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  1. very interesting, and definitely more beneficial for your game to learn the techniques mentioned and carry extra iron...now you have me wanting to start practicing differently...
  2. interesting i've never used the really low bounce ones i've always been curious of having all 3 (low mid high) bounces and testing them out...guess it really depends on conditions of local courses too..
  3. Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 for sale $120 obo barely used (less than 10 rounds) brand new grip
  4. i would say a long time, bombing it is great ...but needs to be a bit more accurate and work on wedge accuracy but his work ethic is there...he could prove me wrong
  5. Curious to see what people use for bounce and why, i have a vokey 60 with 8 bounce, i had a higher bounce one before (12) but also used it in bunker which i don't anymore , mainly my 56 with 14 bounce
  6. i am a lululemon kind but no belt loops, only used at muni courses because then i can untuck shirt
  7. in 2008 back when you could also find pics of ncaa tourneys and bags was sweet!
  8. whats the thoughts on the bottom of the club having "grooves"
  9. i go to post new topic and i cannot choose lefty swap shop, please advise i want to put an ad out for sale
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