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Found 16 results

  1. Looking for descent set of irons right now I just have a big mix bag of irons and wanted something all the same I usually shoot around 90 to 95
  2. I've been discussing this with my therapist lately (yeah, I'm cray cray). We've been talking about why I should stop asking myself why as this illicits a negative response versus how or what, which provokes you to go into problem solving mode. Example: You've woken up late and missed your flight, you ask yourself why and you do nothing but tell yourself what a piece of trash you are that you overslept. Golf Example: You hit a slice into the woods, yell, "whyyy" and tell yourself how much you suck. Example#2: You've woken up late and missed your flight, you ask yourself how you can resolve the
  3. All prices are PP and shipped CONUS. I am not looking for any trades right now with the exception of a Jones Player series walking bag. I will listen to offers and as always bundling on shipping saves. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions. Scratch AR-1 4-P KBS Tour X original Pure grips with the Scratch logo. I would replace the grips at some point this year if I were to keep them. I haven't been able to get the LLL checked but everything feels standard. I got them in April and they are just a little too much stick for me. Keeping them for now. TaylorMade Original One Mini
  4. Good morning fellow WRXers, long-time forum lurker that finally decided to join. Still haven't figured out the signature thing so a little about me: 28 years old with a very homemade swing, have maintained a low single digit handicap for years now (always between 1.6 and 3.5), and legitimately average around 285-300 off the tee depending on fairway conditions. I hit it far enough that most courses around 6500 yards with firm conditions become a driver and flip wedge contest, what should be a recipe for low scores. Alas, I shot 70 and 71 (par 72 courses) numerous times but never could crack the
  5. Just 2 items for you tonight. Trying to make a little money to help with closing costs. All Prices are Shipped from East Coast, OBO. All payments must be via PayPal. Trades considered. I will be unable to ship 6/18-6/21. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional photos Scratch AR-1 v2 5-PW - Conforming Grooves, DS Grind. Fantastic forgiving forged cavity back irons. Standard bag chatter for 1018 Forged irons. Faces are in great shape with no browning, you will not see another set in this shape. Dynamic Gold R300 Shafts and Golf Pride cord grips with plenty of
  6. Hey y'all! Its been a while since I've been browsing through the ole pages of GolfWRX. I was hoping I could get y'alls help on recommending some new irons to get. I've been out of the equipment loop for a bit so I'm not sure what is the new things to get or what people are recommending. Few stats that might help point y'all in the right direction:Currently playing: Mizuno MP 68 3-PW with Project X 6.0sHandicap: When I was a member at Sedgefield CC I got down to a +2.2 (moved to Charlotte in 2018 and have been playing sparsely since). Probably in the range of 2-5 right now. Swing Speed: Driver
  7. Hi y’all, just saw the Mizuno mp20. Man what a good looking iron. I love the look of the Wilson staff blade as well. I’ve that that is the best looking iron for all of 2019. Just curious what you guys think in terms of looks or which blade is your favorite. wont be gaming them but fun to look at !
  8. All items are OBRO. Prices are shipped unless internationally. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything Photos are in the comments due to issues including them in post. Rare Scratch Prototype Putter Scratch 1st Run Putter. This is a very hard to find Scratch mallet putter. I have recently learned that this was a Prototype putter built in Japan in 2007. Less than 5 of these were built. It is part of a numbered series with this being #13 of 100 putters. Confirmed by Ari. This club is in very good condition, with the exception of a ding on the toe of the putter as shown in p
  9. So I am rusting a SM7 vokey wedge. It was originally black but I used naval jelly to remove the finish. Sanded it down a bit too just to make sure I was underneath all the finish. I made a solution of hyrdogen peroxide 16oz, White Wine Vinegar 2oz, and Salt 1/2oz. I applied it to the wedge and BOOM instantly starts rusting. HOWEVA I can't get it to keep the rust on it. Once it drys its nice and rusted and kinda rough. All good things but the second I play with it I hit a shot wipe my wedge and take a bunch of rust right with me. Is this how its always going to be. Should I use more solution ma
  10. All prices are shipped to CONUS, thanks! Carbon Cody James Patriot with a very sharp look! Cody James does some great work, this is his 49th putter he’s produced. Timascus “c” insert, black shaft, ostrich grip - 355g head wt, 68*, 3*, plays 35” $1000 OBO 53* KLD grind Jeff McCoy wedge, recoil shaft $OLD Coobs/Wedge Wizard Collab Driver Cover - $OLD Coobs Red Driver Cover - $OLD Malbon Dancing Buckets Driver Cover - $70 OBO
  11. Hey folks, I've been coming across many instances of the idea that training harder than you play is the way to improve. I figured I'd start compiling a list for myself and others of different things we can do in our practice to make our performance on the course even better. I'm not entirely sure where I got some of these ideas, but if I come across them again, I will edit with links to the specific articles/videos. I would love to hear your ideas as well. **1**. 9 holes of 2-ball worst ball scramble - We hit two tee shots on every hole. We select the worst shot. We hit two balls fro
  12. Miura 1957 Baby Blades 4-PW (heads only). -condition (9.5/10) Hit on the range. Some clubs still haven’t seen a ball! The 7 iron has a minor scuff on the toe. Otherwise, new condition! I can send more pictures if needed. Asking $1200 Miura tournament 001 mb’s -4-pw -Kbs tour x- stiff shafts p-5, 4 has a recoil x shaft -golf pride new decade grips (new) -great condition (8/10) Asking $850 Miura Limited Forged Black Mb’s -3- PW. -true temper black gold x-stiff shafts -golf pride new decade midsize grips (new) -great condition (8/10) (Grooves are still mint. T
  13. I scuffed my white hot pro odyssey putter on either the sole or spike of my golf shoe. It’s definitely a scuff and not a scratch. I’ve tried to buff it out using nail polish remover, wd 40 and a magic eraser (not at the same time and they were suggestions from google searches). None of that worked. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  14. I've got a wedding to pay for, so thinning the herd a bit. All prices are shipped. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them, unless its calculus. I hated calculus. 1. ) **Hand Milled Scratch Putter**- One of the first Hand Milled putters from Scratch, made by Jeff McCoy in a raw finish. It is center shafted with a milled face, Scratch logo and "CRAIGO" stamped into the face. Lead tape on the bottom for added weight, however, this can be removed. The finish does show some patina, but overall in great condition. 34" shaft with a gray PURE oversized grip and
  15. Recently I picked up an old bettinardi bb8 made in 2000 and I absolutely love it. But I kinda want a newer model. Does the bb8 from 2000 sit and look like the bb8 from 2016 or are their differences. Please help
  16. Really amazing set that I bought on here several years ago and never ended up gaming. Time for these to go to someone that will use them. These have seen about 10 rounds total - great shape, no browning, no major nicks or dings, some light bag chatter. Great chance to get your hands on one of the nicest SB-1 - 5i-PW w/ AR-1 4i - polished finish, no paintfill D/S Grind PX Satin 6.0 shafts Blue Lamkin Grips Plays to a 39 inch 5i, and the 9i and PW play to the same length (I bought them that way and never changed it). Looking for $550 OBO shipped I have a ton of pictures, so happy to
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