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Found 22 results

  1. Hello WRXers, I haven't posted in a while since moving to Okinawa. However; I am in the need of some opinions and advice regarding shaft options. For almost a month, I have been using an indoor launch monitor at a local shop (Foresight) to test and record shot data using various heads, shafts, and lie adjustments. My goal is to narrow down a better shaft than what I play now, DGS300. In my opinion the flight is too low, and the spin is too low. I also am looking for a lighter shaft as well (less taxing on the body). Of course, I'm limited in options to try, basically only the Mizuno Fit Cart (and being it is Japan, they don't have x flex in every shaft model either). Below is the data I've recorded from the shop (averaged based on all shots of course). Also, for those who will ask, the same MMC head was used with all shafts. 1. Shaft, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Launch, Carry, Total, Offline 2. Nippon 105s, 77.25, 105, 20.8, 143, 155, -6 3. Nippon 120s, 73.75, 100.25, 20.2, 139, 155, -16 4. Nippon 120x, 74.5, 101.25, 21.9, 137, 148, 4 5. Nippon 125x, 71.75, 97.5, 20.3, 132, 147, -8 From what I've learned, the fastest and longest is the 105s. The most accurate is 120x. When it comes to feel, the 105s feels a tad too light (even the employees say its too light). The 120s feels the most fluid. The 125x is very taxing and heavy. When using an x flex shaft however, the dispersion seems to be far tighter and more centered (less offline). Oddly enough the Mizuno 3d shaft optimizer (3 times now as the #1) has recommended 125x shaft (hince why it is listed). Also in the top 5 is 120x and 120s. Unfortunitly, the fit cart doesn't have a 105x, and I've been to 3 locations hoping someone had it. Which leads me to my question. The 120s and 105x weigh virtually the same. So is the 105x a good shaft to consider or is a shaft I've already tested good enough? Since I can't try it out for here I hope the WRX community could provide some feedback. My thoughts are the flight pattern of the 105x will mimic the 105s (same L profile, launch, and spin characteristics), the feel will mimic the 120s (same weight), and I should see my offline move more to center along with a smaller dispersion (as observed by using stiffer shaft). Also if you have any other recommendations that would give a higher launch and a bit more spin please feel free to recommend away. Thank you all very much for your feedback.
  2. 1) Very good spider x Chalk single bend putter. 35". Head is in very good shape. Some grip wear from the bag. Also has a hole in the butt and for a counter balance weight. Original head cover included and 2 sets of head weights. $SOLD 2) Brand new, grip still in the plastic, 60° Cleveland RTX-4 wedge. Never hit. S400 tour issue shaft. $110 shipped Nippon Modus 125 x-flex shafts 5-PW. One time pulls in almost new condition. Were cut to +1/2 over std length. SOLD 7ir measurement for ref: 36 1/16-1/8"
  3. ~For Sale~ Asking Price (including Shipping to Continental US) - $195 -Good Condition Titleist 712 CB iron set (5-PW) +1/4" Length. STD Loft and Lie to my knowledge -5 Iron and 9 iron have some knicks in the sole -No Browning -Shafts - Nippon Modus 120 Stiff -Grips - Golf Pride Tour Wrap
  4. Used but well cared for items up for sale today. Prices are OBRO so send PM's if interested. Putter will include original Toulon headcover. Shipping from California. Not interested in trades at this point. Toulon Columbus P790 ***SOLD***
  5. Titleist Ap3 4-PW, 48* Nippon Modus Tour 130 shafts that were ordered 1/2 long and 1* up. Clubs are in great shape as you can see from the pictures. Sold shipped for this 8 club set. 7 iron is most used and is the iron pictured by itself Next up is a set of Bridgestone J15 CB irons with Nippon Modus Tour 130 shafts 4-PW that have 1/4-3/8 extensions. 3 iron was added later and has a DG s300 shaft. Pw had a rock ding so i had the sole ground down to remove it. Pics tell the story. $400 shipped for 8 club set Srixon 785 driver with headcover. 10.5 with a Handcrafted Blue Even Flow 6.0 65g shaft. $200 shipped Club is in great shape and will come with wrench also Please message me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.
