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  1. Also I have a 3 wood I had set up for the AutoFlex. Sim rocket 14* and had the AutoFlex SF505X cut down to play at 43. The guy had to add lead tape under the grip to get the swing weight to a D2. Actually doesn’t feel as whippy as the driver. Could be because it’s a little shorter or because it’s a little heavier SW from the driver. again as soon as I can swing without much pain I’ll test it vs Ventus Blue 7X, Red 7X and Black 7X- all with the same Sim rocket head. I even have a Tensei Pro White 70TX for the 3 wood as well I can test.
  2. So here are my 2 driver set ups. Just got the shafts back after having them cut down, sleeve and grip added and swing weight measured. Both playing at 45.75. Swing weight is right on D1.5. One is a tour issued Sim that I just got that is 9.8 loft and 1.2 open. Head weight was 193g. Mavrik 9* is just one I bought off someone here as my custom Mavrik has hot melt so no way to get the weight down enough. Want to get a SZ as well to test with the AutoFlex. Mavrik is 194g but could take off a couple of grams by removing the 5g in the back to a 2g if I wanted Im just
  3. Hi guys, I found this video on YouTube. Guys swings around 95-100mph so more in line with regular folks and not Matt from TXG who swings 125mph. anyway it has subtitles and he goes through the fitting and then finds the correct weight for him. Pretty interesting.
  4. Man that was quick. Wish I would have seen it before it sold. Love that set up.
  5. I have this exact putter and sight lines, love it as it’s so easy. Hate it because it’s so big and ugly but I’m playing it because it works. Good luck, someone is getting a good deal.
  6. Well I started getting a few more folks that wanted an AutoFlex. So if I get just a couple more people interested I can do another bulk order. Let me know if anyone wants one. Any flex and you can pick between the 2 colors. god I need to get healthy as all this golf talk is driving me crazy.
  7. I have dealt with him and he’s a great guy. Ships quickly and has nothing but quality stuff.
  8. I don’t know that answer but I would assume it be the same as having the Ventus 6X and then moving to a Ventus 7S. The 505 is slightly heavier.
  9. I would say it depends on how your transition is. If it’s smooth you can go SF505. If it’s hard then SF505X. im on the border. Swing speed is 106-108 when going smooth. 112-114 when going after it. The SF505 worked worked well for me. However I did go after it at times and I could draw it more and so I decided to go with the SF505X. These swing speeds are based on a Ventus Black 6X. Haven’t been able to verify numbers on a LM with the AutoFlex as I’m currently recovering from surgery.
  10. I’m a dealer to tries his own supply. LOL
  11. It better be a better version of the 0211 and not a gen4 iron. I bought mine this past May. Love them but that’s going to be a bit frustrating for those who have been loyal. I have 3 sets of their irons.
  12. No tipping on the driver per the OEM. 3 wood and hybrid tipping only 1/2inch per OEM. The movement on the waggle goes away on the downswing.
  13. That 3 deep was pretty good though. I had one and it was a beast.
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