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Found 25 results

  1. I recently attended one of Monte's clinics (they're awesome BTW and would recommend highly) and decided I wanted to sort of journal my progress along with the struggles and successes along the way. Shoutout to Schnee for already doing this and doing it so well, his thread is an awesome follow. This thread probably won't be nearly as exciting as Schnee's mainly because I don't update equipment that often and I also don't have the travel & food adventures to post either Background Played golf a fair amount growing up, but mostly occasionally with my parents and never had any instruction
  2. Hey All! I’m looking to buy some new or used irons for this year and I’m curious about your rec’s. I’d usually go for a fitting but, with the circumstances going on I’m unable to right now. A little info: Currently playing some no name hand-me-down irons and ready to upgrade. No handicap but usually in the low to mid 80’s. I had an iron fitting last year so I know my general specs (PX 6.5, 62 lie angle.) 120mph driver ss and 34 degree 7 iron travels 180-185. The problem I have is I’m a steeper player and any shot into wind tends to balloon and loose huge distance. Looking for something with tr
  3. I am about to purchase a PXG driver and I have a few shaft options and I am not sure what shaft to go with. My current driver trajectory is high and I tend to not get much rollout. Im looking to get a low-mid launch with a decent amount of rollout. Im currently using a Hzrdus Smoke Black shaft in my current driver but it just hasnt been doing it for me. My PXG driver shaft options are Aldila Green NXT (65,75), Evenflow Blue (75), Evenflow White (65,75), Hzrdus Smoke Yellow (60,70), and the Fujikura Pro 2.0 (63, 73). Any help or advice you all could give me would be great!
  4. I am currently looking for the bubba Watson ping g driver if anyone is willing to sell
  5. Up for sale is a mint condition NIKON 20i GII Rangefinder with slope. Has the capabilities to be turned off when needed for official tournaments. $160 shipped to CONUS.
  6. so i got fujikura speeder evolution V 661 and 757 in stiff flex that i just purchased used with a sticker that claims to be pured. i bring them over to the golf pro shop and to get a reshaft so i can test these new shafts out on a epic flash fairway and a rogue heavenwood. When i pick them up i go straight to the driving range and noticed something odd about them. I normally dont have any issues hitting the ball off the deck with either club. but when i swung i was just missing the ball completely like not even touching it, so then i realized that when i swing the club it had this interesting
  7. Hi everyone, Looking to find a more consistent swing this winter. Below is a link to a slo-mo YouTube video of my swing. A couple notes: Current Ball Flight: Mid-High Fade Current Misses: Straight Pull, Leaky Block/Push Draw Thanks in advance!
  8. I am struggling with my driver. Most of my drives result in weak fades and I don't feel like there's any speed to my swing. My 7 iron swing speed is about 75mph - 80 mph, and my driver swing speed is only about 84 mph - 87mph (using a Swing Caddie SC200). Everything with my driver feels tense and stuck and I think I early extend and cast. Since I'm new to the forum I can't post a video of my swing, but here are a few stills. Any insight that would help with a more fluid driver swing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Have been looking to replace my s3 Pros with something that isn't 9+ years old due to the solid improvements to club heads since then. I've been playing 1.5" long since basically 20 years old. I've been looking at much older clubs and some tour player specs. It seems common that older clubs tended to be shorter, but lofts were weaker too, so in a sense part of that change is just that every iron today is really just has one number too small printed on it. Drivers though seemed to be a few inches lower, and many tour players seem to be shorter than the 45" standard. So my question is... H
  10. For sale: **1) SuperSpeed Swing Training System** Men's weight clubs- green (light), blue (medium), and red (heavy). SOLD **2) Sport Sensor Swing Speed Radar** Measure your increased swing speed. SOLD
  11. I recently purchased a SkyTrak and while the distances in my longer irons seem accurate, the distances I’m getting with my wedges seems way off. That is strange because it seems like most have the opposite problem. I my 7i about 170 IRL and on the SkyTrak. With my 56 degree, I typically hit it 107-113, but in the SkyTrak I can barely get it more than 90 yards. The device is perfectly level. Any ideas as to what could cause this?
  12. BSG Buy 3 Tour B free personalization.pdf
  13. Hey Everyone, New here and appreciate any feedback! Im having a hard time not casting when there is a ball present. My practice swings feel and look great. As soon as I slide a ball in, cast. Im not sure how to break the mental block! Anyone ever have similar issues? Any thoughts/drills on how to swing like I do when the ball isn't there?!