  6. X-Stiff Nippon Modus Shafts - **$130** 4-9 iron, +1/2 inch, Tour 120, X Stiff, Lamkin Cord Crossline Grips, Pulled them out of my recently bought Titleist irons. xofg.jpg "")
  7. 2 MINT iron/irons for sale today. CONUS only! Shipping included in prices (+5 west of Mississippi). PayPal only! 1. MINT TM 2017 P790 3i with Nippon Modus3 105S shaft. STD L/L/L. Comes with GP New Decade Midsized Red/Black grip. Custom built by Taylormade. Was only used for 1 round and 2 range sessions. Looking for **_$OLD!_** 3. MINT TM 2017 P790 5-PW with Nippon Modus3 120S shaft. STD L/L/L. Comes with GP New Decade Midsized Red/Black grip. Custom built by Taylormade. Was only used for 1 round. The 7i has the most face marks due to range sessions. Please see pictures. Looking for **_$OLD_** **_5-7i_** **_8-PW_** Please PM with interest or questions. Happy Shopping!
  8. Srixon U65 3, Near mint condition. Modus Tour 105 Stiff Splined shaft. No trades please. CONUS only. U65 SOLD Cleveland RTX 3 wedge Set. 50,54,58 degree wedges. Sold as a set only. Standard specs. DGS300 shafts. VG/near excellent shape. SOLD DGS300 shafts 3-PW. GW shaft is R300 .355. Includes 9 short ferulles that will fit most .355 taper tip hosels. 3-9,GW have near new GP Patriot Z grips with four extra wraps of tape. No grip for the PW. 3 iron shaft is 38" long. 4-PW is each 1/2" shorter. $60 TYD
  9. Selling my set of Nippon Modus 120 stiff flex iron shafts. Love these shafts, going with the same exact shafts in my irons again, only changing to a different flex. This is the full 3 - AW set that was professionally pulled from my TaylorMade p790 irons. They are gripped with a nice set of Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 grips. Tips have already been prepped for install into a new set of irons. PM me with any questions. $175 shipped to CONUS. Would consider a trade for a p790 2 iron plus some cash on your end dependent on the shaft in the 2 iron.
  10. I am flexible and open to reasonable offers and I am **only** looking for the following trades: Tour issue Callaway Epic Flash SZ driver head (must have specs) Tour issue M5 or M6 Driver Heads (must have specs) Srixon 785 iron heads in great shape 919tour iron heads in great shape Adams XTD Forged with Nippon Modus3 120/125 X-flex shafts 4-PW: An experiment this winter. 4ir is head only. All heads are in very good shape never used them for more than a few rounds with different shafts I was playing with. 5-6 is shafted with nippon 120x flex. 7-PW has nippon modus 125 x-flex. All are built +1/2 over standard and 2* upright. I'm willing to separate the heads and shafts if wanted. Heads only $SOLD Modus3 shafts 5-PW $185 Shipped Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 9* in almost mint shape. Fujikura Pro 75 TourSpec X-flex. This shaft was a tour only shaft. Great low spin combo. Comes with headcover $300 Shipped. $200 Head only $125 Shaft Only Taylormade Milled Grind 52* Wedge w/TIS400 Shaft. Bent to 55* and 2* upright mild use. $65 Shipped Taylormade Hi-Toe 58* Wedge w/TIS400 Shaft. Bent to 59* and 2* upright. Great shape. $SOLD Titleist SM7 Raw 60* L-grind Wedge w/s400 shaft. Bent 2* upright. $95 Shipped
