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  1. Hi all, can anyone recommend an iPhone Swing Speed app? Preferably a freeware one? I do not need all the bells and whistles of a true launch/swing monitor, just looking to gauge swing speed. Thanks in advance. Paul
  2. Bring Stevie Williams back to train all the caddies. These frat-bro lunkheads would piss their pants with one nasty stare from that man.
  3. If you are interested, the Callaway Rogue Driver available from Golf Galaxy/Dicks for around $250 right now.
  4. I know this is a OLD thread but...I just bought a used club and there was a small gap between the ferrule and hosel. So I googled and this thread was the first hit. Just wanted to say THANKS. Firstly it put my mind at ease that this is more of a cosmetic thing than anything else and also that there are a few easy fixes. The hot water one worked like a charm for me! Paul
  5. Thanks, this has all been extraordinarily helpful. And yes, the club repair shop/guy I use is very experienced. Regards, Paul
  6. I am playing the Steel Callaway Uniflex that were stock on the set and they suite me pretty well. What I am looking to do is take the 3-iron from the set (which I never game) and turn it into a pseudo-utility iron with a lower launch with more distance and roll. Not for any specific reason other than another option in the bag and to have some fun with it. Thanks again! Paul
  7. Let's put it this way, I would want to be at $100 or less all in (shaft, grip and install). I think a $50 shaft would be in the ballpark for me. Thanks
  8. Hi all, this question may be a little rudimentary but... I want to swap out the steel shaft on one of my older Callaway X-18 irons with a graphite shaft. My questions are: 1. Is this possible w/o too much trouble? I like the irons alot (still) but I do not want to go crazy here. Also, I would have a pro golf tech do it so not a "do-it-yourself" project. AND 2. What shaft(s) would you recommend? Moderate price. I realize this is about fitting, pref, etc. so really looking for some guidance on where to start. Thanks in advance. Paul
  9. I noticed on the US Open exemptions list that Tiger is not listed. https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/exemptions.html Seems to me he should be but is he "officially" on the bench or something? Obviously he is not playing but I am still interested. Thanks, Paul
  10. This is why the PGA of America needs to stick to running golf courses and teaching and doing all the things they do well and let the PGA Tour run tournaments (Including and now especially this one). I bet 99% of the people watching have no idea the PGA is so dysfunctional like this.
  11. Tiger and Stevie – a conversation that may have taken place earlier this week. Tiger arrives at St. Andrews from seeing his kids, checks into his hotel and gives Stevie a call. TW (into the phone): Stevie, it's uh Tiger, can you come to my room and see me? Need you to do this for me, thanks, huge. (Hangs up before Stevie says anything.) 5 minutes later, knock at the door, Tiger opens TW: Hello Stevie, I guess. SW: Hi Tiger, what's up. How was the trip? TW: Good, got to see my kids, got back to my Buddhism. But listen man, we need to talk, seriously. SW: Um OK, what's up. TW: Well, things are just not going well right now, I can't seem to get anything straight and everything seems to be off balance. SW: (silence) TW: Anyway, it looks like me and E are gonna split. And I think there are some other things I need to change too. SW: (more silence) TW: You know, there are only two relationships I really care about anymore now my dad is gone and now with the divorce, one of them is ending. SW: I'm not sure what you mean. TW: Look man, we both know what's coming. It has been a great run, 13 majors and a bazillion tour wins. SW: I, uh, well, uh… TW: It is time for a change. Do you want a beer or something? SW: (silence) TW: Look I gotta do this, I gotta get things straight. SW: OK, look I understand and I can't say I didn't see this coming. TW: Great, it has been a good run though. Will you take care of things for me? SW: Yeah, sure, no problem, I will be out of here within the hour. No worries mate. It has been a good run. TW: What the hell are you talking about? SW: Uh well uh, what are you talking about? TW: I want to tank this Scotty piece of crap and use this nice new clean Nike putter. Look at it, it is beautiful with the swoosh and all. What do you think I meant? SW: Oh, uh, sure, yeah. No problem, I will get it in the bag. Hey can I have the Scotty? TW: Get out of here before I fire you, [email protected]
  12. Not to stray too far but does anyone find it odd that Tiger lives next to the "Adams Family". No wonder there is some weird stuff going on there.
  13. Here is the story they will provide to the police and the media. This is plausible and reconciles the various accounts that seem to have been offered. 1. The accident happened when Tiger was going to the 24-hour pharmacy for some Motrin, diapers, baby food, or something along those lines as one of the kids is a little sick (that time of year you know). 2. Tiger and Elin did have a small argument but it was personal and will not be discussed. 3. When Tiger was leaving, Elin was sending him a text because she needed him to get something else. He took his eyes off the road and that is when the accident occurred. 4. Elin did run out, ran back in to grab a club to get Tiger out (not really knowing how bad a shape he was in or if the car might catch on fire as he was seemingly dazed and not responding and you know there are lots of clubs lying around.) 5. Elin did scratch his face but it was a result of pulling him from the vehicle. 6. There is no affair and there will be no further comment. (Note to Tiger's PR team - leave me a PM on this site if you need more help with this.)
  14. Tiger may also be looking at some problems with his sponsors if this thing gets ugly. Figure Nike will stick with him but ATT, Gillette? They might invoke morals clause. I am however sure there are some other sponsors lining up: Maaco Dent Wizard Match.com Scotts LawnService
  15. Whether the course holds up against the pros is to be determined. It help up well against the amateurs and Walker Cup teams but this - the US Open - is the highest level. We can speculate all we want but we will find out soon enough. Having been there on Sunday, (and comparing it with Winged Foot and Oakmont) I think that logistics will be a huge and very real challenge across the board (both players and spectators), and 25,000 will be 5 or 6X what they had on Sunday for the Walker Cup. Paul
  16. I doubt the Merion members care one way or the other. They seemed more concerned with patting themselves on the back and throwing back as many cocktails as possible. In all seriousness, that club has a long way to go to host a US Open. Not the golf course itself, which was in stellar condition and I am sure will be as ready as it can be for the US Open, but the logistics of hosting 10s of thousands of spectators and a full slate of competitors (the Walker Cup had all of 20) will be a huge challenge for a small venue. And of course, one big question is will the course itself stand up to today's pros? We'll find out.
  17. I was there yesterday to pick up my Marshall uniform. It looked like the merch store was right at the 18th green which to me would mean you will need a ticket (although I am not 100% sure) I think if you go tomorrow (Thursday) you can still get in the lot without a ticket and maybe the store will be open, but Friday-Sunday are ticketed days. Paul
  18. Actually it was Dicks (which bought Golf Galaxy I think?) I was planning on heading there today. Can you tell me more about the Apex Edge irons? What do they compare to and are they good for a beginner? Thanks for the advise. Paul
  19. Thanks all. Went back to the store last night and, unfortunately, the shafts were Apex 4 (Stiff). So a no go on this set for him. I appreciate the advise in these posts. Paul
  20. Found a set of Ben Hogan BH5 offset w/ steel shaft for under $200 (new). Am looking at these for my son who has only been playing a year. His current set is old and needs to be replaced Are these a good iron for a developing game? What other clubs would they compare to? Price seems right. Thanks in advance. Paul
  21. I would dearly love to win one of these sets for my son who desperately needs new irons. Paul
  22. I don't like Sergio and I thought his comments last night to TGC were really in bad form. Of course, he is basically setting up his next excuse when he doesn't play well at the US Open: Blame the fans! I don't really remember all that well but was Phil such a insufferable p***k before he won a major? Paul
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