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  1. One can wish ... I’m guessing $250 per club. At that price point, for PING to claim these as forged, it better damn FEEL like it!
  2. August is 2.5 weeks away and not a word on Ping’s site about these. It’s doubtful they’re going by that schedule...but my wallet is ready just in case
  3. I’m looking for any standard Miura logo’d putter grip, preferably new or slightly used, black color. Please send me message for pricing and pictures.
  4. How reliable is this info? I was bummed when the Ping rep I was talking to mentioned November... September would be nice! And how is it Titleist already have the new T series irons posted on their main page and still no word from Ping on the i59 except “prototype” club on some staff who have it in the bag?
  5. From the pictures I’ve seen they’re not Blueprint small, so it should resemble the profile of a “normal” club
  6. S59 already exists, maybe Ping didn’t want to reuse a previous model’s name. Maybe Ping is starting a new line? This doesn’t fall in the i210 category of cavity back design, it appears to have a larger footprint than the players irons, Blueprint, and definitely not a game improvement line. Whatever it is, can’t wait to have it in the bag!
  7. Great eyes for noticing and pointing that out. Based on that ding, I would agree Ping is using a much softer material than previous models. I’ve often regarded to Ping irons as built like tanks, that’s truly not the case with the i59. I’m ready to spend money I don’t have...just say when!
  8. At that price point I hope Ping offers free shaft upgrades, but then we say that every year for every manufacturer These look really stunning...they will look good in my Hoofer Tour bag
  9. I guess I should take better care of my Flyknit Racers... used mine for two rounds in the summer and it’s just been collecting dust (threw away box)! GLWS
  10. Looks like those who claimed it was photoshopped took down their posts Time to start saving up!!!
  11. Makes me miss my Miuras every time I see an ad for the cb-501...maybe it’s a good think I didn’t see the price
  12. What city are you in? Folks may be interested to do local pick up, save on shipping.
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