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  1. NHswing

    T200 vs P790

    Looking to get a new set of irons. Any feedback from players that play either of these? Especially anyone that has tried both of them.
  2. Hey guys I recently picked up the EVNROLL er2 off the putting rack at golfers warehouse and it felt pretty nice of the face. Anyway do any of you game an EVNROLL putter? If so are they worth it and does the technology with the grooves actually work?
  3. Found this at my parents. My uncle used to work for Mitsubishi I think it may be from there. Anyone recognize it? Looking for info. Thanks!
  4. I have a neighbor that works at a golf course and he’s brought home thousands of golf balls within the years he’s been there. He’s been handing them out for free so I took a whole bunch thinking I could resell them. They are in need of cleaning because they have stains, caked on dirt, permanent marker, and some are very yellow. I need something to clean a very large amount of balls quickly and returning them to pristine white condition. PLEASE HELP
  5. I am currently looking for the bubba Watson ping g driver if anyone is willing to sell
  6. Guest

    Players distance irons

    I have no prior experience with players distance irons but I am very intrigued by them. I am deciding between the p790s, i500, and i210s (I know they are distance irons). In y’alls opinion what really makes the i500 and p790s so much longer. Is it the power loft, or the hollow head design. I Am looking at the i210s in power spec btw. So would an i210 go the same distance as an i500 if it were the same loft? Thanks for y’all’s time!
  7. Been golfing awhile now hit irons pretty well but still have off days was wondering if I can find a set for right price if it’s worth trying? Hit a friends mb2 irons an hit them half decent how do they compare? Thanks guys new to site also.
  8. Guest

