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  1. For the longest time, I figured I would get Glide 3.0 wedges to go with my 919 Hot Metal irons. Then I came across the GW, SW and LW that match the 919s (new and on sale). Is there a benefit to buying wedges that match your iron set? Are the wedges such as the Glides “better”?
  2. cash is king. the only trade bait is: DG Tour Issue X100/S400 shafts for 5 - P (plus/minus $) 1. old school Mizuno TPM6 putter, designed by TP Mills. 35", 340g head. still with the original TPM/Mizuno cord grip in good condition. no uglies, but surface rusts all over. TPM from this era has satin plating over forged steel. production model, not the workshop model but still with beautiful face milling. sight lined. 2. Vega VW-10 lob wedge, 60º. well rusted + in extremely good condition, no ding dang dongs. Shimada tour shaft, new-ish Pure orange grip. low-bounce, excellent gamer. wouldn't have let go if not i've gotten a bunch of NOS STI heads. the grooves are conforming. (was told a tour issue, no idea how to prove)
  3. GD tour AD IZ 6x, straight from TM. It does have a left hand adapter. Grip is a nearly new MCC+4 with one extra wrap. Looks almost brand new. 44.5 from tip to grip $sold!! TM Gapr Mid with Diamana D+ whiteboard stiff shaft. Face does show some minor wear common with these. HC included. $165 shipped to CONUS. 62* Cleveland RTx4 wedge. TI s400 shaft and MCC+4 grip. Standard from Cleveland. $85 Shipped CONUS.
  4. Few items up on the block tonight, some new and some not. Pricing is USD and includes shipping. I live in Canada, but can ship to our friends in the US too, please be patient. Always open to Best Offers as well. 1. Seaforth Slicker, SOLD 2. Pelz Putting Tutor- SOLD 3. Dirty Larry Golf - SOLD 4. Ping G400 3 wood SOLD 5. Callaway Apex Hybrid SOLD 6. 52 Callaway Tactical MD4 Wedge, has S200 black tour shaft. Only used to chip indoors a dozen times and never seen grass, green finish wearing a bit. $75.00 7. Callawy PM 60 - SOLD 8. Callaway PM grind 56 Degree wedge. has KBS shafts. Paintfill has been removed. has only been used to chip indoors and have never seen grass. $75.00 9. Callaway Rogue 3 wood - SOLD 10. Rogue Subzero Driver SOLD Can make some more discounts if multiple items are purchased. Thank you
  5. Used Tour Issue M1 driver (Hit maybe 10 times) with an Aldilla Rogue Silver MSI 110 S Flex $250 + shipping Used Vokey SM7 wedges 50° , 54° , 58° Sold
  6. For sale are 3 Vokey TVD Wedges at 52, 56, and 60 degrees. All have M grind and the Vokey C-C grooves. These clubs were used for 5 rounds and 5 range sessions, so they're in good condition. $75/each or $200 for all 3. PM for questions/details. Will consider trades.
  7. $OLD brand sparkly new tour issue Scratch wedge heads in a set—aka "don't come this way often." 50º DS (Driver/Sweeper), 56º DD(Driver/Digger), 60º DS in tour satin finish. conforming grooves. orange custom paint fill, no stamp. never been assembled/hit. as good as it gets. one tiny nick (about a 1/564 size) on the back of 50º, dont' think affect the playability, but for a disclosure here. thinning the herd, stacked quite a number of scratch wedges. will see as a set. $OLD
  8. Cleaning out some oldies but goodies today: TourStage 901 X Blades MB - X100 Shafts - 5-P - $150 shipped CONUS Bought on this site to try blades. Feel amazing, and really helped me work on making solid contact over the winter into the net. Still not good enough to put in the bag and take out onto the course. Some peeling on the X100 labels and the grips could probably be changed. Scotty Cameron Club 2018 HC NIB - $40 shipped CONUS SOLD ~~Scotty Cameron Futura X7M - 35 inches - $200 shipped CONUS~~ Great putter, very easy to line up and put with. I just seem to like putting with blade putters better, so the newport is back in the bag. Comes with original HC as well. SOLD ~~Vokey SM4 56/11 and 60/07 - both with wedge shaft - $50 for the pair or $40 each CONUS~~ ~~GONE - Pay it forward Titleist Carry Bag - not sure of the model (older), has name stitched in (which I removed some of). I will pay for shipping CONUS to a junior golfer (HS or younger) who sends a picture of their current bag set up to me. ~~ Will be playing golf later this afternoon. Will reply in order received. Thanks
  9. Titleist SM5 OIL CAN finish. wedges. 52*/12* F Grind. Excellent condition. 56*/10* S Grind, and 60*/07* S Grind. S400 shafts with GP 360 Tour Velvet black/white grips. Standard L/L/L. $200 shipped ConUS.
