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  1. I have the same irons and the only time they are inconsistent in distance is when I don't do my part. Their feel, or lack thereof, doesn't give much negative feedback. Not everything is flushed and if you get those missles it means you're either in a flyer lie, or missing the sweet spot more than you think. As far as PING goes, any of them, but if you're stuck on the jacked loft thing you probably won't be happy.
  2. Rain, snow, ice, cold, rain, snow, ice cold, sun, rain, snow, sun.... Oh, and the wind. Almost forgot the wind.
  3. That could be one of the Shelby cars from recent years. ..and if that's his real signature on the glove box, he's been known to sign very good replica cars at various events, even if they weren't his own.
  4. I really like the original 0211 irons, have been getting emails from the local PXG fitting center about new stuff; worth a trip?
  5. Should I be driver shopping this year......for last years closeouts?
  6. Noticed he hasn't updated his affiliation with @pxg on his social media accounts yet either.
  7. Brooks & Dunn - "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" (she does, too. haha sucks to be her) David Lee Murphy - "Dust On The Bottle" (every time I hear it, takes me back immediately to one moment in time, a great time..) Vince Gill - "Go Rest High On That Mountain" (lost a dear friend my senior year...RIP ZT)
  8. Great time for a bump! I run a Benelli Super Black Eagle from 1995. As long as the recoil spring stays lubricated and working, I'm gonna keep running it. A little long for a turkey gun @ 28 but does the job on those as well. Have ran 3" turkey loads in my Super 90, it would be nearly perfect in 3-1/2 although it would probably boot me into early retirement. Those, a Citori, and a 73 year old Stevens 12 gauge SxS choked EXTRA-FULL/FULL round out the bird-to-food conversion tools.
  9. 'Murican marketeering budgets manufacture what is 'cool'. Mizuno hardly has a presence here, too.
  10. "Leave the driver, take the cannoli..." "I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my putter..."
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