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  1. Overview: SM8 Raw Set 52/56/60 with Recoil 110 F4 $400 (SOLD) Scotty Cameron Newport 2 w/ LAGP Shaft $450 (SOLD) PXG Proto+ 10.5 Head $300 $275 (SOLD) PXG Gen 2 XF 10.5 Driver Head $200 $175 (SOLD) M2 ’16 Driver Head $125 $100 (SOLD) Cameron Smiley Weights $80 Add +$5 for west coast shipping. Scotty Cameron Smiley Weights $80 All that is left! Don’t see these too often. Bought for the previously listed Cameron putter above. Had plans of shortening it and dropping these in but moving on. Open to offers and will leave this up for a da
  2. 1. St George's Golf & Country Club (not the closest, but my club) 2. City and State? Brooklyn, NY 5. Handicap? 6.6 4. Current Driver Setup? Ping G400 Max 9*/Tensei Orange 70s 5. Where you fit for your current driver? No 6. What TSi head do you want to test? Tsi 3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  3. City, State? Brooklyn, NY Handicap? 6.6 Current hybrid/utility iron head? Sim Max Current hybrid/utility iron shaft? Tensei Pro white What flex Nippon Modus3 Hybrid GOST shaft do you want to test? Stiff im loving this hybrid. Will buy another head to try with this shaft.
  4. Hey guys - Clearing the closet a bit on this PGA Saturday. Tried to be competitive on prices so while I will entertain offers, these should be about as low as you can find. Open to trades, but don’t need a lot. Tensei pro with G400 tip or PXG tip. Vokey Slate Blue SM7, Bettinardi FCB, Vokey T grind, HMB 4 iron, Sim Max driver head. G400 MAX | $200 SOLD DST Compressor | $80 PRICE DROP $50 PXG 2 Iron | $175 SOLD PXG Hybrid | $100 SOLD DST Compressor 8 iron$80 Great training aid. Not using it much these days so passing it along. PXG Gen 2 0311X #2 Driving Iron | Fujikura Fuel 95 G S$175 SOLD T
  5. I’ve been thinking of ordering a 4 iron to match my set with one of these. Curious to hear thoughts on them as a fit for someone who like a mid weight iron shaft around 120g?
  6. What is your current handicap? 9.0 Current gamer fairway? PXG Gen 2 Current gamer hybrid? PXG original, but did just order a Sim Max Where are you located (City, State - US Only Please)? Brooklyn, NU What club would you like to test? 4 hybrid! Has been the hardest spot for me to fill and keep a club.
  7. City, State? Brooklyn, NYCurrent wedges? TM High Toe 52/58 with Recoil 110 Proto. Occasionally will play some National Custom Works 52/58 I had made 4 years ago as well. At very difficult courses I'll bring a 64* Callaway PM grind. What conditions do you play in (soft, average, firm)? Average to firm. I prefer lower bounce, especially in the higher lofted. One thing that would improve your current wedges? With the High Toe 58 or 64 PM I'm good from the bunkers but could be better. I really need to work on the low check shot, and on the 60-90 yard pitch shot. Do you agree to participate in an o
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