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  1. Please PM me with offers, all prices include S&H to CONUS priority mail. PayPal only. No Trades...thanks. 1. Bettinardi Queen B6 34" w/Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0 Counter Core 50g Grip. Always use headcover when in golf bag, Orig HeadCover. $250 2. Masters Fitted Hat Size 7 3/8". Gift from my brother in law who bought from Augusta this year. Never worn, still tag on it, too big for my small head. $50 3. Masters Black Towel w/logo and bag clip. Never used. $50 4. Modus 115 w/iomic X-Grip and Modus 125 w/GPMC White/Black Grip Wedge Shafts. Both Play 35.5" in Vokey Wedges. Both bought directly from Nippon. Asking $40 each. 5. Modus 120 Stiff Flex 6i and 9i shafts. Both w/GPMC White/Black Grips. Both play standard length. $80/both 6. TM M1 Driver 10.5* Head Only w/headcover. Like new as you can see from pics. $200 7. SLDR 4H w/Aldila Tour Blue 85s and 5H w/Aldila Tour Green 85s. Both standard Length, both w/new iomic grips. $100/both or $60/each.
  2. Imagine the sound of a 90mph fastball hitting a catchers mitt. That's what this club sounds like. Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme 9.5 (adjustable) --- $$90 Veylix Rome 688 Wildeye Rainbow colorway- Tipped and cut to play at 44.5" and roughly x stiff (maybe more) never professionally measured. 100+mph SS highly recommended. Head is in decent shape and shaft is the Wildeye Rainbow colorway that looks sick in the sunlight. Shaft alone used is prob $100-125. This club has been my anti-right, low spin, rocket launcher for the past year. I have a habit of changing just for the sake of change and will look back on this old friend fondly. Lamkin Crossline .580 core Grip in good condition. Will include the 2 boxes of head weights to increase/decrease your feel. I like 6g in heel and 13g in toe. Increased head weight to help with the short and stiff. Stock comes with 1g and 13g. but I like to add a few. The sound is a product of the shaft and of adding cotton balls to the head. The cotton balls add a small amount of desirable weight and of course make it sound like a solid smack. I know a lot of people can go on and on about feel and sound and rave that one is better than another. All I can say is you have never felt or heard anything like this. Its sick. and Goes for miles. I did the shaft trimming and install with 24hr set epoxy and shaft centering beads. There are no claims of "professionalism" here, but all looks and performs well. Will also include the generic Callaway head-cover. If you want need a wrench let me know, I may have another one lying around, but will have to look. price is shipped CONUS, Canadian partners PM for shipping rates.
  3. Hello all- Unloading to free up cash for my next interest, all item prices include shipping and PayPal fees. No trades. Taylormade M2 Tour 15* Fairway SOLD! Shaft: Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 83 X SOLD! 43.5” length Shaft SST Pure Aligned and Installed by Club Champion Ping G400 LST Driver 10* SOLD! Headcover Included Shaft: Ping Tour 65 Stiff Grip: Tour Velvet 360 Srixon ZU85 3 Utility 20* Shaft: Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue $120 Shipped UPDATE $100!!! Like new (only 2 times on the range) Comes with Headcover Length: Standard Lie Angle: +2* Upright Grip: Golf Pride Z Cord MidsizE Shafts: Oban Devotion 75g Driver Shaft 05 Flex (X Flex) Ping Tip $110 Shipped 45” playing length Purchased/Installed @ Club Champion Grip: Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Z 85 X Flex Ping Fairway Shaft $80 Shipped 42.5” playing length Purchased/Installed @ Club Champion
