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Found 22 results

  1. D: 9* EFSZ + AD VR 6x 3+: 13.5* Mavrik SZ + 130msi 80s 2H: 18* Apex 19 + AD DI 95x 3i: bent 22* X Forged UT + PX 6.0 Rifle 5-9: Apex Pro 16 + PX 6.0 Rifle PW: 48/10S MD5 GW: 54/06C (weak 2*) MD4 SW: 58/12 PM Grind LW: 60/08C MD4 Putter: Odyssey 7s 34" upright 2* The top end of the bag is completely new. I had Rogue SZ driver and 3+ as well as a Titleist H1 hybrid. Some amazing deals lately saw me trade up for very little. Irons have been awesome and had for a while now. I have the 5i 2* stronger to gap with the weak 3i strong 4i at 22*. I play mostly links courses so both the 54* and the 60
  2. Mostly I don't make a lot of changes unless I have a clear goal. That's almost like being a unicorn on this forum. I'm pretty happy with my line-up except for one club that I'm only giving a "B". I'm a mid-handicapper (13), but I'm hoping to improve despite a bout of the yips. To get through a frustrating period, I am concentrating on improving my swing and I'm happy with the progress. I am finding that hitting good shots as I picture them is a drug. Given that, my 4 hybrid is the weak sister. It fills a gap, but it feels very one dimensional. It doesn't sound great, unlike my 3 hybri
  3. This year I did 3 fittings for woods, irons and wedges. This is what I will game this season. Driver: Titleist TS3 9,5 (8,75) deg with Hzrdus Smoke Black 60 6.0 Spoon: Titleist TS3 15 deg with Hzrdus Smoke Black 70 6.0 Hybrid: Titleist TS3 19 deg with Hzrdus Smoke Black 80 6.0 Irons: Mizuno JPX 919 Tour (lie: -1 deg) with KBS Tour $-taper 120 (Black) stiff Wedges: Callaway MD5 Jaws 52 (51), 56 (55), 60 deg with KBS Tour stiff. All wedges is has -2 deg lie and 52 and 56 is 1 deg strong. Putter: Taylormade SpiderX with KBS CT-Tour Putter
  4. Is anyone gaming the Cleveland RTX4s my sm7s have been in the bag since the release date and are thoroughly worn down. I’m def not liking the looks of the new sm8s I guess the performance will be great as always, but we will have to see. The prices dropping of the RTX4s are very appealing and they coke stock with TI s400s. Let me here the good the bad and the ugly haha.
  5. Hey guys, I'm new over here and just wanted to start out by saying hey! I got back into golfing this year after a few years off and borrowed a set of clubs from a buddy, titleist ap1 to replace my ping i3 o sizes. I like them both, but recently have been thinking about giving the pings a go. At first, I switched soly for distance but towards the end of the season I was really finding my game again and realizing that maybe game improvement irons with high loft don't suit me well. ( I was always really good ball striker). I always liked the look and feel of blades and players irons. I can hi
  6. Being quarantined has me all over eBay and the classifieds on here and I have started to build up a "new to me" WITB. If you had $500 to blow on a putter what are you buying?!
  7. What bags are you lefties carrying? To my knowledge there is only 1 (ONE!) left handed carry stand bag in this world... Sun Mtn 3.5 in Black/Black. & Once you go black Lefty 3.5 you don't go back! Well... because its literally the ONLY true lefty bag I've ever found. But I'm in the market as mine is over used and breaking down after another 10+ years on this last one, they last. Is this really the only option for us southpaws? I hear of so many more lefties in Canada, any great bags you left-hand-low guys got? Anything else out there that is designed for the true lefties, with left hand
  8. 2 heads for sale, not much on trades but high end putters or g410 10.5 LST Taylormade M5 10.5 would be considered. 1. Callaway epic flash sub zero 9* head only adapter can be included for the right price. with ( ferrule isnt perfect it tried to show it in the pictures). A total of three balls hit. Comes with headcover and tool. $~~340~~ ~~330~~ now 325 head only OBO Pin 6/25
  9. WITB Jan 2019!! I definitely need to play WAY more golf this year. Don't care too much about scoring or mechanics. Just get out and play! Here's my bag! - Titleist 917D3 9.5* Even Flow white 6.5 60g - backup test driver (not pictured): Cobra F8+ PX Hzrdus Black 6.5 60g - Taylormade P790 UDI 2 iron, PX Hzrdus Black 6.0 80g - Srixons z765/965 combo, DG TI S400 4-6 irons are z765 7-P irons are z965 Lofts set to z965 standard lofts - Cleveland RTX4 50*, 56*, 60*, DG TI S400 - Taylormade Spider Mini Diamond putter After all the messing around with irons and shafts in 2017 and 2018,
  10. Hey there, Just got entire new bag this year. Been way overdue. Question is I have 13 clubs and am wondering if I should get an approach wedge or hybrid. I have a 3 wood that goes 250-260 and the new apex 4 iron (21 degrees) as a driving iron. It goes about 220. May roll out a little farther on certain shots. I have the new apex pro for a pw (I think it’s 45 degrees) I hit that 140-150. And I have a 52, 56, and 60 degree wedge. Typically hit the 52 about 110 - 120 (I typically swing my 52, 56, and 60 softer than my other irons. Just preference.) anyways, any opinions on if I should get an a
  11. New flagstick from SGC putters has me excited to get on the course... hopefully we get that chance this summer. Rest of the bag coming soon!
