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  1. DIY Driver tune up Ive seen the same questions over and over, and many of the readers dont have access to club fitters or work shops who can assist, so they are left to them self. Many is asking for help to cut down a driver, and what happens if...and so on, but before you do anything at all to club length,read this post, and then you will be able to re-fit your own driver as good as possible, without any high tech equipment at all. Here is a DIY method to find the right club Length, Total weight & Swing weight balance. Get a whiteboard pen, some graffa tape/ duct tape, some lead tape or a few coins. (Dimes is nice) - Mark the ball with a dot, facing sweet spot at address - Hit a few balls and look for impact marks - Against the heel side - Shaft is too long - All over the face - Shaft is too long (might be to low head weight) - Out against the toe mostly - Shaft is to short* - IDEAL impact spot more than 70 %, about maximum club length (within 3/4 of an inch large circle of IDEAL spot) - Ideal impact spot is the upper toe side part of that marked with a SMILEY The SMILEY shows the absolute ideal impact spot. This is a bit toe side where club speed is higher than mid face, with a PTR/Smash factor of ABOVE 1.5 on a Trackman, where ball speed can be up to 3 Mph higher = 6 yards more carry than absolute center of face from the extra ball speed alone. To get there, a driver to the shorter side is beneficial. Loft is also a tad higher, and gear effect on face will eat some spin, so here you can gain launch without adding spin, but not if you get to high on the face, then PTR/ Smash factor drops, and you loose ball speed and distance. (PTR = power transfer ratio/smash factor) IDEAL impact spot is both a question of COR but mostly a question of where Vertical Center of Gravity is located. Impact below will add spin, impact above will cut of spin, so the cross mark on the face is VCOG. This is how vertical gear effect add or cut of spin, look at the smileys and what spin value we can expect at that spot Here is how you can measure out VCOG yourself, if your club head can be taken off the shaft. If its a connector type head, add the few grams of the connector to the empty hosel. You need a vise and a ballpoint pen of the type we push the button in the back to get the tip out and some paint (what ever paint) - Dip the pen tip itself in the paint, push the button to hid the pen tip. - Put the pen in the vise PEN TIP IN and UP, as strait up and down as you can. - Now put the head face down on the pen tip, follow the center line heel to toe, and search; for VCOG up and down between sole and crown. ALL heads on the marked has a VCOG ABOVE the center line of the face. No matter head, VCOG will be somewhere on the RED Line (se the "twist face" photo above), so we dont have to search much of the face to find it. - When VCOG is found, the head should be able to rest without your support on the pen tip, and now, you just hold the head in position with one hand, and push the pen button with the other hand, and you get a mark on VCOG Be aware of that most club head has a VCOG located a bit higher on the face than the SLDR. DIAL IN LENGTH AND TEE HEIGHT Club length - To simulate a different club lengths, put a 1/2 inch wide piece of tape on top of your grip, as you have chopped that part of. Take your grip lower than the tape, and hit another ball - Look for impact marks. Keep on adjusting, until you gets out of heel area and into center to slight toe side. When you found MID face, adjust tee height, to adjust impact height. Club length and Tee height. - how to dial in If you get on a launch monitor, PTR value or Smash factor might return some "strange" numbers since Trackman measure Ball speed vs club speed at the center of the face, but dont know where your impact was. Here is an illustration of what that might look like. Pay attention to the fact that club speed is different depending on where on the face we measure. Trackman made this illustration, and it shows a player measured to 100 Mph club speed. We cant really get beyond 1.5 as PTR but if you can get 152 Mph ball speed from a club speed at the center who is 100, you DID gain 2 Mph ball speed so the PTR value of 1.52 is telling you was more efficient on that shot SW value - Feel of head weight - If your club head becomes to light (to low feel of head weight), put a piece of tape on the butt of your club head (scratch protection), then put a coin on the tape, and seal it with some tape on top of it. - A dime is a more than 2 grams, who equals to 1 Swing weight point (rules of thumb*) - Gripping down 0.5 will give the feeling of losing 3 Swing weight points / 6 grams / 3 x a dime from the club head. *On a driver at 44.00", 1 SW point is more like 1.6 grams as lead tape on the sole. But don't trust the standard value of the Club to be right for you. Don't be afraid to try both higher and lower swing weight than standard to find YOURS. How to simulate a higher shaft /total weight. Total weight is mostly influenced from shaft weight, and when going shorter, it not unusual to want more shaft weight, and we can simulate a higher shaft weight by adding wgt where the SHAFTs balance point is. (without grip and connector) If we dont know it. just use the middle of the shaft since most shafts BP is plus minus the middle and not by much This way we get to test / simulate a suggested higher shaft weight, AND how it influence on the clubs balance / feel of head vs shaft weight since we added the weight on the balance point where the added weight will end real life if we actually made this shaft change. HOW TO JUDGE YOUR POTENTIAL FOR DISTANCE? - Ive found a rather strange relationship between our PW and our driver you might want to look a bit more into. For short, in bags where both the