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Found 8 results

  1. Driver: Wishon 919THI, 10° loft (stamped 9°), 44-3/8" UST Mamiya VTS Red 7x shaft. 'GONZO' Wood: Wishon 919THI HL, 14° loft, 42-3/4" Aldila NV 85x shaft. Hybrid: Wishon 775HS, 18° loft, 40-3/4" Wishon Tour Gold shaft (stiff). 3 & 4-irons: Wishon 575MMC (cavity back), True Temper DynaLite Gold SL shaft (S300) 5-iron: Wishon 575MMC (cavity back), Wishon Stepless Steel shaft (stiff) 6-iron thru PW: Wishon 575MMC (muscle back), Wishon Stepless steel shaft (stiff) Sand Wedge: Edel Golf Driver Grind, 52° loft, 16° bounce. 36" long Nippon WV 125 shaft Lob Wedge: Edel Golf Digger Grind, 60° loft, 27° bounce, 35-1/2" long Nippon WV 125 shaft Putter: Edel Golf Columbia Custom Made. 3° loft, 74° lie angle. Edel round putter grip Grips: PURE Grips P2 Wrap (red) My clubs are MOI fitted, matched and balanced. My Driver comes in at 2,825 MOI. The 'Gonzo' Wood comes in at 2,805. The Hybrid at 2,775. The irons and wedges are at 2,725. The shaft + grip weight of all my clubs (outside the putter) weighs 60% of the club head's weight. This means a lighter shaft in the 3 & 4 irons and then using counterweights in the shorter clubs and in my driver and Gonzo Wood. This allows the longer irons to launch higher and spin more while the shorter irons get more of a penetrating ball flight. I had an Edel Belly Putter and took the shaft and trimmed it to 35 inches. This makes for a very heavy shaft (200 grams), but I really lie the feel and performance of the modified putter. Lastly, I use a 52* wedge as my Sand Wedge. I feel with the grind made by Edel, I can more easily hit this around the green and the 52* loft and longer shaft allow me to hit it about 120-125 yards, which is nicely gapped from my PW which I hit about 135 yards. I really love the Nippon WV 125 wedge shaft. It comes in heavy after trimming and that helps with getting a penetrating ball flight and has that great Nippon feel to it. RH
  2. (No trades, please. PayPal prices shipped ConUS only, thx) A. ****SOLD****Titleist 915F 3W 16.5*(head only), very good to excellent shape, 9/10 easy. Fairway cover included. 85$ 75 65 shipped ConUS, obroB. ****SOLD***** 2 (1 Left) Titleist 917F2 3w 15*(2 clubs), both in excellent shape, one is 9.5/10 and other is near mint. Identical setups, std TV 360, Diamana D+ 80X and 43”. One 917F leather cover included. 240$ 220 shipped ConUS for both, obro (1 SOLD & cover gone) 130$ 120 110, obro shipped ConUS(1 club, no cover) C. ***SOLD***Cobra King F8 3-4w(head and screw only), no cover. Very good shape as well, near mint. 85$ 80 70 shipped ConUS, obro D. ****SOLD****NEW Nippon 1050GH Stiff .370 tip, discrete length steel shaft set, 8 shafts. 2x 38.5” and remaining 6 are 38.0”, incrementally .5” down to 35.5”. Mint.(.355 shaft UPC sticker misprint, .370 actual) 95$ 80 70 60 shipped ConUS, obro E. NEW Dynalite Gold XP Stiff, .355 tip, 4-SW(8 shafts) mint. Longest shaft is 40”, .5” progression. No shaft bands. 85$ 75 65 55 shipped ConUS, obro. F. ***SOLD****. TMAG Tour Preferred 18* 2 UDI, very good condition, 9.5/10. KBS Ctaper Lite 110 S, 39.5”. 110$ 100 90 shipped ConUS, obro
  3. Prices include shipping with the exception of the bag. If my price is out of line or you want to make an offer feel free to do so.Trade Interest: Gripmaster Black Kangaroo Putter gripItems up for sale:3 Wood Shafts:Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff flex 4-PW:Shimada K-Tour 115 Regular Flex 3-PW:Oil Can Red Saw Vokey 52*08:Jones Classic Stand Bag:
  4. Looking to find a new home for some real nice stuff. All items have been well cared. Prices include USPS shipping. Please let me know if you need anymore pictures or have any questions. Reasonable offers are welcome. Thank you for looking. First up, Nike VR TW blade irons 3-PW, 3 iron looks brand new, has a True Temper Dynamic Golf SL steel shaft and factory Nike grip, not sure of the flex as the label has been removed before I acquired it. 4-PW have Project X 5.5 steel shafts (labels have been removed) and newer Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize grips. I played the 6-PW the last 2 years. Great clubs, switched to something a little more forgiving. 5 iron measures 38.25. 4-PW has had the paint fill removed on the back of the blade as pictured. $225 Nike VR Pro Blade 4-PW, heads only, paint fill has been removed. Bought them off of someone, but never got around to shafting them. Not sure of the specs. $old Brand new in box Nike SP-8 TW Tour Shoes, Size 10 Medium width, White/Black/Red. Only tried on, never worn outside. Comes with TW leather bag. Gorgeous shoes. $150 Brand new without box Nike Air Zoom Accurate Shoes, Size 10.5 wide, White/Black/Gray. Only tried on. These seem pretty narrow so the width feels more like medium. $old Cure RX4 putter, 35 inches, no headcover, but will ship protected. Very good condition, used for about 10-12 rounds. $100 Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Detour putter, 34 inches with matching headcover. Karma grip. $old 3 Nippon N.S. Pro 950 GH stiff steel shafts, one time pulls. .355 tapered tip. Were pulled from 8,9, and PW. They measure 35 1/4, 34 3/4, and 34 1/2 inches. They have Dallas Golf tour velvet style 360 grips. $40
