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  1. It was love at first sight, but someone took her first. A Toulon Garage Chicago in chocolate finish with plumber’s neck, and top sight line was sold recently. If the current owner wants to sell, DM me please.
  2. Rare Nike Vapor Flex 440 driver up for sale. If not for sandy range balls that scratched the face, this would be in like new condition. Best sounding driver EVER made, loud crack like a persimmon vs a tingy metallic sound. Comes with two shafts - original Diamana Limited Dialead (60s) and Kuro Kage Silver (60x). Only seen one on eBay brand new for $745, selling mine for $OLD !!! Besides the sound, it’s also one of the best feeling drivers I’ve hit over the years. Not the most forgiving, but the look at address brings out the Rory in you until you hit it and realize the ball was
  3. Burner TP, a classic favorite... still have mine in excellent condition despite its age. I recently posted about it comparing pics against my Epic Flash SZ GLWS
  4. Def not worth it...especially I won’t hear the end of it from wifey if I start complaining of my throat or cough! How bout that crazy 180* turn on the weather in CO!?
  5. I personally like plain black coffee, but my wife did say tis the season for pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks! My friends are still teeing up tomorrow, I’m sitting out.
  6. I’ll stay where I’m at...Sunny Southern CA. Munis all around, an hour’s drive away from PGA Tour hosting public courses, year round golf, jump to pool after a hot round, or meet family at the beach post round. My only complaint in CA is I’m limited to what I can buy for my other hobby
  7. Completely agree! I think they have a very good system that tracks what is in their inventory. Site is constantly updated throughout the day. I remember I was looking for an item and i kept checking throughout the day and I saw the available clubs change at least three times that day. The way they label their items are totally spot on, maybe even better. I have purchased "very good" that could be marketed as "like new" on the BST.
  8. One of the best FW I have played is the 2007 Burner TP. I loved the shape of the head and sound at impact. It wasn’t as forgiving as the regular Burner, but packed a punch. I just preferred the smaller head and that’s why I stuck with it. Over the years I have played many offerings from TM (RBZ, R11, Ms 1-4), Ping (G10, i20), Titleist, Cobra (most recently, the F9 Speedback). Notice above, I didn’t mention Callaway. Then I came across a solid deal on an Epic Flash SZ stock Tensei Blue. I played the club this weekend and it’s an absolute monster off the tee! LOVE the sound and
  9. Not sure if someone’s posted this already but thought I’d share, too. Apologies if this isn’t the correct forum. Fujikura giving away special graphics Ventus shafts to show support for Folds of Honor and Patriot Golf. I like the desert camo for sure! Good luck!
  10. If I just focused on your title and ignored the rest of your post, I was going to say, wow this guy must have been sailing the 7 seas with no connection to the outside world! Such is the game of golf, one day (or month) you’re on a hot streak, the next you’re throwing your clubs in the air and cursing every ball flight. It happens to the best in the world, and to us weekend warriors. My favorite quote in golf sums it up, “you’re only as good as your last shot.” Enjoy these good rounds, ride the wave, and keep going lower! At the end of the year when we all look bac
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