  4. Hello WRXers, I haven't posted in a while since moving to Okinawa. However; I am in the need of some opinions and advice regarding shaft options. For almost a month, I have been using an indoor launch monitor at a local shop (Foresight) to test and record shot data using various heads, shafts, and lie adjustments. My goal is to narrow down a better shaft than what I play now, DGS300. In my opinion the flight is too low, and the spin is too low. I also am looking for a lighter shaft as well (less taxing on the body). Of course, I'm limited in options to try, basically only the Mizuno Fit Cart (and being it is Japan, they don't have x flex in every shaft model either). Below is the data I've recorded from the shop (averaged based on all shots of course). Also, for those who will ask, the same MMC head was used with all shafts. 1. Shaft, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Launch, Carry, Total, Offline 2. Nippon 105s, 77.25, 105, 20.8, 143, 155, -6 3. Nippon 120s, 73.75, 100.25, 20.2, 139, 155, -16 4. Nippon 120x, 74.5, 101.25, 21.9, 137, 148, 4 5. Nippon 125x, 71.75, 97.5, 20.3, 132, 147, -8 From what I've learned, the fastest and longest is the 105s. The most accurate is 120x. When it comes to feel, the 105s feels a tad too light (even the employees say its too light). The 120s feels the most fluid. The 125x is very taxing and heavy. When using an x flex shaft however, the dispersion seems to be far tighter and more centered (less offline). Oddly enough the Mizuno 3d shaft optimizer (3 times now as the #1) has recommended 125x shaft (hince why it is listed). Also in the top 5 is 120x and 120s. Unfortunitly, the fit cart doesn't have a 105x, and I've been to 3 locations hoping someone had it. Which leads me to my question. The 120s and 105x weigh virtually the same. So is the 105x a good shaft to consider or is a shaft I've already tested good enough? Since I can't try it out for here I hope the WRX community could provide some feedback. My thoughts are the flight pattern of the 105x will mimic the 105s (same L profile, launch, and spin characteristics), the feel will mimic the 120s (same weight), and I should see my offline move more to center along with a smaller dispersion (as observed by using stiffer shaft). Also if you have any other recommendations that would give a higher launch and a bit more spin please feel free to recommend away. Thank you all very much for your feedback.
  5. Got a couple things for sale and not interested in any trades at the moment... ~~1. EvenFlow T1100 White 65g 6.0 SOLD~~ ~~2. Golf Buddy LR7s Rangefinder SOLD~~ 3. Taylormade Spider Weight Kit Pair of... 16g, 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g, 5g, 1g Comes with clamshell and MWT torque wrench $60 shipped and paypal'd
  6. Please No Trades. Will listen to reasonable offers 1. Lab Golf Directed Force 2.1 with Stability Shaft. 34 inches long and 69 lie angle. This is the putter Adam Scott was using at The Masters. Has their new lab golf grip on it and headcover included. I love these putters, just have another one in a different lie angle that fits me better. Probably used this for about 15 rounds so its in great condition no major dings on the head. The shaft as a couple of scratches from bag wear you can see in the pictures but doesnt affect performance. These putters are normally over $400 and then the shaft was $200 more so lots of money in this putter. sold 2. 2017 M2 15 degree fairway wood with an AD DI 7X in it. Used this for a season so it has some wear but still an awesome club! Has one little mark on the head back by the hosel that really isnt even noticeable from address. Plays at 43 inches with Golf Pride Multi compound on it. No headcover sold 3. Graphite Design Tour AD Di 6X Driver shaft with a Callaway Adapter on it. Got it with my Rogue so should be a newer Callaway adapter, I don't know much about their adapters though. Good shape really doesnt have much bag chatter on it. Shaft with tip on is just a hair over 44 inches. sold 4. Ping Sigma Answer Putter 35 inches. Top line has some wear but pretty good overall. Grip is pretty worn. sold 6. Odyssey Versa 1 Wide 34 Inches. My old gamer the face is basically perfect. Just has one small mark on the top line you can see in the picture but nothing major. No headcover ~~$55~~ $45 Shipped