  10. Taylormade tour red spider with sight line 35 inches chip/ding by back of putter and one nick on top line looking for 125 obro Scotty Cameron Restoration studio with insert 33/350 head only SOLD Pxg 56 wedge head SOLD
  11. Srixon Z785 4-6 with Modus3 Tour 125 S Hard Stepped - $330 OBRO shipped CONUSProject X HZRDUS Smoke Green Small Batch 60 6.5 with Ping G410 adapter - $250 OBRO shipped CONUS SOLDGBox - $95 OBRO shipped CONUS SOLDCleveland RTX4 58 Mid with DG Tour Issue S400 - $85 OBRO shipped CONUS SOLD**NO TRADES** The Z785s are standard length and loft and are bent 1* flat. The RTX4 58 is bent 2* weak and 1* flat. Smoke Green playing length is 45.25" and the GBox was used once at the range. Everything is ready to ship now so feel free to post any questions in the thread and message me if you're interested in any of these items. Thanks for looking! Pin 7/21
  12. One comment I have heard is less versatile, but I am not exactly sure what that means. Presumably some types of shots are more difficult/impossible. Maybe the wedge doesn't work well for some turf/sand conditions? Are full shots more or less difficult? I guess I have have never seen the full rundown of shortcomings. As always I appreciate your responses. Thanks.
  13. Cleveland RTX-4 50/54/58 Wedge Set with Modus 3 Tour 130X Soft Stepped - $215 OBRO shipped CONUS SOLDI'm not interested in trades or selling individual wedges! My new Epon Wedges are on the way so I need to move these. All three wedges are the mid bounce model (2 dot) and standard loft and lie. The shafts are Modus 3 Tour 130 X (soft stepped) and the grips are midsize Tour Velvet 360s. This wedge set was built by Mark at Center Cut Custom golf and the lengths and swing weights are as follows. RTX 4 50 - 35.5", D4 RTX 4 54 - 35.25", D5 RTX 4 58 - 35", D6 Feel free to post any questions in the thread and PM me if you're interested in buying. Thank for looking!
  14. Vokey Wedge Works V-grind wedges. Bought new last spring. Standard lie. check grooves out. very good shape. Raw heads just looks all beat up and used up. These are not.
  15. Selling a lightly used set of milled Grind wedges. Used for less than a full season. All have brand new MCC +4 grips on them. Asking $170 shipped in the US. Or best offer
  16. So I had my clubs stolen about a month ago, pretty depressing considering how personal a set of clubs are. I’m pretty picky when it comes to my clubs, I was completely happy with mine and not in the market for anything. Sometimes that’s what life has in store....I’ve been working hard so I decided to treat myself to a brand new full set, which I’ve never done all at once like this. I do love to play but don’t get to near as much as I would like with 2 daughters and a heavy work schedule. I am hoping to get out a lot more since I’ve got my 9 year old started with lessons and really enjoying it which is awesome. I went to MK Golf, which if your from San Antonio know they are the best around for a quality fitting. They have every shaft from all the manufacturers so the options are endless and they do a great job. I went in before my fitting to talk about options and decided to keep an open mind and hit everything. I hit the Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Minuno and of course the Pings, woods, irons and wedges with multiple shafts in every set up. It was a really good experience and highly recommend them. After a few hours we had everything picked out including a new Ping Hoofer 14. I wasn’t sure which grips I wanted so we just got the standard ones and he told me we’d get them setup once everything came in. To surprise me when I picked them up they had all of them gripped in Red Iomic sticky’s with 2 wraps, no extra charge. So since I saved all that money I had to get the Bushnell range finder since they just got them in, lol. I’m really excited about getting these dialed in and figuring out my distances. G410 10.5 - Tour 65 X G410 3 Wood - Tour 75 X G410 5 Wood - Tour 75 X I210 4-PW - Dynamic Gold 120 X100 Glide 3.0 50, 54, 58 Z-Z115 Nippon Wedge Scotty Cameron Te22 Fastback 35”
  17. Is anyone gaming the Cleveland RTX4s my sm7s have been in the bag since the release date and are thoroughly worn down. I’m def not liking the looks of the new sm8s I guess the performance will be great as always, but we will have to see. The prices dropping of the RTX4s are very appealing and they coke stock with TI s400s. Let me here the good the bad and the ugly haha.
