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  1. Some of you may have seen a Mack Made putter photo on this site or on Instagram at some point. I couldn’t find any useful information or any reviews of his putters anywhere, but I decided to take a leap of faith and have Josey make me a custom oil quenched stainless Hudson Wide with his deeper milling and an etched spiral on the bottom and back flange. See photos below. My specific oily finish may not be to your liking, but I guarantee this dude can finish it the way you want it. Check out his Instagram feed for examples. The putter only took a month to complete, which is lightning fast for a complete custom milled putter from start to finish. He apparently designs and mills them himself, so he can machine etch anything you want into the putter (hence the spiral on the bottom). He sent me a video of the spiral design on CAD before he let it rip, along with other videos (mostly on the weekends) of every step along the way and was very responsive with all my questions. I’ve used this putter indoors a bunch and I now have like 10 rounds under my belt with it. The deeper milling gives this putter a buttery soft feel with a very pleasing deeper “tock” sound; it’s not clicky. The roll is great; it’s almost like the putter spontaneously absorbs the ball and then propels it forward. Distance control is a little tricky on the course with the larger and slightly heavier head (I estimate it’s about 375 grams or so: neck and body combined); however, it’s super easy to aim and is awesome for shorter putts. I’ve been dropping a lot of 5-10 foot putts with this thing (had my first eagle ever on a greasy 10-ft bender with this putter, so worth the price of admission just for that). I’ve also been sneaking in some longer birdies here and there when I get the speed right. The sweet spot seems larger on this Hudson Wide putter than any other milled putter I’ve tried (e.g; Byron Morgan Channel Island, Xenon Manta, TP Mills Trad XL, TP Mills Tour Issue Nellie Wings, Goodwood G7, TP Mills Sycamore Halfback, Lajosi Bayzie, Kevin Burns 703). The weighting is spot-on and the putter is really easy to smoothly swing. It sets up so nicely next to the ball; just plunks down square with no rocking, and like I said, is very easy to aim with the subtle lines on the flange and the top line. Oh yeah, the head cover is really high quality magnetic with a velvety interior, which was a nice added bonus... I don’t personally know Josey or have any affiliation with Mack Made, so I have no stake in the game. I’m just a dude that has some extra money to blow on high-quality milled putters. I took a chance and I’m very happy with my purchase from Mack Made. It was absolutely worth the money and performs on the course. I’ve bought and sold a lot of putters along the way; this dude makes some real deal high-quality stuff.
  2. Anyone know how to reduce swing weight? My sm7 60 is 1/2 longer with modus 125 wedge shaft & comes in at d9 ,if I changed to modus 120 stiff in 114g would this bring swing weight down ?
  3. Price Drop to $400 Brand new Cobra F9 driver. 9 degree with headcover and tool. I custom ordered with Project X evenflow shaft in 6.0 stiff. Has the cobra connect.
  4. 1. Scotty Cameron Limited Edition Brad Faxon Laguna 2.5 putter. 34 inches with Cameron Cord Grip. Comes with headcover that was autographed by Faxon. This putter is near mint, no flaws. $525 obo shipped. SOLD 2. Taylormade Spider X putter, Copper. 35.25" from TM with headcover. One round on this, mint condition. $300 obo shipped. SOLD. 3. Tour Issue M2 2017 8.5 degree head. Flawless, 2 practice sessions. + Stamp on hosel. Comes with the full weight kit, you can adjust the head weight to whatever your desired swing weight is. $210 obo shipped. 4. Odyssey Limited Edition PT82 Phil Mickelson Putter. 33", all stock with headcover. Heavily gamed but face and topline are good. $150 obo shipped. 5. Taylormade Milled Grind Wedge Set. Hi toe 60, tour chrome 56 LB 9*, and tour chrome 50 SB 10*. Built on the Taylormade van with DJs wedge shafts, the Black Onyx KBS Tours. Golf pride Tour Velvet Full Cord. Std specs. Gamed but plenty of life left in the grooves, and no dings or nicks. $200 obo shipped. SOLD 6. Ping G400 Stretch 13* strong 3 wood with Diamana B 80 ion finished x flex shaft. Plays 42.75". Comes with headcover. New Z cord grip. Excellent condition. $170 obo shipped.
