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  1. 4-p Nippon Modus Pro 105 stiff, +1/2”, 1* up, std loft. Great shape. $640 shipped and PayPal’d in the conti us Scotty Golo 3 w HC, 34 “, pics show condition accurately. $150 shipped and PayPal’d
  2. Time to thin the herd! 716 AP2 5-pw, +1/2, std loft/lie. GP multi-compound grips in great shape. DG S300 AMT shafts. $375 915f 3 wood, Diamana Blue shaft. Sold! Prices shipped and PP’d in conti US
  3. Stiff. I was told by the previous owner the Forged were lofted 1-2* weak depending on the iron to blend with the tours.
  4. 5-Pw std length, 2* up, Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 S flex. New Decade Mulitcompound grips. Matching serials, lofts tweaked for correct yardage gapping. Excellent condition. Full disclosure, Small marks on the sole from lie adjustment. I bought them off the board, tried them at the range twice. They are sweet, just don’t fit my swing. $450 shipped and PayPal’d. Not looking to trade right now. Thx!
  5. That is brilliant and should be in the job description for a ranger/Marshall
  6. Good shape. STD loft lie. Chance to try one of the best iron shafts around in a very forgiving head. $325 shipped.
  7. If the 64s were the new set, would wrx'rs be most impressed with those. They look prettier in the pics (but I am biased). I love the Miuras too.
  8. It pains me to list the following, but in some ways it is therapeutic. I have owned and played all of the following Mizuno sets... MX23 MX25 MX300 MP57 MP32 MP60 MP52 MP59 MP15 JPX900 HM/forged combo And finally... MP64 What a ho!!! I'm playing the best golf of my life with MP64s. Best feel, ballflight, distance control, best everything. Fell for the "your not a tour pro and you need more forgiving irons" nonsense and tried to replace them with the 900s. It wasn't even close. 64s are special.
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