  11. Bridgestone J15 CB's 4-PW. Nippon Tour 105 Stiff. One up,one degree strong. 36" PW, each iron is 3/8" longer instead of 1/2". Blue GP NDMC grips. Scrape on sole of 6 iron. Faces show very little scratching or ball marks. Very nice condition. SOLD Srixon 565's 5-PW. Nippon Tour 105 Stiff shafts. One degree up,standard lofts. 36" PW,each iron is 3/8" longer instead of 1/2". Black GP NDMC grips. Small ding on sole of 5 iron,a little bigger than it appears in the picture,otherwise irons are near mint. $415 TYD OBO CONUS only. Heads only $285. Trades... Other irons sets in similar condition,588CB's, ping i series of any era,stiff shafts. Callaway Rogue standard driver. 9 degree,Fubuki Z50x5ct stiff shaft.,w/headcover,no tool. Excellent condition. Callaway grip. Plays at 46". SOLD
  12. Selling my PXG 0311 Gen 1 irons - 4-PW - Nippon Modus 3 pro 105 x shafts - Right Hand - standard length/loft/lie - good condition, grooves are mint. There is face wear but they have LOTS of life left in them - newer Golf Pride Multi compound grips - Original MSRP: $500 USD per iron. - Asking $SOLD Canadian obo. Looking for a quick sale to help pay for an upcoming golf trip. Thanks for looking!!!
  13. Fellow Lefties!! •Shipping from Canada so please allow enough time to reach destination. I usually ship expedited USA which is roughly 6 business days. COVID19 delays are out of my control •Prices are in USD $’s and are OBO •100% feedback on golfwrx, EBay (Tanggler), and multiple social media selling pages Nippon Shaft pulls. $OLD shipped •120 Stiff •4-PW. 7 shafts •No grips UST Mamiya Recoil 680. $60 shipped •82 F4 (stiff) •52,56,60 lengths •Superstroke S-Tech grips installed
  14. I can’t shake my KBS Tour V 125s. Buy my expensive mistake. Paid $300 for the shafts brand new and $80 for the Grips. Played standard length in Mizuno MP 20s and the tip weights were to maintain the D3 swing weight (I measured every shaft and will include pics). Can easily be removed with some heat. There’s no shaft wear or grip wear only thing is the white end caps on the grips could use a cleaning from my dirty bag. Will Lysol everything before shipping. Asking $175 firm shipped in the US message me for questions or PayPal Info. *My actual measurements could be off because of the tip weights and epoxy but they were built to standard length 37” 7 iron.*
  15. All iron shafts are new pulls, never been hit. All Prices CONUS No Trades Please PXG 0311 4-PW with Nippon120 X-Stiff. In fantastic shape. These are Gen1. 2 degree flat, standard length. These were regriped 2 weeks ago, Tour velvet standard size. **Heads Sold** Shafts available $160.00 Scotty Cameron Project CLN New in plastic. $350.00 Nippon Modus 3 120 X-stiff 5-PW. New uncut shafts. Pulled from new Srixons. $150 Nippon Modus 3 120 X-stiff 4-PW. New uncut shafts. Pulled from new Srixons. **Sold** Nippon Modus 3 120 X-Stiff 5-Gap. New uncut shafts. Pulled from new Srixons. $170 Nippon Modus 3 120 X-stiff 5-PW. New uncut shafts. Pulled from new Srixons. $150 Dynamic Gold 105 S300 4-PW. New pulls from Taylormade irons. Standard length with grips. $120 Dynamic Gold 105 R300 5-PW. New pulls from Taylormade irons. Standard length with grips. $110
