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  1. Hi, Does any1 know whether TaylorMade will be updating their Spider putter range this year or in the near future?? I am looking at updating my putter and wonder whether to do it now or wait a little longer?? Thanks in advance
  2. I cannot believe there is no talk about this putter on here as it gaining a ton of attention on Instagram. The putter is supposedly made to be an almost exact replica of Tiger's famous Newport Tri sole. It features a GSS 326 gram head, a Kbs CT Tour putter shaft, and is to be installed with a ping blackout grip just like the one Tiger has been using throughout his career. The stock specs are also identical to Tiger's with the putter having a loft of 4 degrees and a lie of 70 degrees and a length of 35 inches. The putter has caught already so many people's attention that there is a second batch
  3. Some of you may have seen a Mack Made putter photo on this site or on Instagram at some point. I couldn’t find any useful information or any reviews of his putters anywhere, but I decided to take a leap of faith and have Josey make me a custom oil quenched stainless Hudson Wide with his deeper milling and an etched spiral on the bottom and back flange. See photos below. My specific oily finish may not be to your liking, but I guarantee this dude can finish it the way you want it. Check out his Instagram feed for examples. The putter only took a month to complete, which is lightning fast for a
  4. Looking into a new putter and came across these...does anyone have any experience with these putters? Likes/dislikes
  5. Hey guys I recently picked up the EVNROLL er2 off the putting rack at golfers warehouse and it felt pretty nice of the face. Anyway do any of you game an EVNROLL putter? If so are they worth it and does the technology with the grooves actually work?
  6. I was gifted a new set so I’m getting rid of my “old” one, most of which doesn’t have much mileage on it. Lots of stuff below. Only trades I’m open to are for putters. Feel free to PM with questions or if you want more photos. Prices below include shipping (Up to $15 — you cover anything beyond that) and I’m willing to give a bulk discount for anyone who wants multiple items. Stock grips across the board. The drivers and hybrids are in great shape and have been used very little; the irons, however, are truly “used.”Callaway XR16 driver (10.5 degree) with Fujikura Evolution stiff shaft. Only u
  7. Just getting into restoration and picked up a classic newport to restore. Debating between Birchwood Casey gun blue or Caswell gel, what’s everyone’s experience with them? I’m open to other suggestions as well. Also, any tips on how to get the shiny look after the finish is applied?
  8. Guest

    Scotty Cameron Old vs. New

    What’s the consensus on this, specifically with the new Special Select line? Trying to decide between Special Select Newport and a restored Tei3 Newport. Prioritizing feel here, is it worth the few extra bucks for a classic?
  9. Getting into restoration/refinishing and am looking for some putters to work on. What are some good ones to start out on? I also wouldn’t mind putting one in the bag as well.
  10. I’m wanting to get into club/putter restoration and refinishing. Just picked up a bench grinder and some buffing/polishing wheels. Where do I start? What clubs or putter models are best to start out with? What are some good putter finishes to begin with? Etc. Any tips I could use for starting out would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Guest

    Can this Tei3 be restored?

