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  1. 35” All Original $old shipped to the 48 - No H/C
  2. But, if Joe Amateur plays a course in his rotation that has longer par 3's than the other courses he plays AND he hit long irons better off the tee, and doesn't need the hybrid for that one course. Would it not be smart to carry said club.
  3. i was thinking the same. It really doesn't mean much, but it is an interesting result.
  4. times are different. For probably 6 years i played MP-14 irons and 588 wedges, and i think they were offered and available that entire time. If a company does not come up with new models every 2 years, someone else will.
  5. I was one who loved it, but I am now playing/trying a TSi2. I am searching for yards and I am just shorter than I wanted to be with this head vs others, it is very forgiving.
  6. The JAT is a great putter, but not even close to being the first of that design. If we are talking heel shafted cavity mallets, probably the Wilson/TM/TA? TPA model
  7. i used to like playing odd number lofted 588's and Trusty Rusty's. Plus the famed Eye 2 LW was 61*
  8. "Paintjobs" are rampant in the Pro Tennis world -
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