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Found 4 results

  1. Thanks for looking, please PM me with all offers! 1.) Scotty Cameron Golo 5 - 35", Superstroke Pistol GTR 2.0 Grip. $165 Shipped CONUS 2.) Milled Grind wedges - 50,56,60. Dynamic Gold shafts. $SOLD Shipped CONUS
  2. 1) Taylornade P790 2 UDI. SOLD - Mint, Hit a few times on the course and range. Had it adjusted 1* up. HZRDUS Black 85gr X Hybrid Shaft. Tour 360 Velvet Grip 2) TM Milled Grind Black 58* (SB-11*) Wedge. SOLD - BNIP never hit. Stock DG Wedge Flex, Tour Velvet 360* Grip 3) SM7 Raw 60* L Grind Wedge. ~~$90 ~~Sale Pending – Hit and played few times but in very good shape. S400 Shaft, Lamkin Cord grip. 1-2* upright.
  3. All prices are OBO and include shipping in CONUS. Please feel free to DM with any questions, or additional photo requests. Not looking for any trades at the moment. While I will make every effort to ship same day, I ask for some patience with respect to shipping given the current environment. Byron Morgan DH89 GSS, 345 grams, 35” - $old • Very lightly used on practice green, some signs of light use on the sole, very light scratch on the bumper near the toe, purely cosmetic • Wide tuna milling • Finish: Brushed blue oil finish showing some patina • Lie: 71* • Loft: 4* • Grip: Lamkin Deep Etched Grip • Headcover: Byron Morgan Blue Wave White Evnroll ER5 Hatchback Shortneck Black with BGT Stability shaft, 355 grams, 35” - $old • Very lightly used, some signs of light use on the sole, very light scratch on the bumper near the toe, purely cosmetic • Length: 35” • Lie angle: 70* • Loft: 2* • Grip: Lamkin Deep Etched • Headcover: Standard Evnroll Mallet headcover TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Black Wedge Set (50*, 54*, 60*) with Nippon Modus Black Wedge 115 shaft - $old • Ordered directly from TaylorMade, played 3 rounds • Unfortunately, the black coating on the Nippon shafts has begun to rub off on at number of points of the shaft (see photos). Purely cosmetic, will not affect play • Bounce: Standard (50/09, 54.11, 60.08) • Shaft: Nippon Modus Black 115 Wedge Flex • Lie: Standard TM Spec • Length: +0.25” • Grip: Tour Velvet TM Logo , logo down, +1 wrap Mizuno T20 Satin Chrome Wedges (50*, 54*) with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shaft - $old • Completely stock, played 4 rounds • Bounce: 50/07 (Standard Bevel) • Bounce: 54/08 (Aggressive C Grind) • Shaft: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 • Lie: Standard Mizuno Spec (63*) • Length: Standard Mizuno Spec (35.25”) • Grip: Standard Golf Pride Z Grips Titleist Vokey SM7 Raw 50.12F with KBS Tour shaft stiff - $100 Shipped • Played maybe 10 rounds, grooves are still in great shape • Bounce: 12* • Shaft: KBS Tour stiff flex • Lie: Standard • Length: +0.25” • Grip: Vokey 360 Tour Velvet White, +1 wrap Srixon Z U85 3I Utility Iron - $120 • Played 2 rounds, I seem to have misplaced the headcover, if I find it, will include • Completely stock • Loft: 20* • Shaft: UST Recoil 95 stiff flex • Lie: Standard (60*) • Length: Standard (39.5”) • Grip: Golf Pride 360 Tour Velvet White Fujikura Ventus Black 60S, Mizuno ST adapter, 44 3/8” - $old • Should play at 45.5” installed in Mizuno ST190/200 • Played 4 rounds, some minor signs of bag rub • Tipping: untipped • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet, logo down, +1 wrap
  4. Updated January 6, 2020. All updates at the end of the thread. October 2018 - End of 2018 bag Here's what I had in play during what was likely my last round of 2018. Unless I play again in 2018, this is probably the baseline against which all 2019 changes will be made. The bag stayed very consistent throughout the year, with only some minor dabbling into different driver shafts and also a few 3-woods. I did try P730 short irons (with Modus 120) and a set of P750 (with DGX100 soft-stepped), but neither club was able to kick the RSi TP out of the bag. Looking forward to 2019, I'm eager to try the P760. But I'm also planning to rebuild my P750 with C-Tapers and give those a shot at the bag also. Driver *** UPDATE: Testing an M3 9.5 with the same shaft as the M2. Detailed pics soon, but can be seen in the full bag pic. *** TaylorMade 2017 M2 9.5 degree, Graphite Design Tour AD GP-6s (44.75", tipped 0.5"). Another great driving year with this combo. Tried multiple shafts in the spring, but kept coming back to the GP. 3-wood *** UPDATE: Testing an M3 T3 with a Purple Ice. Detailed pics soon, but can be seen