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  1. where those pics? LOL
  2. Birtees are the best i tried, buy off his website, a little cheaper than amazon etc...
  3. Will taylormade take them back? It took almost 3 months to get them, now this. Can some post a pic of their p770 9 iron? I need a comparison.
  4. Can you post a pic of your 8 and 9 iron so that I can show the pro shop what it should look like. I want it fixed or sent back. These are brand new and have not hit a ball yet. I will be hooking the sh!t out of it if it stays this way
  5. Ya i will be getting them checked. here is a few more pics with the 8 iron on the Bottom(left), 9 iron on top(right ). It may not look like much but looks odd over the ball especially when the 5-8 have less offset and 9 has more.....
  6. Hi I just received my P770 iron set. They are beautiful. The 9 iron and PW appear to have a lot of offset. Supposed to be offset 1.9 but appears to be more. They are 1 degree flat. Here are a couple pics of 9 iron, The PW looks same. Is it just me or are they offset more than 1.9? The 5-8 iron have way less offset than the 9 and PW.
  7. I somewhat disagree. I sold my P790s because of that reason. My 7 iron would go 160-170, depends on how solid it was hit but every once in a while it would go 185 over the green into the trees or in the water. Love the clubs but hated the extra 10-15 yards out of the blue. I only have a 100-103 mph driver swingspeed, so a 185 yard 7 iron should be impossible.
  8. I loved my 2017 p790 but had the dreaded long shot out of the blue. This drove me crazy, So I sold them and and I am waiting for the p770's. Other than that they were best irons i ever hit. My 7 iron went about 165 on avg but every round i would get the long one about 175-180 shot and over shooting greens into water or trees. Ruined some good rounds
  9. wow very similar to the bridgestones. Does anyone know the hosel size of the new level irons? Are they .355 or.370?
  10. I am loving the PLUS but I have not tried the LST. Has anyone hit the Plus with the Hzrdus smoke black shaft? I may buy one
  11. Clifford

    Sub 70 Clubs

    No demos to Canada! Extra shipping to Canada. No Sub70 699 pros for me
  12. what are the loft and lies? Would you sell just the heads?
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