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  1. You basically answered your own question. Don't hit so many balls. Lets say a bucket has 80 balls. You are hitting 12 buckets a week? That's a lot. I guess you could change to those wynn grips too, which should help.
  2. Its a proto mitsubishi junior shaft. Japan only from what I hear.
  3. I currently play the cb57's and don't really have anything bad to say about them. Profile is almost perfect with that Miura feel. I want to build another set with graphite shafts and strongly considering the cb-301. Only thing holding me back is the offset on the 301's. Anyone hit both that can offer any opinions? thanks
  4. can we tee it up from the fairway. If so, let do this.
  5. The more my son plays in tournaments with older kids, I wonder at what point distance is a wash if a kid cant hit a wedge and doesn't have feel. Two of the longest kids in the 11-12's were hitting driver anywhere between 250-270 but also missing fairways a lot and guess what? They finished T16 and T18 out of 34 players. Distance is hard to learn, but so is a good iron game. A part of me thinks the course was just too short for these guys at 5,700 yards.
  6. Boys 10 is way to short IMO. I don't think my son will ever play in a 9 hole tournament again. Only once you play some 18 hole or multi day tournaments do you realize what a waste 9 holes is. Especially true for the older kids.
  7. My son just got his D type. Played 9 holes and he was 10-15 yards longer with the sim 2 than the SIM. We don't have a trackman, but used markers at our home course as reference. I can't wait until the weather dries out so we can maximize distance with roll out. Very pleased with the driver thus far. Most noticeable difference is the sound. I always thought the SIM was muted a bit, but the Sim 2 gives you a very nice thwack sound.
  8. Definitely darker. The sim 2 is more black whereas the sim is greyish.
  9. quick pic of the Sim Max and Max 2 hybrids. You can't tell from the pic, but the max 2 sits noticeably more open which I'm sure a lot of you would like.
  10. My son just got restocked on tp5x. I wonder if its the new model. Any idea how to tell? Seems like the old model has grey < > next to the tp5x sign whereas these are black.
  11. Depth is similar to the old SIM. More on the deep side though.
  12. Thanks. I could not believe it, but that back 9 kicked his arse and he never really recovered. I plan to put him in more of these events just to show him he won't win every tournament he enters.
  13. I'm sure the first tournament you are referring to was at Tukwet. We all know your son is way better than that. I think best thing to do in those situations is to forget about it asap and move on. Its hard to truly analyze blow up rounds in my opinion. A few of our friends shot huge rounds for that tournament when they seemed to be doing just fine during practice rounds. The question worksheet is probably a bit too advanced for younger kids, but I can see how it would be beneficial for older ones.
  14. Not sure, but if it happens to my son I want every penny spent on him back!!!
  15. They do. Profile looks a bit smaller than the SIM but both are super hot off the face.
  16. Here is a quick pic of the 5 and 3 woods.
  17. My son's buddy just got a sim2 tour head. The thing looks amazing and sounds slightly higher pitched than the older SIM. Love the bright blue accents as well.
  18. My son went to 3 camps so far. USC, UCLA, and SDSU. The best one was the SDSU one because we got to play on a nice course after some initial instruction. Actually went to the UCLA camp twice and got to play also at the second camp. Sometimes you get to meet their top players as well, which is fun. At 13, it may be very worth while to attend one of these camps for the reasons mentioned above. For us, it was just an expensive day of hanging with his friends.
  19. I found out that most of the marshals running around were interns. They would call each rule issue to someone else and discuss before making a call.
  20. My son played his first HJGT today and I was pretty impressed. No frills and well run. Just a few thoughts though. It seems like the marshals don't know the rules very well. It takes a long time for them to make a ruling. Not sure if they are calling someone else more knowledgeable or looking a rule up online. Also, they gave all the kids a small device for live scoring. It was kind of a distraction for the kids to be able to look up where they stood against the field. I guess this can be good or bad. Lastly, the fields are very small still. We played in the 11-13 age group and there were about 24 players, but the other ages had very few. Only reason 11-13 had such a big field was one of the dads we knew got everyone else to play. Overall, I look forward to playing more HJGT events.
  21. Thats a solid impact position there. Reminds me of Fowler. My son does all those things as well. Working most on the flip and more rotation, but hopefully all the bad things go away as he gets bigger and stronger. Cant wait for the day he can keep his right heel planted longer in the DS.
  22. I know you are $$, but aren't the basic ones like $700 and the ones that follow you around in the $1,500 range??
  23. Good on you. I can't see any reason for a stranger to take photos or video of a kid without permission unless they are a friend or family. The whole pedophile issue is real.
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