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  1. Some of you may have seen a Mack Made putter photo on this site or on Instagram at some point. I couldn’t find any useful information or any reviews of his putters anywhere, but I decided to take a leap of faith and have Josey make me a custom oil quenched stainless Hudson Wide with his deeper milling and an etched spiral on the bottom and back flange. See photos below. My specific oily finish may not be to your liking, but I guarantee this dude can finish it the way you want it. Check out his Instagram feed for examples. The putter only took a month to complete, which is lightning fast for a complete custom milled putter from start to finish. He apparently designs and mills them himself, so he can machine etch anything you want into the putter (hence the spiral on the bottom). He sent me a video of the spiral design on CAD before he let it rip, along with other videos (mostly on the weekends) of every step along the way and was very responsive with all my questions. I’ve used this putter indoors a bunch and I now have like 10 rounds under my belt with it. The deeper milling gives this putter a buttery soft feel with a very pleasing deeper “tock” sound; it’s not clicky. The roll is great; it’s almost like the putter spontaneously absorbs the ball and then propels it forward. Distance control is a little tricky on the course with the larger and slightly heavier head (I estimate it’s about 375 grams or so: neck and body combined); however, it’s super easy to aim and is awesome for shorter putts. I’ve been dropping a lot of 5-10 foot putts with this thing (had my first eagle ever on a greasy 10-ft bender with this putter, so worth the price of admission just for that). I’ve also been sneaking in some longer birdies here and there when I get the speed right. The sweet spot seems larger on this Hudson Wide putter than any other milled putter I’ve tried (e.g; Byron Morgan Channel Island, Xenon Manta, TP Mills Trad XL, TP Mills Tour Issue Nellie Wings, Goodwood G7, TP Mills Sycamore Halfback, Lajosi Bayzie, Kevin Burns 703). The weighting is spot-on and the putter is really easy to smoothly swing. It sets up so nicely next to the ball; just plunks down square with no rocking, and like I said, is very easy to aim with the subtle lines on the flange and the top line. Oh yeah, the head cover is really high quality magnetic with a velvety interior, which was a nice added bonus... I don’t personally know Josey or have any affiliation with Mack Made, so I have no stake in the game. I’m just a dude that has some extra money to blow on high-quality milled putters. I took a chance and I’m very happy with my purchase from Mack Made. It was absolutely worth the money and performs on the course. I’ve bought and sold a lot of putters along the way; this dude makes some real deal high-quality stuff.
  2. Well I was sad to not be able to see this in person at the Milwaukee Golf Show in March, but I understand why Sub70 opted not to make the trip. I still had intentions of buying this putter, and pulled the trigger on Tuesday 5/5. Putter arrived on Saturday 5/9. I initially ran into Sub70 when doing research on Maltby equipment that I was considering making a build with. Some post said, "hey if you are considering those, check out Sub70..." so I did. WOW! I would have gone with their irons, but I ended up using some connections I had to bag some new MP-20's or else I would probably have their cb/mb combo in play. Maybe next time. Here is a little photo gallery of the 001. I will say that it was difficult to find good images of this putter in person when doing research, so I hope to cover most of the angles here. I did wish their video on their site had some good images, but it was just a clip of someone talking about the putter. Putter looks amazing and feels even better! My experience has been spot on with everyone else who has commented on their experience with Sub70, that being 100% positive. The only thing that I wish I could have had, was having the putter adjusted for the lie angle during the process. I reached out and they were prompt and told me they don't offer that service. It's not a deal breaker, I just have to take the extra trip to get it bent, which I was hoping to not have to do. I was not expecting a Headcover. This is a nice touch. No where on their site when you are looking at this putter do you see an image of a Headcover, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this. It also has the Magnetic snaps, and is not velcro, wise decision! And as most have reported, a personalized hand-written note from the owner, some tees and a ball marker! Thanks so much guys! Feels great on the rug, can't wait to get it out to the course this week! With feel being subjective and unique to everyone, this has a slightly firmer feel than the Ping Vault 2.0 B60 I have, as well as the 2020 Scotty Cameron Select Fastback. Just slightly firmer, but noticeable. I love the squared off look, like a Newport 2 and a simple clean line. There will be no excuses with this putter! All in was $149, which included shipping. I wen't with the win exec standard grip as I am not a superstroke fan. They offer the 1.0 slim, flatso and a couple of 2.0 models as well for an additional $10.
  3. Good Evening, I have up for sale a Scotty Cameron Golo 7. Putter is in good condition and has a few marks here and there, but nothing major. Purchased this on here a few weeks back and never even made it to the course with it. Just wanting to get my money back on it. * Dual Balance * Includes HC in great shape * 38" SOLD I have been buying and selling on here for a decade and have all good feedback and hundreds of transactions.
