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  1. I have two Mizuno T20 wedges in satin chrome for sale. Only used for about 5 rounds on the 56 and 2 rounds on the 60. 56.10 and 60.06 +1” length Standard Lie Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Golf Pride MCC +4 Align in Grey Standard Size +3Wraps Would like to sell as a pair at $160 shipped to CONUS $90 for either one individually. Thanks
  2. Selling this beautiful set of Mizuno MP20. 9/10 condition only seen the course a few times. Specs as follows: 6-PW MB 3-5 HMB Tour Issue X100 soft stepped once Mcc Align Standard Standard loft Standard lie Quarter inch over standard Set flows beautifully. Only selling as I just shot in the 60s for the first time with my Miuras. Shipping included from Canada. Last time I sent something to the US it only took 3 business days. $old Pin 9/13
  3. Been gaming the 825 pros for about 7 years now and I’m generally happy with them. But I’m wondering if it’s worth the money to get into a new set of Mizunos. Anyone know how the MP-20s/MMC or the new JPX forged line compares? All specs being equal(loft, length etc), are they more forgiving? Longer? 9 handicap here.
  4. Selling a couple items as I replaced some clubs in the bag 1) $old 4-P Mizuno 919 Forged in excellent condition. Have maybe 10 rounds on them since May. KBS Ctaper stiff shafts with mcc plus 4 grips. Small chip on 9 barely noticeable. 2) $270 head only Sim Max D 9 degree. Have a couple shaft options. I have a Tour AD VR 6S ($175) 43.75” without head and a Fujikura speeder evolution VI 569 stiff ($185) measure 44.25” l with new dri tac grip. More pics in comments 3) $old Mizuno CLK Mint 19 3 hybrid. Fujikura speeder evolution HB 75 stiff shaft. No headcover included. Pics in comments more pics in comments as I couldn’t fit them all. Not really looking for trades unless it’s jaws wedges or Mavrik 5 wood
  5. Hello all, Looking to sell my practically new Mizuno Mp-20 MB's. Great irons, but my season is basically done and I will be rebuilding my bag over the colder months. All standard L/L/L. RH 3-Pw with Dynamic Gold s300's. Brand new Golf Pride Plus 4 mid-size grips installed. I played 9 holes and had 3 range sessions with them. Asking $775 shipped to lower 48/US only. Open to ideas on trades - Looking for cavity back irons of similar quality and make, preferably with standard PX (chrome) 6.0 or 6.5's. Will ship in the original Mizuno box they came in! Thanks.
  6. I've been looking at Mizuno MP-20 HMBs, but there is no gap/utility wedge around 49 degrees. (PW is 46.) What do you MP-20 owners use for that?
  7. Hey Guys, I’ve recently thought about switching to Players Cavity Backs. Any thoughts in which irons are the best in your opinion? No specific year, I was looking into the Titleist 710CB. What do yall think?
  8. Up for sale is a really nice condition set of Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal Irons. Heads, grips and shafts are in very good shape with no major dings or scrapes. They are a 6-GW set shafted with Recoil 95 F3 graphite shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 black and white grips (the GW has a standard black tour velvet). I liked these clubs so much that I have bought another set with shafts that better fit my swing. My loss, your gain. Using the ruler leaned against a wall for playing length, the 6 iron measures at 37.875 to end of grip, then half inch increments down to 9 iron which is 36.375, Pw is 36.125 and GW is 35.875 I am not currently looking for anything in trade, thanks. $ 450 now $425! (includes shipping and paypal)
