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  1. I got my first set of Miuras last season (cb-1007) and I would compare the feel to using a wooden baseball bat, if you miss it even a bit, you’ll feel it, but when you center it, the resonance feels like a home run off the meat of a Louisville slugger. Just heavy and explosive.
  2. Just remember this thread when putter heads are the size of mufflers and they make a honk noise when you hit them.
  3. Why do so many people use a big clown headed mallet when you only take the putter back a few inches? Also, why are head weights getting so high? If OEMs think that the average player is so uncoordinated that they need a giant clown head, wouldn’t higher head weight cause worse distance control, since it’s easier to impart more momentum with a heavier club head?
  4. I just went into the USGA database and found this.
  5. I just went into the USGA database and found this.
  6. Thanks. Just got confirmation from Miura that they are legit.
  7. I just receive a set from a very high feedback seller. The 7 iron has a serial number laser etched. Wondering if anyone can verify these are legit? The weights all match specs from the site, except 9 and 4-pw are 1 gram light (could be the scale)
  8. Brand new last season Used half of the year Project 8 Catalyst 80 stiff shaft standard length -1 lie Condition 9.5/10 purchased directly from callaway $750CDN
  9. Top to bottom Titleist set 917 driver and 3wood with stiff Tour AD shaft in both. AP1 718?irons (4-pw) purchased this year. 48, 54, 56, 58 degree v vokey wedges. Plus stand bag. Would like to sell as set but will part message for prices $1200 for everything
  10. I had a 302, it felt soft, but not very lively, I had a hard time getting the speed right compared to the slightly hotter/ clickier feeling face of my Bettinardi
  11. I’m planning a road trip down to the NC/SC area from Toronto and looking for a game or two. If anyone is playing in the next couple weeks and is looking for a game with a Canadian scratch player , reply or shoot me a msg.
  12. Get a face balanced putter. Putters with face rotation require perfect timing to square the face. Remember that face angle is 5x more important than swing path.
  13. I have a Mizuno MP A302 for sale that meets that description: http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/golf-clubs/mp-series/mp-a-series/club-specification-4/mp-a302-2/
  14. 1. Handmade in Japan, Fujimoto Gikoh forged irons -4-PW -Nippon NS PRO 850 stiff shafts -9/10 condition These are a great feeling, forgiving, high quality forged iron from Japan, a new set sells for $1,900 *$600*
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