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  1. Have any of you out there gamed both of these. If so, which one did you like the best and why? Long story relatively short- I used to play the Tour V(X) and I thought it was a great shaft. I had surgery on my left shoulder last year. After being released I was told to go to a "softer" shaft for "a while". I got fitted and we came up with the LZ 6.0. Its been over a year and I'm as "healed" as I'm gonna get. My issue is that the LZ is a really smooth, accurate shaft but the launch and spin are high for my liking. I took the KBS Shaft Fit and came up with the Tour V(X-again), and I took the P
  2. Anyone had the opportunity to swing the stock hzrdus green available in the SIM and the Cobra SZ? How does it compare to the small batch? I know with previous hzrdus shafts the differences between stock and handcrafted were relatively minimal. Just curious
  3. Scotty Cameron Flowback 5.5, 34”, standard specs with Custom topline by Bastain Milled. $120 for that work. Putter used 5 times in excellent shape. $400 OBO. Evenflow white T11006.5, 65g w/Taylormade tip. Plays 44.75” installed. Came out of M5. $75 OBO.
  4. Two Items for sale. All prices include overnight shipping in the CONUS. 1) Rogue SZ 5 wood with GD Tour AD-IZ8x Golf Pride Tour Velvet MidsizeComes with headcoverSmall scratch in the back of club, can't see from address and doesn't effect performance Would consider separating head and shaft SOLD 2) HZRDUS Smoke Green Pulled from a new Taylormade SIM Taylormade Tip SOLD
  5. $30 each, plus shipping from Los Angeles PayPal only. Will charge actual shipping on top of price indicated. I need your location / zip for a shipping estimate. ——————— Diamana Mitsubishi Rayon ‘ahina 90g hybrid shaft, low-mid, stiff flex graphite shaft. Titleist Pull with no tip. Golf pride NDMC grip. 39”. $30 Fujikura pro 75 hybrid shaft, regular flex, pull - no tip. Lamkin REL standard grip Cobra branded. 40”. $30 Fujikura Speeder fairway shaft, stiff flex, Titleist pull with no tip, full cord golf pride grip, 41.5”, $30 Project X PXv graphite sh
  6. Hey all, I need a bit of help. So I’ve been playing golf for nearly 20 years, since age 10, and have never had a proper iron fitting. Currently playing cobra pro cb/mb with project x 6.0 that were released in 2008/2009. They’ve worked for me but now I feel I’m in a spot financially to upgrade my irons. So I got fitted at local shop that came highly recommended. Going into the fitting I was a bit nervous because I’ve been working through some swing faults. After working through my 7 iron, the fitter first started by trying to zero in on my shaft. Ended up the project x 6.0 was perfect for my sw
  7. Only 1 item for sale, it's a PXG Gen1 0341X 13* 2 Wood. The shaft is a HZRDUS Yellow Smoke 6.5. Do not be intimidated by the 2 wood, it is not at all difficult to elevate This is in awesome shape, the pics do not do it justice. Looking for $OLD OBO shipped in the CONUS.
  8. Clean pull from a Callawaypreowned purchase. Shaft is 43.5",70 gram and in very good condition. $50 PayPal incl. shipping CONUS. Please email or PM any questions. Thanks
  9. I currently have an M3 Driver with a HZRDS Yellow 6.0 60g shaft and an M4 Tour with HZRDS Yellow 6.0 70g shaft. Looking into also getting a SIM Max HYBRID, but not sure what shaft to for it. I am wanting a low launch/spin shaft. I ha dna P790 UDI with a HZRDS black shaft. Should I get the same in the hybrid? Thanks for the help!
  10. Hey All, Want to get my driver flight lower and thought this would be nice the place to ask. About Me: +1 handicap with a driver SS usually around 114-116. Last time I got checked I had an AOA at 5* (too high I know but I’m trying to get it closer to 2-3*). Currently hitting an M5 9* (at the “lower” setting) with an Oban Kiyoshi White 75 O5 flex. Last time I got fit for a shaft, it was between the Kiyoshi White, Ventus Blue 70x, and the Fuji Pro 2.0 70x. Went with the Kiyoshi because I liked the flight, feel, and the dispersion. Ventus Blue was real close. Didn’t love the feeling of the Pr
  11. Good Evening, Only Trades would be strong lofted hybrid SIM or Apex or Alike all prices include shipping, add $5 if west of the ole Mississippi River , only shipping to the CONUS 1st is a ping tour shaft 80X 43.25" no tip included just needs to be prepped $25 OBO 2nd is a Cobra ONE Utility 4iron Project X 6.5 Steel 38.25" $130 OBO ( if i can find it i can include the senior flex recoil graphite shaft it originally came with LMK)
  12. Looking to move my P790's 4-PW. Ordered straight form TaylorMade back in October so only a few months of play on these bad boys. Included multiple pictures to try and show condition but happy to send more to interested buyer. Overall, clubs are in great shape with normal wear and tear to be expected with a few months of use. Standard Length / Loft - 1 degree flat. Taylor Made Lamkin Grips Looking for $850 shipped.
  13. I was custom fitted for iron shafts with the Mavericks, and the Accra iSeries Steel Iron 115g stiff shaft worked best. If I order direct from Callaway, the options are limited to KBS, Nippon, Project C, and True Temper. Does anyone have suggestions on which Make and Model shafts might be best to try that could compare to the Accra iSeries model above?
