards longer than the 400. For some reason I was hooking the g425 initially so i've been setting up opening the face a bit and balls are going straight with some slight fades. The sound has become much more tolerable as well after 'break in'
  6. I don't think the idea of WD'ing from poor play gets into a kids head until they get older. Luckily, my son knows its not even an option.
  7. Ask Wolff. He's WD's a few times now seemingly from poor play.
  8. Its fine to withdraw for any reason, but I wouldn't make a habit of it.
  9. Not a big deal. Like others, just have fun and learn from the experience. A lot of the parents will be taking stuff way to seriously. Don't let other parents intimidate you either. The mind games start early. I still remember my son's first uskids tourney when he was 5. I took off work a bit early and caddied in my work clothes in 90 degrees heat with no push cart. Quickly felt out of place. I think my son shot 55 or something like that. It was cool because neither of us had any expectations but it was good to get our feet wet in a tournament. Fast forward 5 years later and he turned out to be pretty good.
  10. I have had the g400 Max since it came out with a gd di 6x shaft. I absolutely loved it. Decided it was time for a new driver so bought the g425 max with same shaft sight unseen. My initial thoughts: The g425 has a very harsh feel off the face. I'm spraying the ball everywhere with it. Sound is not as good as the 400. I'd go back to the 400 max in a heartbeat, but I traded it in. At my home course, I'm not really seeing any distance gains either. Its hard since I'm probably hitting 25% of fairways LOL!! Probably a swing issue, but I was hitting the 400 great.
  11. Just curious. I read the goal of lowering your index, but are you also trying to play college golf in the states or maybe an international team? Either way, best of luck !
  12. Not to derail this by any means, but Tiger is a 'she??'
  13. Long shot, but let me know if anyone would want to swap sim 2 max 3 and 5 wood for the sim 2 ti heads. My son just doesn't generate enough speed to get the ti fairways to work.
  14. No trades please. Need to sell these together. Both came stock off new g425 drivers. Never actually hit. 1. Aldila Rogue 130 MSI 70-stiff 2. Mitsubishi Tensei Orange AV 65-Stiff $180 shipped OBO
  15. thanks. big fail on my part. I was ready to play the 425 today. Now i need to swap tips
  16. Brand new with head still in wrapping. Includes headcover and wrench. $450 shipped CONUS OBO
  17. Just confirming. they changed the tip on the g425 compared to prior 400 max correct?
  18. Anyone have the stats of D1 programs with the highest percentage on the PGA tour? I would say Oklahoma State has the most pga tour players but that is just a guess.
  19. In that case. Play play play!!! IMG seems to attract top notch fields. Not sure how it will pan out this year, but a lot of the best foreign kids may or may not show up. Very good test especially if he gets to play Torrey.
  20. Its great that they told you this and even better that you listened. I see a lot of kids at tournaments and practice areas who look plain miserable. Many of them are afraid to be honest and up front with their parents.
  21. From the comments I would assume he is just ok? At that age, the kid should have a say that way he will also be the tie breaker. At my son's age, he plays what I sign him up for. Will be scary when he actually has a say in this stuff.
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