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  1. Srixon competes with everyone from Driver thru wedges + ball.
  2. New Level, they are a bit of a throwback in shape, but performance is very good.
  3. i bought these used on here last year, hit them once ,put them away, sold my PXG's and played them before my new T200's came in and they are my gamers. I think the short irons are one of the best i've played, i might change out the 5-6 iron.
  4. he was hitting that low power cut for years
  5. Do we really need an "improved" wedge every 2 years from every company? Most are all Cleveland 588's with multiple grinds anyway
  6. Starting to play again after an injury this summer, but this is a very nice hybrid. I have been playing with 816/818 hybrids since the 816's came out and this is the first hybrid that made me want to switch.
  7. i bought a 17* and 22* and i just couldn't hit them at all, my 816/818 were way better for me.
  8. i bought one and screwed up my achilles the days after the 4th, so its sits unhit in my bag.
  9. 35” All Original $old shipped to the 48 - No H/C
  10. But, if Joe Amateur plays a course in his rotation that has longer par 3's than the other courses he plays AND he hit long irons better off the tee, and doesn't need the hybrid for that one course. Would it not be smart to carry said club.
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