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  1. Plus most OEM have lighter head options Titleist included. What do you think the Ping Prodigy line is. Is the G head/GLE but very skinny. Now not quite the same as the lofts are traditional on those. Even cobra, the driver is the SAME as the adult just a different loft with a different weight configuration with a softer shaft and they call it a junior, there is no difference there. The market just is not very large and the same goes for 'ladies' clubs which is why you see only one option per OEM there if at all. Titleist for example doesn't have mens/womens clubs, just clubs.
  2. They don't because the market isn't as big as it is for old guys playing golf. Its out there but its still limited. Same reason USKG owns the club market for kids. Ping starting to get into that. Flynn a small mom n pop I'd assume does okay but they are no USKG. The market for junior clubs isn't huge. But it does surprise me more don't offer at least lighter options PXG, PING come to mind as a few who CAN offer the adult head but much lighter.
  3. What Leezer pointed to is a great reference and a great starting point. How I do hers and could be wrong but I do hers a bit on my own. I do get guidance from her coach but first things first fit a ball backwards putting to driver. Grab balls have them putt do they like the feel? to firm to soft all that. Some younger kids can't tell the difference between hitting say a prov1 and a Wilson duo. Next would be green side chipping again mostly on feel but pay attention to check and release. Where prov1 and higher end balls win every time. Then we back up to 15, 30, 45, 60 yards doing
  4. going back to the ball question lot has been said in the past about ball compression which honestly my option part myth. You can go soft but eventually you will loose ball speed. Playing a prov1(or other premium) any any age once ball striking is decent will get you extra ball speed but more importantly spin. I know younger kids who play a prov1x it spins more and goes even higher now. The biggest issue people make with balls is not practicing with the same ball. You go to the course use range balls to pitch and chip with is the WORST thing you can do. Practice with the ball you play and neve
  5. I feel like i just read an article from the local sports paper. Great write up. Love the motivation kids find.
  6. I've said this for a while with other kids around the same age as mine. I do see the value in swinging anything left handed. That could be a PVC pipe anything. That's where I've noticed bigger speed gains.
  7. this is the going after price market due to 14 week wait. You pay the extra to get it now. That's what all the people tell me at least
  8. Oh I used to play in the tour before it was the golf channel am tour, never felt so much pressure in my life at that time. Got lucky once and won my flight, wasn't championship flight but still I take the W any way I can get one.
  9. Hybrids are not getting released per my sources. They just did hybrids last year they normally and they are pretty traditional on their releases will do those with irons, summer of 2021. This is just a replacement of TS2/TS3. Not even a TS1 replacement. That's what I've been told at least.
  10. I've always preached play ready to mine, but I do know a few girls when we get paired with them its bad, painful bad. So much so that I have my hit when she is ready because her and her dad take 10 mins to talk about everything under the sun before hitting the damn ball.
  11. 1. Yes 2. Normally one swing one feel. 3. Next to ball 4. Because she been told to but it should be to feel what she is working on 5. To get a feel loosen up 6. No - unless she at a lesson with her coach and she wounder's why her lessons go so well.
  12. I had a golf teacher once says 80% of the golf swing is setup and alignment if you do that right you have a good chance to make a good swing. Most people, especially kids don't do that right at all.
  13. Mine plays most things center from wedge - 7i, 6i to 4H a hair in front of center. Fairway woods and drivers she plays that inside her left heal. That being said she knows if she moves the ball forward she can hit it higher or move it back to hit it lower. Not something we speed any time really talking about.
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