  5. Lots of great condition items here. I always baby my equipment. 1. Mizuno JPX 919 iron combo set. 6-GW in the forged. 4,5 iron in Hot metal, 3 iron in MP-18 Fli-hi. C-taper lite stiff shafts. Standard length with 2 degrees upright. Golf pride z-cord grips. Had the lofts of the hot metals bent 2 degrees weak to have consistent gapping. Played 2 rounds. Cant even tell they have been used, practically new. Whole set cost me about 1500$ new. **Price: $OLD ** 2. TM P790 irons. 3-GW. Standard L/L/L. Nippon modus 3 105g stiff shafts. Used for one season but really taken care of. Pictures do justice. Z cord grips. **Price: 800$** 3. TM Spider tour red putter. 34in. Used for 2 rounds. No signs of wear at all. Comes with original headcover. **Price: 150$** 4. 2 dozen TP5 and 2 dozen TP5x(sold) brand new in box. TP5 are my number 22 and 23 versions. **30$ a piece. TP5x are SOLD!** 5. HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 60g shaft. Cobra F9 adapter. Used for one round, just not for me. **Price: $OLD**
  6. Only one and style made. Never made another 9mm like this. Comes with certificate of authenticity. I love it but I am selling to save up for some National Customs. $545 Length is 34.
  7. I've heard that these irons cannot be bent to a flatter/taller lie because of the black finish. Please tell me this isn't true!!! I am about to splurge on these beauties but not tall enough to swing standard. Anybody have issues with this?
  8. ["The Putting Couch"](http://http://www.buzzsprout.com/318260 ""The Putting Couch"") presented by SeeMore Putter Company is a podcast where any golfer can listen to anything and everything about putting. Guest will give their insights on putting instruction, the science behind different types of putter heads and even will tell great TOUR stories. Sit back, relax and listen to some great and fun information. [Click HERE to listen](http://www.buzzsprout.com/318260 "Click HERE to listen") and feel free to give us your feedback at [email protected] Thanks!
  9. Bought this Driver off Fleabay mainly because I was fit into the G410 and was trying to save some cash. Seller said it was “hot melted” (it’s not) I think there’s cotton balls or Something in the head. I tried to take the weight out and fish it out but the weight is literally glued or held in with epoxy so just the screw comes out. The shaft I purchased separate myself and had butt trimmed to play 44-1/2in and right about D3 with the head weight being 204g. I’ve never had an issue selling/buying on this forum and want to be 100% transparent. I figure the shaft itself is worth the post. Paid $339 for it. Head cover included. Driver measures 44-1/2 from grip end to bottom groove. ASKING $200 complete OBO
  10. Hi all, Haven't found much info on this so I thought I'd show you how mine turned out. (If this isn't in the right section please let me know!) Tried using white vinegar in a bucket. Left them in for 2 days. Did absolutely nothing! (I had an old SM5 Raw Black lob wedge in the bucket too and it turned out great.) Got some Hydrochloric Acid off Amazon and tried this method last night. Worked a treat. Left the wedges in a bucket of the acid for 2.5 hours. Bit of scrubbing with a towel and that was it! (There are a few small specs of Black Satin on some of the clubs so I might dip them in again at some point but happy enough with the results for the moment. ) 1) Hydrochloric Acid 2) Put some tape on the ferrules to give a bit of protection. 3) Poured acid in to the height of the hosel. 4) 15mins in... Bubbling away! 5) 30mins in... 6) 45mins in... 7) 2.5 hours in the bucket...light scrub with a towel and voila!