  14. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 Driver Shaft - SOLD -Ping G400 Tip -Lamkin Crossline Cord Grip -44.5 inches DM me with offers
  15. For sale: Cobra King Speedzone Big Tour FW 13.5*. Comes with headcover and adjustment tool. Shaft is HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5 70g shaft with a Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Arccos grip. It’s a beast off the tee and surprisingly easy to elevate off the deck. Used for about 8 or 9 rounds $235
  16. Got some extra shafts First Tensei Pro White 60tx with callaway adapter and lamkin tour cord with a couple extra wraps. Right around 44.5 with grip. Looking for Sold Second: Project X Small Batch Hazrdus Smoke Yellow 70 6.0 has a Titleist adapter with new Tour velvet 360. A shade over 43.5” looking for was $140 now $125 Last: set of CTaper 120 stiff 4 to PW. Longest is a shade under 38” shortest is a shade over 35”. Played 1/2 inch over standard in JPX Tour 900s. Very good shape Zcord midsize grips and sick set of BB&F Jubilee ferrules that are in great shape. Looking for $sold all prices
  17. I hope this is the appropriate place to post this. I'm looking to put a new shaft on a TM R11 Driver and was looking at the one on ebay. I'd link it, but it won't let me since I'm new. But it is listed on eBay as project X PXV white driver or fairway shaft. They also list it as a 60g. Is this a legit shaft? Reason I ask is the seller advertises this as a 60g but I only was able to find existence of 39 and 52g in this model. Maybe I'm being extra paranoid, but I don't want to buy a fake and I'm new to the game and unfamiliar with shafts and such. If this is legit, is it a decent enough shaf
  18. All prices include US domestic shipping. PXG 0811x GEN2 10.5* head with matching leather cover and adapter. Barely used. SOLD Tour AD DI6s 3 wood shaft with recent TM adapter. Stiff flex. 41.25” long. Mint SOLD Aldila Pink NVS 55 stiff driver shaft with Ping G410 adapter. 44.5” long. $65 Mint. HZRDUS Red driver shaft 62g 5.5 flex with recent TM adapter. 43” long mint. SOLD Project X PXv regular flex driver shaft. 43.5” long with recent TM adapter. SOLD Mavrik driver cover. Like new. $15 SOLD
  19. Hey All! I’m looking to buy some new or used irons for this year and I’m curious about your rec’s. I’d usually go for a fitting but, with the circumstances going on I’m unable to right now. A little info: Currently playing some no name hand-me-down irons and ready to upgrade. No handicap but usually in the low to mid 80’s. I had an iron fitting last year so I know my general specs (PX 6.5, 62 lie angle.) 120mph driver ss and 34 degree 7 iron travels 180-185. The problem I have is I’m a steeper player and any shot into wind tends to balloon and loose huge distance. Looking for something with tr
  20. To anyone reading this... I'm somewhat new to the driver tech conversation. I'd love some feedback. Thoughts on a Rogue Sub Zero head on an Even Flow blue 6.5x? I swing about 105-107. I've always spun my old Taylormade Burner, with a stock shaft, too much. Never had it measured, but it struggles mightily into a headwind. I'm guessing it typically spins right around 3000. Maybe 4000+ into wind, haha. It's bad. So, my buddy gave me this club to try. So far, I'm enjoying it. I've seen several balls go 30 or more extra yards into a steady 15 mph wind, over my old club. So, it must be spinning less
  21. 1. Cf 19 set. All extended 1/4 over standard. All have new golf pride mcnd grips. 5-pw 1 up. I have Callaway spec sheet. Px lz 105 shafts stiff. $xxx 2. Mack daddy forged wedge set 54 58. Accra 110 pured shafts. Same grips as above. Standard. $xxx 3. Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 custom. Just got it back and want to do another project. 34 inch. 355g. Custom nano black finish with Tiffany and white paint by golf garage. Custom tungsten weights, welded out sight line, added sight dot custom bumper stamps, smoothed bumpers and blanked out sole. Remilled face- all metal work done at bastain mi
  22. I'm looking for a new driver shaft in my MAVRIK. I swing around 119-122 club head speed average with a quick transition. The shaft I liked the most were 7M3 black tie and fuji 7.2 Tour Spec. I haven't really agreed with anything new in the past 2-3 years, Any ideas? Thank you!
  23. Hey guys got a few things to sell. Prices include shipping in CONUS...message me for shipping to Canada. Only trades would be AD XC 6x driver shaft. Odyssey Toulon Memphis stroke lab 34” standard lie and loft. Oversized grip. Headcover included. Still in fantastic shape. SOLD Shafts(check photo for length tip to grip): Small batch HZRDUS smoke green matte black finish 70g 6.0 ping g410 tip $175Small batch HZRDUS smoke green PVD HULK finish 70g 6.0 with Taylormade tip SOLDGraphite Design AD BB 6s TaylorMade tip SOLDProject X Evenflow white T1100 75g 6.5 ping g410 tip SOLDProject X Evenflow blac
  24. Title says it all. As of Memorial Day '20, Ive owned these for just a week. It was an impulse experiment toying with lighter shafts due to lingering elbow pains. Please make offers, will discount for bundle purchase(s)! All 9.999/10 condition. All come with Titleist adapters. --Handcrafted Project X EvenFlow Max Carry Driver Shaft. 55 grams version, 5.5 flex. Measures 44 inches grip butt to adapter. Tour Velvet Grip. $old --Handcrafted Project X Evenflow Max Carry 3 Wood Shaft. 65 grams version, 5.5 flex. Measures 42 inches grip butt to adapter. Tour Velvet grip. $old --Handcrafted Proj
  25. Hi guys, I’m currently gaming 120S. Everything is going fine for me on this shaft. But I have got a wrist injury recently so I’m thinking to change to lighter shaft (105s). Does it makes any sense? Would you guys recommend me to change or stick to the current set(around 2 years old shaft)? Or any other recommended iron shaft? FYI I hit 7 iron around 170-180 yards. Thank you so much guys! Cheers!
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