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  1. I hate to ask how much those x forged raw sold for as I might be kicking myself for a week...LOVE the look!
  2. First timer on a Juju cover and I’m impressed with the quality! Wonder if it stays that tight. And also bought the hybrid 14 on the BST - both acquired way below retail.
  3. Wow!! Great deal here...soooo tempted! Either set would go well with the new bag I bought here last week!
  4. With the influx of new players and others “getting back into the game,” not sure if you’ll be getting “good quality used equipment,” at least by GolfWRX standards! I have seen A LOT of used clubs at the local golf shop with many sky marks and “sweet spot” towards the toe and heel!
  5. If he was seen with Srixon reps then it’s definitely pay for play. If BK wanted to test other balls, since he’s supposedly not compensated by the current ball brand in his bag, he could easily do that in his own time, and privately. Srixon makes great balls, but like many others not stamped “Titleist”, they have to carefully select who can represent the brand to claim the small market not looking for the Titleist brand.
  6. RL dropping JT is all about saving image and $$$. RL’s golf apparel department probably accounts for a small percentage of what they sell, but probably accounts for a good chunk of what they spend on sponsorships. In a time when industries are suffering from the pandemic, it’s one way to end a partnership while solidifying the brand’s image for the larger, broader brand customer. While the PC patrol may have something to say about it, we won’t see the “true” brands in golf dropping JT. I just really feel bad for JT as the kid seems likable. There are other names on tour I’d rat
  7. Bruh! If I want action you know I fly out to Vegas and go straight to... I’m more a city college kinda guy
  8. I read your post to chipnrun and still cannot understand the analogy about kissing a sister. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t have a sister, all brothers... I might have said something like, gaining yards on an old driver with a new shaft is like kissing the frog prince ... the kiss being the shaft turning the driver (the ) into something incredible. Back on topic tho...wouldn’t it be cheaper to spend $$ for shaft on the old driver and tune it vs spending extra $$ on top of the price on a new driver? I’m sure majority of us in the community won’t see a discernible differen
  9. I don’t get the analogy either... IMO gaining 10yds with an old driver would be incredible, amazing... so, to compare that to what he said... ugh!
  10. Isn’t MOI limit related to forgiveness? If so, then forgiveness has also reached its limit (IMO, at least). And you’re absolutely right, having a good shaft to match a modern driver head will likely make a bigger difference than buying the latest driver offering. It’s probably the reason why I keep going back to my M6 with a custom aftermarket shaft. I’ve put that club against the SIM EPIC MAVRIK and most recently the G410 plus, and not one made me think about switching.
  11. I’d still pick the Finn Scooter if I had the means to bring it to the course. I’ve ridden the board a few times, and while it’s fun, it can be hard to maneuver.
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