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  1. Have any of you out there gamed both of these. If so, which one did you like the best and why? Long story relatively short- I used to play the Tour V(X) and I thought it was a great shaft. I had surgery on my left shoulder last year. After being released I was told to go to a "softer" shaft for "a while". I got fitted and we came up with the LZ 6.0. Its been over a year and I'm as "healed" as I'm gonna get. My issue is that the LZ is a really smooth, accurate shaft but the launch and spin are high for my liking. I took the KBS Shaft Fit and came up with the Tour V(X-again), and I took the P
  2. Cobra King Pro MB Pured 3-PW. The specs 4-PW are standard length and loft, as for the lie I’m fit to 62° 7 iron and these look to be about 1° flatter than that so maybe 61° 7 iron. KBS tour v 120x pured in the 4-pw, 3 iron i didn’t have reshafted and has fcm 6.5. For the age of these sticks they are in great condition as pics will show. Also will throw in 2 pured kbs tour v wedge shafts. Grips are golf pride z cord with plenty of life left. I had these clubs built to use in the garage while quarantine was here. So I haven’t even used them on course. $300 obo will ship Usps priority mail. Addr
  3. $110 Callaway X-Forged UT 21 degree with KBS Tour-V Stiff 110g shaft. Standard L/L/L and midsize CP2 grip. Ships free if paying advertised price. $OLD Set of Srixon Z765 irons heads ONLY. USED. Refer to pics for condition. Free shipping if paying advertised price. $75 Skechers Go Golf Pro 4 - Grey. Size 10. Brand new in box. Free shipping if paying advertised price
  4. One item sale today: KBS Prototype Hybrid Shaft in 95 stiff. From butt to tip is 39" and it comes with a brand new Lamkin Crossline standard grip. Currently has a Wilson C300 hybrid tip on it but I can remove it if you'd like. Looking for $95 shipped OBO...now $85 OBO
  5. Hello everyone Have a set of Mizuno MP-20 MMC irons 4-PW with the following specs: Standard lengths and lofts - 2 degrees flat KBS C-Taper S (120) Golf Pride Tour wrap black mid-sized grips Bought in Toronto from GolfTown (I have the receipt if you want it). Never been hit outside.... 5 SIM sessions in total. They are absolute rockets, in fact that's why I am trying to move them!! My loss....your gain. Asking $1000 - No trades at this time. Thanks for looking!
  6. (SOLD) Titleist 718 AP2 4-PW w/ KBS Tour R+ (SOLD) Vokey SM7 Chrome 50.08F -- 54.08M -- 58.04L (SOLD) Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized (SOLD) Titleist 13.5* 3-Wood (SOLD) NEW Taylormade Original One 11.5* w/ HandCrafted Project X HZRDUS Black 75g 6.5 X-Stiff (SOLD) Titleist TS3 18* 5-Wood w/ Aldila Rogue Black 80 Stiff (SOLD) Titleist TS3 8.5* driver head only (NOT SOLD) MINT Aldila Rogue Black 70S shaft with Titleist Adapter Pin 7/22 Pin 8/5 Pin 8/16
  7. One year old barely used PXG 0311XF irons for sale. KBS Tour 120 S shafts. Golf Pride Z-grip grips standard size. $350/stick brand new / asking $150/stick x 7 = $1050 + ship - Will share more pictures with interest.
  8. I'm a pretty high swing speed player (carry a stock 7i 185) and I'm currently gaming Mizuno MP18 Blades 3-PW with KBS C-Taper 130X shafts. With a normal swing, I launch the ball very straight and entirely too high. I normally have to play every ball with some sort of flighted trajectory, or I club up. I like my shafts, but I'm not opposed to switching. I'm just afraid that anything heavier or stiffer will make my short irons too hard to hit. I've been eyeballing the Mizuno MP20 Blades because of the higher CG in the short irons, but I'm afraid that's not enough. Any recommendation on a blade
  9. Went through my fitting at CC today and was blown away by the results and feel of the Oban CT 115. Then I found out about the cost lol. Does anybody have any recommendation for something with a profile that is close to this shaft? I’ve searched and it seems pretty inconclusive on WRX, but I thought I’d check and see if anybody has found the affordable alternative to this shaft. Thanks.