  9. Hi everyone. Another obsessive Mizuno iron post to enjoy as the world burns! About my game: 3 handicap, think I'm a scratch level player from 130 in and putting, play to my handicap with the driver, and absolutely all over the place with longer clubs (3 wood, hybrid, 4iron, 5iron), so bad lol. Golf is hard. I currently play a mixed set of Mizunos irons: 4 iron: MP 54 5-8 iron: MP 64 9-pw: MP 4 I like my irons a lot, like how they look in the bag, how they feel when I hit them pure, and how they make me feel emotionally In all of them, I have Oban CT-115 shafts, which I got fit for at, you guessed it, Club Champion. When I got fit (first time ever) about 2 years ago, I tried a bunch of heads and shafts, definitely felt an improvement with the Oban shafts and saw better results on the trackman, but none of the heads at the time convinced me to ditch my gamers (which at the time were all the MP54/64s and not MP4s, but whatever, not that relevant). So I put the shafts in my old heads and got on with my life. As each new line of iron comes out, and I see people on the forums rave about them, I wonder if/when my irons become a liability versus what's currently on the market. When I look at the MP20 lineup or the new Srixon Z line coming out (honestly the Srixon z745 and z785 look so much like MP54/64), I can't help but wonder if they're just strictly better golf clubs than what I currently game. I am not sure that replacing the long end of my bag with hybrids/utility irons will help, certainly not as much as practice. Clearly none of this really matters as much as practice, but I am curious what people think – if I really want to have the best chance of shooting lower scores, when is it time to get new irons strictly because the technology has improved? --- Rest of bag for what it's worth: Driver: Mavrik 10.5 degrees, Oban Devotion 65g shaft. 3W: Taylor Made M4 15 degrees, Oban Devotion 75g shaft. Hybrid: Taylor Made M4 19 degrees, Accra shaft. Irons: See above GW: Vokey SM6, 50 degree F Grind, 12 degrees bounce, Oban CT-115 SW: Mizuno S18 Blue, 10 degrees bounce, DG Wedge Flex LW: Mizuno S18 Blue, 10 degrees bounce, DG Wedge Flex
  10. I recently had to change out a tip adapter in my Fujikura six xlr8 driver shaft and discovered a strange material that was in the tip end of the shaft. Can someone please help identify what type of plug (tungsten, lead, liquid tungsten, etc.) I found? I have attached a few pictures. The metal is in a few pieces because I had to cut the tip which ended up cutting this material that was at the end of my tip as well. Also, any suggestions on where to purchase something similar to match the swing weight of my old driver shaft that had this material? The new shaft (same model) now feels way to lite without this material in the tip. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  11. Hi all, Doing some closet cleaning to fund another purchase and everything is priced to move quickly! All prices are shipped and PayPal'd in the CONUS. 1. Mizuno MP69 Heads (4-PW) - SOLD! I bought this set, but ended up playing them as a combo. As a result, the 6-PW were refinished in satin chrome by the Iron Factory. The 4-5 are the stock chrome finish. These heads have 15-20 rounds on them, are in used condition with normal wear, and have tons of life left in them. 2. Vokey SM6 Heads (52/54/60) - SOLD! These were my trusty gamers that have served me well, but they have a lot of birdies left in them. 52/12 F-Grind, 54/08 (bent to 56/10) M-Grind, 60/12 K-Grind. 3. HZRDUS Yellow Hand Crafted (63g/6.0 Flex with TaylorMade tip) - SOLD! 4. HZRDUS Green Smoke (60g/6.0 Flex pull-out from SIM Max) - SOLD! 5. Lamkin Crossline Cords (Standard Size/Full set of 13 brand new grips) - SOLD! If you want multiple items, feel free to take $10 per purchased item off your total (buy the irons and wedges for $298, both shafts for $148 or take everything for $521)! Cheers, Mike
  12. I'm an idiot and bought these thinking it was a full 3 or 4i through wedge set. My stupidity is your opportunity. Perfect for somebody wanting to try out blades or a blended set. Some wear, no browning. Mizuno MP68 6-P X100 Standard length/loft/lie as far as I know, but haven't measured. Winn Dri-Tac midsize grips Only 1 of the irons still has the shaft band. Grips are still tacky and in good shape. I actually quite like them in the cold weather. $185/obo $175 shipped
  13. These were built on the Mizzy Tour truck at The Players Tournament right before Covid shut down everything. I painted the running bird and weighs on the driver, otherwise it’s in near mint condition. The TS 3 wood is also in near mint condition, can barely tell it has ever been hit. Both of them have the Small Batch HZRDUS Yellow Smoke, both TS 6.0, 70g, and at 2.9. If you notice neither head has a serial number, guess no need for tour lol, yes I know other manufacturers still put one on. You get the head covers but sorry I don’t have a wrench. Would absolutely love to sell both together, but will separate... just not heads from shafts. Driver only SOLD 3W only SOLD Obo Paypal only Price includes shipped to lower 48 only