  12. Hey, Y'all i've posted a few WITB's on here in the past. Just finished my first semester at the University of Lynchburg! Played in every fall tournament and averaged 76 which wasn't too bad with how bad my putting was. Finally got my new irons yesterday, so thought I'd Share whats in my bag to start the 2020 season! Would love to hear your guys's thoughts Driver: Taylormade M6 9* w/ Alidila Rogue Silver 110 MSI 60-X 3 wood: PXG 0341X GEN 2 15* w/ Project X Evenflow Blue Handcrafted 75-6.5 3 Iron: PXG 0311X GEN 2 20* w/ KBS TOUR Graphite Hybrid Prototype 95-X 4-PW: Mizuno MP-20 MMC w/ Projec
  13. GolfWRXers, You may have noticed that we’ve been beefing the amount of What’s in the Bag (WITB) threads in our weekly coverage of the PGA Tour this year. Awesome, right? Instead of having the WITB threads in the Tour/Pre-release equipment forum, we’ve decided to give them their own home in the “Pro Player WITB” forum, where we’re compiling a WITB database that will follow that Official World Golf Rankings. That’s why all the new WITB threads will be moved into the Pro Player WITB bag forum at the end of every tournament week better organization and easier viewing. Check out the WITB’s
  14. I recently just bought a Tour Grey PM Grind and have the intention to make it raw. Does anybody know how to do so? Thanks
  15. I read through some forums and just wanted to see if anyone has some recent experience. I've had the most luck with KBS tour V 120x. Doing some reading how does the nippon super peening blue stack up against these? Would I be better off going stiff flex to stay around the same weight and is there a big difference between the S and X (I know nippon is so smooth so some “feel” they are soft) love the low spin of the KBS tour V but would like a mid ball flight. Feel like when I have to reach the top end number on one of my clubs and I try and stand on the KBS it launches even higher. Any insight
  16. Any one gaming either of these irons Z965 or the 2019 Z forged. Came out of a fitting and the shining stars were the titleist 620 CB ($$$) or the Srixon Z Forged. Very intrigued by the v sole whether it’s mental or not (would have to test on turf rather than indoors) seemed to retain a lot of ball speed when I thought I had chunked a couple. Would love to hear some feedback from golfers still using these sticks because I can get a pretty crazy deal 4-PW on the Z965 brand new for $500. Just didn’t know if I’d be missing anything at all with the new model. Thanks in advance.
  17. Found this in my dads garage. I know some fetch quite a bit with the right zip code on them. Is this one of those coveted Karsten Putters?
  18. Check this baby out... thoughts?
  19. Can you name every set of irons you've owned? Here's mine Spalding Dots, Spalding Eclipse, Ram Lazer FX, Lynx Parallax, Mizuno EZ Comp, Ben Hogans, Cleveland CG Red Taylor Made R9s, PING i20, PING iE1, Taylor Made M6
  20. Hi all, I'm JD and in in the next 6 to 12 months I'd like to upgrade my golf clubs. I played in high school though that was almost 10 years ago. As evidenced below, I have clubs that are significantly older so an upgrade would do me well. The only thing is that I'm left handed so sometimes club selection isn't the best. That said it's much better now than years ago. My handicap isn't tracked but if I were to guess I shoot in the 90's usually, really happy to shoot 90. Also I'm based in Chicago for reference. Currently I'm playing the following: Driver Ping G5 with Alda 60 gram shaft, R flext,
  21. Anyone care to post their vintage WITB pics that they are using this summer?
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