  11. I am looking to change the shaft in my 4 iron. I play ns pro modus 120 stiff shafts in my z585 5-pw. I am considering switching to graphite for my 4 iron. I have noticed a lot of pros are using graphite in their longest iron and/or utility iron. Any suggestions on where to begin my search for a graphite shaft? I see Louis O plays the Project X HZRDUS Red Hybrid 85 in his 3 iron. Thoughts on Aldila nv, vs, or nvs proto by you 75-85? UST? Grafalloy pro launch? I guess my question is what is the best utility .355 tip affordable shaft? Brand and/or model? @75-95 gram shaft. My ss for driver is @105 mph. Hdcp=8 Thanks!!
  12. What do you lot think about my dilemma? I removed all the paint fills and used a 3M pad to give it a brushed look, with the intention of painting it back up. However, I'm really liking the raw/blank look. I'd appreciate any feedback
  13. $110 Callaway X-Forged UT 21 degree with KBS Tour-V Stiff 110g shaft. Standard L/L/L and midsize CP2 grip. Ships free if paying advertised price. $OLD Set of Srixon Z765 irons heads ONLY. USED. Refer to pics for condition. Free shipping if paying advertised price. $75 Skechers Go Golf Pro 4 - Grey. Size 10. Brand new in box. Free shipping if paying advertised price
  14. Beautiful set of Scott SG-03 blades. They’re +1/2 and 2up. Precision shafts, Golf Pride Align grips. These are $2,000 new. $500 shipped will also consider partial trades. Also have custom BBF&Co ferrules.
  15. Good evening fine Gentlemen and Ladies of WRx! Price is all in PayPal/shipped to the CONUS via USPS Priority so please keep that in mind when offering. I am open to offers but asking price will take precedence. First to pay, first to get. If the ad is up, the item is still for sale. I take pride in my feedback (which was close to 100 perfect transactions) and work to be as honest and upfront as possible. Feel free to ask any questions or make offers. PayPal: [email protected] interests (I require text exchange and discussion before trades will be done): Other drivers with stiff or x flex shafts (or swap heads) - Top of the list is a Cobra LTD Black or LTD Pro, F9 Yellow or Taylor Made M5 and can add cash if necessaryHigh end driver shafts with 410 tipMizuno ST190 9.5 - $175 Full Club, $150 Head, Cover, and Brand New Adapter. SOLD Driver is in excellent condition and is a beauty. Shafted with a Tensei White 60 stiff playing at 45" straight down the shaft gripped with a MCC+4. Comes with head cover and I believe I have the wrench as well. This beat out my TS3 that I gamed all year. I picked up a 410 LST and am going to game that for a while so tossing this up to see what's out there. Would love an F9 yellow or M5. Gladly will do head only and keep the Tensei as well. Yes Tracy II Putter - $50 Now $40 Had this one for a while but looking to move it to make space. I purchased it refinished and it's in very good condition. Measures 33.75 straight down the shaft and gripped with a Super Stroke Slim 3.0 in pretty good condition. Lead tape on the bottom that can be removed, condition in line with the rest of the putter. Comes with generic magnetic head cover. Class flow neck with the great C groove face! Adding some pics in the daylight, the color is matte black with a gloss black shaft.
  16. Hi guys, are there any counter balanced hybrid shafts about? Im looking to keep my hybrid the same length but knock a few sw points off. Currently at d5. Thanks in advance ?