  18. Hi Fellas, I'm looking to reduce the overall bounce on a 2019 Callaway PM Grind 64* for when summer rolls around. I love the C grind that's on the 2019 model so much better than the original PM Grind. I found this past summer when on the harder turf I just need an overall bounce reduction keeping the same C Grind shape just lowering the bounce from 10* to something around 6*. Any recommendations on where to send a spare PM Grind to have this grinding done? Has anyone else done something like this?
  19. Just some quick thoughts/opinions. I have a brand new (shop worn) vokey spin milled 2009 year I believe red saw and red numbers. I know this is non conforming, but my friends and I play against each other and no tournaments other than charity. Is it worth shafting it up? Is there really a huge difference in spin characteristics than new wedges on today’s market? Like I said we play for fun and no wagers so I have no problems playing it, but wonder if it’s even worth it. Should I just hold it captive for years until I can make some cash? Haha I’ll attach a photo maybe I could be all wrong about it.
  20. Thanks for looking, please PM me with all offers! 1.) Scotty Cameron Golo 5 - 35", Superstroke Pistol GTR 2.0 Grip. $165 Shipped CONUS 2.) Milled Grind wedges - 50,56,60. Dynamic Gold shafts. $SOLD Shipped CONUS
  21. Edel 60 degree wedge with KBS Hi Rev 2.0 115 R shaft and jumbo max grip installed. The wedge has been lightly used but the grooves are in great shape. There are a few marks on the back and sole of the wedge but nothing major. $45 shipped (add $5 west of miss.)
  22. Bridgestone J15 52 Forged Gap Wedge. DG Spinner Shaft and Original Grip. $old Cleveland 588 Precision Forged 50 RTG Raw Gap Wedge. TT DG Wedge Flex Shaft. Golf Pride Tour Wrap. $45 Cleveland 588 Precision Forged 56 RTG Raw Sand Wedge. TT DG Wedge Flex Shaft. Golf Pride Tour Wrap. $45
  23. Hi all, I've made a change in the bag and have my Mizuno set up for sale. If you want any additional photos, just let me know! **_I'm willing to make a complete package deal for all of the items! I'm somewhat open to reasonable offers_** 1. **Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Iron Set, 4-P, Project X LZ 5.5 115G** _$OLD_ Great shape with very minimal bag chatter. I kept head covers on them any time I was transporting them. Come with Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. Standard L/L/L 2. **Mizuno T7 Blue Ion Forged Wedges 50 07, 56 14, 62 08, Project X LZ 5.5 115G** _$Old!_ Normal wear for wedges, sharp grooves, Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. Standard L/L/L 3. **Mizuno JPX 900 15* 3W (sold) and 18* 5W, Speeder 661 Evolution II Stiff Shafts** _$115_ The 3 wood has never been hit and is brand new. The 5 wood has been used and is very clean. No marks on the crown. Just some scratches on the face from normal use. Both have Golf Pride NDMC grips. Standard lengths. 4. **Mizuno CLK 19* 3 Hybrid, Speeder Evolution HB 75 Stiff Shaft** _Sold!_ This was hit only a couple times... Face and sole show very minimal markings. Golf Pride NDMC grip.
  24. Been awhile, ok years, since I have sold stuff on here. Extra New and Used and not abused extra clubs that I have laying around. Trade interest would be a M5 10.5 460cc head or a M6 head or pxg or mb irons. All prices include shipping to lower 48 and paypal fees. Any questions please PM. NEW 2018 Scotty Cameron 2.5, Newport 2.5, 35”, new plastic still on sole, with headcover, $295 2019 Scotty Cameron 1.5 Squareback, used on putting green 34” has 10g weights but can reinstall the 15g weights if desired, with headcover, $270 NEW 2019 Scotty Cameron T22, 35”, new with plastic still on sole, with headcover, $600 Taylormade M5 head only, Tour 10.5, comes with headcover, used $265 Staying with my Sugar Daddy, Zulu, and Romeos for right now. USED PXG 0311wedge set, 56* 14 and 60*12 RESHAFTED with DG Tour Issue S200 green label shafts that were pulled from some Cally wedges, hence matching grip. Work was done at the 1757 Golfclub near Dulles Airport. $old as a PAIR, will not split up.
  25. **PXG 0311 GEN1 4-PW** **$700** Shipping Included - Clubs were purchased in April, only used 4 months! - Length: +1/2" - Mid Size PXG Grips - Great Shape, I just prefer traditional blade. These feel great and are long! **TM Hi Toe 60 deg.** ~~ **$70** Shipping Included~~** SOLD** - Only played a handful of rounds, stuck with my old Titleist 62* - Like New Condition I will ship anywhere in the continental U.S, SHIPPING IS INCLUDED.
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