in the full bag pic. *** TaylorMade V-Steel 13 degree, GD Purple Ice 85-X (1.5" tipping). After playing 2017 with an M2 deep face T3 13, I'm back to the venerable V-Steel for now. It's the best combination of tee and turf performance I've ever gotten from a fairway wood. The Purple Ice remains the best fairway wood shaft I've ever used. It's tipped 1.5" because it was originally made with bore thru driver heads in mind, so the tip section is pretty soft. Utility/Hybrid TaylorMade Tour Preferred UDI 2 (18), KBS C-Taper lite X. This has become one of my favorite clubs in the bag. A lot of the tournament courses on which I play require precise 230-240 shots off the tee and I don't like hitting hybrid from the teeing ground. Looking forward to demoing the P790 UDI 2, but I don't know if it will be enough to knock the OG UDI out of the bag. Fun fitting note on this one. I originally picked it up with a C-Taper lite in S, but I had a hard time keeping it from going left. My fitter added a few strips of lead tape onto the shaft to see if 5g of extra weight removed the left miss. It worked like a charm, so we replaced the C-Taper lite S (110g) with a C-Taper lite X (115g). If course setup doesn't indicate a need for the UDI, I'll often replace it with a RBZ Stage 2 Tour 3 hybrid, with Diamana S+ 82HY X. I like the shape of this hybrid more than most on the market, so there's no need to change something that is only in the bag 10% of the time. Irons TaylorMade P770 3-4 TaylorMade RSi TP 5-PW. The 3 and 4 irons have KBS C-Taper S, while the 5-PW all have KBS C-Taper S+. The entire set is MOI matched. This is my 4th season with the RSi TP head. The first two were with KBS Tour S, but after an extensive shaft fitting in November 2016, I ended up in an MOI matched build with C-Taper S+ for 2017. New for 2018 are C-Taper S in the 3 and 4 irons because I felt the S+ was just a bit too stiff and I had trouble elevating the longer irons. The S flex has remedied that issue nicely. Wedges TaylorMade Milled Grind Raw 52, DGS400 (tour issue) TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe 60 (bent to 58), DGS400 (tour issue) I'm back to a 3 wedge system (45-52-58) in 2018 after two seasons with 4 wedges (45-50-54-59). On paper, the gapping with the four wedge system is far superior, but my stats didn't show any noticeable improvement in wedge play with more wedges. Also, to make room for the 4th wedge, I had to remove the 3 iron, but that left a hole near the top of the bag that was exposed on longer par 3s in tournament play. I'm now back to a system I played for a long time. The Milled Grind Raw 52 is the perfect wedge. I may need to buy a backup or two before the year is out to ensure I can keep playing a raw wedge at this spot in the bag. Love it. I'm a big fan of the Hi-Toe. It's versatile and the higher CG makes a noticeable difference when trying to flight down approach shots. While I like the ATV grind, using the Hi-Toe this year has made me long for a version with a leading edge that sits a little closer to the turf. Hoping for a lower bounce option next year, but may have to do some custom grinding and add a little more relief on the trailing edge ribbon to bring the leading edge down. *** UPDATE: Went to town on the sole of the Hi-Toe with a belt sander and now have more of a low bounce K style wide sole grind. Also made the leading edge a little more square. Pics soon *** Another change this year was the switch to DGS400 from KBS 610. I loved the 610 in older TaylorMade wedges that had 1" hosel bores, but I did not like it in Vokey wedges, which have a 1.5" bore. It made the tip stiffen up too much with the extra half inch insertion depth. With the Milled Grind wedges, TaylorMade moved to a 1.5" hosel bore, so the 610 no longer worked. I wasn't a fan of DGS400 in the wedges with a 1" bore, but it's great in the 1.5". Putter TaylorMade Itsy Bitsy proto, but not the Jason Day version released in the Vault after his 2015 PGA Championship win. This one is the DJ limited Vault release after he switched to the Spider in Fall 2016. My DJ version sets up slightly different than the JDay version and right now that looks better to my eye and seems to be better for my stroke. 4g weights. Winn standard size grip, not the midsize that comes on the retail Spider Black. Ball TaylorMade TP5x. Great decision to switch from the TP5. I like the higher flight and extra carry on the long irons.
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