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  1. I have the Super in an 18* and turned it up 1 to 19*. I swapped out the regular shaft for the Tour AD DI 85X and it’s a beast. Cuts through the wind and yes it’s bigger than a normal hybrid but it gives some confidence when looking down at it. I am not afraid of the left with it and as others have stated, a low strike is not punished as much as with other hybrids. Very easy to hit off the deck and for me that’s huge as I seem to be hit or miss with fw’s off the deck. Love this for short par 4’s and 2nd shots into par 5’s.
  2. I’ve never had a problem with it. Loved that driver and I purchased both the regular and Pro when they came out. One of the best Cobra drivers ever, along with the legendary LV4.
  3. I just purchased a couple Sugar Daddy wedges (54 bent to 55 and a 60). Now of course this comes out. Lol. I’m ok as I’m not certain how much better they can make milled wedges anyway. If they are that much better, then I might have to get those as well- not if they are the normal $650 for a wedge price though. I upgraded the shafts to the KBS Hi Rev. Really wanted to go with the black finish but wasn’t willing to pay and extra $150 per wedge for that so I went with the chrome.
  4. Well I know one driver I’ll be getting next year.
  5. Well now I’m glad I didn’t buy Gen4 irons like I almost did a couple of times. The Gen3’s were a big improvement over the 2’s (which I also really liked and still do). Gen4’s I heard were better but not by much but I’m wondering how much they can improve on the Gen4’s in such a short timeframe.
  6. I’ve got my PXG PW that came with the set and currently have a Bettinardi GW and SW and recently added a TM MG3 for the lob but I’ve got a couple other wedges coming so that may not last.
  7. None. I’m a WRX hoe through and through. I’ll try anything and if it works, I’ll put it in the bag. I was one of the first to put the original LAB Putter in the bag and still get hassle for the 2.1 I’m using now. Don’t care.
  8. This. They finally came out with one. Originally customer service told me they were doing away with the driving iron lineup except for the Tour Pros. Hopefully the lineup expands and they add more shafts and more lofts (hoping for a 20 or 21*).
  9. I purchased a SW and LW in the Sugar Daddy wedges. Never was going to pay $600 for a wedge but when they came down, they are the same price as a Vokey Wedgeworks so I decided to buy myself an early Christmas gift.
  10. His putter is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I was good enough to play a blade. Does he switch back and forth between the 2 hybrid and the UW?
  11. Was wondering if anyone who purchased the Proto’s didn’t upgrade the shaft?
  12. .5 degree can make a difference in this head. Even if it’s just a couple hundred rpm’s, it could help with controlling the flight better. I have a 10.1 TD LS head and then hit a 9.6 TD LS head and it’s a world of difference for me. Since then I’ve gotten a Triple Diamond DS that is 9.6 as well and it’s a beast. Unfortunately the shaft I was using was too light and I’m currently getting it tipped. Every once in a while I can overpower it and straight hook city. Did play in a tournament a couple weeks ago with it (only the 2nd time I hit it) and only had a couple bad swings. The rest were just high bombs that went forever, even in the cold rainy weather. if the tipping doesn’t work, I’m going to get a Ventus TX flex and that should def help my miss. Cannot wait to try it out with the tipping as I get the shaft back Sat and I’m playing Sunday. Will put it up against the “current” driver TSi3 9* with my AutoFlex SF505XX. normally the AFXX worked better with a head around 200g and why I didn’t try the TD DS in it. Just happened to try the TSi3 as I was bringing it for a friend to hit as he’s never hit the AF. The TSi3 comes in at 195g and so does the TD DS. So I’m going to try the AF with the TD DS soon.
  13. Glad you kept it and didn’t sell it. Would have been sad to have you pay for a Proto and only get 1 round in. Cannot wait for the full production in Jan. I’m certainly going to get the Stability shaft but I’m thinking of going with the white shaft.
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