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Found 7 results

  1. I have a Fujikura Atmos red 5 stiff flex driver shaft with Taylormade tip from a M4 driver. 44 1/4" long with stock TM grip. asking for $65 shipped OBO.
  2. Hello - I am selling the following new clubs. Only hit them on the simulator. Heads are still in wrappers. TaylorMade M6 9* driver with a Fujikura Atmos Black 6 R/flex shaft and Grey GP TV 360 grip. Club is 45" long and has headcover and wrench - asking ~~$415.00~~ shipped in the USA. **NOW $375.00** Srixon F85 15* fairway wood with a UST Helium F3 shaft, Srixon GP TV grip. Standard 43" length and has its matching head cover. Asking ~~$185 ~~shipped in the USA **NOW $150.00** Please PM with any questions or if you would like additional photos. Also note looking for any trades, just wish I would go on the SIM before buying clubs! Thank you for considering these clubs
  3. # All prices listed shipped. Trade interests - Atmos Blue TS 6X / 7X Ventus 6X Rogue silver 130 MSI 70g TX Rogue white 130 MSI 70g TX # Callaway Epic flash weights - $20 for both ## 6g Front - $10 ## 17.5 rear - $18 # ------------------------EVERYTHING ELSE SOLD----------------------- # ** # G410 Lst 9 deg head only - sold ## Head cover and tool. Almost new. switched to 410+. # G400 max 9 deg head only - Sold ## Head cover and tool. Used switched to 410 lst...... # Atmos black 7x TS shaft g410 tip - sold ## Plays 45.5" used in great condition # Evenflow black 6.5 75g x g410 tip - sold ## plays 45.5" almost new. range use once on course # Ventus 7x g410 tip - sold ## Plays 45" almost new. range use couple on course # Evnroll ER2 35" putter - $190 pending local sale on tuesday ## Used for 2 seasons
  4. All prices are shipped. Open to negotiate. Only trade interest right now is a Mavrik or M6 9.0 or 10.5 head in good shape. Thank you for looking! Ping G LS tech 10.5 - Head is in very good shape. No marks on crown or top line. Has a Ping tour 80 X flex shaft installed ungripped, will play 44.25". Comes with original head cover. Willing to sell head separately. Shaft Sold $SOLD head only. Brand New RTX 4 60* wedge. Grip and head still have plastic on it. Has tour issue S400 shaft. $125 $115 Shipped Shafts: Tour only Aldila synergy black 60TX prototype. 43.5" length - has prototype etched into it and the "graphene" graphic at the tip end. SOLD Fujikura Atmos Black 7x Tour Spec - 42 7/8" - Has 1/2" extension installed. $80 $70 Shipped Accra Tour Z RPG 372 M5 - 41 9/16" - This would be a good fwy shaft - SOLD Accra concept series CS1 80 M4 - 41 7/8" - Fwy shaft - $50 Shipped Accra Tour extreme ZX465 M5 Custom Black Paint - 42 1/4" - $75 Shipped UST VTS Black 7X tour spec - 42.75" - Oldie but goodie - $50 Shipped Aldila RIP Phenom (2.9 X-Stiff) - 42 9/16" - $40 Shipped Steelfiber i95 r-flex - 37 3/8" - Pulled from a Z585 4iron. $25 shipped
  5. Alright everyone, selling off some of my reliables to fund a custom bag purchase. No trades. DM if interested. I tried to label and take the best pictures I could. DM with any questions **Driver Shafts**: **Atmos Tour Spec 6S Black**. Measures at 44 3/16”. TS2 adapter. Plays at standard TS2 driver head length of 45.5”. Not Tipped. Great condition Golf Pride MCC +4 grip standard size (built up for a total 4 wraps of tape)...... **~~$200~~**...**$~~175~~** *~~*$150**~~** $old**** **HZRDUS Smoke Black 60g 6.0**. Measures 44 11/16” with TS2 adapter. Plays at TS2 driver standard play length of 45.5”. Not Tipped. Great condition Golf Pride MCC +4 grip standard size (built up for a total of 4 wraps of tape).........**$old** **Fujikura xlr8 pro 56 Stiff (shaft for ‘17 M2 driver)**. Measures 44 9/16” with TaylorMade adapter. Not tipped. Great condition Golf Pride MCC +4 grip standard size (built up for a total 4 wraps of tape)....... **$old** **Fairway Wood Shafts: ** **HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g 6.0**. Measures 42 3/8” with TS2 adapter. Plays at TS2 standard 3W/15* play length of 43”. Not Tipped. Great condition Golf Pride MCC +4 grip standard size (built up for a total 4 wraps of tape). ~~**.......$80**~~ **$70** **HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g 6.0**. Measures 40 13/16” with TS2 adapter. Plays at TS2 standard 5W/21* play length of 41.5”. Not Tipped. Great condition Stock Golf Pride 360 grip standard size. .....~~**$80**~~ **$70** **Hybrid Shaft: ** **Atmos HB Tour Spec Blue 8S**. Measures at 39 1/2” with Titleist adapter. Playing length of 818 hybrid of 40”. Never been used. Brand new Golf Pride 360 grip standard size. ....**~~$125~~**...~~**$110~~ ~~**$100**~~ ** **$old ** Pin 7/26
  6. 10 testers have been chosen and are receiving their shafts. Reviews will follow below.
  7. Hello all I have recently gotten an F9 Driver from Cobra, love the look and everything. It came with a generic shaft so I decided to upgrade to the Atmos Black 6s Tour Spec shaft. Although I love the look of this combo I am having a hard time launching the ball with this combo. I know the Tour Spec and black atmos are for lower launch low spinning but it seems like I am hitting stingers most of the time with this. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem or have any ideas? I have my F8+ still I was hitting that and thinking about going back to that. That has an adila nv 2kxv mlt stiff shaft which is also a lower launching shaft. I can hit this great, mostly down the middle but I really want my F9 to work. I've tried the adila shaft in the F9 and it kinda works but didnt know if there was a better shaft to really try, maybe the atmos blue (non tour) shaft? My misses with the F9 are usually a hook left, not sure if maybe the shape of the head or the weight difference in the F8+ VS the F9 are throwing me off or what, just seems the F8+ is easier to get in the air. Just thought I'd ask, maybe I'll be going back to the F8. Usual swing speed is 102-106, ball speed usually in the 145-150. Have a 9* head. Set it at 10* The generic shaft it came with was a Prolaunch red. thank you for your time and ideas. Derek
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