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  1. Congrats on the baby. Trust me, you will need golf as a stress reliever. I’ve got 2 sons and I need the time away a times. Even just the range. Great Stuff and good luck.
  2. If you want the X they have a SF505X in a fairway and it’s less expensive than a driver shaft. OEM states you can tip it as well and use it for a 3 wood. I currently have the XX in driver and a tipped X FW wood shaft in my 3 wood.
  3. PXG Gen2 driving irons. IMO one of the best out there. The PXG doesn’t have the hollow sound but everyone has their own opinion on what feels/sounds good. The PXG sounds and feels solid when struck on the numbers. Almost like having hot melt in a driver type of feel.
  4. That’s was my thought as well. They look clean but that top line was a little thick. The hybrid looked awesome.
  5. Those look really nice. Cant wait for the reviews and how they feel, spin and ability to hit different shots.
  6. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes. Blue, Red, Black in multiple flexes and weights. - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Blue 6TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Driver
  7. So an update. Even though my elbow is hurting I went out and played today. Prob shouldn’t have but one of my friends who I haven’t seen in a while called up and asked to get out. Took the Mavrik with the head weight at 198g with the XX. First couple of holes I was a bit nervous and really tried to go very slow. Hit a high draw and we’re about 270. Once I felt comfortable I was able to swing my normal swing and the back 9 I smoked it. I hit a couple over 300 and didn’t feel like I was trying to kill it but just felt nice and stable getting in the slot. The last shot went well over 300 a
  8. Looking for a Ventus Black 5X. Prefer new or u cut as I would like to play it longer than 46 in case I need to tip it. Any adapter is fine as I’m going to swap it out for a universal adapter. Thanks.
  9. Thank you. I went back and it looks like Phil got a 6TX playing at 47 inches. I had thought it was a 5TX from a previous comment. I’ll certain look for the 5X.
  10. Dang it. Missed yours. Trying to find one. Actually tying to find the 5TX as that is out but again tour only. Phil us using the 5TX.
  11. Fujikura- love all the Ventus shafts. As stated before I have around 15-17 of them in various colors and weights. Mostly Blacks and Blues for diver and 3 wood and even a couple black hybrid Ventus. The only Red I have is the 7X in a gamer 3 wood (backup now as I play the AutoFlex 505X). However I just got a Red 6X that was tipped 1.5 inches and I’m going to put it up against the AF and of course Ventus Black 6X and Blue 6X. Neither of the Black or Blue are tipped. wanted to ask if you could get me (I would pay as I’m not asking for it for free) a Ventus Black 5TX. I really th
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