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Found 18 results

  1. Several items for consideration today. Trade interests include AP2s (716 or 718), AP3s, or AP1s (718), Epic Flash, older cameron's. All prices include shipping to CONUS 1. ~~**Oban CT-115 R+ Pulls** - These have been in my irons (5-PW) for ~3 months and come from Club Champion fitting. These are R+ and lengths are 37.5", 36.75", 36.25", 36", 35.25", 35.25". White GolfPride 2G Standard grips. Retail is $75/shaft - Asking $275~~ 2. NWT ProQuip PX5 Rain Jacket - Ink/Lime - XXL - ProQuip is rated one of the top waterproofs in the market. This jacket is new with tags and was just a bit too big for me. This jacket has a Lifetime Waterproof Guarantee - Asking $~~130~~ 115 3. ~~PXG Brandon Putter - black head, shaft, and Pure midsize grip, 35" 69* lie and 3* loft - have only used this on home putting green a few times. - Asking ~~$old 4. PXG 0311T Gen 1 - 7-PW - Standard length, loft, 2* upright lie - Used these for 1 round and 1 range session - ships in PXG box - Asking $~~650~~ ~~600~~ 550 5. ~~PXG 0311 Gen 1 - 5-PW - Heads only, standard length, loft, 2* upright lie; Asking $650 (includes new ferrules) ~~ **ProQuip PX5 Jacket** **PXG 0311T (7-PW)**
  2. A few items up for sale today. All prices include shipping. First to PayPal [email protected] gets the item. Accra CS M4 465 3 wood shaft. S Flex. 65 grams. 42 1/8" long. New MCC +4 grip. TM tip. No tipping, great condition. $80.Oban Devotion &. 04 (S) Flex. 75 grams. 42 1/8" long. New MCC +4 grip. TM tip. No tipping, great condition. $SOLDP790 UDI 2 iron with SteelFiber i95 shaft. S flex. New MCC +4 grip. Club in great shape and just a beast of 2 iron both off the deck and off the tee. Really tough to find this head / shaft combination in this condition (played less than 5 rounds). $155. Project X HZRDUS shaft pulled from UDI 2 iron. 6.0, 85 grams, like new. $SOLDTitleist 818 H2 Hybrid. 19 degree. Speeder Tour Spec HB 8.8 shaft. S Flex. Played for 2 seasons, still in decent shape. $SOLDLet me know of any questions. Leaving town for the holidays so need to get this stuff shipped ASAP.
  3. Looking to move a few things during the offseason. Not looking for any trades at this time, thanks. **PXG Gen 2 0811 X 9* Driver Head - $350 shipped** I won a free driver and driver fitting from Club Champion and this can't beat the M6 I have in my bag. So no need to keep it. The driver has been played for 1 round and 2 practice sessions. Basically a brand new driver head waiting to be played. Headcover and wrench included. **Oban Devotion 7 05 Flex 75 grams PXG Tip - $130 shipped** Shaft was pure by Club Champion and comes with a Golf Pride MCC Align +4 Midsize grip. Length is just over 43.5" from butt to tip. Brand new and no flaws or scratches.
  4. First up Bettinardi Masters set included 2020 Limited Ed. putter with COA, headcover, divot tool and ball marker - $775 I will sell the putter only for $575. Set up to play at 34” by Bettinardi before grip was installed. Ping LST 9 Degree with OBAN Tour Lmt. 05 (x-stiff) shaft. D2 swing weight. Plays 44.5. Basically selling the head and throwing in the shaft for free - SOLD! Titleist Linksmaster walking bag. Like new, only used one round. Comes with dual and single straps, and rain hood. Cannot buy in stores, only private clubs - SOLD! Ecco shoes lucky size sale! 2 Pairs of size 44. Brown pair went only 9 holes. Black pair only one range session. Too big for me. SOLD!