  5. Selling a number of items that aren’t making the cut - some from deep in the closet, others from more recent projects and experiments. All are OBRO, and like many others lowballs will be ignored. Not looking for trades right now - just for sale. I’ve tried to get a lot of high quality pics to make it clear, but let me know if you have questions or need to see anything more. Thanks for looking! *Nippon NS Pro 950GH Stiff Shafts, 4-P | SOLD* Very clean, low temp pull from some JDM Titleist irons. 5-P were played a handful of rounds last year, while the 4 shaft still has the plastic on the grip. 4 and 5 iron are in the measurement picture, measured from the end of the installed grip with standard 1/2" gaps between each, aside from 9 to P being only 1/4". Grips are GP Tour Velvet 360, specifically for Titleist (which is just to say that it says Titleist on the end of the cap. Titleist hologram stickers still intact on the 4, 5, and 7. Nice and clean, should be quick and easy to install. *Scotty Cameron Hot Stamp Mid Mallet Cover | ~~$75 shipped~~ $70 shipped* This is new in the bag as pictured. Bought with intentions of actually using it on my gamer but never made it. *Matrix Deus Tour Shaft, S Flex, Cobra Driver Tip | ~~$45 shipped~~ $40 shipped* Got this for an experiment and just didn’t do it for me, but a good mid flight/spin shaft. No grip installed, all cleaned up and ready for a new one. Played 1/2” over stock in a Cobra LTD driver, which per the Cobra spec sheet would be 45.5” - so room to leave it long or butt trim to your desired length. *Will include a new standard size MCC+4 Align grip with full price offer.* *Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons, 4-A (A wedge is head only) | SOLD* Bought these off eBay early last year and just played a few rounds with them - starting to get a little tougher to find, and Nike did a good job using the black to make the setup look a little smaller at address than it is. They’re forgiving and the hollow body long irons are easy to hit (just ask Koepka). The setup is as I purchased them, complete with black paint over the Nike “photo blue” to totally black out the heads. 4 iron has a KBS Tour 90 shaft in stiff flex, 5-P have KBS Tour V 110 S, and the A wedge is head only (never hit this club myself and pulled the shaft for another wedge). Grips are the standard GP Nike Z Grips, with ribs installed at 6 o’clock. Standard loft and lie, with lengths from 38.75” in the 4 down to 36.25” in the 9 and 36” in the PW. I believe Nike measured them a little differently, but near as I can tell it’s 1/4” shorter than their stock. FWIW, they’re exactly the same length as stock Cobra Forged Tec and Titleist VG3 irons. Tried to get good pics of the faces and the sole of the 5i in particular. *Ping G2 3 wood, 14 degrees, with head cover | ~~$30 shipped~~ $25 shipped* Have had this as long as I can remember. Original Ping grip actually has some life left in it, and it’s installed on the stock Ping steel shaft at standard L/L/L. Generally in decent shape for its age, with some scratches coming back along the topline (pictured). *~~Seven (7) Golf Pride MCC+4 Align Midsize Grips~~ | SOLD* ~~Pulled from a set of irons, appear to have been in a bag for a bit but have most of their life still left. No real signs of heavy use or rubbing on them.~~ *NIPPON SHAFTS* *SCOTTY COVER* *MATRIX SHAFT* *NIKE IRONS* [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/kd/f4ou4u6gddnz.jpg "") *PING G2* *MCC+4 Grips*
  6. All items will ship USPS Priority. Trade interests Callaway CF 19 irons, Ping G410 lst. 1. Taylormade P790 4-pw, Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 105 stiff flex, +1/2, 1.5 up, 1 degree weak lofts. Club heads and shafts are excellent, the grips on the 7,6,5,4 have a worn spot under the left thumb. $675.. $650... $640 shipped. SOLD 2. Epic Flash Sub Zero 10.5 with HZRDUS Smoke 6.0, driver is in excellent condition. Includes Headcover and wrench. $395.. $375.. $360. shipped. SOLD 3. Odyssey Stroke Lab #7 35 inch. Like new. Includes matching magnetic headcover. $175.. $165 shipped. SOLD
  7. Selling my PXG 0311 Gen 1 irons - 4-PW - Nippon Modus 3 pro 105 x shafts - Right Hand - standard length/loft/lie - good condition, grooves are mint. There is face wear but they have LOTS of life left in them - newer Golf Pride Multi compound grips - Original MSRP: $500 USD per iron. - Asking $SOLD Canadian obo. Looking for a quick sale to help pay for an upcoming golf trip. Thanks for looking!!!
  8. I can’t shake my KBS Tour V 125s. Buy my expensive mistake. Paid $300 for the shafts brand new and $80 for the Grips. Played standard length in Mizuno MP 20s and the tip weights were to maintain the D3 swing weight (I measured every shaft and will include pics). Can easily be removed with some heat. There’s no shaft wear or grip wear only thing is the white end caps on the grips could use a cleaning from my dirty bag. Will Lysol everything before shipping. Asking $175 firm shipped in the US message me for questions or PayPal Info. *My actual measurements could be off because of the tip weights and epoxy but they were built to standard length 37” 7 iron.*
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