driver (no matter loft) and the PW (loft 46* to 48*) deliver the carry they should, we can use the formula PW Carry x 2.0 = Driver Carry NOTES - Remember when you grip down, grip size goes down, and your grip might become to tight A way to avoid this, if you first decided to do something about club length, buy a few cheap grips, and cut of the butt cap, so there is a hole straight trough. Mark the shaft, but dont cut it, add new grip tape from the cut mark and down, and the put on the butt cap less grip, all the way down, so the part you plan to cut off comes out of the grip end. Now you can test your new club length with full return. If you found that the club you grip down on, and added weight to, becomes too soft, or you just wants it to be more stiff, then part of shortening or sometimes all should be cut from the tip side. This test will help you to find out before you just cut it and maybe spoil your chance to make it right at first attempt. General info on tip trimming Graphite shafts Flex dont change much when we tip trim a Graphite shaft, and compared to Parallel steel, we can use half as a rule of thumb. A DG Parallel steel shaft, respond with 2 CPM for each 0.25, while the average on Graphite woods is only 1 CPM for each 0.25. But, when the tip section itself gets shorter, there will be less tip to flex, and by that we change launch more than flex, when we tip trim a Graphite wood. We CANT tip trim a R flex to become a S, just forget that unless you have a "combi-flex" shaft at hand. If we look on Drivers VS Woods, and follow the shaft manufacturer suggested tip trim for woods when we add weight to a driver head, the most common is 1/8 tip trim for each 2.5 grams added, but check the manufacturers web page for tip trim for your shaft. Always measure how much tip there is to tip trim before you jump to it. Remember you need at least full insertion, plus the ferrule left. PS! Some Graphite shafts is butt trim only also for woods, so always check for info before you cut the shaft. You can follow the same steppes for tune up on all clubs in your bag except your putter, but you find Putter tuning below here. IRONS - SOFT STEPPING TEST DIY - SOFT STEPPING, without moving shafts. Example, your #8 iron is you favorite club, but you would love to know how that club would feel like, if you soft stepped the shafts 1x or 2x....SCENARIO- We all get older, and we often see players who feel they are playing "too much of a shaft", so they ask will soft stepping help? Its quite a job, and not funny if it dont pay off, but we can do a DIY test for the effect of soft stepping WITHOUT the need to move shafts at all.We can look at it from 2 directions. Using a shaft thats 1 , 2 or 3 shafts "weaker", or we can see it as 7, 14 or 21 grams more head wgt on the shaft we got.In this example, the player has his #8 iron as favorite club, so he wants to know if he can keep playing his shafts if he soft step them once or twice, and this chart helps with how he can simulate those options, using one of the other irons in the set, mark the grip with tape so the club gets the length of his #8 iron, then add the needed grams head weight for that SS option.This test gives us the option to try 4 irons (our own), all to the length of a #8 iron, where feel of flex is strait in, SS1, SS2 and SS3. This way its easy for the player to figure out if his shafts is still OK or not, and how many times of soft stepping thats needed to make it feel right.In this test, SW value is unchanged, but flex drops identical to actual soft stepping, so here we can isolate the flex parameter, without the need to move shafts to test it. If you during testing finds that SS2 feels to soft, and SS1 dont feel right, add a little more head wgt to the #7 (the -SS1 club), so you both get a little more SW, and a slightly softer flex than SS1. That might be just what you are seeking, and this DIY test helps you to find what works the best before you do something that would not be as wanted. If LIE ANGLES in your set has a slope of 0.5* pr club now, this test even offers you to try off FLATTER lie angles, (0.5* flatter pr club longer used as substitute club), but be aware of that toe drop /hand position might change (looks from address, added head wgt, hands lower on a thinner grip), and move the static difference one way or the other. Good to know for the DIY tuner (or club fitter) who might "overthink it", OR find the ideal this way, fast and easy, without a chance to mess it up, and get the answers needed, even for the peace of mind only. (knowing you have it as it should be)PS! we cant simulate hard stepping, since we cant remove weight as easy as we can add it, but if you make the #6 and #7 as above, and is sensible to how they change from strait in to SS1 vs SS2, you get the idea of how much they change the other way when we hard step. RELATED POSTs POST #8 VISUAL FITTING further down on the page, belongs to this post for a better understanding about what shaft properties does to your swing. (direct link to the chapter below here) LINKS TO OTHER RELATED TOPICS The simplest DIY USGA standard Golf Ruler - how to make it at home using a letter sheet and a standard ruler. ANGLE OF ATTACH vs SPIN VALUES Its a MYTH that a negative AOA generate more spin on drivers - Follow this link for the full explanation ADJUSTABLE HOSEL - HOW TO USE THEM RIGHT - (follow this link)
  2. I feel like I’ve lost between 10-15 yards on every club in the past 12-18 months. Same equipment, pretty much same swing etc. I just turned 37 and I’m in decent to good shape, not like I’ve lost muscle or flexibility......this has confounded me though. I never really recorded my swing speed previously so don’t really have anything to compare it to. Has this happened to anyone else in their 30s? I figured a loss of distance wouldn’t happen for another 7-10 years.