  14. Mizuno MP20 Set 4-PW Standard Length Standard Loft Standard Lie KBS Tour-V (125g) Tour Spec S+ shafts (Same shaft as used by Phil Mickelson) Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord (Standard) grips BB&F ferrules installed Normal use Assembled by Club Champion No trades please $680 SOLD
  15. A couple left over items from the summer season up for sale to make room for something new. All prices are negotiable and open to trades (specifically tour issue SIM heads, and face balanced putters). Prices include shipping, east of Mississippi. -Set of 4,5,6 Mizuno MP-20 HMB irons w/KBS C-Taper 130x shafts, soft stepped x1. Only used for about 4 months in a combo set. Standard loft and lie, 5 and 6 are standard length, the 4i is -0.25”. $300 -Callaway Rogue X 3 hybrid w/stock Aldila stiff shaft. Only used for one round and several range sessions. I bought with the intent of swapping the shaft and using in place of driving iron, but I’ve decided once and fore all that I’m just not a hybrid guy. Everything is stock, includes headcover. $100 -Srixon ZF85 3+ wood w/ small batch HZRDUS green shaft. First off, this thing is a rocket launcher, both off the tee and from the deck, the hulk shaft is surprisingly versatile in this head, even with the 13.5* loft this club has no problem getting the ball up in the air. Shaft is XS, 6.5, 70g and is the small batch PVD version. The head is in good shape, the soles shows signs of wear as I did use this for most of the year until a SIM Ti finally beat it out. Overall length of the club is 43”. I do not have the original headcover, but will include a sweet Rose and Fire 3w cover. $225 -Lastly, Fujikura Atmos Black TS 7TX shaft. Hard to find 7TX shaft, in great shape, has a couple marks on the shaft from bag rubbing. Currently has a Callaway adapter. Length is just under 43.25”. $OLD
  16. Two sets of irons for sale. Prices are OBO shipped to CONUS via USPS. 1. Mizuno MP20 MB 4-PW. Purchased from another member but never played. $OLD STANDARD LLL S300 BRAND NEW GOLF PRIDE MICROSUEDE MIDSIZE WRAPS EXCELLENT CONDITION, MINIMAL CHATTER 2. MP-59 4-PW. Going to be hard to find these in this condition anymore. Hard for me to let go but hoping someone else can enjoy. $OLD STANDARD LLL CTAPER 120 S BARELY USED GOLF PRICE MICROSUEDE MIDSIZE WRAPS 4i has blemish (shown) on sole, all other irons have normal bag chatter. Faces are clean pin 11/2
  17. Mizuno JPX 919 Combo set. 4-6 Irons Forged 7-pw Tour. ProjectX 6.5 with Golf Pride NDMC with 1 extra wrap. Standard L/L/L. The lead tape is on them because I wanted to try and the swing weight at D4. SW without the lead tape is D2. Plus an extra Tour 8 iron head that I used for some shaft testing. $SOLD KBS Tour $-Taper 130x 4-PW play standard length. Plus extra 4,5,8 and 9 iron shafts that are brand new and uncut. $SOLD If you have any questions or want more pictures just let me know. Only trade I would consider would be perhaps a SIM Max Fairway depending on shaft.
  18. No trades, Continental US shipping only, paypal. USPS priority with signature confirmation. 1) Mizuno ST 200 G 9 degree with LA Tour AXS Blue 60 stiff untipped. 45.25” long. Velvet 360 grip +1/65” oversize. Comes with cover and wrench. $old shipped and PayPal’d. 2) Titleist Ts2 21 7 wood and 16.5 3 wood. Both have graphite design tour AD TP 7 stiff flex shafts. 42.5” 3w and 41.75” 7 wood. Both are D4 swingweight. Both have multi compound black +1/64 of an inch oversize grips. The 16.5 has a TS cover the 21 has an older 917 F fairway wood cover not sure what happened to that one! No wrenches. $275 each. $old for both shipped and PayPal’d......pending payment. 3) Fujikura Ventus with Velocore blue 7 stiff and 8 stiff(((sold))) shafts. 44” long. The tip paint has been prepped about 1 1/8” they are both untipped. One and only price drop to $old shipped and PayPal’d conus.