  4. Sorry for not including this in the original post, shipping is split 50/50 paypal: [email protected] 1) Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #6, in absolute gorgeous condition, original headcover included, new SS 2.0 mid slim grip, 35", SOLD 2) Nike Method Core MC01w, also in great shape, original headcover included, SS 3.0 mid slim grip kinda old but still plenty of life left, 34", SOLD 3) MacGregor Bobby Grace Design DCT Sunset, never been used, original headcover included, golfgear grip, 35", no clue how to price this, how about $40? 4) Odyssey White Hot RX #7, in great shape, original headcover included, Winn Jumbo Lite Grip, 34", has sharpie line, can be erased easily, ONLY $60 NOW 5) Titleist Aussie Hat, brand new with tag, $30, size S/M, DROP DOWN TO $20 /
  5. Hoping for some quick movement here but who knows! Will ship everything quickly and always up for trades. Mainly looking for a Spider X with True Path (or whatever they call it). 1. Odyssey O-works 2Ball Red with Stability shaft (33") - The sight line was added by me and painted with Testors Paint. I think it came out pretty good. I am really looking to trade this for a TM Spider X blue or copper with true path. But since I need a price - $240 NOW $195. 2. 1 Dozen ProV1 - last model - these have a logo on them, if you need a picture just let me know - $SOLD 3. Titleist Computer Backpack - this is basically new, used one time. There is a logo on the front pocket but it is embroidered in black. If you want to see pictures please let me know and I can send them. $SOLD
  6. Only one and style made. Never made another 9mm like this. Comes with certificate of authenticity. I love it but I am selling to save up for some National Customs. $545 Length is 34.
  7. I have **2** items up for sale today. *No trades at this time, but I am open to offers.* 1.) Evnroll ER1 Putter. 100% milled. It was my gamer for 1 season. This putter is awesome, i just decided to move back to a mallet style putter to fit my stroke better. Asking ~~$275~~. **$250** 2.) Nike Flyknit High top Golf Shoes, size 11.5, worn for approximately 5-7 rounds total. Still in very good condition. Paid $150 for them new when they first came out. Asking ~~$75~~ **$65** but open to offers. Please message me with any questions you may have. thanks!
  8. Got a couple things for sale and not interested in any trades at the moment... ~~1. EvenFlow T1100 White 65g 6.0 SOLD~~ ~~2. Golf Buddy LR7s Rangefinder SOLD~~ 3. Taylormade Spider Weight Kit Pair of... 16g, 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g, 5g, 1g Comes with clamshell and MWT torque wrench $60 shipped and paypal'd
  9. Hey All - two items up for sale tonight. 1. Peter Millar Masters Vest - XL - This has never been worn, the tags were just removed. It's reversible and a great piece - wish it fit. Was a couple hundred bucks at the masters (Pics are of what Peter Millar listed - can send actuals if interested) - **Asking $125** 2. 2019 Scotty Cameron Newport - 35 Inches and in Great shape - a couple of marks on the top line (Captured in pictures) but nothing major - awesome club! Have one of the super stroke grips on it that has been used for ~2 months (Has got pretty dirty from being white) - Headcover included - ~~**Asking $280**~~ **SOLD**
  10. Bettinardi SOLID COPPER Tour Stock BB-28 Custom. The holy grail search is over, one of a kind Tour Stock solid copper Bettinardi with FIT face. 36” long, with salty cork midsize constant taper grip. Allowed to patina to perfection, no treatment done and paint fill on the bumper “snow” removed. No putter has ever had better distance control for me, always super consistent and quite forgiving as well. No glare in the sun. Don’t feel bad about this one seeing grass, she is made to be gamed, but is pretty enough for a collectors piece. Loft and lie have not been checked since last year, do change over time. Let me know for any other questions. Thanks for looking! $850 Shipped with Insurance Will consider trades for 3/4 toe hang blade putters, plumbers necks, TP Mills or other Handmades.
  11. Evnroll ER5 Hatchback putter. Putter measures 34.5" and weighs in at 370gr. Matching headcover and matching magnetic ball marker. Super Stroke Pistol GT 1.0 Putter Grip with CounterCore 50g Weight. Price: $SOLD SHIPPED CONUS.
  12. Does anyone have a bettinardi bb8 that they are willing to sell. Preferably would like to have a newer model.
  13. Recently I picked up an old bettinardi bb8 made in 2000 and I absolutely love it. But I kinda want a newer model. Does the bb8 from 2000 sit and look like the bb8 from 2016 or are their differences. Please help
