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  1. I feel like I’ve lost between 10-15 yards on every club in the past 12-18 months. Same equipment, pretty much same swing etc. I just turned 37 and I’m in decent to good shape, not like I’ve lost muscle or flexibility......this has confounded me though. I never really recorded my swing speed previously so don’t really have anything to compare it to. Has this happened to anyone else in their 30s? I figured a loss of distance wouldn’t happen for another 7-10 years.
  2. Hi all, Haven't found much info on this so I thought I'd show you how mine turned out. (If this isn't in the right section please let me know!) Tried using white vinegar in a bucket. Left them in for 2 days. Did absolutely nothing! (I had an old SM5 Raw Black lob wedge in the bucket too and it turned out great.) Got some Hydrochloric Acid off Amazon and tried this method last night. Worked a treat. Left the wedges in a bucket of the acid for 2.5 hours. Bit of scrubbing with a towel and that was it! (There are a few small specs of Black Satin on some of the clubs so I might dip them in again at some point but happy enough with the results for the moment. 😀) 1) Hydrochloric Acid 2) Put some tape on the ferrules to give a bit of protection. 3) Poured acid in to the height of the hosel. 4) 15mins in... Bubbling away! 5) 30mins in... 6) 45mins in... 7) 2.5 hours in the bucket...light scrub with a towel and voila!
  3. First up is a set of P790 irons used for one season, kept in great shape, no major marks or dings, just the usual wear. 3-GW all standard L/L/L with modus 3 105 stiff shafts with Z-cord grips. 3 iron is practically brand new, bought this year, hit only on simulator a few times. Price: SOLD Next is a mizuno ST180 driver. Only gamed 3-4 rounds. Very clean topline, crown, face. Tensei blue 60 stiff shaft plays 44.50" with z cord grip. Comes with headcover Price: SOLD
  4. Hello everyone just wondering if these irons were authentic? Purchased them on eBay brand new and wanted to get your advice. Thanks!
  5. Selling a lot of Adidas Polos. Would love to sell them all in one shot. Let me know if you want them all and we can work a deal. Also a Mizuno polo in the mix. **1) Adidas Ultimate365 Polo - Noble Green - Medium. Brand new in the wrapper. $40 shipped obo.** **2) Adidas Ultimate365 Polo - Grey - Medium. Brand new, washed once but never worn. $40 shipped obo.** **3) Adidas Ultimate365 Polo - White - Medium. Worn once, in great condition. $30 shipped obo.** **4) Adidas Ultimate365 Polo - Blue/White Heather - Medium. Worn once, in great condition. $30 shipped obo.** **5) Adidas ClimaCool Polo - Black - Medium. Worn a hand full of times, still in good shape. $20 shipped obo.** **6) Adidas ClimaCool Polo - Navy Blue - Medium. Worn a hand full of times, still in good shape. $20 shipped obo.** **7) Mizuno Polo - White - Medium. Worn 2 or 3 times. $20 shipped obo.**
  6. Good afternoon, I have two Dozen brand new 2019 Chrome Soft X w/ Triple Track Technology up for sale. Would like to sell together if possible. $80 I also have 3 lightly worn Nike Polo's XXL size. ** $20 each OBO** (pictures to come). *Sold* thank you!
  7. Excellent condition, no scuffs, scrapes or dings. Was told it was hotmelted neutral but never weighed it. Great feel with this combo! Shaft and grip set to -1* setting. Never bothered to get a wrench since they’re different than most. Grip is standard, headcover included. PayPal only, shipping included CONUS only. Thanks!
  8. How does everyone feel about membership dues and the way they have been handled at their club. I am a non equity member and in principle don’t like the handling of dues by American Golf. What’s your experience been?
  9. Three great items: Lululemon ABC pants. Color is "Obsidian" - basically dark grey/charcoal-ish color. Size is 32x32. Actual waist measurement is about 16.25-16.5", and I measure the inseam as closer to 31" than 32". Very good used condition. No holes or stains. If they don't fit you quite right, Lululemon offers free tailoring at all of their retail stores. Price is SOLD Next item is a pair of Nike Flex 5 Pocket Men's Slim Fit Golf Pants, in Black. Size 32 x 32. These were worn once, and once only. They look brand new. Photos didn't turn out great, but certainly no fading/discoloration as the photos may indicate. $40 shipped. Last item - Brand new Oakland Hills Country Club pullover new with tags, size medium. Love this zip up but I just needed a larger size. Contrast fabric is 12% spandex, really cool item! Yours for $55 shipped
  10. Hey guys, I'm new over here and just wanted to start out by saying hey! I got back into golfing this year after a few years off and borrowed a set of clubs from a buddy, titleist ap1 to replace my ping i3 o sizes. I like them both, but recently have been thinking about giving the pings a go. At first, I switched soly for distance but towards the end of the season I was really finding my game again and realizing that maybe game improvement irons with high loft don't suit me well. ( I was always really good ball striker). I always liked the look and feel of blades and players irons. I can hit the titelists a mile until the longer irons which seem to taper off the exaggerated lofts and became more traditional. When i miss the ap1s tend to go right where my pings wind up short. You also obviously can't work the ball as easy with the ap1s.... So my question is ...is it stupid to go back to the pings because they are outdated? What am I missing by switching and going back? And yes I know that I should get fitted, but it's not in my budget right now based on our families concerns with my son's health.
  11. Hi guys, are there any counter balanced hybrid shafts about? Im looking to keep my hybrid the same length but knock a few sw points off. Currently at d5. Thanks in advance ?