  3. Hey gang. I’m thinking about making a shaft change over the winter to kill some spin and launch on my driver, which is sitting around 2900 and 14 degrees right now. I’m gravitating toward the Tensei Pro Orange and I’m pretty confident It will kill some spin, but I’m not sure whether to go with the 60 or 70 gram shaft. I can play with the head weight to adjust swing weight with either. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with launch angle differences between 60 and 70 gram shafts of the same model. Thanks Current setup: Cobra F9 7.5 deg at D3 14 gram weight in front / 6 gram weight in back 76 gram HZRDUS Yellow Avg swing speed around 120
  4. Please PM me with offers, all prices include S&H to CONUS priority mail. PayPal only. No Trades...thanks. 1. Bettinardi Queen B6 34" w/Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0 Counter Core 50g Grip. Always use headcover when in golf bag, Orig HeadCover. $250 2. Masters Fitted Hat Size 7 3/8". Gift from my brother in law who bought from Augusta this year. Never worn, still tag on it, too big for my small head. $50 3. Masters Black Towel w/logo and bag clip. Never used. $50 4. Modus 115 w/iomic X-Grip and Modus 125 w/GPMC White/Black Grip Wedge Shafts. Both Play 35.5" in Vokey Wedges. Both bought directly from Nippon. Asking $40 each. 5. Modus 120 Stiff Flex 6i and 9i shafts. Both w/GPMC White/Black Grips. Both play standard length. $80/both 6. TM M1 Driver 10.5* Head Only w/headcover. Like new as you can see from pics. $200 7. SLDR 4H w/Aldila Tour Blue 85s and 5H w/Aldila Tour Green 85s. Both standard Length, both w/new iomic grips. $100/both or $60/each.
  5. Selling my backup. Excellent condition. Shows some normal wear on the sole but perfect on the crown. Shaft plays at 45". Headcover included. SOLD
  6. Imagine the sound of a 90mph fastball hitting a catchers mitt. That's what this club sounds like. Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme 9.5 (adjustable) --- $$90 Veylix Rome 688 Wildeye Rainbow colorway- Tipped and cut to play at 44.5" and roughly x stiff (maybe more) never professionally measured. 100+mph SS highly recommended. Head is in decent shape and shaft is the Wildeye Rainbow colorway that looks sick in the sunlight. Shaft alone used is prob $100-125. This club has been my anti-right, low spin, rocket launcher for the past year. I have a habit of changing just for the sake of change and will look back on this old friend fondly. Lamkin Crossline .580 core Grip in good condition. Will include the 2 boxes of head weights to increase/decrease your feel. I like 6g in heel and 13g in toe. Increased head weight to help with the short and stiff. Stock comes with 1g and 13g. but I like to add a few. The sound is a product of the shaft and of adding cotton balls to the head. The cotton balls add a small amount of desirable weight and of course make it sound like a solid smack. I know a lot of people can go on and on about feel and sound and rave that one is better than another. All I can say is you have never felt or heard anything like this. Its sick. and Goes for miles. I did the shaft trimming and install with 24hr set epoxy and shaft centering beads. There are no claims of "professionalism" here, but all looks and performs well. Will also include the generic Callaway head-cover. If you want need a wrench let me know, I may have another one lying around, but will have to look. price is shipped CONUS, Canadian partners PM for shipping rates.
  7. Price Drop to $400 Brand new Cobra F9 driver. 9 degree with headcover and tool. I custom ordered with Project X evenflow shaft in 6.0 stiff. Has the cobra connect.
