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  1. PS! this tread has been edited to remove visible HTML codes, and i hope i did not remove some of the texts while i did that, so if you notice visible HTML coeds, or it seems like words is missing, please let me know. Ive seen the same questions over and over, and many of the readers dont have access to club fitters or work shops who can assist, so they are left to them self. Many is asking for help to cut down a driver, and what happens if...and so on, but before you do anything at all to club length,read this post, and then you will be able to re-fit your own driver as good as possible, wi
  2. Hello WRX, hope everyone is doing well and possibly getting out to enjoy some golf finally. I have a sub zero MAVRIK I am hitting with factory weights, I was curious if i changed the front weight to a heavier one will that bring my ball flight and spin down any? I read somewhere that the weights are a 2 gram and a 14 gram from Callaway.. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks! Sam
  3. Scotty Cameron Flowback 5.5, 34”, standard specs with Custom topline by Bastain Milled. $120 for that work. Putter used 5 times in excellent shape. $400 OBO. Evenflow white T11006.5, 65g w/Taylormade tip. Plays 44.75” installed. Came out of M5. $75 OBO.
  4. I was gifted a new set so I’m getting rid of my “old” one, most of which doesn’t have much mileage on it. Lots of stuff below. Only trades I’m open to are for putters. Feel free to PM with questions or if you want more photos. Prices below include shipping (Up to $15 — you cover anything beyond that) and I’m willing to give a bulk discount for anyone who wants multiple items. Stock grips across the board. The drivers and hybrids are in great shape and have been used very little; the irons, however, are truly “used.”Callaway XR16 driver (10.5 degree) with Fujikura Evolution stiff shaft. Only u
  5. A couple items for sale: 1. 34” Axis 1 Rose Black. Head cover included. This putter has a white Garsen Edge Pro grip on it instead of the grip in the picture. This putter was an interesting experiment but I found a putter I liked a little better. Asking $275 2. 9 degree Cobra Speedzone w/ Accra TZ5 proto 55 M4 flex shaft. Head cover included. Very good condition. I had a couple range sessions with this club and played a couple rounds. Shaft was ordered and pured by Fairway Jockey. Asking $425. I will sell head only for $225 and shaft for $200.
  6. Hello everyone! I want to know if someone know what means all specs writed on the driver FA, CTA, CTB, CTF, CTI etc thanks a lot
  7. Anyone move on from the BB-7X in driver? I’ve been playing it 3 years and just picked up a new G410 Lst. Have no complaints about the BB just wondering if in the 2020 shaft market there’s anything similar to compare it to.
  8. I am 63 and my swing speed is roughly 94-95. I can carry my 8 iron when I hit it solidly 155 yards. My index is 3.9. If you do the math, I should be able to carry my driver around 225-230. I play with a lot of younger guys who hit their drivers way past me yet with their other clubs they are generally only one club longer than me. I was fitted for a driver late last year, and when I hit it in the center (smash factor around 147), I can carry it close to 230, but the problem is I can only hit it well about 15% of the time which is wny golf is not played on a launch monitor. The rest of t
  9. Bought this Driver off Fleabay mainly because I was fit into the G410 and was trying to save some cash. Seller said it was “hot melted” (it’s not) I think there’s cotton balls or Something in the head. I tried to take the weight out and fish it out but the weight is literally glued or held in with epoxy so just the screw comes out. The shaft I purchased separate myself and had butt trimmed to play 44-1/2in and right about D3 with the head weight being 204g. I’ve never had an issue selling/buying on this forum and want to be 100% transparent. I figure the shaft itself is worth the post. Paid $3
  10. FS Brand New Never hit Ping G410 Plus Driver 10.5 with stock R flex shaft. This will include the head cover and the tool. I got this from Ping as a replacement for my Ping G410 Plus Driver when the hosel cracked, since it took over a month to get the new club I have moved on and have a new driver in the bag. I did open the bag the tool comes in and set the driver to my standard specs and then decided not to even hit it. Incase anyone is interested I do have a GD AD DI with the PING adapter contact me and I will provide info if intereste $285.00 shipped in the US OBO
  11. Hello, I’m looking to sell a couple of drivers First up is a Ping G20 driver. It is 9.5º with a Graphite Design YS-7+ shaft in stiff flex. The driver head is in great shape. There’s a little chip on the top line toward the toe that isn’t visible at address. There’s a scratch in the paint on the sole toward the heel of the club. Some marks on the face from sandy range balls. There are also a couple of scuff marks on the back edge. Again nothing significant that will affect performance. The grip is a midsize Golf Pride Tour wrap. Comes with matching head cover. $100+shipping ConUS Next one up is
  12. Not looking for any trades, all prices are negotiable and including shipping via USPS Priority MailTa 1.lTaorade SIM 8* with Fujikura Venuts Blue (w/Velocore) 6x standard length. 7.9* and 1.0* degrees open. Comes with Headcover. 750 shipdedBrand New Titleist SM7 Raw Tour issue Heads, all have tour issue stamps on the hosel 120 shipped each 56.10 S-Grind56.08 M-grind58.10 S-Grind58.04 L-Grind Callaway MB Tour issue Heads, have dot on the hosel and smaller groove pattern 5-PW New in Plastic: 600 Shipped Callaway EPIC Forged 4-PW Heads, new in plastic. Bought from a prominent tour seller. 1200 Sh
  13. Not looking for any trades, all prices are negotiable and including shipping via USPS Priority Mail Tour Issue Taylormade SIM 8* with Fujikura Venuts Blue (w/Velocore) 6x standard length (45"). 7.9* and 1.0* degrees open. Comes with Headcover. Head SOLD -- VENTUS Blue 6x - SOLD Brand New Titleist SM7 Raw Tour issue Heads, all have tour issue stamps on the hosel / No Initials 120 shipped each SOLDSOLD58.10 S-GrindSOLD Callaway 2018 Forged MB Tour issue Heads, have dot on the hosel and smaller groove pattern 5-PW New in Plastic: SOLD
  14. I am selling my brand New Taylormade Sim Max Driver 9.0 Loft S-Flex Mitsubishi Chemical Shaft Includes wrench and head cover I got both the 10.5 and 9 and decided to keep the 10.5. Club has never been hit, still in shrink wrap (head and grip). Selling it for $385, plus shipping (~$15-$20 shipped anywhere in the US.) PM if you have an additional questions.