  14. Hey guys, only played 27 holes with it...in excellent shape. Asking ~~$235~~ $225 shipped. Thanks!
  15. I’m wanting to get into club/putter restoration and refinishing. Just picked up a bench grinder and some buffing/polishing wheels. Where do I start? What clubs or putter models are best to start out with? What are some good putter finishes to begin with? Etc. Any tips I could use for starting out would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hoping to find a new home for a couple of items. A small caveat on the putters: I’m listing two but only have one box - the first to purchase will get the chosen putter and I will attempt to sell the other locally unless I can source a box somewhere. There are 3 putters pictured in the group photo - please ignore the SeeMore. All prices shipped and should go out Monday.SUMMARY:Tour Striker Planemate - $130Evnroll ER5 Hatchback Black - $225Evnroll ER2 - $200 First is a gently used Planemate. I purchased it from a fellow GolfWRX member with intentions of utilizing it, but we moved shortly thereafter and almost all of my time since has been spent on projects at our new house. I used the short band for a few weeks prior to moving but never really worked my way up to the others. It will ship with all original packaging. $130 shipped. Putters: Evnroll ER5 Hatchback Black - 35” w/ stock headcover and Gravity Grip - $225 shipped. Evnroll ER2 - 35” w/ stock headcover/ball mark and stock grip - $200 shipped.
  17. All prices include shipping to US and OBO. No trades, please! Stitch SL1 in navy. It's in really great shape, but it does have a defect. The lining inside the bag's left large pocket is torn at the seam (pictured). I'm sure it could be patched up with the right materials. The bag also features an emblem from the Devon Horse Show. The horse within the logo has since been scraped off. SOLD.Stitch Bonesman knit hybrid headcover in Carolina Blue/Navy/White. Brand new in plastic. Retails for $78. $55.Stitch Contender knit hybrid headcover in Navy/White. Brand new in plastic. Retails for $78. $55.Stitch leather driver headcover in Carolina Blue/White. Features a Devon Horse Show logo. Brand new without plastic. Retails for $78. $55.Stitch Monte Carlo leather putter blade headcover in Navy/White. Brand new without plastic. Looks like Stitch doesn't make this design in a blade style anymore. Retails for $68. SOLDCleveland Smart Square TFI Halo CB. Possibly the easiest putter to line up. Barely used and in great shape. Features a Super Stroke Flatso 2.0 XL with a 75 gram countercore weight. 37 inches. No headcover. SOLDLet me know if you have any questions! Thanks for looking.
  18. What do you lot think about my dilemma? I removed all the paint fills and used a 3M pad to give it a brushed look, with the intention of painting it back up. However, I'm really liking the raw/blank look. I'd appreciate any feedback
  19. Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide. 34" $180 OBO Bought it here on the forums. Only used for a handful of rounds. I love it, but I recently picked up an EVNROLL ER2 and just prefer the weight of that. GP Pro Only grip is basically brand new. Original headcover included.Bettinardi for Mizuno C02. 34" $OLDGot this on eBay a couple years ago. Only used for a handful of rounds. I wanted to love this, but I cant hit a blade. Face feels good and the finish is cool. It looks like a really light gold in the light. Bettinardi (Lamkin) Jumbo Deep Etched grip is basically brand new. Do not have the original headcover, but will send with a headcover. Would be open to the following trades: Jones Trouper bag 3i with X flex shaft (Titleist T-MB, TM 790, Mizuno 919 HMP or MP20 HMB, Srixon U or Callaway U)
  20. Two Scottys up for sale prices include shipping head covers included with putters Newport 2.6 with less than rounds on a Scotty Pistol grip. $OLDAmerican Classics iii Bullseye Heavy Flange with brand new Scotty Matador grip.$ 275Offers accepted.
  21. Very nice 35 inch Cameron Futura 5.5M with cover. Great condition (pics tell the story) minimal use and always covered, no trades. Price is shipped in USA. $200 OBRO shipped Bought a brand new G410 LST with Tour 65 stiff, took this shaft out and put a Tensei CK Pro Orange in it. Standard Ping driver length. 410 adapter. Price is shipped priority mail but not in that box. No Trades $65 shipped
  22. Scotty Cameron Mil spec Pro Platinum 33” 350gram. Bought it to refinish and freshen up but got other plans now. Scotty matador grip in good condition. Comes with headcover. Sold Fujikura Atmos Red Tour Spec stiff 6s shaft. New standard grip with 2 wraps underneath. Measures 43” from butt to tip. Does not have tip installed. Not sure on tipping, but if you know measurements from a graphic I can measure to find out. $70 shipped
  23. I dropped in to see a local putter/headcover maker recently and was blown away with what I saw. Scott Readman told me a story about a customer who came in with a pair of signed Usain Bolt running spikes and asked if they could be turned into a couple of headcovers?????? I have a large collection of SRC headcovers which are all off the radar but I have never seen anything like this before. He went on to say he planned to use as much of the shoes as possible and decided to make 5 headcovers and 5 putters. I asked his permission to show the images on WRX so here they are. EPIC!
  24. I’m looking for an upgrade from my Odyssey white hot #1 putter and have been looking into different style putters. Mostly want to stick with blade style putters. I’ve been looking at the Brandon H PXG putter. Does anyone have any experience with it? Also, how important is it to have the correct putter for your stroke style? (Straight/slight arc/strong arc)
  25. I can’t find this one anywhere listed. I can find the short neck - but not this one. Trying to find the value??
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