  14. Anybody else notice that Sung Kang is using the Ledbetter A swing? His swing has all the elements. It seemed so obvious to me but none of the TV announcers drew that conclusion, not that I heard anyway. Recall that Ledbetter put out a book a few years ago describing the swing, and he has a variety of YouTube A swing videos.
  15. Hello, my name is Kanzas Anthony and I was told by RollYourRock on youtube to come here and see if I couldn't get some advice on any and all golf stuff, doesn't have to be only swing stuff. I played a little golf when I was young but only a few times a year on a pitch and putt but always loved the game, only that I never played it seriously. I played a few times every 5 years or so due to my traveling and doing other things than golf, until last year when I decided I wanted to see how good I could get. I have been teaching myself since then and have learned a lot considering I didn't know anyt
  16. Yesterday I was playing a round and having trouble swinging in to out with driver (every time i purposefully swung in to out the head would hit the ground About six inches behind the ball). On the 18th tee I decided to try something. I choked up about an inch on the club and made the same purposeful in to out swing. And BOOM, what resulted was probably the best drive of my life. So I’ve decided to shorten my driver shaft by an inch and see what happens going forward....my question is, suppose I am right and my driver needs to be shortened to achieve the right length for me, do I need to look i
  17. I was at the tour championship the other weekend. I got to watch some of the players on the driving range. I noticed Adam Scott looked at the ground just after contact, rather then watching the result he would look down towards his feet. Anyone know what this is for or about? I was thinking it was maybe him having a spot he wants to hit that’s in front of him but then got thinking, he wouldn’t be able to tell if the ball flew over the spot as it was already on its way by the time he looked down. I’m just curious is all. Let me know if you’ve got any idea what it might be for?
  18. Ordering some new (used) clubs and going with an inch longer vs the 1.5" I've been playing for years. Hopefully find a set factory made so head weight a bit lighter. I was hoping people could chime in that have done moment of inertia matching and advise if they feel like it really helped. I found this calculator http://golf.okrasa.eu/clubs/moi-en/moi-measure/ and am curious what people think on it. Not sure I understand the measurement of pendulum... Seems like you just let it swing back and forth from a big start and count, then did the math. There's also references here to skipping
  19. I noticed on Mike Malaska's website he has two e-books out called _Distance for All_ , and _Invisible Swing_ . I'm contemplating purchasing one or both, but before I do I wanted to see if anyone here has read either or both of his new books. If you have what did you think of them? Sample pages from his website that tell what Invisible Swing is about: ![](https://www.malaskagolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Section1_NaturalForces_Magic_golf_Swing.png "") ![](https://www.malaskagolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Invisible_Golf_Swing_Book_2019_8_7v1_Page_004.jpg "") Here is where I s
  20. I was reading some posts on here and someone stated a good amount of tour players soft step their irons so they can flight the ball easier. Is this true in anyway? I thought if anything the flight would be higher. Was fitted for kbs tour v 120x and have been happy with them for over 2 years. I just find it lacks a bit in the feel department on less than a full swing so was thinking of soft stepping. Could I expect what I think, it will raise launch and spin?
  21. Ping i200 3-PW, AWT 2.0 S shafts. Green dot lie, length and loft standard. Though these are the 200 model, I purchased these brand new just a couple of weeks ago. They have been used for only 1 short range session. Excellent Condition. Asking Sold but will listen to offers
  22. I feel like I’ve lost between 10-15 yards on every club in the past 12-18 months. Same equipment, pretty much same swing etc. I just turned 37 and I’m in decent to good shape, not like I’ve lost muscle or flexibility......this has confounded me though. I never really recorded my swing speed previously so don’t really have anything to compare it to. Has this happened to anyone else in their 30s? I figured a loss of distance wouldn’t happen for another 7-10 years.
  23. SWING: twice since I started playing in 1987. I now play with a strong grip and tend to draw the ball GRIP: I went from a baseball grip as a beginner to an interlock grip 5 years later so that my hands works together. How about you?
  24. Hi All, Just started to take the game a bit more seriously. Want to get some feedback on my swing as it’s coming along, but not as quickly as I would hope. Check out my videos in the link below and leave a comment if you see something you’d suggest changing/like. The videos are only about 30 seconds long so any help is greatly appreciated!! Best, TourSauceWA
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