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  1. Have any of you out there gamed both of these. If so, which one did you like the best and why? Long story relatively short- I used to play the Tour V(X) and I thought it was a great shaft. I had surgery on my left shoulder last year. After being released I was told to go to a "softer" shaft for "a while". I got fitted and we came up with the LZ 6.0. Its been over a year and I'm as "healed" as I'm gonna get. My issue is that the LZ is a really smooth, accurate shaft but the launch and spin are high for my liking. I took the KBS Shaft Fit and came up with the Tour V(X-again), and I took the P
  2. Up for sale is a set of TM Speedblades. Purchased from TM Preowned. 4 iron (no grip) through AW (all with MCC+4 in great condition). Shafts are KBS Tour 90 stiff. Standard L/L/L. AW and 4 iron are probably in the best condition because I never used them. 6 iron has a gash from a hidden rock. Otherwise, these are great GI irons with plenty of life in them! Asking $250 shipped, or best offer. SOLD Beautiful SeeMore Z2c limited putter in like new condition. Measures 35" and comes with two sets of weights. Headcover included. Susperstroke Claw grip with 50g weight. Feels awesome. Note
  3. Guest

    Need help with shafts

    So I'm living overseas and my fitting options here are very limited. I went to the top fitter in the country and he had literally 3 different weight shafts in steel, 95, 105, and 130g. I've played 130g since college and hit that one the best in the fitting predictably, spraying the lighter ones quite a bit more. I have the opportunity to pick up a set with Oban ct115's in them, but the fitter told me he wouldn't advise me going any lower than 130. I swing the 7 iron about 84-87mph, good swing, good ball striker. Is the 15g drop down going to throw my dispersion off much? I know its impossible
  4. I was custom fitted for iron shafts with the Mavericks, and the Accra iSeries Steel Iron 115g stiff shaft worked best. If I order direct from Callaway, the options are limited to KBS, Nippon, Project C, and True Temper. Does anyone have suggestions on which Make and Model shafts might be best to try that could compare to the Accra iSeries model above?
  5. Got some extra shafts First Tensei Pro White 60tx with callaway adapter and lamkin tour cord with a couple extra wraps. Right around 44.5 with grip. Looking for Sold Second: Project X Small Batch Hazrdus Smoke Yellow 70 6.0 has a Titleist adapter with new Tour velvet 360. A shade over 43.5” looking for was $140 now $125 Last: set of CTaper 120 stiff 4 to PW. Longest is a shade under 38” shortest is a shade over 35”. Played 1/2 inch over standard in JPX Tour 900s. Very good shape Zcord midsize grips and sick set of BB&F Jubilee ferrules that are in great shape. Looking for $sold all prices
  6. Nike Flex 440 Driver w/ Diamana Blue with DIALEAD 60 S Limited Edition Shaft. Club has only been hit a few times and is in near new condition. Low spin monster, awesome feel and sound, just not the right fit for me. $300 $280Bettinardi Forged Wedges. 52* 56* 60*. Gorgeous Black Rainbow finish on club heads. Black KBS Tour Shafts. Blackout Bettinardi Golf Pride MCC grips. I played these for a few rounds, and some of the black finish has worn off the faces, but the grooves are still sharp, and the face milling is still visible on all of them. The 52 has the least face wear, with the 5
  7. I have a set of KBS Tour V 110s shaft pulls. They are 5-GW and have Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips. Picture shows the length of the 5 iron. Asking $85 shipped.
  8. I was reading some posts on here and someone stated a good amount of tour players soft step their irons so they can flight the ball easier. Is this true in anyway? I thought if anything the flight would be higher. Was fitted for kbs tour v 120x and have been happy with them for over 2 years. I just find it lacks a bit in the feel department on less than a full swing so was thinking of soft stepping. Could I expect what I think, it will raise launch and spin?