  16. Evnroll ER2 black 355g w/ stability shaft. Approx 34 3/4". Gravity grip. Face in excellent condition and sole has normal wear. $old shipped. Nippon modus 105/120 stiff shaft pulls w/ GP tour velvet midsize grips (9 total shafts). 5-p are 105's and G-LW 120's w/ weight installed at tip. I picked these up on the Bay and was told the 5-P are 1/2" over standard for Callaway and the 3 wedges are 1" over standard. I measured the 7i at 36 1/2". They did not disclose the weights in the 3 120 shafts so I do not know the weight (I was going to remove anyways and can remove upon request). Grips are in very good condition. Shaft labels have some wear on them, otherwise good condition. $old shipped. JumboMax Ultralite large grips. 13 in total. These were pulls and in good condition. $old shipped.All prices include shipping CONUS only. NO TRADES! Payment via PP. Message with any questions. Thanks! https://imgur.com/3BItsYc https://imgur.com/gxY8LiL https://imgur.com/vDXicsE https://imgur.com/R3wc42D https://imgur.com/bRIE3jo https://imgur.com/rrz9zSC https://imgur.com/Mw25dJg https://imgur.com/C5nlQUk https://imgur.com/ZM4CYrL
  17. Hello and thanks for looking. As the season is winding down, I have some extras to part with. I will ship as soon as I can and answer messages as promptly as possible. Items are for sale to the Continental US only (lower 48) 1) TaylorMade M3 10.5* 460 head. Not much to say about this other than it came from another WRX member. Normal wear and tear $135 shipped 2) 5 (five) Golf Pride standard Multicompound grips - These were installed and pulled within a couple days. I forgot about them until today, basically like new. SOLD 3) Mizuno MP-53 3,4,5 heads - These are number matching heads that were part of a combo set. The 3 iron has the least amount of wear. Normal wear and tear. SOLD 4) Nippon Modus 3 Tour 125 Stiff flex 8 iron shaft pull - An experiment that I'm done with. Shaft measures 35 3/16" from tip to butt. I think I hit 12 balls with it on the course. $20 shipped
  18. Trade interests include Bettinardi arm-lock putter, Ping G510 fairway (3, 3LST or 5) with Black Evenflow 85g 6.5X, cash on either end depending on specifics. 4-PW one-time pull from stock Honma Rose Proto irons. The clubs were purchase in as-new condition, 4-iron still in plastic, and I bought them for the heads. OEM Honma grips in as-new condition. Brass tip weights from Honma factory, very clean tips. Priced based primarily on Ebay activity, as I haven't seen many complete sets here lately; $220 SOLD shipped and PP'd to CONUS. Happy to ship anywhere but additional costs will have to be considered. Lengths, all from tip to grip cap: 4 = 37 1/4", 5 = 36 3/4", 6 = 36 1/4", 7 = 35 3/4", 8 = 35 1/4", 9 = 34 5/8", PW = 34 1/8"
  19. Ping IE1 Black Dot 4-PW. Nippon Modus Tour 105 Stiff shafts. 1/4" over standard length. Standard lofts. Still tacky Ping Gold grips. Near midsize. VG condition. $325 TYD CONUS only. Trade interests... Callaway, Ping, T/M, or Titleist driver and three wood stiff shaft combo's. Great Big Bertha 9* w/HC . Kuro Kage stiff. EXC. 46" long. SOLD
  20. Great condition used shafts, looking to get my money back on these. I got these from another member on here and decided to go another direction rather than install these. Asking $TRADED PayPal, shipped to lower 48. 3&4 5&6 7&8 9&P
  21. Selling: Custom Set Honma TW 747V 5-10 (6 Iron Set) Shaft: Modus3 Tour 105 regular, Hard Step Grip: GP MCC+4 On course demo, used for 3 rnds $800 / BO (No Trades)
  22. J15 cb SOLD Callaway 9* Rogue Sub Zero. TRADED Stiff shaft. Clean,no scratches,or bag chatter. Plays at 45". Stock still tacky Callaway NDMC grip. Ping IE1 black dot iron set. 4-PW. KEPT FS/FT CBX Wedge Set 50, 56 bent to 55, 60 SOLD Oakley braided black/grey belt. 46" long. Excellent condition. $30 TYD
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