  19. Well guys, I don't know how or when it happened - probably when Russ757 sold me the 913Fd - but I've been bit HARD by the Titleist bug. The look, the feel, the sound when you pure one.....it just sucks you in, and I'm a full blown addict. Bag is pretty much set after an absolute crap-ton of ho'ing this winter. 2 Spots potentially in flux are the Big Dog, even though I love it, because I suddenly have this anal need to have sticks all match brand. The other change that may be comin is the 54* wedge. This is the highest lofted club in my bag, and while the Ping Tour-S is yet to see the course (picked it up bc it was a freaking steal at a local shop), I am either going Vokey to finish off the Titleist bag, or I'm entertaining the idea of a SCOR 54*. Always have been intrigued by them. Enough with the lengthy, wordy stuff, here's my WITB, and the pics to follow. Newest addition: The bag itself! A Titleist mid-size Staff bag. Got it for a song on craigslist and she sure is purdy!! Adams Fast 12LS 9.5* w Matrix Black Tie 6m3.1 X Flex. Black/Royal Rocket Tour Headcover. It's eating my soul alive that this now doesn't match my new Titleist mid-size staff bag. Titleist 913Fd 13.5* w Graphite Design Tour AD GT-8X. This sucker is looooooooooooooooooong. Best club in my bag at the moment. Titleist 910F 15* cranked to 16.5 w Aldila RIP Alpha 80 S. Long, high bombs from the deck. If I' having a good day, I'll see this feller a couple times on Par 5s. Titleist 910h 21* w Matrix Ozik Altus X Flex. Point. Shoot. Gets up easy, flies straight, money from the deck, the tee, the rough...hoping to learn a little hybrid chip around the greens this year. Titleist 712 AP2 4-PW w KBS C Taper Tour Stiff 120. Brand spankin new with some Christmas money. This may have actually been the moment when the Titleist bug sunk its teeth into me fully, but either way, they look good, they feel good. They are beauties. Titleist Vokey 52-08 Gap Wedge w TT DG S300 stock shaft. This club is my nemesis. One round its money, the next it doesn't want to cooperate. The plan is to swap it out for a matching AP2 GW with C Taper Stiff. I feel better over a non-blade wedge. Ping Tour-S 54* Sand Wedge with S300. This thing actually looks and feels pretty good, and I might give it a chance, but odds are its a place holder until I find a more permanent solution. Titleist Scotty Cameron GoLo S Circle H 35" with Black Pistolero grip. This thing is smooth. I spend little time practicing my putting, but I'm hoping to make 2014 the year of the short game. OH yea, almost forgot: ACCESSORIES!! Bushnell Tour V2 Patriot Edition, Frogger BrushPro, Titleist Scotty Cameron Divot Tool, a Lucky Quarter, and I collect poker-chip style ball markers from courses I play. Below you see Cahoon Plantation, Stumpy Lake, Echelon, River Pines, Cypress Creek, and an old Beat Up Odyssey one I found, and I made everything I looked at that day, so into the rotation she went! There ya have it! Would love some feedback, unless you're just here to troll....I am really excited about my current set-up and can't wait for this crappy weather to leave town. Thanks for lookin! Hit 'em straight. -Duff!
  20. Mizuno MP-18 MMC fli-hi 3 Iron. Project x 6.5 shaft. Plays 39 1/2 in. Midsize NDMC. In excellent shape. Played almost never as I kept the set 3 iron in the bag. $125 shipped in the lower 48.
  21. Hey fellas, need some input here: Currently game the P750's with TT DG X7's. Standard length. I've had them what will be going on three years or my third season with them. I personally love them. Now all that being said, I have thought about just reshafting them. My swing has gotten smoother to wear I was thinking of putting TT X100's in there. But a reshaft will run $300-400 once it's all said and done. Now I could sell them and just pay the difference for new clubs. So to sum it up, do I reshaft or get new irons? Was thinking of the P7MC which i hit and like. Was thinking of the Srixon ZX7's or the JPX 919/921 Tours. I'm a fan of the look at address of the 750's. Not a huge fan of thicker top lines. I know looks aren't everything but they do play a part. Any thoughts are welcomed. Thanks!