    Wanting to restore a tei3 to put in the bag. Found this but I’m concerned about the dents in the face. Can this still be restored?
  12. I’m thinking about getting a tei3 and sending it in to get restored. I was wanting to get a soft feeling Scotty to put in the bag and thought why not go with a classic. For anyone who has used one, how was it? I’ve heard some complaints about the swing weight, is this a big problem? (I’ll be cutting it down to 33 inch)Scotty custom shop or third party? Custom shop seems very pricey but I’m willing to put in the extra if it’s worth it. If anyone has gone this route, how did it turn out?
  13. All prices include shipping to US and OBO. No trades, please! Stitch SL1 in navy. It's in really great shape, but it does have a defect. The lining inside the bag's left large pocket is torn at the seam (pictured). I'm sure it could be patched up with the right materials. The bag also features an emblem from the Devon Horse Show. The horse within the logo has since been scraped off. SOLD.Stitch Bonesman knit hybrid headcover in Carolina Blue/Navy/White. Brand new in plastic. Retails for $78. $55.Stitch Contender knit hybrid headcover in Navy/White. Brand new in plastic. Retails for $78. $55.St
  14. All putters are used and come with headcovers and are 35”. They all came from a Tour department unless noted. I will ship same day or next day via UPS ground with tracking numbers provided. No trades. Sik Sho. SoldOdyssey O Works #7. SoldOdyssey O Works R Ball. SoldOdyssey O Works R Ball. SoldTaylorMade Spider Limited Itsy Bitsy. SoldOdyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide. SoldOdyssey O Works Black 3T. Sold. Odyssey Metal X Dart Mid Armlock. Sold
  15. What platforms tend to sell affordable used putters for lefties?
  16. Hoping to find a new home for a couple of items. A small caveat on the putters: I’m listing two but only have one box - the first to purchase will get the chosen putter and I will attempt to sell the other locally unless I can source a box somewhere. There are 3 putters pictured in the group photo - please ignore the SeeMore. All prices shipped and should go out Monday.SUMMARY:Tour Striker Planemate - $130Evnroll ER5 Hatchback Black - $225Evnroll ER2 - $200 First is a gently used Planemate. I purchased it from a fellow GolfWRX member with intentions of utilizing it, but we moved shortly therea
  17. SOLD!!! Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2.5 - used in good condition. 2017 Club Cameron Accessories - all new condition. New Scotty Cameron Pistolero Grip. $300 obo takes it all. Will sell items separately so make me an offer. Scotty Newport 2.5 - 35” might be able to locate original HC - $230 obo Club Cameron Accessories (Head cover, Divot Tool, Tees, Bag Tag, pin) - $75 obo Scotty Pistolero Grip - $30 obo
  18. As the title states, what is the consensus for where to put lead tape on a Scotty Cameron Circa 62 no. 3? (Ping anser style for those that dont know) I have the asian spec one modeled at 34 inch and 340grams. I am trying to make it to 350grams by adding 10 grams of lead tape. Where is the best place for this? Sole or Cavity? Ive heard both... the lead tape is the high density 2 grams per 1 inch.
  19. Scotty Red X3 in good condition. There are a few small dings that are represented in the pictures. It has a Flatso 2.0 and original headcover in great shape. It plays at 34”. The shaft label and sole read 33” so there is an extension under the grip. I haven’t had the grip off to look at it. I’ll ship Priority Mail to CONUS the day after I receive cleared payment. PayPal preferred.
  20. Hi guys, Does anyone know of any manufacturers that make modern putters in the similar style to the real old school putters like Bobby Jones, Walter Hagens or Bill Melhorn styles. The only one I’ve been able to find is the Kronos D’arcy. Its a bit difficult to find the correct words for a search, I mostly just get either hickory putters or vintage ones. Thanks!
  21. wanted to get some info on whether this grip is real or fake? Thanks
  22. 9.9/10 condition wise. Pictures tell the story. Comes with PXG magnetic head cover. $215/OBO - $200/OBO-$190/OBO
  23. UP FOR SALE! Let me know if you have any questions or reasonable offers. Appreciate it! My trade interests: PXG irons, Epon Irons, Miura Irons, Scotty Phantom X 12.5Like New Titleist AP3 Iron Set $SOLD!3-PW+GW ( 9 clubs total )3 iron DG AMT BLACK S300 / 4-PW + GW DG AMT WHITE S400Standard Length Loft and LieStandard MCC Align Grips on 4-PW+ GW / Standard Tour Velvet on 3 iron Right HandedNew Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 $250!!!! SHIPPED OBRO 33.5 inches in lengthLie 69 / 1* flatLoft 4.5 / +1 loftRight HandedOrdered directly from Scotty Cameron custom sho as a back up putter that never got use
  24. Looking for any recommendations on putter restoration for a John Byron Dale Head putter, I am based in Canada and wondering if anyone has used a Canadian based company? I'm not opposed to sending it off south of the border if needed. It was previously finished in a black oil can style to my knowledge, but still has the original grip, shaft band, and headcover. It's not my go-to putter at the moment as I find it a bit light, but I'm still interested in restoring it even just for an "office" putter. Any insight or recommendations are appreciated.
  25. Betti sold! Three putters that just aren't working for me...and obviously it's the club, not my janky putting stroke. Shipped USPS Priority to lower 48. Only possible trade interests would be great condition 35" putters with 25-30* of toe hang and larger (SuperStroke 2.0 size) grip. 34" Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Flow. Perfect condition. Used for 2-3 rounds. Oversized grip. $OLD 35" Odyssey Stroke Lab Two Ball. Again, perfect condition. Used for 2-3 rounds. Oversized grip. $125...now $110 https://i.imgur.com/wxh4256.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1AFsU9I.jpg https://i.imgur.com/m8ggbb
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