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  1. Thank you for the info. Def something I would like to get now. I have the 2.1 and even the blade and always was hoping for something in between in size. This looks to be perfect.
  2. Depending on how they use the colors I think Black and Gold could be pretty cool. I don’t want any 24KT bling of course () but just the right amount in certain spots could be a winner.
  3. Keith and his buddy Grayson did a 2v2 against a popular YouTuber at Sea Island. I didn’t think he had the driver in play but Grayson did talk about being the first time he hit the new 220. Keith did say in those 3 videos (they showed 6 holes in each) that he had the new irons and that was the first time he had even hit them.
  4. Buy the SM8’s and right before the SM9’s are released, sell the SM8’s.
  5. Just out of curiosity, why is the Epic Super Hybrid less playable? Spins too much? I’ve got the current Super hybrid in the bag and have the Epic Super hybrid coming as a 16*. Was looking to replace my 3 wood as I’m just having trouble hitting the 3 wood off the deck. It’s always hit of miss for me to hit FW’s off the deck but have never had a problem with hybrids off the deck. Current Super Hybrid is at 19* but I have it playing at 41.5. The new 16* is supposed to be 41.75 I believe and if so I might cut down the 19* to 40.75 and get rid of both the 3 and 5 wood all together. However this new UW looks like a great cross between the 2.
  6. Ok now that head looks really nice from the address position. I was thinking it was going to be larger but it’s a nice blend between a hybrid and fw. Wasn’t on the radar but the more and more I see photos and hear people talk about, it has gotten my attention.
  7. JT always has great stamping on his wedges. Man that’s a lot of work for someone.
  8. Really like that denim color. Not to dark or too shiny but perfectly in the middle. Never tired Mizuno wedges before but these could end up in the bag. The X grind seems intriguing.
  9. And maybe dimensions? would help a lot in determining if I want to get in on the Proto batch. Thanks.
  10. Thanks. Wow, wider. Hold smokes. Was going to order on the original first 1K Proto order but I might wait now just to make certain on the size. I was hoping for something just a little smaller and maybe a tiny bit larger than the EXO 7 but just being wider and maybe shorter than the 2.1 is still a very large profile. Might just keep the 2.1.
  11. How did it compare size wise to the 2.1? could you give a size comparison to an EXO 7 or similar Odyssey Fang putter? Really like my 2.1 with Stability but it’s just so darn big. Takes up so much room in the bag and when I had to travel I really had to wrap the head as I was afraid it was going to get damaged (I have the original Club Glove large and I still was a bit nervous. im hoping it’s similar in size to the Exo 7 or Odyssey Fang putter.
  12. Wanted to try a change and saw that The Grip Master leather grips were very tacky, especially when sweating or in humid areas. Or The Best Grip- Microperf product. Let me know if anyone has any. Thanks.
  13. I’m seeing a lot of YouTube reviews from some bigger names who have tested this. TXG just came out with theirs today. Surprisingly I didn’t see any or very slight in overall distance compares to the ST-Z. In fact it seems in one the TSi3 beat out the ST-G220. In TXG’s you did see some flight and launch/spin differences but if you compare those to Ian’s current set up, he was longer with the Sim2. Now he does say he is trying to not swing the same when that video was released compared to today but other videos have shown it’s not a big distance gainer. More of a driver to help reduce spin or have moveable weights to change the flight of the shot. If you struggle with spin, this could be the “one” but I wouldn’t expect anyone to gain 10-15 yards, unless your current driver doesn’t match your swing at all. still want to try it but I don’t know if this will “White Whale” I originally thought.
  14. I just ordered a Epic Super Hybrid and would love to also try one of these out. I am currently struggling with FW off the deck. Off the tee no problem but hybrids are good on either. That’s why I went with the Epic Super Hybrid but this is a nice blend between the 2 and maybe the unicorn I need.
  15. Thought I read Oct 12th was the release date.
  16. I’ve still got it in the 3 wood. Purchased the 3 wood shaft from the very beginning last year and still play it at 43” with the Sim2 Rocket tipped 1/2 inch. Didn’t have to change anything on the weight of the club since it’s playing shorter (SF505X). Did not buy a driver shaft and cut it down. Purchased the fairway shaft. It’s about 10-15 yards longer than my Ventus Red or Blue 7X.
  17. Thanks. I’ve got a couple sets of the Gen2 and purchased the Gen3 and absolutely love them. Was thinking of getting the Gen4 but haven’t hit them. Unfortunately a little issue came up today so no golf for a bit but appreciate the info.
  18. Can anyone who has the Gen3 T’s or P’s and has upgraded to the Gen4’s provide a comparison? Was it worth it? Any major difference in feel, dispersion, distance?
  19. I don’t like that they don’t match up the weight/screw color to the club head color. I know it’s to make it stand out more and the chrome club head with the darkness weight screw looks decent. However I don’t like the darkness head with the chrome weight.
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