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  1. As of now the subscription more about how much data you want to keep. But once they release the indoor sim option I'm sure that could change.
  2. if they gained 20 yards could be more efficient with Cobra along with a better shaft fit. Its nothing to do with the head. (maybe they went skinny on weights to lower the weight) OEM to OEM you will not see those kinds of jumps with out the engine change. The Cobra are known to be uber forgiving perhaps getting better ball speed from mishits. Lots of factors but I wouldn't buy this at all.
  3. I know of a few international kids who compete who claim to be paid quite well. I won't list numbers on here but its enough where said parent wouldn't have to work.
  4. Yes amateur golf is officially dead. You could have a company pay a kid now. I get why they had to do it but not sure if I like it or not.
  5. Too heavy pretty easy to see. All of the above you mention. Assume they can make solid contact the ball flight is king with all fittings. But too light can be just as bad. There has to be the correct fit and that comes with trial and error. Before we went to adult I found a single and played with a few shafts and was floored at the results. I thought she was a year off at that time. None the less we moved after this experiment went well. Find an adult you can hit outside and look at the flight you will know. But to add one last thing. Also something that an adjustment period will be needed.
  6. Umm Club pro's don't make that kind of change at all. Maybe a few but that is FARRR from normal. Lets say you're right (very doubtful) you're now talking about 1% of club pros. I used to work at a golf course in my young 20's trust me club pros don't make money like that.
  7. To be honest.... Adult heads are adult heads its different game vs Adult woods.. You need the speed and strength to handle them. That will be different at each age range. I did adult for my kid at 10 I didn't jump to the lightest head I picked the one she liked and worked and didn't get the lightest shaft. For reference did t200 with Accra shafts at about 58 grams. Its all relative.
  8. That is with the weight its sub 180 with out it - I do not recommend doing that.. But yes 9g is stock you can get cheap weights on amazon ebay pretty easily.
  9. Take the weight out is BADDDD thing to do. Completely mess up the CG locations, MOI , Spin ect. That's another can of worms there. Again I'm going off what they told me, perhaps cobra changed it. Either way put that weight back in. If you need to do that you are playing the wrong driver.
  10. I don't get into total weight. I look at the head weight. 194-196 is the same weight as the TSI3 from Titleist. Ping ranges in the higher 190/low 200. 195 is pretty beefy for a young junior driver head. The Ts1/Tsi1 one is 185 range. Trust me on this one. Ditch the Cobra.
  11. This isn't true. I've called Cobra on this in the past. Its the SAME HEAD as the men's. The Women's head is the same. All 3 are the SAME. Only difference is the gram weight they use. It used to be a 10 gram weight for both junior and women and a 14 for men. The junior/Women are higher lofted. But even with a lighter head weight the other is much heavier than most junior drivers. I haven't touched a Cobra in a while so this could have changed but when I tested them they were a lot heavier.
  12. Its simple Ts1/Tsi1 is by far the best junior driver out there. If its good enough for Nelly its good enough for most juniors. I know a few USKG WC who have used that head.
  13. Most everyone here has done that. I did the same experiment no issues around the same size. A buddy has done that but adds weight to the hands to keep the swing weight and over all weight correct. But just play around with it and it could help.
  14. Not listed as discontinued yet on the website. Could be coming soon. I know per my Titleist source recoils had a quality issue last year so could be something along those lines to why. Check our Accra if you need something close to it, just have to have a dealer install them.
  15. This is a loaded question. What age? It makes a difference. My kid starting out at 7 we worked on driving distance the most, not driving accuracy. Big difference between those. Now at 11 driving distance and accuracy isn't her issue so then you move on to what she needs to work on the most for that kid. Each kid will have a skill they develop faster and one that takes more work. Spend the time working on what each kid needs but don't neglect the strength either. Keep that STRONG.
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