  15. I have two brand new drivers up for grabs , never used them as my current gamer is still going strong. TM Sim Max Still 9 degree loft with Ventus red 5 Stiff shaft . Comes with head cover and tool $OLDCallaway Maverick Sub zero 9 degree with Even flow riptide stiff. Comes with head cover and tool $oldAll pics below , please pm for questions
  16. I have 4 items for sale. All prices are OBO and include shipping. If needed I can provide more photos and info. I am not interested in trades at this time. Cobra F9 9* w/ Atmos Tour Spec Black 7x $old- Bought this at the Denver Golf Expo in February and it has seen maybe 40-50 balls. No headcover or tool included. Bettinardi BB29 35" Winn DriTac Grip. Loft and Lie are standard. I bought this new and used it for half of last summer. Some scratches on the sole, but the face is in great shape. $150TM Spider X Copper- 35" standard L/L. Bought this at the beginning of July and used it on the practi
  17. NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES, THANKS!! Evnroll ER2.2 33" 355g mid blade putter with P2 grip. $240 shipped TItleist T200 4-GW Only hit off range mats, around 1000 balls. Clubs are in very good condition. 4-PW is + .25 length and 1 degree flat with PX LZ 6.0 shafts with tour 360 grips. The GW has AMT white S300 standard length and 1 degree flat with tour velvet grip(bought off ebay) Selling because I ended up LOVING the T100s and will get those. SOLD Titleist TS3, Around 500 balls hit. Scratch one the bottom due to bottom of the club scraping the ground. 9.5 Head with the Project X Evenfl
  18. 1 Cobra Bio Cell Pro Driver with upgraded Diamana Ion plated shaft. 70g Stiff. Shaft was butt trimmed to 43.75”, so it plays 44.5”. Comes with head cover and wrench. Head is in great shape. Clean top line and looks great. PM any questions. $195.00 shipped 2. Callaway Razr Fit Extreme Driver. 8.5 loft. Aldila VS Proto By You 70g stiff shaft. Shaft was butt trimmed to 44”, playing a hair under 45”. Comes with head cover and wrench. Clean top line and face has almost no wear. PM any questions. $125.00 shipped.
  19. Guest

    Driver Shaft Question

    New member to forums here, just a quick question for anyone out there very familiar with driver shafts. Just recently got fit for full bag of new Titleist clubs and absolutely loving how the equipment is performing. I only have two small issues. I was fit into the TS3 driver and the TS2 3 wood. For the TS3 I hit with the EvenFlow T1100 White 6.5X 75g shaft and absolutely loved the feel and performance, but for some reason I can't really but a finger on I really wasn't a fan of the white shaft's contrast with the gloss black head. When I was hitting the TS2 3 wood, I was hitting with a Diamana
  20. I am currently looking for the bubba Watson ping g driver if anyone is willing to sell
  21. few items, everything OBO Scotty Cameron 5w, 33 inches. Original matador grip. Has “scuffs” on the top bottom flange. It’s not a scratch as you can’t feel it but it is noticeable blemish. SOLD epic flash 10.5 head. Custom colors. Black and grey instead of the bright yellow and green. Does have a few scratches on crown. Not noticeable at address but can see them up close. Comes with the custom head cover and wrench. Sold tensei pro blue 60 gram stiff shaft. Callaway adapter. Not sure on tipping, does have extension in butt end. Sold xtorsion copper 70tx. Compared to
  22. This head has been used for approximately 10 rounds. No head cover or wrench Is included. Shipping within CONUS included. Will ship to Canada at buyer’s expense. $280. Will accept a trade for a 9 degree SIM Max head.
  23. I have played the GD tour AD MT 6x for a few years now and have loved it. I initially had it in an Exotics E8 head and then switched to an M4 in a 10.5*. Loved both and had a mid/penetrating draw. Couldnt have been happier. Then I switched to an M6 9* head this year and cant find a fairway for the life of me. I've tried about 6 shafts and a pound of lead tape, but my miss is always low and right. Even when I hit the sweet spot I am hitting a mid trajectory fade. Has anyone played this shaft or know anything about shaft/head combo? I have a fairly low spin rate 1700-1900 rpm and almost feel lik
  24. For Sale, M5 Tour Issue loft: 10.5 Length 45.75 Shaft: Hzrdus Green 6.0 70g Price: SOLD Up for sale is my 10.5 M5 tour issue driver. Can be sold Head only or with shaft. Has the "+" on the hosel and also has the CT check dot on the center of the face (indicated in pictures). This driver was acquired originally through Will Peoples. Crown is in superb shape, looks like there is an additional adjustable weight in the track.
  25. I recently ordered the Cleveland driver and 3 wood with the Tensei CK Pro Blue shafts. Mitsubishi advise tipping the 3wood shaft 1/2” before installing. Do OEM’s such as Cleveland/Srixon follow this guide or do they generally install untipped? You can see on mine, when you put them side by side, the shaft markings are in the same place! Boron tip etc. I assumed they would follow the shaft company’s advice. Will it play much different being untipped? Thanks
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