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  1. Juniors are not playing conditions as tough as that where balls would not even stay on the green. Firm greens running 12+. They had TV gear falling the wind was so strong. Not the same as playing a soft course for a junior.
  2. with kids no simple way. Find two on ebay and give it a go. Most fitters wont carry anything shorter than a ladies' flex. A few that work with juniors are known to have a few in the 43 range. But anything with juniors golf and correct fitting seems to be find a deal on ebay and see if it works, if it doesn't relist it and try again. We should start a junior shaft trading on here. lol
  3. Callaway preowned a great source for shafts
  4. It will be illegal soon so there is that. Damn USGA.
  5. Depending on the age yes but swing weight does play a part. Sticking a light grip on any light head makes the head feel heavier flat out. It needs to have a bit of balance which is all swingweighting really is. A lot focus on total weight skinny head skinny shaft skinny grip then the head can feel like an axe. While overall weight should have some value to it. Even Ping prodiG line have a swing weight that should tell you something there. If you cut down a driver from an OEM you know what they put a HEAIVER head on it. Lighter is not always better you have to be able to feel the head at what a
  6. Ping ProdiG probably better. OEM head but setup for a junior in terms of weight shaft swing weight. The only adult head I would suggest is the Titleist TS1 because if you change the weight it can be super light. But I follow the thought process that lighter is not always faster.
  7. I found it odd they left that out, unless that falls into the range of the local yardages. Only my guess.
  8. I'll also add in ping prodiG fairway basically a 7w. 22 degrees of loft off memory give or take. Another one that is hot. Their fairway and hybrid the best for juniors from starting age till you go full adult if you ask me. The weight is correct but you get adult tech with it. My kid loves her 7W. Might be her favorite club in her bag.
  9. We done similar testing. That ball is very soft now. Even the new prov1x is softer than before.
  10. Might want to hit up a local or two. or 4.
  11. we did that same setup 5i 5H the 5H was more of a 4H if you ask me.
  12. While the loft may not work in your specs look at Ping ProdiG if you can go hit it and put numbers on it. While it says 5i and 27 it goes further. Its very hot. Now if you are all in on adult gear then look at ones that have adjustable weights. Hybrids can typically be pretty heavy vs say fairway wood. You could also add a 7W in the 21 degree range that might cover the gapping you are looking for.
  13. We are currently in that transition going from kid to adult stuff. Cost is no joke for sure. But so is finding a fitter that has close to the right length and correct weight shafts. I took the approach and found a single on ebay that is my test club with the stock shaft. Test that first and then move on to another shaft. Yeah might be a little costly but better than dropping a lot of cash on a new iron set that may not work. Fittings work well but best at full length. Even at 60 you are 1' under ladies standard and more under men. I would find a fitter that has access to shorter length stuff o
  14. Be Good they will find you. IG helps. Having a coach connected with some of the bigger OEM helps. My kid got a care package from one of the OEM's this fall after having a successful summer. TM will send things to almost any kid it seems or quicker than most. From what the OEM contact I have told me its based on rankings when they will entertain bringing a kid on their junior staff. Most start with hats, gloves, balls. From there it goes into woods then irons and wedges. But you will find each OEM is different than the last. But some will offer discounts to juniors just like some fitters will
  15. Duo soft yes!! Best ball for little kids getting started that ball jump off the face, when spin is irrelevant which is really younger kids. We used to call that ball the rabbit ball because once it landed it no stopping it. I actually found two dozen of those balls recently cleaning up our golf room and had her hit those again. Her face was so funny now considering how 0 feel those balls have. She acted like she didn't even hit a ball. Good times.
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