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  1. never stayed in the bag, the shaft felt very jumpy.
  2. I would love to use that club, but that closed look when "un-manipulated" just wouldn't work mentally for me
  3. i think they can coexist, i like the looks and tech of the new line and would love a more readily available PLD line....
  4. All prices are shipped to the 48. $SOLD-PW Bridgestone J40 DPC Steelfiber i95 Stiff Nice condition for their age, standard length. Loft and Lies are unknown as my son used them on hard mats for awhile - grips need replaced -$SOLD 4-PW Ping 1e1 CFS Distance Stiff, Standard L/L/L- Pure grips with decent tack. ******NOTE 5 iron shaft is bent and needs replaced ******** -Now $200!!! Last Price Drop - Save me a trip to the Post Office and avoid from having to put on Ebay. Taylormade Sim DHY 3 iron Stiff Diamana Hy75 Limi
  5. I can still hit these type of irons on the range, but I am not consistent enough anymore to play these “ball down” on the course, that being said, I still hit/demo/try everything I can from 620mb’s to T- Rails. the 919 Tours were the most demanding for my toe side miss, the Srixon’s and MMC’s are interchangeable to me, except for the sole - If you find a set in good condition, I would look into J15CB’s or even J40 CB’s if you never played them - I think they are still a better forged CB than what is out there right now —-
  6. I would first want to know if you benefit or be hindered from the Srixon sole,
  7. +1, I also I don't run a certain grip, shaft or club head
  8. Not a Vokey, but I had the same problem, I switched to Callaway X grind and they have really done well for me
  9. What percentage of your bad shots are not from the tee? I unfortunately cannot use that sole - I love the look -
  10. Have you tried the Cobra drivers, specifically the XB or last years Extreme - they are very flat.
  11. I don’t know, but you should try the Speedzone Extreme or Rad XB
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