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  1. Seeing "LEADER" above his name in the second round is pretty great. Want to see that on Sunday evening.
  2. Irons are spoken for. I'd be willing to go $70 on the wedges instead of $80 as well.
  3. Looking to sell the following for roughly 50% what I paid in August of 2017. TM P770 w/ KBS C-Taper Lite X-stiff shafts & GolfPride New Decade White/Black grips (SOLD) 4-PW Standard loft/lie/length Used for ~20 rounds Paid ~$1100, looking for $575 + $25 shipping to lower 48 or send me a shipping label. TM MG Wedges w/ KBS C-Taper Lite X-stiff shafts & GolfPride New Decade White/Black grips All standard lie and length 52 bent to 51 by TaylorMade, standard bounce 56 standard bounce 60 low bounce Used for ~20 rounds Paid ~$160 each, looking for $70 each + $15 shipping per
  4. I'm hoping to know soon enough. Unfortunately, this shaft is on backorder from TM for some reason, so I'm not sure when I'll get it. Both options I was thinking about are actually.
  5. It's certainly available, but stiff flex players seem to be leary of that type of profile. We've sold hundreds of TX but probably only maybe 12-15 stiff flex in Pro White. If you need a new one, let me know, unfortunately we have no remaining test shafts in stiff, although when a shaft is new, we often will have a load of test product in both stiff and tx. You just have to act fast as most sell out in a few days. hmm thanks may try and find one locally to try out but grew up playing original WB 70 Stiff and loved it now playing Hzrdus Black 6.0 75g. Not sure I can fit into the TX with 108ss
  6. I was playing in a junior tournament in April 2005 I think, and it was like 39 degrees and pouring rain. They eventually called play for the day, but that was horrific.
  7. Somewhere around freezing. Got some balls flying 20 feet in the air after hitting the green because they were frozen solid.
  8. Try not to overdo it. I have tendonitis issues, and it almost always happens when I play/practice too many days in a row. The first time was when I spent 9 days in North Carolina golfing 27-36 every day plus practicing in between back when I was 24. Got nice golfer's elbow out of that. This past year it was just playing all 4 days of July 4th weekend. Got tendonitis in my hands (gripping too hard?). I love to play and in the summer it's hard not to all the time, but I have to keep myself from getting injured if I can.
  9. I think I've only ever seen one ace live besides the one I had, and it was a club professional, so...
  10. Mine would be 51 on a par 72. 15 birdies and 3 eagles.
  11. It honestly sounds much worse than it is because I've reached plenty over 500, but my most impressive ones have been about 485. Both on soft courses and on holes than are very uphill. Puring a 3 wood 240 uphill over a bunker guarding the green is such a great feeling (for me anyway). On the flip side, my most impressive one happened last year. A par 5 on my home course is about 490 (not downhill but playing downwind at the time) and I hit an 8 iron into it.
  12. Easily a double eagle. On average, I'd say that'd be about as likely as getting a hole in one on a 240 yard par 3, plus you have to hit a drive well first.
  13. I hope that never happens to me. I've seen it happen to my dad. It gets ugly fast. But hey, what else are you supposed to do to relax on a Saturday and Sunday morning???
  14. I just remembered when I was 11 or so, I played Pinehurst #4 and I shot 64 and 44 lol. 108 is still the worst score I've ever shot, and it could have been a hell of a lot worse.
  15. 2 shots immediately come to mind, and both times I actually meant to do that. 1. I was about 175 out uphill on pine needles to a small green well guarded by bunkers. The only way to get on without hitting an absolute banana slice or duck hook was to go through about a 1 foot wide window maybe 15 yards in front of me. I pulled a 6 iron and swung and immediately turned around and ducked just in case. To my amazement, it went to 5 feet. I promptly missed the birdie putt. 2. I was like 11 years old so I didn't hit the ball far at all. I was playing Pinehurst #4 I think, and there's a par
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