  5. Guest

    Need help with shafts

    So I'm living overseas and my fitting options here are very limited. I went to the top fitter in the country and he had literally 3 different weight shafts in steel, 95, 105, and 130g. I've played 130g since college and hit that one the best in the fitting predictably, spraying the lighter ones quite a bit more. I have the opportunity to pick up a set with Oban ct115's in them, but the fitter told me he wouldn't advise me going any lower than 130. I swing the 7 iron about 84-87mph, good swing, good ball striker. Is the 15g drop down going to throw my dispersion off much? I know its impossible to know exactly without getting myself fitted, just looking for good rules of thumb or similar experience anyone may have had, would love any insight here, thanks.
  6. A few items this afternoon. All prices are OBO and include shipping via USPS Priority. Feel free to shoot me any questions Taylormade P790 2017 Heads - 5-AW (7 heads) - standard loft/lie - heads are in great shape - Asking $oldOban CT-115 Pulls (4-AW) (8 shafts) - R+ - Shafts measure 37 5/8, 37 1/8, 36 1/2, 35 3/4, 35 1/4, 34 3/4, 34 1/2, 33 5/8 - Taper tip - Gap Wedge shaft is pured and was purchased separately. No labels on shafts, but have original packing list and labels that will be included. - Asking $oldHZRDUS Black Handcrafted w/Callaway tip (no grip) - 6.0 flex - 44 1/2" - Asking $100Tensei Blue w/Callaway tip (stock shaft) and Align grip - 44 1/2" - Asking $75
  7. Hey y'all, trying to get rid of unneeded items to pay for a round or two at Pasatiempo. Prices OBO. Shipping out of The Bay Area; East of Mississippi, please add $10.Nippon Modus3 Tour 120X with Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grip 5-Pw. Measures 37.5-34'. Bought from eBay, never installed because I decided to go a different route. Tips are clean. Looking for $95 SOLD Oban Hashimoto 05 65gm with Callaway tip. Underrated low spin, smooth bomber. See photo for measurement. $150 Project X HZRDUS Black 6.0 75gms with new Callaway tip for 3w (came with 3w purchase from Cally pre-owned). See photo for measurement. $80 Callaway Apex UT 24 Degree. Shafted with Nippon Modus3 120X. Standard length. $130 Mizuno MP-18 4i. Shafted with Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 X Flex Standard length. $55 DONATED Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport Beach with Golf Pride Tour Snsr 140cc. Measures at 33'. Naked, paint-fill done with some local gold acrylic from Blick art store. This thing's been babied, like my new nephew. Sole had some tape so it never brushed grass or carpet in my possession. Comes with Cover and Divot Tool. Previous owner sharpied their name on cover; i removed as much as I can w acetone but it still bugged me, hence the tape. $335. SOLD Not pictured because I forgot to take a picture at storage but I will go get some by Thursday if interested: Clicgear RV1C, purchased in 2018 and used for 3 rounds; been sitting in storage since I realized I like walking and carrying my s***. $175 plus a fraction of shipping unless you're locally picking up (more than happy to drive around the Bay Area also if you're local. Furthest I'd go is San Jose or Marin County) SOLD Trade friendly for the following items (realize how specific these are after I typed it out): -Graphite Design Tour AD M9003 6X with Callaway tip (would love to play it at 44.5') -Tensei Pro White TX with Callaway tip (44.5') -TBC Masters Putter cover (based off the original 18 greens at ANGC) -Sugarloaf Scorecard Holder -Lamb Simmons Divot Tool -Seamus Sugarskull Putter Cover
  8. I'm on a mission to discover shafts that might match up nicely for two different heads, the Cobra King LTD Pro and the Wilson Trident. I'm sticking with these because in launch monitor testing I don't get any appreciable benefit from more recent offerings from Cobra, Ping, Taylormade and Callaway. I use both heads in two different locations, one is sea level the other at 5,500' altitude. I'm 67 and my fastest swings approach 100 mph, however I'm pretty comfortable swinging it around 93-94 mph. The Trident is easy to launch high or low at sea level or at altitude, for it I'm looking to match up a shaft to my swing speed to hopefully gain distance. The LTD Pro is a much different story, it has crazy low spin, I can not hit it high even with 12° adapter setting. I hit low / medium bullets but want to launch higher when needed. I've tried a variety of Medium/high and high launch shafts from my arsenal: Oban Kiyoshi Gold, KURO KAGE Black HPB 50, Fujikura Pro 60, Aldila Rogue Black 95 M.S.I. 60 and a Mitsubishi TENSEI BLUE CK SERIES 50. No luck with any. Any other recommendations 90's swing speed high launch?