    Project X flex

    Due to coronavirus, I cannot go get my exact swing speed measured. I looking at getting some new I210s and was wondering about the flex I need in a project x shaft. I hit my 7 iron about 170 and my driver about 280. I hear that the 5.5 is like a regular + but I was wondering about the 6.0 . My launch is mid as well and handicap is about an 8. Thank you !
  9. TaylorMade P770 Forged P-4i, KBS C-Taper 130x - Got them from a fellow GolfWRX member, hit them for 9 holes, they're sick and in great shape. Just not ready for Blade Life.. just bag chatter marks and a small chip on the 9. - $SOLD shipped. PM with questions. TBC "Last Dance" Mallet cover. Never used, I like it a lot I just have so many TM ones already. - $SOLD TBC "Masters" Pocket tee - Large. Worn once, just cleaning out closet. - $SOLD Grindin' Golf Co. "Grindade - Yellow" Blade Putter cover. - $85 75 shipped Jones "Player Series" - Heathered Grey - I had this bag customized w
  10. Hey Guys, hope this Covid-19 thing is going well for you all, and if not im sorry....lets just enjoy golf! Anyway, I havnt heard much about these irons and when I found them on OfferUp for $175 I pounced on then right away. Does anyone Know more about these irons? Or have any information? The specs I have(ill upload on here for everyone?) I just want to know the marketing that went behind this club and what other information about the club there is ( what went behind the forging techniques and etc). thanks for reading and happy golfing!
  11. Moving apartments and looking to get rid of some of the goodies I'm not using, your gain! First up; Grindin' Golf "Grindade" Lemon-Lime Blade Cover - never used $80 shipped Malbon x Lamb Blade Cover - never used, put on putter at home only SOLD shipped Jones Player Series Bag - just not for me, more of an original Jones kind of guy. Decided to stick with the one I have. Personalized with “SW” on the side, could probably be changed or removed. If not maybe you don’t care or it’s your initials as well. Lol Took to the range 1 time for 45 minutes - 150 130 shipped Tour Striker Plane
  12. Hey All... had a crazy idea and need your help. I just bought the new SIM head because the performance is outrageous, however the graphics on the top of the crown are an abomination. Any ideas on what would be the most effective way to try and remove these (the SIM logo and the two tiger-like stripes) without damaging the underlying carbon crown? Feel free to call me a vandal if you wish, otherwise will take any advice! Thanks:)
  13. Hi all, Haven't found much info on this so I thought I'd show you how mine turned out. (If this isn't in the right section please let me know!) Tried using white vinegar in a bucket. Left them in for 2 days. Did absolutely nothing! (I had an old SM5 Raw Black lob wedge in the bucket too and it turned out great.) Got some Hydrochloric Acid off Amazon and tried this method last night. Worked a treat. Left the wedges in a bucket of the acid for 2.5 hours. Bit of scrubbing with a towel and that was it! (There are a few small specs of Black Satin on some of the clubs so I m
  14. Been searching for a set of irons and stumbled across www.japangolfclubs.com it seems a little outdated so wasn’t sure if it was safe to buy from? Is anyone able to help?
  15. So I have a set of Srixon Pro-100 4-PW Project X 6.0 and Titleist 716 Ap2 5-PW Dynamic Gold AMT S300. I can hit them both very well (blades of course needs a little more work and focus), just wanted to know what your guys’s thoughts were on these two irons. The AP2 is super easy too hit but I don’t like the feel of the club and the heaviness of it. The Pro-100 is harder to hit but the feel is phenomenal and is but on the light side (i like my irons a little light).
  16. I’m currently in the market for some new irons. And am tossing up between these two. What do you guys think are the better irons overall? I would appreciate some feedback and advice. Thanks.
  17. I hope this is the appropriate place to post this. I'm looking to put a new shaft on a TM R11 Driver and was looking at the one on ebay. I'd link it, but it won't let me since I'm new. But it is listed on eBay as project X PXV white driver or fairway shaft. They also list it as a 60g. Is this a legit shaft? Reason I ask is the seller advertises this as a 60g but I only was able to find existence of 39 and 52g in this model. Maybe I'm being extra paranoid, but I don't want to buy a fake and I'm new to the game and unfamiliar with shafts and such. If this is legit, is it a decent enough shaf
  18. $95 shipped (I paid $115 shipped new) - I'll cover PayPal fees. - SOLD Used three times and is like new with original box and original contents. Selling because while I love the idea, it turns out that what the trail box helps fix, I don't have a problem with. I don't see any reason to keep it for the front box when I have other aids that do the same thing. Feel free to ask questions if you have them.
  19. Please NO TRADES I’d like to sell this stuff quickly so send offers. SWAG handsome too 33.5” 354g head (will extend length for free if needed) Black shaft SuperStroke 2.0 mid slim matching grip. Matching SWAG magnetic Headcover SOLD Scotty Cameron 5.5m 35” 10g weights Torched finish Black vinyl wrapped shaft Stock head cover $240 shipped SWAG special edition Midnight Defaced Franklin blade covers BRAND NEW IN BAG. $160 each shipped 18 SuperStroke halfcord Grips Midsize Some are dirty, they’ve been in the drawer for a while. I don’t like them. SOLD GripMaster Cabretta Laced
  20. Hey guys, hopefully you guys can answer my question. I am trying learn about the game of golf here and was wondering. How do you get into PGA TourWhat steps do I need to take to obtain a PGA Tour CardWhat is Korn FerryHow do I qualify for Korn FerryAre there other ways to get a PGA Tour Card other than Q-SchoolIs Q-School mandatory thing to go through to even get a foot in the doorHow do you become an amateur golfer statusHow do people pay for Q-SchoolIf you guys can answer these questions for me it would be of great help. Thank you ~ !!
  21. Hello I recently bought new irons (PXG 0311t gen2) and had KBS ctaper x put in them. I am now hitting these shorter than my old clubs (Mizuno mp5) that had KBS tour x. I made the switch because i would balloon the kbs tour x shaft from time to time. Wondering if anyone has also lost yards with the ctaper x. Also looking for any shaft suggestions. Thanks
  22. I have just two things to move.... first up is a Nike Sumo staff bag that I bought from wrx like 10+ years ago and used briefly. Has been my club storage holder for quite awhile. Does have some wear and tear but the graphics are nice and not too bad for it’s age, included is the original rain cover as well. Tons of pockets for storage. I tried to provide the best pictures of the wear but you can definitely text me with questions and more pictures if needed. I’m looking for $100 shipped to your door. next item is two rocket tour headcovers. 3W and Hybrid. The 3 wood cover has 3 little holes,
  23. Up for sale is a mint condition NIKON 20i GII Rangefinder with slope. Has the capabilities to be turned off when needed for official tournaments. $160 shipped to CONUS.
  24. I recently just bought a Tour Grey PM Grind and have the intention to make it raw. Does anybody know how to do so? Thanks
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