  22. A few items to sell today before my wife throws me out of the house for hoarding golf equipment All sales limited to CONUS. I'll be shipping USPS, if you want it sent another way PM me and I will get a shipping quote to you. 1. JPX919 Forged 4-AW in excellent condition. Modus 105 Stiff flex shafts with Tour Velvet +4 midsize grips. They are +1" and 3° flat but since they're forged you can have them bent to whatever specs you may need. Picked these up used and put in 2 range sessions with them and decided to go in a different direction. Looking for $675 shipped 2. 10.5° G400 Max with Alta CB 55 stiff shaft. Basically like new. Gave it a few range sessions but decided to keep my PXG. Stock length & grip. Headcover included - can't find the tool. $270 shipped SOLD 3. Ping Tour 65 stiff flex shaft with G400 adapter. Stock length driver shaft (44 1/8" butt of grip to tip) plays 1/2" less than the CB as standard per Ping website. $70 shipped SOLD 4. Set of (8) Callaway branded Golf Pride MCC grips. Was going to re-grip my gamers but in true WRX fashion decided to change the clubs instead. $50 shipped SOLD If you have any questions shoot me a PM! Edit: Pictures should be fixed now. Higher resolution photos can be found here
  23. Only the P790 3-iron left. $65 shipped Hi Everyone... First time selling on here, not too sure how to get all these pics in... if I'm going against any forum guidelines please let me know. 1) Taylormade P790 Irons (4-A) $600 (sold) or $650 with 3iron. -- 3iron $80 I bought last December from a caddie at Oakmont CC. They were close to mint, gamed them all of 2020. I installed Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 Grips in mid-summer. TT Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. The 4-iron has the original grip and sticker on the shaft Oakmont Country Club Rental Set. 2) Adams MB2 Raw Irons (3-G) $330 (sold) I purchased these from Golf Galaxy in 2013. The best feeling iron I've ever hit. Extremely forgiving for a muscle back. I loved the raw no glare look, the compact head and the smoked shafts. I bagged them until about 2016 and started messing with other sets, but could never get myself to post them for sale. This set was 3-P, I had a Gap wedge built to add to the set. (9) Clubs total These still have the original Golf Pride "Adam's Golf" Multicompounds. KBS Tour Smoked Shafts stiff 3) Mizuno MP-32 Irons (3-P) $175 (sold) I bought these from a play it again sports probably 5 years ago. I dont know about the finish, were these blued or something? Been sitting in my basement only played or ranged them a handful of times. These have rifled shafts and are 1/2" Short of Std length. 4) Graphite Design Tour AD TP-6S Driver Shaft w/ Callaway Tip $150 Was on my Callaway Epic Driver. 43-5/8" End to End. Callaway Golf Pride Grip
  24. Prices listed below do not include shipping. Please PM me only if you are serious about buying and I will get a shipping quote for you. NO TRADE INTEREST AT THIS TIME 1) Mizuno JPX 921 SEL 4-G - KBS Tour $ Taper Stiff shafts with Golf Pride Tour 360 grips blown on. Standard length, loft and lie angles, but I can bend to your desired set-up. I bought these a few months back lightly used and played 2 rounds with them. They just can't beat my current irons. SOLD! 2)Mizuno MP20 SEL 3-P - Nippon Pro Modus 120X shafts with Golf Pride Z Cord grips blown on. Standard length, loft and lie angles, but I can bend to your desired set-up. I bought these a few months back lightly used and played 3 rounds with them. They just can't beat my current irons. SOLD
  25. Some fresh stuff up for sale. Prices are to your door, might need a few extra bucks if west of the big river. All is negotiable. Trade interest for forgiving players irons shafted with x100’s. P790’s, P770’s, PXG 0311P, 0211, 585/785 combo, etc. Tensei Pro White 70TX with Cobra tip. Will play around 43" in a cobra SZ fairway head. $150 Cobra Speedzone 2 Hybrid with Tensei Pro White 100TX hybrid shaft. $175. Headcover included. Cobra Speedzone 14.5 fairway in the flat black avalanche finish. SOLD with hzrdus smoke yellow 70g 6.5 flex. Fairway plays right around 43”. Headcover included. Mizuno T20 Wedge set. Not splitting these up. S400 tour issue shafts. Standard loft/length/lie from Mizuno. 50/55/60 lofts. Had Mizuno stamp the 55 with FIDDY5. SOLD
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