  9. All prices (a) include usps priority shipping CONUS (add $5 west of Mississippi), (b) are based on condition of equipment, and © are OBO. Will bundle and drop prices. 1. Oban devotion 7 05. Direct from titleist, plays 45.5 inches. NDMC grip, fairly new, logo up in A1 position. Mint shaft. This thing is a beast. $SOLD 2. Kbs tour S+ (stiff plus) wedge length shafts (three). Also direct from titleist. BRAND new golf pride z grips, standard with one wrap, logo down. Came from 52, 56, 60 vokeys. Lengths 34 1/4", 34", and 33 3/4". Play at 36 1/4", 36", and 35 3/4" in vokeys. $SOLD or trade me for a dozen 2019 pro v1s. Need these gone 3. True temper dynamic gold tour issue s400 wedge shaft. Iomic 2.3 grip in good shape. Bought from member on here. Length 34 1/4", played 35 3/4" in vokeys. $SOLD Willing to bundle for discounts. Pm with questions. Had somewhere between 20 and 30 all positive feedback when that used to be a thing here. Trades might be welcome but very specific so send offers if interested.
  10. Hey All, Want to get my driver flight lower and thought this would be nice the place to ask. About Me: +1 handicap with a driver SS usually around 114-116. Last time I got checked I had an AOA at 5* (too high I know but I’m trying to get it closer to 2-3*). Currently hitting an M5 9* (at the “lower” setting) with an Oban Kiyoshi White 75 O5 flex. Last time I got fit for a shaft, it was between the Kiyoshi White, Ventus Blue 70x, and the Fuji Pro 2.0 70x. Went with the Kiyoshi because I liked the flight, feel, and the dispersion. Ventus Blue was real close. Didn’t love the feeling of the Pro 2.0. I don’t have the current stats but I think my apex is probably around 120 feet which I would like to get down. Should I look into the Ventus Black 70x? I haven’t hit it yet so I was wondering if it is slightly lower or noticeably lower than the Blue. Any other shafts I should take a look at? Smoke Green, Tensei White, Rogue 130, etc? Thanks in advance for the help
  11. oGood morning, title says it all. Set of PXG Gen 3 0311P (4-PW), Standard L/L/L, Oban CT-115 R+ Shafts. Purchased the heads from the BST a couple of weeks ago (in plastic), shafted them up (shafts directly from Oban) and decided against them. Have not put shaft labels on yet. These have 2 rounds on them and some simulator time (off of fiberbuilt mat). No range balls have been hit with these clubs. Have GolfPride Tour Wrap 2G Standard Grips (labels down). Let me know if any questions. Will be shipped via USPS priority or FedEx to allow from proper insurance and tracking. - Asking $old)
  12. 3 Oban Shaft pulls all in excellent condition minimal use, pulled with Mitchell shaft puller and low heat. All prices include shipping to US: 1) Oban Kiyoshi HB (High Balance) 55 Driver shaft: 59 grams /Stiff (04) Flex / Length 43-5/8" / Tip size .335 / untipped $145 2) Oban Isawa Red Hybrid 70 shaft: 72 grams / Regular Flex (03) / .370 tip size / Tip trimmed .3/4 " / 39-3/8" (played standard 40-1/2" in Titleist 816 21* Hybrid) $70 3) Oban Revenge 5 Driver Shaft: 58 grams / Stiff Flex (04) / 43-7/8" / .335 tip size / Untipped $125
  13. Hey everyone, Curious if anyone has compared the Hzrdus Smoke black 6.5 vs the kiyoshi white 05 75 gram driver shaft. Currently have the smoke in my epic flash but just picked up the kiyoshi white for a great price but obviously with the circumstances unable to test it at the moment. Let me know your thoughts on how they'd compare. Thanks!