  9. Hello I recently bought new irons (PXG 0311t gen2) and had KBS ctaper x put in them. I am now hitting these shorter than my old clubs (Mizuno mp5) that had KBS tour x. I made the switch because i would balloon the kbs tour x shaft from time to time. Wondering if anyone has also lost yards with the ctaper x. Also looking for any shaft suggestions. Thanks
  10. Cobra King Pro MB Pured 3-PW. The specs 4-PW are standard length and loft, as for the lie I’m fit to 62° 7 iron and these look to be about 1° flatter than that so maybe 61° 7 iron. KBS tour v 120x pured in the 4-pw, 3 iron i didn’t have reshafted and has fcm 6.5. For the age of these sticks they are in great condition as pics will show. Also will throw in 2 pured kbs tour v wedge shafts. Grips are golf pride z cord with plenty of life left. I had these clubs built to use in the garage while quarantine was here. So I haven’t even used them on course. $300 obo will ship Usps priority mail. Addr
  11. For sale are the following, prices include shipping within continental US.1) TS3 9.5 with even flow 75s Head sold, shaft available for $652) 917f2 15 degree head $703) KBS C-Taper Lite 110S pulls 4-GW (8 total) $150 These shafts were never played and came direct from Titleist, 7 and 8 irons were cut to play 37 and 36.5”, the remaining shafts are +2” from standard to allow butt trim to preferred length. Tips prepped and ready to go.4) 13 golf pride MCC+4 Midsize pulls, played approximately 5 rounds, $old
  12. Hi guys, I’m currently gaming 120S. Everything is going fine for me on this shaft. But I have got a wrist injury recently so I’m thinking to change to lighter shaft (105s). Does it makes any sense? Would you guys recommend me to change or stick to the current set(around 2 years old shaft)? Or any other recommended iron shaft? FYI I hit 7 iron around 170-180 yards. Thank you so much guys! Cheers!
  13. For sale is a beautiful set of lefty Miura Tournament Blades with the Y Grind Set is 4-PW, KBS Tour 120 Shafts. These are virtually brand spankin' new. Only hit once. Asking $OLD
  14. Fellow Golfwrx’rs! •Shipping from Canada so please allow a few days to reach destination. I always use expedited USA. Roughly 6-7 business days to arrive. •Prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in Canada and USA •Prices are best reasonable offer KBS Shaft Pulls. $OLD•$-Taper. Stiff. 120 Gram •4-PW (7 shafts) •Plays standard length •Golf Pride Multicompound standard grips + 1 wrap •Professionaly pulled from a set of Cobra CB/MB’s *I have matching wedge shafts if wanted as well ($-Taper 125 Stiff)*
  15. Bought in November. Played 3 times, 4 range sessions. Minimum bag chatter. Great clubs, I’m just not good enough for them. Paid a little over $800. I am asking $500. Let me know if you need or would like additional information or pictures. Thanks!
