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Found 2 results

  1. Decided to clean out my spare closet of some extra golf stuff I have, so hopefully some of this stuff will find a new home. I am not currently looking for any trades as I am trying to unload rather than re-load. All prices include shipping and Paypal fees. When I typically make purchases on here I add $ out of generosity to the price to help cover the seller's fees since I am West of the Mississippi in Arizona. Therefore, feel free to pay it forward if you are East of the Mississippi. Here goes: 1.) First items for sale are 3 Driver Shafts (2 TM & 1 Nike) and 1 5-Wood Shaft : a.) Tensei Blue CK Series 50 in a Stiff Flex - 44" from top of grip to end of the Nike Flex Loft Adaptor - $40 - NOW $30 b.) Graphite Design Tour AD-BB 6X - 43.5" from top of grip to end of the TaylorMade M Series Adaptor - $60 - SOLD c.) Project X Hzrdus Black Handcrafted 6.5 62g - 44.5" from top of grip to end of TM M Series Adaptor - $75 - SOLD d.) Project X Hzrdus Black (5-wood) 6.5 75g - 41.5" from top of grip to end of TM M Series Adaptor (ordered directly from TM with an M3 5-wood) - $50 - SOLD 2.) Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 58* Loft / 10* Bounce. Stock KBS Tour-V Wedge flex steel shaft. New Golf Pride MCC +4 Standard Size Grip in the Green and Black Colorway to match the paintfill on the wedge. I bought this used from the local PGA Tour Superstore when I was waiting for some of my other wedges to arrive that I custom ordered a couple years ago. Meanwhile this wedge hasn't seen a ball or turf in probably 2+ years - $50 - NOW $30 3.) Bushnell Tour V4 with Slope Rangefinder. Includes battery, original case, and Monument Golf Strap with magnet to attach to metal of golf cart. I will fully disclose that the rangefinder has some sun spots when you look through the lens. It's still fully functional and I continued to use it all the way until I received my new Tour V5. I tried to take a picture of what it looks like through the lens. Again, it's fully functional and you might even be able to have someone and/or Bushnell repair/replace it. I just have not taken the time to do so. The Monument Golf Strap in my opinion is a poor design and the reason why it ended up with the sun spots. The layout of the magnets can expose the lenses to the sun, which in AZ is not a good thing. Once I realized this I started just attaching it to the steering column of the golf cart. Hopefully someone can pick this up for a good price and get rid of the sun spots and my loss will be your gain! Let's go with $60 as I don't even know how to price this other than Bushnell's trade-in program. - SOLD 4.) Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer. Received as a gift a number of years ago and only used it for a couple months on the range. Other than that it has not been used since. Includes all of the original contents: Sensor, Glove Mount, Charger, Instructions, and Original Box. Let's go with $35. - SOLD 5.) Last item is a 2017 TaylorMade M2 K-Series Driver Head (only) with 9.5* of loft. I originally purchased this from a fellow GolfWRX'er a couple years ago. There is one little mark on the top of the club near where the hosel is. It came like this when I bought it off here and I tried to capture it in the photos. You might even be able to easily fill it with some white paintfill. It honestly never bothered me, so I just left it. Let's go with $75. - SOLD Post any questions or DM me with any questions you may have. I will try and respond as quickly as possible. Thanks!
  2. Long story short, my wife says I'm not allowed to have one more golf club shaped box show up on our front step until I sell some of the clubs collecting dust in the closet. I need to move fast because I have a new driving iron being delivered this week, so help me get rid of this stuff! I'm a long-time WRX'r with plenty of BST transactions over the years, but somehow this is my first sale. All prices are shipped CONUS. Feel free to make an offer if you think my pricing is off. Fyi, I live in an area where the golf season lasts <6mos and I take caring for my equipment very seriously. You can expect everything to be in great condition unless stated otherwise. Pics say it all, but let me know if you have any questions whatsoever. Also happy to send more pics as needed. Summary of items, details/pics below: Ping S57, 4-W, DG X100: **$OLD!!!** Ping S58, 4-W, EZ-Z65 (stiff): **$OLD!!!** Callaway Apex forged (2014), 5-W, NS Pro 950GH (stiff): **$350** DG X100 AMT pulls, 4-W: **$70** Tour AD BB-7S w/Titleist adapter: **$OLD!!!** Diamana D+ 92 HY (stiff) w/Titleist adapter: **$40** Titleist 909D2 8.5 w/Fuji Speeder 757 TS (stiff): **$90** Callaway Apex forged (2014), 5-W, Nippon NS Pro 950GH stiff shafts, GP tour velvet grips, std L/L/L. I'm ashamed of how underused these look...makes me feel like I never gave them a chance. But the shafts we're all wrong for me and I was too lazy to ever reshaft them. So off they go. **$350** DG X100 AMT shaft pulls, std length for 4-W with Lamkin crossline grips in good condition. These were supposed to go into the Apex irons listed above. Obviously never happened due to aforementioned laziness. **$70** GD Tour AD BB-7S driver shaft w/Titleist adapter. Grip (GP MCC) might as well be new since I only used this shaft for a few range sessions. Plays 45" in a Titleist driver. Full disclosure, there is a tiny Gap between the ferrule and the adapter that spans about 1/16" (see pic)...not noticeable and doesn't affect playability, but just want to point it out. **$OLD** Diamana D+ 92 stiff hybrid shaft with Titleist adapter and GP tour velvet grip. Hardly used as I swapped out for an AD DI shaft almost immediately. Plays 41" in a Titleist hybrid. **$40** Titleist 909D2 8.5 w/Fuji Speeder 757 TS stiff shaft. Ordered directly from Titleist back in the day. Plays 45" and comes with original headcover. I'd recommend a new grip. Again, there is a small gap between the ferrule and the clubhead hosel, probably 1/8"...doesn't affect play. **$90** I have more stuff I'll be listing in the near future, but this should get the wife off my back for the time being. Thanks for looking!
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