  7. Prices include shipping CONUS. Will discount for multi-item purchases. Paypal only. First to pay gets the item. Only trade interest is for a set of Srixon z545s, maybe 565s. 150ish positive feedbacks with no negatives on old system. ~~BETTINARDI SS28 SLOTBACK ARMLOCK PUTTER: 39.25", 70' lie, 6' loft. Has a Jumbomax Jumboflat 17" grip installed sideways with flat side against lead forearm but comes with original Bettinardi Lamkin Deep Etched Jumbo 15" grip, blue. Original deep blue headcover. No nicks, dents, scratches, etc., you can barely tell it has been used. I got it directly from Bettinardi and have been the only owner. It will come in the original Bettinardi box. $OLD.~~ ~~COBRA KING UTILITY 2-3 DRIVING IRON: Adjustable from 18 to 21 degrees. GD Tour AD DI-85S Hybrid shaft playing at 40.5". In great shape with minimal signs of use, no gouges, dents, or deep scratches. GP MCC standard grip in white/black in fair used shape. $OLD~~ VOKEY ~~SM7 58.12 D grind~~, SM6 56.14 F grind, ~~SM6 62.08 M grind~~. Tour chrome finish. Standard specs. All are in very good condition with ball marks on faces and typical scratches on soles but no gouges or browning. ~~The 58 has a new GP TV360 standard grip~~, the 56 has a new GP TV Vokey grip and ~~the 62 has a GP MCC +4 Align grip in good used shape.~~ SM7 $OLD, SM6s $ (62 is sold). ~~FUJIKURA SPEEDER 661 EVOLUTION TOUR SPEC DRIVER SHAFT: X-flex, 43 7/8", TM tip. Standard TM tipping. Lamkin UTX standard blue grip in good used shape. $OLD.~~ PM me with any questions or offers.
  8. Just one item today everybody. Mint set of 785 irons I picked up recently. Hit a few balls with them and realized I need to stay with the C-Taper 130xs. Standard length, loft and lie. 8 iron and wedge have seen the most use. Feel free to look at the pictures to judge for yourself though. ~~Asking $750 shipped~~ **$675** shipped to CONUS paypal is [email protected] PM for more information. Trades welcome, PM me.
  9. Brand New Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12, wrapper still on grip and bottom of club, 35”, headcover included. $380 shipped priority. Brand New Tensei Blue driver shaft. Tour X 70g. NOT stock shaft, real deal. Titleist adapter. $old
  10. Scotty Cameron 34” Concept CX-02, lime grip, headcover included. $850 Canadian or a trade for Mizuno irons, Titleist 718 CB, players irons Fujikura Pro 56 tm tip driver shaft, stiff flex with golf pride mcc+4 red. $90 cdn Bushnell Tour v3 rangefinder. $150 cdn SOLDSOLD Cameron tool $100 Cameron cloth $ 85 cdn Offers always welcome! all prices include shipping, no trades, PayPal only
  11. Can anyone advise on improvements/differences between the original Diamana Whiteboard Flowerband shaft and the latest D+Limited Dialhead? I have been using the Flowerband ever since it came out but am thinking I can get more out of newer technology. Thoughts?
  12. Guest

    Driver Shaft Question

    New member to forums here, just a quick question for anyone out there very familiar with driver shafts. Just recently got fit for full bag of new Titleist clubs and absolutely loving how the equipment is performing. I only have two small issues. I was fit into the TS3 driver and the TS2 3 wood. For the TS3 I hit with the EvenFlow T1100 White 6.5X 75g shaft and absolutely loved the feel and performance, but for some reason I can't really but a finger on I really wasn't a fan of the white shaft's contrast with the gloss black head. When I was hitting the TS2 3 wood, I was hitting with a Diamana model, I believe the D+PLUS Limited 80X. It performed great for me and I much preferred the look of the Diamana to the EvenFlow. When I ordered I requested the Diamana in both the driver and 3 wood but I guess Titleist didn't have those shafts or the fitter messed up and I got the EvenFlow in both clubs. Nothing really wrong with the performance -- to be quite honest I really like the feel of the shafts -- but visually they mess with my eyes and at some point I'd like to expand into some aftermarket shafts that might prove to perform better for me. So now for the question: How comparable is the EvenFlow to the Fujikura Ventus 7X and the Diamana D+PLUS Limited 70TX? I've heard fantastic things about both but the heavier weight of the Ventus (78g in Ventus vs 76g in EvenFlow) and the TX stiffness in the Diamana (which actually has same weight as EvenFlow) seem to tell me that there could possibly be changes to swing weight or feel or performance etc. I'm not an expert in this area whatsoever so I'd love anyone's input on which to switch into.
