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  1. For those thinking of the Ventus black, this is Tensei’s version and I have both the Ventus Black and this 60TX. It’s just as long, keeps the spin down and IMO just as good as the Ventus Black.
  2. That’s the only driver I really haven’t tested either and do have the itch. Did try the Epic Max LS on Friday at a course that is really tough with OB on both sides, carry hazards off the tee shot and 2nd in most cases and tons of wind (30+ gusts). Roams through vineyards and lots of elevation changes. Played the Epic Max LS in the AF505XX the entire day except the last 2 holes, which I switched to the Cobra RS/AF505XX as my back was really tightening up due to the round taking 5 1/2 hrs to play. Epic performed like a champ and it did really well into the wind. My buddy was playing his G4
  3. Same here about the TSi3. The way he wrote made it seem as if it wasn’t a native English speaker and then when he only asked for Zelle I declined. I think he’s hacked and it’s not him.
  4. First round with the Cobra Rad Speed with the SF505X. Head weight is 189g. Still wow on the waggle again as the SF505XX doesn’t waggle nearly as much as the SF505X and I forgot how much they do move. hit the ball great today. Kidneys were really sore so I didn’t try and go after anything. Especially driver and we had lots of wind today. Was unusual as it was coming from a different direction that normal on this course. I would say steady at 10-15 with gusts up to 25. Was strange as every hole seemed to be into the wind, except 2 holes. Or it was pushing the ball down/across
  5. Wow. Didn’t think you could get a SW of D1.5 with the SF405, even at 45.5. Would have thought you would have to play shorter due to the shaft just being lighter. seems you found the range that works best for you. I wouldn’t change either. I’m still trying to dial it in so I’m tinkering but once I do, I’ll stop for a while. Maybe a week or so. LOL. no seriously, when I finally find h best combo I’ll play it the rest of the summer. I did that already last year with my Custom Mavrik and Ventus black. I’ll still alway try stuff but I’ll keep whatever is best as the gam
  6. What’s the head weight you have your Sim2 Max at?
  7. What’s the technique in case I’m doing it wrong. I just try and put the washer on top of the adapter, slide the driver head over and then put the screw down on top and hope the washer didn’t move.
  8. Yeah swapping it out as the Cobra required a longer screw than what comes with the OEM original set up. Also the OEM washer is larger because the screw is wider and shorter than the All Fit. Haven’t tried anything else but the Cobra since it took me a while to get the rubber washer on for the Cobra. good to know though for the Callaway as I will try it when I get a new adapter for the XX.
  9. USPS finally delivered my SF505X today with the All Fit adapter. I got a bunch of the cogs to fit into all of my drivers. The one question I have for folks is how the heck do they keep the rubber piece on when you have to swap out screws. I lost one just because it fell off while trying to add the longer screw for the Cobra. LOL. Those are a pain in the butt. I almost lost it inside the darn head itself. going to get out after work tomorrow with the SF505X and Cobra Rad Speed at 189g playing 46”. I am also taking my Mavrik at 192g with the SF505XX just in case I don’t hit it
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