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  1. I see where both Titleist and Taylormade are going to offer the 90g and 100g versions of the HZRDUS Smoke Black shafts in their new U500/510 & UDI driving irons. Does anyone know if these will be available to retail aftermarket? I'm gonna need that 100g 6.5 for my GAPR LO in the worst way - perfect match for my 70g and 80g in driver and fairway!!!
  2. Have any of you out there gamed both of these. If so, which one did you like the best and why? Long story relatively short- I used to play the Tour V(X) and I thought it was a great shaft. I had surgery on my left shoulder last year. After being released I was told to go to a "softer" shaft for "a while". I got fitted and we came up with the LZ 6.0. Its been over a year and I'm as "healed" as I'm gonna get. My issue is that the LZ is a really smooth, accurate shaft but the launch and spin are high for my liking. I took the KBS Shaft Fit and came up with the Tour V(X-again), and I took the PX shaft finder and came up with the LZ 6.0. I was thinking that the Tour V in Stiff might be a viable option, but am concerned that I might end up in the same boat I'm currently in. I've heard that the LZs are a little bit soft to flex and was therefore thinking about going to the LZ 6.5 and that may lower the spin and launch. I have a really strong feeling that another fitting is in my near future, but I like to go in as prepared as I can be. Any thoughts/ suggestions/ ideas are greatly appreciated.
  3. Price Drop to $400 Brand new Cobra F9 driver. 9 degree with headcover and tool. I custom ordered with Project X evenflow shaft in 6.0 stiff. Has the cobra connect.
  4. This is a new set of Kyoei KK MB irons, with heads still shrink-wrapped, and looking really nice. I am charging the same price as the major distributor, but am offering FREE SHIPPING in the US. ================== Clubs: 4 iron through PW (7 pcs) Shafts: Project X PXI 6.0--personally preferred, lightweight steel shafts Grips: Golf Pride MCC Plus4 in grey Condition: Absolutely brand new, with shrink-wrap on heads ================== Photos: =================== Payment: PayPal Pinned 4/19
  5. 1. I have a lightly used Hzrdus Black hybrid shaft that I pulled from a Taylormade p790. It is standard 2 iron length. 85g, 6.5, x-stiff! $40 shipped 2. 10 Lamkin UTX mid-sided grips. Red. I decided to use a different color. $40 shipped
  6. Willing to entertain all reasonable offers on the items below. Will answer all messages in the order received. **1. Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei Pro Orange 70tx Shaft with Ping Tip.....$old** Measures 44” and plays 45” in a ping driver. Shaft was tipped 1/2”. Tour velvet grip. -- **2. Project X Hzrdus T1100 6.5 85g Tour Issue Fairway Shaft 41 7/8”....$old** Shaft is untipped, no adapter and no grip. -- **3. Project X Hzrdus T1100 6.5 85g Tour Issue Fairway Shaft 40 3/4”...$old** Shaft is tipped 1” and is ungripped with no adapter. -- **4. Project X Hzrdus Black 105g 6.5 Handcrafted Hybrid Shaft 37 5/8”...$old** Ungripped and no adapter. Shaft was tipped 1/4” -- **5. Project X Hzrdus Black 6.5 105g Hybrid Shaft 37.25”...$old** Ungripped and no adapter. Shaft was tipped 1/4”. -- **6. Project X Hzrdus Black 105g 6.5 Handcrafted Hybrid Shaft 36 7/8”...$old** Tipped 1.5” and played in a shorter hybrid. Could be extended to play in a standard length driving iron/hybrid. Price reflects this need. -- **7. Tom Wishon 771csi 5-AW Iron Set MOI Matched Project X 6.5 Gripmaster Roo Grips, with MOI Matched 775hs 4 Hybrid reamed to .370 and s2s Stepless Steel Shaft...IRONS SOLD, Hybrid remains for $50* Set is MOI Matched to 2750 kg/cm^2 Project X 6.5 shafts with Gripmaster “The Roo” Kangaroo Leather midsize grips. Prosoft vibration dampening inserts installed. 4 hybrid has been reamed to accept a .370 shaft and currently has a Wishon S2S Stepless stiff shaft tip trimmed to x flex. This shaft is a close match to C Taper R+ before additional tipping. Plays more like a very forgiving 4 iron, with a lower trajectory and makes an excellent long iron replacement club. Irons are in good condition. Clean grooves with bag chatter marks on the heads. 