  13. I currently have an M3 Driver with a HZRDS Yellow 6.0 60g shaft and an M4 Tour with HZRDS Yellow 6.0 70g shaft. Looking into also getting a SIM Max HYBRID, but not sure what shaft to for it. I am wanting a low launch/spin shaft. I ha dna P790 UDI with a HZRDS black shaft. Should I get the same in the hybrid? Thanks for the help!
  14. I am looking to change the shaft in my 4 iron. I play ns pro modus 120 stiff shafts in my z585 5-pw. I am considering switching to graphite for my 4 iron. I have noticed a lot of pros are using graphite in their longest iron and/or utility iron. Any suggestions on where to begin my search for a graphite shaft? I see Louis O plays the Project X HZRDUS Red Hybrid 85 in his 3 iron. Thoughts on Aldila nv, vs, or nvs proto by you 75-85? UST? Grafalloy pro launch? I guess my question is what is the best utility .355 tip affordable shaft? Brand and/or model? @75-95 gram shaft. My ss for driver is @105 mph. Hdcp=8 Thanks!!
  15. Hi there, recently got hold of an M1 2017 with kuro Kage Shaft, my question is if its the standard Shaft from TaylorMade. From what i have found there are slight differences in name etc. i have the silver series TiNi duel core. No Taylor made marking or anything. thanks
  16. Was curious if anyone has some insight to this comparison. My TS3 is currently in the mail back to Titleist (cracked face) so a buddy has let me use his TS3 with a small batch smoke green in 60g 6.5 flex. I typically use a heavier driver shaft that's is a little less stiff. But the first time on the course with this bad boy I was impressed. Hit low-spinning bullets that ran out much farther than my typical distances with my AD-GP 7X and the shaft felt responsive, but extremely stable. I enjoyed it throughout the round but it was just a little light for my taste as I'm a larger person (6'5 240). I'm pretty confident the 70 gram 6.5 would be too beefy for me, but want to know what I gain/lose with a 70 gram 6.0 vs. the 60 gram 6.5? Really appreciate it! My swing speed is roughly 115-120 depending on the weather and my back haha. Transition doesn't look quick because of my size but measures quick as I'm a bit handsy. Cheers, J
  17. Very nice 35 inch Cameron Futura 5.5M with cover. Great condition (pics tell the story) minimal use and always covered, no trades. Price is shipped in USA. $200 OBRO shipped Bought a brand new G410 LST with Tour 65 stiff, took this shaft out and put a Tensei CK Pro Orange in it. Standard Ping driver length. 410 adapter. Price is shipped priority mail but not in that box. No Trades $65 shipped
  18. Looking to move this shaft & rangefinder as we just got a new car and the new ride needs some new wheels! All shipped USPS Priority and CONUS only. PM with any questions. Trade options would be PING G410 3W w/ stiff shaft in good shape. or PING G410 LST 3W s/ stiff shaft. Or G410/G410 LST heads. 1 - Tensei Pro White 70g Stiff. Used two rounds. Boron Tip. Measures at 41" tip to grip. Shaft is tipped 1/2". Comes with New Golf Pride MMC +4 Standard Grey grip (+3 additional wraps). $200 $150 $100 Shipped 2- Prescision Pro NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder$. Used four rounds, going back to my GPS watch. Includes original box, lanyard, carrying case, lens cleaner & quick start guide. Practically brand new. SOLD
