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  1. lately yes, but for many years Taylor Made was the king of that move
  2. Near Mint Titleist U510 2 Iron HZDRUS Smoke 80g 6.0 Std L/L/L- FINAL PRICE DROP-----------$175 shipped to the 48 Only 5-P Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro Recoil 95 Stiff - $OLD shipped to the 48 Only All lengths STD 5 Iron = 1* Strong .5* Flat 6-PW = 1* Weak .5* Flat All grips MCC Plus4 Grey Note; Blemish on cavity badge of 7 iron and nick on toe of face of 9 iron
  3. the Extreme is the best driver I have ever played, and I have a lot of drivers, so here's hoping the next one is better!
  4. I am still singing the praise of the New Level 1126, there is offset, but these are as long as my 919HMP's
  5. The 58x is the best green side wedge I have ever used - I bought the 54X based off of my success with the 58- I think the S grind in the 52 is a good fairway grind for me .
  6. added a 54X to go with my MD4 58X and 52S. To me these feel better than anything i have tried in sometime
  7. I have the 1126’s - I really like them so far, I have had them for about 5 weeks- i am not “offset allergic” and actually prefer offset in my mid to short irons and I can tolerate offset in the long irons- The sole is Very playable and fast thru the turf. that said these are soft, long and more forgiving that’s they appear. I swing them faster than my HMP’s. here are some comparison pics, the other irons are J40 DPC’s
  8. I found the regular SIM driver (not MAX) and the fairway much better on the LM than on the course. I had the 3 and 5 wood, and quickly went back to a RBZ Tour 3W (and now the TEE EXS Pro) and I am getting a regular EF (again) as my 5W. Better overall playability. Of course everyone is different.
  9. Ok, I "feel" and "hear" that this ball is very hard compared to other tour offerings. Better?
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