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  1. + 1 for Seemore Customer Service. They've taken care of numerous issues over the years for our family.
  2. If doing 36/day at Kohler, I like starting with Whistling Straits first thing, usually hitting into some dense Lake Michigan fog on first hole, lunch upstairs, head over to Blackwolf Run for next 18, dinner in the Blackwolf Run clubhouse. Golf and food are excellent.
  3. Also used pinstriping tape.
  4. Also heard $529.99, Regular and Sub Zero. None of the Rogue drivers worked better than my Epic Sub Zero for me, so I'm curious how these will perform.
  5. Just hit this driver today, with the Atmos Blue shaft. Sat square at address, felt good, but for $499 I'm going to wait and try the Ping G410 and Callaway Epic Flash.
  6. bear87

    Ping G410

    Did you see the irons? Yes need G iron info!!! G series with I series offset and they will be in the bag. +1 for this potential set up. Would love the G400 irons, but my misses are LEFT. Less offset and G level forgiveness--sign me up.
  7. Phil is usually pretty good to his sponsors--so if Cally has something they'd like to put out there, he'll probably give it a go in front of the cameras.
  8. I tried the T-MB and the C16 and liked the C16 a lot better--much more forgiving for me. These two new designs look like they'll play more like the C16 than T-MBs for me.
  9. +1 for the Flat Cat. Only tried the original, but now pretty sure they come in 5 different sizes.
  10. Definitely has a 60 in the bag, I imagine that the photos were shot whilst Jordan was off practicing with it or some such. Agreed. Pretty sure he still bags 4 Vokeys.
  11. Yes, I believe they are, as I've used the Callway Opti-Fit shafts for years. Love how they don't mess with a PURE'd shaft alignment.
  12. Launches higher than my old G. Turned it down -1* (added benefit of decreasing any draw bias) and it is a fairway finder.
  13. +1 for this set up. Picked up 3mph over DG Tour Issue X100
  14. Interesting that there appears to be no TrueRoll milling...
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