7 iron has a shallow surface crack forming in the face that hasn’t yet affected playability, but it may not last too long and could need replacing. See last iron pic. Iron Specs are as follows: 4H: 38 5/8", 24* loft, 61* lie 5: 38” 27* Loft 59* lie 6: 37 5/8” 30* Loft 59.5* lie 7: 37 1/4” 34* Loft 60* lie 8: 36 7/8” 38* Loft 60.5* lie 9: 36 1/2” 42* Loft 61* lie PW: 36 1/8” 46* Loft 61.5* lie AW: 36 1/8” 50* Loft 61.5* lie Swing weights would vary from D3-D6, but all clubs match to the target MOI and feel similar to swing. This iron design bends easily, and specs can be adjusted relatively freely within 4*. ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/spkAAOSwWuRc6Tx6/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/OmAAAOSwH1Vc6Tx9/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/L~IAAOSwAdtc6TyB/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/ocAAAOSwUzxc6TyD/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/cpoAAOSwU2tc6TyF/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/H9AAAOSwpLtc6TyG/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/WW8AAOSwgRpc6TyJ/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/AJkAAOSwz39c6TyL/s-l1600.jpg "") -- **8. Tom Wishon 950hc 18* 5 Wood Head...$50** Deeper faced, compact 5 wood. Head cover included. ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/PScAAOSw319c4z8U/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/jasAAOSwXJBc4z8V/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/MBEAAOSwDUZc4z8X/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/S2gAAOSw~dVc4z8Z/s-l1600.jpg "") ![](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/5bUAAOSwU9hc4z8a/s-l1600.jpg "") -- **9. Tom Wishon 919 F/D 14* Fairway Driver Head...$old** Can be used as a deep faced oversized 3 wood off the deck or as a driver replacement off the tee. Very versatile and long club. Extremely forgiving. -- **10. Project X Evenflow Blue Handcrafted 55g 5.0 A Flex Driver Shaft 43.5” PXG...$old** Winn dritac midsize grip. Plays 45”.
  7. Very clean Taylormade tour preferred 2 iron head asking $40 obo PX Hzrdus black 2 iron shaft 6.0. Came out of UDI. 38 inches grip to tip Asking $80 obo Oban Devotion 6 with Taylormade Adaptor. 65 grams Stiff flex (04) 44 1/4 from end of grip to end of adaptor tip. Does have to scratches on the graphics. Asking $90 obo
  8. Up for sale today is two iron sets and a 3 wood shaft. Project X HZRDUS Black 6.5 75G - $75 KBS Tour 130x 4-PW (.355) standard length - $90 KBS Tour V 130g X flex 4-PW +1/2 (.355) - **SOLD**
  9. After testing different sets of irons and shafts, I notice that I prefer the feel of non-stepped iron shafts. I am not sure what it is, but when swinging stepped shafts I feel like I lose the club in the back swing and have to be very deliberate in transition to find the feeling again. Non-Stepped shafts have a much more solid feel, and I feel the energy transfer through the shaft and into impact better. Would love to hear anyone else's feelings about these types of shafts. For reference, the stepped shafts I have been testing are S300's, S400's and X100's. Non-stepped shafts I have been testing are CTapers, Project X 6.0/6.5
  10. Good Evening, Only Trades would be strong lofted hybrid SIM or Apex or Alike all prices include shipping, add $5 if west of the ole Mississippi River , only shipping to the CONUS 1st is a ping tour shaft 80X 43.25" no tip included just needs to be prepped $25 OBO 2nd is a Cobra ONE Utility 4iron Project X 6.5 Steel 38.25" $130 OBO ( if i can find it i can include the senior flex recoil graphite shaft it originally came with LMK)
  11. I currently have an M3 Driver with a HZRDS Yellow 6.0 60g shaft and an M4 Tour with HZRDS Yellow 6.0 70g shaft. Looking into also getting a SIM Max HYBRID, but not sure what shaft to for it. I am wanting a low launch/spin shaft. I ha dna P790 UDI with a HZRDS black shaft. Should I get the same in the hybrid? Thanks for the help!