  12. I have a few things here for sale: I bought a bunch of hats and am super picky on how they fit. These are the ones that didn't make the cut. I basically paid 40$ a hat just looking to get that back. Will sell as pack with a little discount All hats are brand new. just tried them on and put the right back in the box they came in.GREY WITH BLUE LOGO SOLD I also bought 2 shirts from the Imperial Xmas colab drop. Wasn't too sure on size. M is the one for sale ( white t with light green TBC logo) 40$
  13. Hi y’all, just saw the Mizuno mp20. Man what a good looking iron. I love the look of the Wilson staff blade as well. I’ve that that is the best looking iron for all of 2019. Just curious what you guys think in terms of looks or which blade is your favorite. wont be gaming them but fun to look at !
  14. Last year I got the chance to play the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, and I was enamored when our caddie told is it was in the top 5 of public golf courses according to Golf Digest. From that point forward all I could think about was what the other 99 courses were, and how could I play them. After my trip I became obsessed and well, here I am attempting to play all 100 of the 2019-2020 top 100 courses. Of course there are a lot of things that go into this. One of the biggest things was to pick just one year. The list changes year over year so if there was any way to play all 100, I had to pick one list. I decided that the 2019-2020 list would be the one. I created a map to visualize what my travel will have to look like, and apparently 40,000 golfers wanted to take a look. Top 100 Public Golf Courses - Google My MapsIn this thread I will document my experiences, the ups, the downs, the logistics, and the planning that go into trying to play 100 of the best public golf courses in the US. I hope that along the way I get the chance to play with some WRXers, make some new friends, and get to enjoy life. @top100publicgolf • Instagram photos and videos
  15. Seen a lot of the WLD guys using the Athalonz golf shoes. Like the look of them and curious about if anyone who plays has tried them and had an opinion on them? Really looking to see about comfort, fit and grip of the sole. Please let me know if you've used them and if they are worth a try.
  16. I can’t find this one anywhere listed. I can find the short neck - but not this one. Trying to find the value??
  17. New to the forum and not sure of the best way to put this information out there. I wrote a full game instructional guide that is geared towards helping mid to high handicappers improve their game and scores. If you’re not consistently shooting in the 70’s already I believe you would absolutely get something out of it. If you’re interested to learn more checkout low5golf.com and you can find me on YouTube and social media under low5golf
  18. Looking to see if this ones fake, noticed a few inconsistencies and wanted to double check. It’s my first Scotty so I want to be sure it’s legitimate. Shaft band, grip and sole of the putter all look good when compared to one I know is real so I didn’t bother adding those. Notice the sub-par silicone application/clean-up in the cavity Also what looks like some tarnishing that won’t come out, looks like someone’s oily fingerprints were left uncleaned for a long period maybe? Included a few more photos for authenticity, noticed some off stitching on the TeI3 border as well. Thanks in advance for any assistance everyone ?
  19. Hey folks, Really honing my golf game. Decided it was time to get a range finder soon. After doing some research I have discovered that it seems the precision pro nx7 and Nikon coolshot are best bang for the buck. I like how the precision shows both the slope measurement and non slope and I like how the Nikon is so steady and will show you multiple distances such as trees in the background and the flag so you know that closer reading is the flag and don’t have to worry if it’s only picking up something in the background. Anyways, any opinions on the two? Any other rangefinder I need to look at? Not sure which one to get. Figured I’d use my phone for gps layouts and get a rangefinder. Thanks in advance.
  20. I understand when you go to the range,its hard to just hit balls 30,40,50 yards out and can't go and pick them up. Once a guy who is a caddie but does not play. Asked me why do so many people have so much trouble with the little shots around the green. The answer was that they do not practice those shots. You have to figure out some place to practice your short game or your score will never go down.Yes all aspects of the game are important, but you cannot knock it in the hole off the tee,on par four's or 5's. Most people I've caddied for miss a lot of greens. From the middle of the fairway. And most don't get up and down to save a stroke or two. If you can't chip and putt the game becomes just a little harder.
  21. 2 heads for sale, not much on trades but high end putters or g410 10.5 LST Taylormade M5 10.5 would be considered. 1. Callaway epic flash sub zero 9* head only adapter can be included for the right price. with ( ferrule isnt perfect it tried to show it in the pictures). A total of three balls hit. Comes with headcover and tool. $~~340~~ ~~330~~ now 325 head only OBO Pin 6/25
  22. Asking $900 shipped OBO. looking to sell my basically new set of t100 irons. 7 clubs in total to include the P wedge and matching 50 degree. Project X LZ 6.0 120 g shafts. Grips are still new. Kind of a pricey set as these run about $206 a club brand new. **the 4 iron 718 TMB pictured sold individually so it is NOT included in the sale** Have been used for 4 rounds so they are pristine. Will listen to trades but mainly looking for cash. Standard L/L/L PM me for questions or email at [email protected] Traded this item no longer for sale
  23. Shaft is 42” tip to grip. Plays 43”. Just installed brand new midsize Lamkin Sonar which was used for a handful of balls. G400 adapter. $150 shipped OBO
  24. I hope this is the appropriate place to post this. I'm looking to put a new shaft on a TM R11 Driver and was looking at the one on ebay. I'd link it, but it won't let me since I'm new. But it is listed on eBay as project X PXV white driver or fairway shaft. They also list it as a 60g. Is this a legit shaft? Reason I ask is the seller advertises this as a 60g but I only was able to find existence of 39 and 52g in this model. Maybe I'm being extra paranoid, but I don't want to buy a fake and I'm new to the game and unfamiliar with shafts and such. If this is legit, is it a decent enough shaft? Thanks for the help!
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