  8. First up is a set of P790 irons used for one season, kept in great shape, no major marks or dings, just the usual wear. 3-GW all standard L/L/L with modus 3 105 stiff shafts with Z-cord grips. 3 iron is practically brand new, bought this year, hit only on simulator a few times. Price: SOLD Next is a mizuno ST180 driver. Only gamed 3-4 rounds. Very clean topline, crown, face. Tensei blue 60 stiff shaft plays 44.50" with z cord grip. Comes with headcover Price: SOLD
  9. Hi, I was hoping to get some advice on which golf ball would be best based on my stats. I am currently gaming a g400max, set to 8 degrees, with a ALTA CB 55 stiff shaft. My current numbers on launch monitor are swing speed 102, ball speed 149, and my spin is around 3200. Ball flight I feel is kind of in the middle, not too high or low. I don't know the launch angle unfortunately. Im carrying it around 247/avg, and I typically play with a ProV1. I'm thinking a ball like the TP5x or AVX might be a good option to bring that spin rate down and maybe optimize carry and total distance a bit. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Up for sale today is a Cobra F9 driver and shaft. Details as follows: 9 degree loft Avalanche (white/matte) head, stock Atmos Blue 6S shaft with Cobra Connect grip, 14g and 2g weights, headcover and wrench included. I bought this new, used it a few rounds, and am just not as consistent with it as my old faithful driver. Pictures below show the condition, but it is hard to tell from new. Looking for **~~$315~~ SOLD shipped to CONUS** Only trades would be an M5, M6, or G410 driver (would possibly be willing to add a little cash on my end). If you have any questions or need anymore pictures send me a PM. Thanks for looking!
  11. Odyssey White Hot RX putter- super stroke 3.0 slim grip -$40 shipped, add $5 west of the Mississippi Attas Elements Prototype wood shaft- stiff flex and a beast of a shaft, no grip. -$30 shipped, add $5 west of the Mississippi Mitsubishi Kurokage wood shaft- stiff flex, has a grip. - Will throw in with first full price purchase - SOLD Adams Speedline Fast 12 LS driver- 9.5 degree, stiff shaft Aldila NV, in good condition and hits a mile. Headcover included. -SOLD Driver and Kurokage shaft sold, take the putter and Attas shaft for $55 shipped. Tried to take pics to accurately show condition but please don't hesitate to ask for more pics or ask any questions, thanks!
  12. Used Tour Issue M1 driver (Hit maybe 10 times) with an Aldilla Rogue Silver MSI 110 S Flex $250 + shipping Used Vokey SM7 wedges 50° , 54° , 58° Sold
  13. Driver is in great condition... club and grip have about a dozen range trips and 8-10 rounds on em. One wrap under standard cp2 grip. Please contact me with any questions. Asking $160 obo shipped conus. Offers welcome.
  14. Hello all- Unloading to free up cash for my next interest, all item prices include shipping and PayPal fees. No trades. Taylormade M2 Tour 15* Fairway SOLD! Shaft: Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 83 X SOLD! 43.5” length Shaft SST Pure Aligned and Installed by Club Champion Ping G400 LST Driver 10* SOLD! Headcover Included Shaft: Ping Tour 65 Stiff Grip: Tour Velvet 360 Srixon ZU85 3 Utility 20* Shaft: Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue $120 Shipped UPDATE $100!!! Like new (only 2 times on the range) Comes with Headcover Length: Standard Lie Angle: +2* Upright Grip: Golf Pride Z Cord MidsizE Shafts: Oban Devotion 75g Driver Shaft 05 Flex (X Flex) Ping Tip $110 Shipped 45” playing length Purchased/Installed @ Club Champion Grip: Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Z 85 X Flex Ping Fairway Shaft $80 Shipped 42.5” playing length Purchased/Installed @ Club Champion
  15. Got a couple things for sale and not interested in any trades at the moment... ~~1. EvenFlow T1100 White 65g 6.0 SOLD~~ ~~2. Golf Buddy LR7s Rangefinder SOLD~~ 3. Taylormade Spider Weight Kit Pair of... 16g, 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g, 5g, 1g Comes with clamshell and MWT torque wrench $60 shipped and paypal'd
  16. Club is in excellent shape does have two marks (see pix) 9* head Hzrdus Smoke 70x (6.5) shaft plays at 44.5'' from Factory Comes with heavier head weights 18g & 6g taken great care of, with newer z grip with align set at 9* comes with wrench and unused headcover (used my own) please see pix for better conditions but owned and gamed by me from day 1 I am just moving on in true GolfWRX fashion! $OLD
  17. For sale is the new PXG Gen 2 0811 X - 9.5 loft I'm selling 2 shafts for the price of 1 with it - The first is a Fujikura Speeder 757 X-stiff cut to play 44 inches. The second shaft is a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue TX and plays 45 inches Will come with original head cover, and the wrench, and will ship in the original PXG box. Price $800 - I'll take a best offer ! [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/5s/bs4ptiexiqcc.jpeg "")
  18. Up for Sale: PXG Gen. 2 0811X 9* driver with a Graphite Design Tour AD TP 6x shaft. Driver is in really good shape, has one small scratch on the sole which is shown in the pictures. It has a true loft of 8.3 degrees. Shaft is a Tour AD TP 6x and practically brand new, used for only a few rounds. It is tipped 1/2'' and cut and plays to 45'' installed. Has new Tour Velvet Align grip on it. Unfrotuntely I do not have a headcover with this anymore. **SOLD** Rogue White Protoype 130MSI 60TX shaft. Shaft has been used for 1 round and a range session and is great shape. Has been tipped 1/2'', has a PXG adapter on it and plays to 45'' installed. Also comes with a new Tour Velvet Align grip. Limited amount of these shafts out right now and probably wont be release until the end of the year. $350 / OBO Free Shipping to CONUS! Not Interested in trades! Please feel free to ask any questions
  19. 45" Accra Tour Zx465 M4 Driver Shaft (w/Taylormade adapter)- $150 Shaft Only Custom color and art for the 2018 Ryder Cup. Just wasn't stiff enough for me.