  12. Hey all, I need a bit of help. So I’ve been playing golf for nearly 20 years, since age 10, and have never had a proper iron fitting. Currently playing cobra pro cb/mb with project x 6.0 that were released in 2008/2009. They’ve worked for me but now I feel I’m in a spot financially to upgrade my irons. So I got fitted at local shop that came highly recommended. Going into the fitting I was a bit nervous because I’ve been working through some swing faults. After working through my 7 iron, the fitter first started by trying to zero in on my shaft. Ended up the project x 6.0 was perfect for my swing. Now the head, eventually settled on Callaway apex pro with titleist t100s being a close second. Numbers showed I had the lowest spin without giving up distance on apex pro. Initially I was shocked, I wasn’t really looking at the apex pro going into the fitting. I had been thinking about maybe titleist, mizuno or taylormade. Since the fitting I’ve been watching and reading videos on apex pro, and reviews are good. I’m torn between apex pro and t100. Here was problem with fitting, I didn’t try any cobra heads, jpx919, t100 head wasn’t in the shop (from what I’ve read there is a difference between t100 and t100s), and taylormade p730 was just discontinued. My thought is to go to a different fitter, thinking Haggin Oaks in Sacramento area, and try again. In the mean time, I’m still working on my confidence with irons and trying to schedule a lesson. Any advice you have would be great!
  13. Only 1 item for sale, it's a PXG Gen1 0341X 13* 2 Wood. The shaft is a HZRDUS Yellow Smoke 6.5. Do not be intimidated by the 2 wood, it is not at all difficult to elevate This is in awesome shape, the pics do not do it justice. Looking for $OLD OBO shipped in the CONUS.
  14. I love the way MCC+4s feel on Dynamic Gold's, but I play mostly ProjectX, which I've read don't taper at the handle like Dynamic Golds. Is that correct? I don't have calipers to measure the diameter at the bottom hand. I wear a medium glove and I've played MCC and Tour Velvet Standard, 1, 2, 3 extra wraps under the double-sided tape and also midsize. The TV are 1/16 smaller diameter than MCC. MCC Midsize are too large. I played them on irons and wedges for a year. Could someone recommend how I could replicate the exact diameter of MCC+4 on a Dynamic Gold with either a an MCC or MCC+4 on a ProjectX? Should I build up the right hand more using MCC?
  15. I am about to purchase a PXG driver and I have a few shaft options and I am not sure what shaft to go with. My current driver trajectory is high and I tend to not get much rollout. Im looking to get a low-mid launch with a decent amount of rollout. Im currently using a Hzrdus Smoke Black shaft in my current driver but it just hasnt been doing it for me. My PXG driver shaft options are Aldila Green NXT (65,75), Evenflow Blue (75), Evenflow White (65,75), Hzrdus Smoke Yellow (60,70), and the Fujikura Pro 2.0 (63, 73). Any help or advice you all could give me would be great!
  16. I have a bit of a shaft dilemma. I currently play P7TWs with X100s at +1" length. 6 iron SS is ~106mph and driver 122-125mph. I have a pretty steep AOA being taller and have played PX 6.5 in Mizuno MP-18s in the past but I've found the flight to be a bit unplayable at times. This is why the switch to X100s to try and keep the flight down. I know iron head design plays a big role here but both of these blades have pretty comparable VCOG with the TWs being marginally higher. I have also tried putting 7.0s in my TWs because I was starting to have elbow issues with the X100s and knew I didn't have any problems with this with PX in the past playing just as much. I ended up switching back to the X100s because I didn't like the higher flight of the 7.0s and quite frankly they just felt like crap. Especially paired with the firmer feel of the TW club head. My question is - do I look at getting prosoft or sensicore inserts for the X100s and call it a day or look to something like X7 that is stiffer but maybe won't give me the same elbow issues or go back to 6.5s which I know don't give me elbow issues? The other consideration here is SW and obviously playing at 1" over it can start to get a little crazy. The shortest I can feel comfortable with is 3/4" over. I know these types of threads have been overdone so many times but I went through trying to read as much as possible on previous threads and couldn't find this type of scenario. Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks.