  10. Hello, Items are priced to sell via Paypal only. Prices include shipping within CONUS. **1st unit** - Ping i500 forged 4 iron Black Dot POWER SPEC. Loft is 19.5 degrees. Factory lie. KBS Tour-V 120 X shaft. Measurement in the picture is from the butt end of the grip. For me this is a great, forgiving forged driving iron in mint condition. I picked up this one and a 3 iron POWER SPEC around the same time and for me the 3 iron is staying in the bag. I picked this up off a trustworthy member who bought it brand new from Ping. I have only hit this indoors. The club is in great shap
  11. Cash only please - No Trades - OBO would like to move these! For sale today is a set of 4-PW 900 Tours, Standard L/L/L as far as i know. Will do either heads only or with shafts. Shafts are KBS Tour-V 130X +1/2. Heads only - $425 With shafts - $500
  12. Mizuno MP 20 MMC - $ Taper 120 shaft - 1/4" long - 2*up - standard loft - Multi compound standard grips 9.5/10 condition $770 shipped SOLD Pin 12/11
  13. Lots of great condition items here. I always baby my equipment. 1. Mizuno JPX 919 iron combo set. 6-GW in the forged. 4,5 iron in Hot metal, 3 iron in MP-18 Fli-hi. C-taper lite stiff shafts. Standard length with 2 degrees upright. Golf pride z-cord grips. Had the lofts of the hot metals bent 2 degrees weak to have consistent gapping. Played 2 rounds. Cant even tell they have been used, practically new. Whole set cost me about 1500$ new. **Price: $OLD ** 2. TM P790 irons. 3-GW. Standard L/L/L. Nippon modus 3 105g stiff shafts. Used for one season but really taken care of. Pictures do j
  14. Up for sale today is two iron sets and a 3 wood shaft. Project X HZRDUS Black 6.5 75G - $75 KBS Tour 130x 4-PW (.355) standard length - $90 KBS Tour V 130g X flex 4-PW +1/2 (.355) - **SOLD**
  15. After testing different sets of irons and shafts, I notice that I prefer the feel of non-stepped iron shafts. I am not sure what it is, but when swinging stepped shafts I feel like I lose the club in the back swing and have to be very deliberate in transition to find the feeling again. Non-Stepped shafts have a much more solid feel, and I feel the energy transfer through the shaft and into impact better. Would love to hear anyone else's feelings about these types of shafts. For reference, the stepped shafts I have been testing are S300's, S400's and X100's. Non-stepped shafts I have been t
  16. Up for sale! Mizuno MP 20 MMC Irons Shafts - KBS C-Taper 120 Stiff Grips - GP Tour Velvet +1 wrap Standard length, loft, +1 upright Condition - 9/10 used for 12 rounds and always cleaned! No nicks or dings in the clubs. These were built by Club Champion Price - $500 shipped in the US. No trades at this time. Thank you, MerryTex Pin 4/14
  17. A couple things up for sale. All prices are paypaled and shipped CONUS. Please reach out if you have any questions! (1) TaylorMade P790 (2017) - 4-PW, AW - $OLD Shafts - KBS C-Taper Lite X-Stiff (Pured)Grips - Lamkin Sonar Tour StandardSwing weight - 4-9 D3, PW/AW D4Loft - StandardLie - 1* FlatLength - +1/4 inchClubs are in very nice shape. Most notable blemish is a (very) small ding on the #5. Otherwise, normal wear/chatter from ~30 rounds of play. (2) Mitsubishi OT Tour 100 Stiff (Taper Tip) - 4-PW, AW - $225 8 Shafts - 4-PW and an extra PW cut to play as AWLengths: 37 3/8, 36 7/8, 36 3/
  18. Titleist AP3 4-48*, Full Set, Vokey 54*, 58*. 818 H1 19*! For sale, lightly used Titleist AP3 with True Temper AMT Black S300. No major wear or marks or dings to speak of. As close to new as you can get. Vokey 54.10 S and 58.12 D grind. These have the most wear of any club, seen in pictures. Super minimal face markings. 818 H1 19* Hybrid. Project X 85g Stiff Flex Shaft. Light face wear, otherwise immaculate. Comes with brand new Headcover and extra weight. Shipped USPS Priority Mail. Please ask any questions. Not looking to split. $950 OBRO.
  19. No trades, all items shipped from CANADA and will receive tracking numbers. All prices in USD and include shipping to CONUS + CANADA. Golf balls will be sold in lots first before splitting up. I have no further info on the pulls other than the measurements that are posted. **Callaway Chrome Soft Shamrock** 5 dozen - $old **Titleist AVX** 4 dozen - $old **KBS C-Taper 130 X-Flex - $old** 3-PW Measurements below in pictures 7 iron is individual club measured. Pulled from Titleist AP2 714's Golf Pride Z-Cord grips
  20. **All shipped CONUS. **Fourteen Wedges forged 52* & 58* Dynamic Gold S 400 shafts will only sell as a set ** **Oban Devotion 6 shaft 04 Flex 65g - **
  21. Just getting into club building for my own use (not professionally) and wanted to check with the experts on an issue I am having with KBS $-taper shafts. I got a set of Apex Pro irons with $-taper stiff shafts in them. I did not do a fitting since I have historically fit into standard loft, lie and lengths across multiple manufacturers (Ping, TaylorMade, Miura). In the past, I have had success with KBS Tour stiff shafts and most recently have been playing Nippon Modus3 stiff 120 in a Callaway Apex MB head. I called a local club fitter because I cannot find the bottom of my swing with the A
  22. Two items up for sale today. As always, first to PayPal wins and all prices are OBO. PM me with any questions. Appreciate the time! Custom Black 'n Gold Evnroll ER7 $300 $250 $225 Custom Evnroll ER7 putter. Sent into Labworx Golf to have their Devil's Black coating applied to the head and shaft. Gold paint fill added. Grip is Super Stroke Counterbalance Mid Slim 2.0. Has stock 50 gram weight installed. I will include the weight wrench if desired. Includes original Evnroll headcover (ball mark included). Condition shown in the photos. Labworx Golf Instagram Post of actual putter https://w
  23. Guest

    Need help with shafts

    So I'm living overseas and my fitting options here are very limited. I went to the top fitter in the country and he had literally 3 different weight shafts in steel, 95, 105, and 130g. I've played 130g since college and hit that one the best in the fitting predictably, spraying the lighter ones quite a bit more. I have the opportunity to pick up a set with Oban ct115's in them, but the fitter told me he wouldn't advise me going any lower than 130. I swing the 7 iron about 84-87mph, good swing, good ball striker. Is the 15g drop down going to throw my dispersion off much? I know its impossible
  24. Bridgestone Tour BX CB 4-PW w/Nippon Modus3 125 stiff shafts. Standard length, loft and lie. I had them double checked and had the lie corrected on two of them last week. Grips are MCC Plus 4 standard. 7 and 8 iron have the most wear and are highlighted in pics below. Looks worse in pics than in real life but just for transparency. $600.Titleist TS3 3wood 15* w/HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 70g (stiff). Shaft is 42" by itself. Comes with matching head cover. Grip is Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 standard. 9.5/10. $200.Ping G400 9* w/Accra Tour Z RPG 462 M4+ (stiff). Comes with matching he
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