  14. A couple of PXG items today for your consideration. Trade interests are Srixon 565/765 or 585/785 combo. Prices are PayPal'd and include shipping to CONUS. Email with questions or if you'd like more pics. 1. ~~PXG 0311T (5-P) Gen 1 - Standard Length, Standard Loft, 2* Upright - clubs are in really nice shape, the 9 iron was dropped and has some "rash" on the back of the hosel that I tried to get a pic of, but hard to capture. Used ~15 rounds. - Asking~~ **$old 2. ~~PXG 0317 22* Gen 1 - Standard Length. Used ~5 rounds has a Project X Evenflow Blue 6.0 Handcrafted shaft and white golf pride tour wrap 2G grip. Comes with headcover pictured. - **Asking~~ $old 3. ~~Under Armour Match Play Vented Pants - Academy 38/32 New with tags - **Asking ~~$old
  15. Hey guys, all of my prices are OBO and include shipping to the Continental USA only. Anywhere else and we can talk. 1) 10* Ping G400 LST with mint Accra Proto TZ5 55 M5 Flex (extra stiff). The head has seen about 5 rounds and the shaft just 1 round. It plays 45 inches and comes with head cover. Asking ~~$395~~ SOLD 2) 9* Callaway Rogue with Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec 6x. It plays 45 inches and comes with headcover. Asking ~~$275~~ $265 3) 15* Titleist 917F3 with Oban Kiyoshi Purple 85 05 Flex (extra stiff). It plays 42.5 inches and comes with headcover. Asking ~~$225.~~ $210 4) Aldila Synergy Blue 60x with TM tip. It plays short at 44 inches long installed. Asking ~~$50.~~ $40 5) & 6) Srixon z785 3 & 4 iron with Project X 6.0 and play half inch over standard. Standard Lies and lofts. I ended up playing the z785 in these. Asking ~~$100~~ $90 each.
  16. Curious if anyone can tell me about this shaft as I've never seen one like it
  17. Lots of good stuff that needs a new home. Not looking for trades at this time. Only the second time selling on here but perfect feedback on eBay with over 100+ if you need to confirm. Everything shipped either USPS or Fed Ex insured. Everything is well taken care off and will not show much wear. Everything is obo so shoot me an offer! Scotty Cameron Masterful Super Rat 1 GSS Inlay Tour Only Price - Sold Piretti CU limited run copper face 365G, 34.5 inches, black PVD shaft, limited run headcover, golf pride grip. Price - sold Scotty Cameron Futura 6M 34 inches, 1* upright, standard loft, ping grip, no original headcover but have a kombi one if you would like. Again, in great condition, almost no wear but a small mark on the face that doesn’t affect performance. Topline is perfect. Price - $215 shipped PXG 0811X Gen 1 10.5 head only. Head is in great shape. Face shows no wear and only a little sole wear. No cover Price - sold Cobra F8+ driver head only mint shape, face is almost perfect with little sole wear Price - $120 obo shipped Oban Kiyoshi White 65 05 Flex X W/ Cobra tip Price - Sold Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro blue 60 TX driver shaft W/ PXG tip Price - sold Titleist 818 H2 19* Hybrid Head only Price - sold Pin 3/4
  18. All prices include shipping anywhere in Canada or CON US. TS2 9.5 head with cover and wrench. 9/10 - $sold Graphite Design 7S 3/5 wood shaft one time pull 9/10 -$150 Oban Kiyoshi White 50g 04 stiff flex one time pull 9/10 - $140
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