  16. I'm a pretty high swing speed player (carry a stock 7i 185) and I'm currently gaming Mizuno MP18 Blades 3-PW with KBS C-Taper 130X shafts. With a normal swing, I launch the ball very straight and entirely too high. I normally have to play every ball with some sort of flighted trajectory, or I club up. I like my shafts, but I'm not opposed to switching. I'm just afraid that anything heavier or stiffer will make my short irons too hard to hit. I've been eyeballing the Mizuno MP20 Blades because of the higher CG in the short irons, but I'm afraid that's not enough. Any recommendation on a blade
  17. A couple things up for sale. All prices are paypaled and shipped CONUS. Please reach out if you have any questions! (1) TaylorMade P790 (2017) - 4-PW, AW - $OLD Shafts - KBS C-Taper Lite X-Stiff (Pured)Grips - Lamkin Sonar Tour StandardSwing weight - 4-9 D3, PW/AW D4Loft - StandardLie - 1* FlatLength - +1/4 inchClubs are in very nice shape. Most notable blemish is a (very) small ding on the #5. Otherwise, normal wear/chatter from ~30 rounds of play. (2) Mitsubishi OT Tour 100 Stiff (Taper Tip) - 4-PW, AW - $225 8 Shafts - 4-PW and an extra PW cut to play as AWLengths: 37 3/8, 36 7/8, 36 3/
  18. Up for sale! Mizuno MP 20 MMC Irons Shafts - KBS C-Taper 120 Stiff Grips - GP Tour Velvet +1 wrap Standard length, loft, +1 upright Condition - 9/10 used for 12 rounds and always cleaned! No nicks or dings in the clubs. These were built by Club Champion Price - $500 shipped in the US. No trades at this time. Thank you, MerryTex Pin 4/14
  19. Bridgestone Tour BX CB 4-PW w/Nippon Modus3 125 stiff shafts. Standard length, loft and lie. I had them double checked and had the lie corrected on two of them last week. Grips are MCC Plus 4 standard. 7 and 8 iron have the most wear and are highlighted in pics below. Looks worse in pics than in real life but just for transparency. $600.Titleist TS3 3wood 15* w/HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 70g (stiff). Shaft is 42" by itself. Comes with matching head cover. Grip is Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 standard. 9.5/10. $200.Ping G400 9* w/Accra Tour Z RPG 462 M4+ (stiff). Comes with matching he
  20. Not really looking for trades but never hurts to ask, shipping included in list price, all prices OBO. Cobra S3 Pro combo set, 5-6 are CB, 7-PW MB, shafts are C-Taper 120 S, grips are NDMC Callaway pulls with lots of life left. Ferrules are a little marked up, some need glue. Faces are in great shape, fairly fresh lead tape on the heads that was put on just before they got hung up, happy peel it off for buyer. Can send more pics on request. Standard LLL as far as I know but haven't had them checked since putting them in the bag - $225 $200 Seamus Golf Driver Headcover, received in a Seamus R
  21. Odyssey Arm-Lock Putter. Never been used on course. Head still in plastic. Custom ordered at 43”, and 3-Degrees Upright. $190Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges - $SOLDLike NEW 50 degree 8 bounce F grind. KBS Tour 130 X Wedge Shaft. +2" over standard length. Golf Pride MCC Midsize Grip. Never hit on course USED 54 degree (bent to 55) 10 bounce "S" Grind. Plenty of life lift used about 15 rounds. HEAD ONLY. USED 58 degree (bent to 60) 10 bounce "S" Grind. Plenty of life lift used about 15 rounds. HEAD ONLY. Like NEW Black 58 degree 10 bounce "S" Grind. Stock shaft & length KBS C Taper 130 X. Never h
  22. Hi All! Quick sale here. Price includes shipping and will only ship CONUSA. Mizuno MP-25 5i-PW; Standard Lofts, Length +1/2 and Lie 1* flat to offset the added length. KBS Tour Black Nickel 125g S+ shafts with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord (standard). Selling these as they are my backup MP-25s (have another set, lol) and have no use as my collection of irons seem to keep growing. Asking $SOLD shipped Sole; Irons; Shaft Labels; Matching Serial Numbers; PW, 9i, 8i; 7i, 6i, 5i; Face - PW, 9i; Face - 8i, 7i; Face - 6i, 5i;
  23. So I'm ordering some pull out shafts which I need cut before I get them. (Kbs tour 105 stiff) I want to go -1/2. I pulled my 8 iron shaft it measured 35.25 and plays 36.25.... Can I just have them cut 1/2 in shorter ? The just follow down the line like my 9 iron plays 35.75 -1 then take 1/2 off of that? I attached my math... Thanks, Vince
  24. $110 Callaway X-Forged UT 21 degree with KBS Tour-V Stiff 110g shaft. Standard L/L/L and midsize CP2 grip. Ships free if paying advertised price. $OLD Set of Srixon Z765 irons heads ONLY. USED. Refer to pics for condition. Free shipping if paying advertised price. $75 Skechers Go Golf Pro 4 - Grey. Size 10. Brand new in box. Free shipping if paying advertised price
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