  20. Up for grabs today is a Ping G400 10.5* with HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 in great shape. All yours for $OLD Plays at 45.5". Golf Pride cord Z grip. Includes headcover shown. Photos tell the story. PM if you'd like additional/specific photos. Price includes shipping (US only). I ship promptly. My feedback was 100% positive before they changed the format. If you think I'm way off on price, tell me. We way just find middle ground!! ****
  21. Bought this Driver off Fleabay mainly because I was fit into the G410 and was trying to save some cash. Seller said it was “hot melted” (it’s not) I think there’s cotton balls or Something in the head. I tried to take the weight out and fish it out but the weight is literally glued or held in with epoxy so just the screw comes out. The shaft I purchased separate myself and had butt trimmed to play 44-1/2in and right about D3 with the head weight being 204g. I’ve never had an issue selling/buying on this forum and want to be 100% transparent. I figure the shaft itself is worth the post. Paid $339 for it. Head cover included. Driver measures 44-1/2 from grip end to bottom groove. ASKING $200 complete OBO
  22. Can anyone advise on improvements/differences between the original Diamana Whiteboard Flowerband shaft and the latest D+Limited Dialhead? I have been using the Flowerband ever since it came out but am thinking I can get more out of newer technology. Thoughts?
  23. Anyone move on from the BB-7X in driver? I’ve been playing it 3 years and just picked up a new G410 Lst. Have no complaints about the BB just wondering if in the 2020 shaft market there’s anything similar to compare it to.
  24. Guest

    Driver Shaft Question

    New member to forums here, just a quick question for anyone out there very familiar with driver shafts. Just recently got fit for full bag of new Titleist clubs and absolutely loving how the equipment is performing. I only have two small issues. I was fit into the TS3 driver and the TS2 3 wood. For the TS3 I hit with the EvenFlow T1100 White 6.5X 75g shaft and absolutely loved the feel and performance, but for some reason I can't really but a finger on I really wasn't a fan of the white shaft's contrast with the gloss black head. When I was hitting the TS2 3 wood, I was hitting with a Diamana model, I believe the D+PLUS Limited 80X. It performed great for me and I much preferred the look of the Diamana to the EvenFlow. When I ordered I requested the Diamana in both the driver and 3 wood but I guess Titleist didn't have those shafts or the fitter messed up and I got the EvenFlow in both clubs. Nothing really wrong with the performance -- to be quite honest I really like the feel of the shafts -- but visually they mess with my eyes and at some point I'd like to expand into some aftermarket shafts that might prove to perform better for me. So now for the question: How comparable is the EvenFlow to the Fujikura Ventus 7X and the Diamana D+PLUS Limited 70TX? I've heard fantastic things about both but the heavier weight of the Ventus (78g in Ventus vs 76g in EvenFlow) and the TX stiffness in the Diamana (which actually has same weight as EvenFlow) seem to tell me that there could possibly be changes to swing weight or feel or performance etc. I'm not an expert in this area whatsoever so I'd love anyone's input on which to switch into.
  25. This head has been used for approximately 10 rounds. No head cover or wrench Is included. Shipping within CONUS included. Will ship to Canada at buyer’s expense. $280. Will accept a trade for a 9 degree SIM Max head.
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