  19. No unicorns here. Sorry... just some stuff I’m looking to part with to make room in the garage. WILL CONSIDER ANY TRADES. Why not?! Looking for wedges, shafts, hybrids, whatever. Just not trashed, old junk All prices are OBO. You won’t offend me 1) UST Mamiya Driver shaft with g400 tip. VTS tour spec 7s flex. It has a mcc+4 grip in good shape. $60 shipped 2) Adidas tour 360 size 11. Maybe 5-15 rounds before I switched to Eccos. No box In decent shape. $50 shipped 3) Vokey SM6 wedge set (or individual) — see pictures. Mcc+4 align grips. All in decent shape. Not mint. $175 shipped for the set. pM if you want one or two 4) ping g400max head cover. $25 shipped
  20. Hey All! I’m looking to buy some new or used irons for this year and I’m curious about your rec’s. I’d usually go for a fitting but, with the circumstances going on I’m unable to right now. A little info: Currently playing some no name hand-me-down irons and ready to upgrade. No handicap but usually in the low to mid 80’s. I had an iron fitting last year so I know my general specs (PX 6.5, 62 lie angle.) 120mph driver ss and 34 degree 7 iron travels 180-185. The problem I have is I’m a steeper player and any shot into wind tends to balloon and loose huge distance. Looking for something with traditional(ish) lofts for gaping with some forgiveness without a bunch of weight at the bottom as not to increase launch. I look forward to what you think! Thanks!
  21. I'm not many enough for X so this needs to go. Shaft is in pristine condition and has only seen a few rounds of play. 44 1/4" inch and came from Callaway in a Mavrick but I do not know tipping. It has a CP2 midsize grip on it. Looking for $200 shipped USPS Priority.
  22. Last thing for sale here! Everything is OBO of course... Also would be interested in trades depending on what you have... Aldila Rogue Black Hybrid Shaft, 85g Stiff Flex, No Tip - $60 OBO Make me an offer! Thanks for checking it out Pin 9/26
  23. Mizuno MP-25 4-PW, DG X100 shafts, (38 1/4" 5 iron) Brand new grips **$315** Next is a package deal of 2 Nike Drivers and 4 total shafts. I would like to sell it all together. Since everything needs an individual price $55 for each shaft and $75 for each driver head. Nike Covert 2.0 Tour and Nike Vapor Driver heads, Diamana S+60, Speeder 757, Fubuki Alpha 60, and Kuro Kage 60 all X flex Package deal **$215** Great way to experiment with new shaft combos Obviously the Volt Vapor head has a big scratch on it. Does not effect play-ability but that's why it is so cheap in this deal
  24. All prices shipped and PayPal’d MAKE SOME OFFERS!!!! 1. 39.5 Cobra F9 4 iron bent to 18.5* with Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 95 stiff, amazing driving iron, so easy to launch - $old 2. Odyssey Toulon Stroke Lab San Diego 35.5, 1* flat, stock pistol grip, used two rounds, $325 NOW $315 3. Mizuno MP-32 Irons 3-P, DGS300 shafts, play off a 38 inch 5 iron, lies appear to be stock but I don’t have a lie machine, these are in pretty good shape for their age, have them a good wire brushing, browning is almost non existent, hard pressed to find them not brown anymore. Grips need replacing -$old, if asking price is met I will include 8 “knock off” multi compound grips. please no trades or lowballs. Pin 8/8
  25. Zone's rules: 1. Shipping from Canada - full tracking for all items listed, and delivered by UPS in the USA, and usually arrives in 5-7 business days; 2. My feedback on the old system was 150+ A+++ - I ship quickly, I communicate often, and my items are exactly as described; 3. PayPal only in USD, and is expected immediately once you agree on sale price; 4. **Only trade is for a Kuro Kage Dual Core 70 TX or XD with TM2* Adapter and same length, and max tipping 1/2”**, and I am always happy negotiate and meet at reasonable offers. Atmos Tour Spec Black 6x, tipped 1/2” 44” tip to grip New Decade Standard Size Grip TM 2* Adapter Brand New, unhit Sold
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