  17. Was curious if anyone has some insight to this comparison. My TS3 is currently in the mail back to Titleist (cracked face) so a buddy has let me use his TS3 with a small batch smoke green in 60g 6.5 flex. I typically use a heavier driver shaft that's is a little less stiff. But the first time on the course with this bad boy I was impressed. Hit low-spinning bullets that ran out much farther than my typical distances with my AD-GP 7X and the shaft felt responsive, but extremely stable. I enjoyed it throughout the round but it was just a little light for my taste as I'm a larger person (6'5 240). I'm pretty confident the 70 gram 6.5 would be too beefy for me, but want to know what I gain/lose with a 70 gram 6.0 vs. the 60 gram 6.5? Really appreciate it! My swing speed is roughly 115-120 depending on the weather and my back haha. Transition doesn't look quick because of my size but measures quick as I'm a bit handsy. Cheers, J
  18. Hello, friends... Never hit. From Taylormade to me to you. Take a look. Grip: Taylormade Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard (logo down)Standard Length: 43.25"Standard Lie: 59˚(1) Free sleeve of Snell MTB-X or MTB BLACKPrice includes shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees...$200 OBO...SOLD
  19. All prices are shipped to CONUS, thanks! Sugarloaf Social Club dancing shields waxed canvas Mackenzie bag. 8” opening and 2 pockets. Very limited bag that won’t be offered again. In great condition. $OLD Red Sugarloaf Social Club pimento visor. Gently used. $40 Cobra F9 Driver 10.5* in avalanche white. Great shape with no marks/scratches/dings. Comes with a Tour AD DI 6s stiff shaft that plays standard. Includes headcover and 14g/18g weights. $OLD New Level 902 irons 4-PW + 50* GW. With project x 6.0 shafts and golf pride align grips. Play +0.5” and 2* up - great al around set with minimal wear/chatter. $575 OBO STX 5.5 putter with American Ryder cup super stroke grip. Plays 34.5” and includes original headcover. $80 OBO Hopkins CJ-1 54* and 58* wedges. Are in great shape and have plenty of life in them. $65 for the pair
  20. A few items us for sale today. Pricing includes shipping to the lower 48. Reasonable offers considered. Shipping anywhere else other than that will have to be quoted before buying. Only trade interest would possibly be a Tensei Pro White or a Truss TM2 putter. 1.) Scotty Limited Release Teryllium Newport 2 putter. 35" in length. Grip was changed to a Pure putter grip. Putter is in Near Mint Condition. I only played it for 4 rounds so has some very minimal scratching on the sole from that. Headcover is included. $OLD 2.) Xenon hand made putter. These are hand made by a guy in Nashville. This one is 35" in length with a Super Stroke grip and black shaft. Very nice magnetic headcover included. Only put into play for 2 rounds so in mint condition. Great feel and has that slight "ting" sound as well. You won't be disappointed. $250.00 3.) 2 Tensei White 70X shafts. Both shafts are equipped with Taylormade tips and play 45.5 in a M5 driver. One shaft has never seen the course and one has been played with 5 rounds. $60 each
  21. Went through my fitting at CC today and was blown away by the results and feel of the Oban CT 115. Then I found out about the cost lol. Does anybody have any recommendation for something with a profile that is close to this shaft? I’ve searched and it seems pretty inconclusive on WRX, but I thought I’d check and see if anybody has found the affordable alternative to this shaft. Thanks.
  22. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 Driver Shaft - SOLD -Ping G400 Tip -Lamkin Crossline Cord Grip -44.5 inches DM me with offers
  23. For sale: Cobra King Speedzone Big Tour FW 13.5*. Comes with headcover and adjustment tool. Shaft is HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5 70g shaft with a Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Arccos grip. It’s a beast off the tee and surprisingly easy to elevate off the deck. Used for about 8 or 9 rounds $235
  24. All prices include US domestic shipping. PXG 0811x GEN2 10.5* head with matching leather cover and adapter. Barely used. SOLD Tour AD DI6s 3 wood shaft with recent TM adapter. Stiff flex. 41.25” long. Mint SOLD Aldila Pink NVS 55 stiff driver shaft with Ping G410 adapter. 44.5” long. $65 Mint. HZRDUS Red driver shaft 62g 5.5 flex with recent TM adapter. 43” long mint. SOLD Project X PXv regular flex driver shaft. 43.5” long with recent TM adapter. SOLD Mavrik driver cover. Like new. $15 SOLD
  25. Hey All! I’m looking to buy some new or used irons for this year and I’m curious about your rec’s. I’d usually go for a fitting but, with the circumstances going on I’m unable to right now. A little info: Currently playing some no name hand-me-down irons and ready to upgrade. No handicap but usually in the low to mid 80’s. I had an iron fitting last year so I know my general specs (PX 6.5, 62 lie angle.) 120mph driver ss and 34 degree 7 iron travels 180-185. The problem I have is I’m a steeper player and any shot into wind tends to balloon and loose huge distance. Looking for something with traditional(ish) lofts for gaping with some forgiveness without a bunch of weight at the bottom as not to increase launch. I look forward to what you think! Thanks!
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