  17. Good evening everyone, I have a few things for sale. Nothing at all wrong with them, but I bought them towards the end of my time in school and really being able to play a ton of golf. Now, I am in the "real world" and unfortunately just don't have as much time to play. I am going to have to buy some easier clubs to hit, I hate to say. Titleist 718 AP3 5 and 6 iron, AP2 7-PW Clubs are standard lie and length, but the AP3 clubs were weakened loft-wise to match with the set. Nippon Modus 120X shafts and Golf Pride MCC +4 mid grips with quite a bit of life left in them. These clubs only really have about a 15 months of wear. Great condition and I'd love to continue gaming these, but I just don't have the swing anymore.PRICE: $580 OBO Titleist 917F2 18* Fairway wood with regular wear, nothing too crazy. As you can see in the pictures, some on the leading edge and crown, but nothing major. Midsize Golf Pride 360 grip. Aldila Tour Blue X shaft.PRICE: $75 OBO Titleist 818H1 21* Hybrid with regular wear you can see in pictures. Plenty of life left. Golf Pride Z grip cord with some life left. Aldila X flex shaft.PRICE: $75 OBO
  18. For sale: Cobra King Speedzone Big Tour FW 13.5*. Comes with headcover and adjustment tool. Shaft is HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5 70g shaft with a Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Arccos grip. It’s a beast off the tee and surprisingly easy to elevate off the deck. Used for about 8 or 9 rounds $235
  19. ——-PRICE REDUCED ON LONG ISLAND——- Toulon Long Island 34” Loft - 3* Lie - 69* Grip - Grip Master Treble Tour. Comes with original head cover and putter is in MINT condition. Custom paint. $250 shipped ConUS. —-PRICE DROP $220— Both putters can be bent to your specs. Toulon Portland in MINT condition. 34”. 3* loft and 69* lie. Comes with head over. ——-SOLD——-
  20. I need advice on how to grind my Taylormade P-750 Tour Proto irons to reduce the head weight of each iron. I need to bring my Swing Weight down approximately 2-3 points in each club to get it to where I want it to be and do not want to add more weight to the grip end and I am in love with my current shafts I just put in the irons. They are 1/2" long and hard stepped 1. I can drill out the hosel in the heads but still need to remove 3-5 grams of weight to get the club to the desired swing weight and to lower the total weight. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated. I know it is for the more experienced club maker but if I mess up 1 or 2 of the heads, it will be fine as this is also a learning experience. Thanks in advance.
  21. Custom EvnRoll ER1 370g 34” Welded knurled flow neck Gold finish, black nickel shaft,**** leather grip EvnRoll cover $250 + shipping
  22. so I just picked up a ping g410 crossover and it had this shaft that I have never seen before Raijin 84 hybrid shaft made by VA composites. Freaking beautiful, did some research and found out its made from a top tier shaft maker. i plan on removing it or i might leave it in the ping G410. has anyone have had any experience with this shaft? if you have in what club would it work best with and why? my options are Callaway rogue x 3 hybrid, Srixon u85 4 utility, ping g410 4 crossover, or the single rogue x 4iron.
  23. I’m re-shafting a driver myself for the first time, and I just bought a new HZRDUS to put in my F9. The shaft fits just barley snug in the adapter right out of the box without any sanding at all. I’m concerned that if I sand the paint off as seems to be advised, the shaft will be too loose. Do I really need to take the paint off or just rough up the prep area? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  24. I need some help getting the factory finish on my Scotty. I got bored one afternoon and realized I had a blast cabinet and a beat up Scotty Cameron. Several blasts later, the Scotty looks sharp but not right. Why can’t I get the same finish? I am using 80 grit glass beads in a blast cabinet. I’ve tried everything from 50psi to 100psi. I’ve tried glass beads, soda blasting, walnuts, deburring/polishing wheel, oil...would 120 grit make a difference? It was originally black. I assume the metal is the same as a polished putter. Thoughts?
  25. 2 MINT iron/irons for sale today. CONUS only! Shipping included in prices (+5 west of Mississippi). PayPal only! 1. MINT TM 2017 P790 3i with Nippon Modus3 105S shaft. STD L/L/L. Comes with GP New Decade Midsized Red/Black grip. Custom built by Taylormade. Was only used for 1 round and 2 range sessions. Looking for **_$OLD!_** 3. MINT TM 2017 P790 5-PW with Nippon Modus3 120S shaft. STD L/L/L. Comes with GP New Decade Midsized Red/Black grip. Custom built by Taylormade. Was only used for 1 round. The 7i has the most face marks due to range sessions. Please see pictures. Looking for **_$OLD_** **_5-7i_** **_8-PW_** Please PM with interest or questions. Happy Shopping!
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