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  1. Used G410 3 Wood head with head cover up for sale. There are a couple of blemishes which I have marked. Please message me for any additional information. Thanks for looking. $SOLD including shipping.
  2. Guest

    Driver Shaft Question

    New member to forums here, just a quick question for anyone out there very familiar with driver shafts. Just recently got fit for full bag of new Titleist clubs and absolutely loving how the equipment is performing. I only have two small issues. I was fit into the TS3 driver and the TS2 3 wood. For the TS3 I hit with the EvenFlow T1100 White 6.5X 75g shaft and absolutely loved the feel and performance, but for some reason I can't really but a finger on I really wasn't a fan of the white shaft's contrast with the gloss black head. When I was hitting the TS2 3 wood, I was hitting with a Diamana
  3. I recently ordered the Cleveland driver and 3 wood with the Tensei CK Pro Blue shafts. Mitsubishi advise tipping the 3wood shaft 1/2” before installing. Do OEM’s such as Cleveland/Srixon follow this guide or do they generally install untipped? You can see on mine, when you put them side by side, the shaft markings are in the same place! Boron tip etc. I assumed they would follow the shaft company’s advice. Will it play much different being untipped? Thanks
  4. In the off-season I picked up an Epic Flash Sub Zero 3W and 5W. The 5W made the bag, but I can't find a gap where the 3W (it goes too far). It's been hit a handful of times, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves. HZRDUS Smoke black 6.5 80g shaft. Headcover included $old. Also on the market are a pair of driver shafts with Callaway adapters: Graphite Design AD-IZ 65g X, Measures 43.5" (plays 44.5) (tipped 1/2") - $OLDUST Mamiya Attas Cool 6X. Measures 43.75" (plays at 44.75") $100 OBO
  5. Any word on a new Titleist driver or fairway/hybrids??
  6. Picked this up from a fellow wrx member this winter and just never mad it in the bag. The biggest difference in the tour issue 3 wood head vs the standard is the graphics on the crown. The tour issue head just had the center chevron and no graphics along the top line. The shaft is a Fuji tour spec 8x, the shaft does have some damage I tried to show as best I could. The paint got scratched from previous owner. Priced at $220 shipped obo. I would also split the head and shaft!! I will entertain trades on this. Other 3 woods with low launch/spin shafts, Sim TI, Ping 410 LST, or possibly iron head
  7. Pricing includes shipping to the lower 48, other destinations inquire within. Possible trades: MD5 or Vokey raw wedges. 1.) Sim Max D 16* fairway wood, Helium 5F4 shaft, midsize mcc+4 grip, no h/c. A couple of rounds and a few range balls on this one $190 2.) Sim Max 19* hybrid, Ventus Blue 7S shaft, stock lamkin grip, includes h/c. One range session on this one $OLD 3.) 6-pw (5 shafts) Dynamic Gold S300 AMT white taper tip shafts, Custom black onyx finish from TT. Winn midsize grips on 4 of the shafts, pulled the 8 iron grip to ensure no extensions. Longest and shortest shafts
  8. I’m looking for the best head and shaft combos for a new 3 wood. Driver swing speed is 110, 115mph when I step on it. Looking for both a tee and fairway 3w. I’ve leaning toward the TM SIM and TS2. What combos do people like among the stock options (w/o up charge If more the $50)?
  9. For sale: Cobra King Speedzone Big Tour FW 13.5*. Comes with headcover and adjustment tool. Shaft is HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5 70g shaft with a Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Arccos grip. It’s a beast off the tee and surprisingly easy to elevate off the deck. Used for about 8 or 9 rounds $235
  10. When looking back in the last 5-10 years, it goes without saying that the orange light saber is popular on tour. Guys have used the Graphite design Tour AD DI for years and seems to still have an extremely loyal fan base. Looking through what seems to have just as much buzz recently is the Ventus lineup. I currently have a Ventus black in my driver and cannot say I would even be interested in trying other shafts at the moment because I love it so much. Take that devout following of equipment and mix it with on of the the most finicky clubs in the bag, the 3 wood, and I feel like decisions can
  11. Fairway shaft looks to have a crack. Should i be concerned about this? Is there a way to stop this crack to grow...
  12. 1) SOLD - Titleist 718 T-MB 3-iron (bent 1 degree strong). Accra 110i shaft, 39.5", Lamkin uTX grip. $old 2) SOLD - Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 7.2 TS, X-flex, 3 wood, with ping G400 adapter. Tipped 1", measures 42.5" from end of grip to adapter tip. Brand new grip, standard size. $old 3) SOLD - Mitsubishi Tensei White, 100HY, X-flex. Measures just a touch over 38.5" from end of grip to tip. .355 tip, came out of Titleist u500. Brand new grip, standard size. $old. Always open to offers and trades.
  13. Hope these two items find someone well! No trades at the moment but feel free to message me with any questions! Diamana™ D+PLUS Limited Edition Length - 42 1/4" Flex-TX Weight-80g. Price: $SOLD Titleist 917F2 FW Head only, 15 degrees (comes with original headcover) Price $60
  14. Hey All, I am looking to sell 2 items today. Trade interests would be putters or Ping G400 Driver or 3 Wood in stiff flex. TS2 Driver stiff. SOLD The first is a the TGW Players Slope Rangefinder. It has the slope and Tournament plate for different modes. This model has pin validation and the original carry case. I bought it about a year ago and it is still in great shape and no dings or anything like that. I just realized that there is a red reflection in the pictures, I can take new/more pictures if you want but that is just a reflection and not actually anything on the rangefinder. I recen
  15. 5-6 i500, 7-p iblade set! These have great golf pride +4 grips on them! The shafts are project x 6.0 flighted. The shafts have the stickers peeled off of them. Please note in the pictures the 8 iron has a crack in the ferrule and the 6 iron has a small dent in the shaft! These are a sweet set! Asking SOLD Tell me if you need any additional pictures! M3 Hl 3 wood! This thing is a high boomer and helped me get the ball up in the air! It has a stiff Ust Proforce shaft in it with a sweet neon color! Condition is noted in pictures! Grip is in good condition! No headcover. Asking SOLDMilled grind 54
  16. I have just two things to move.... first up is a Nike Sumo staff bag that I bought from wrx like 10+ years ago and used briefly. Has been my club storage holder for quite awhile. Does have some wear and tear but the graphics are nice and not too bad for it’s age, included is the original rain cover as well. Tons of pockets for storage. I tried to provide the best pictures of the wear but you can definitely text me with questions and more pictures if needed. I’m looking for $100 shipped to your door. next item is two rocket tour headcovers. 3W and Hybrid. The 3 wood cover has 3 little holes,
  17. So I’m in the market for a new 3 wood. It’s been a loooooong time coming as I’m still using the same off brand 3 wood since I started playing golf in 1997. I went for a club fitting and (after not liking the place I went) they recommended the TaylorMade M6 and talked to me about a custom shaft for it. The reason I don’t like the place I went is because after research the “custom” shaft they told me turns out to be the stock Atmos 6 that comes off the shelf. While I liked the feel and look of the M6, I am also interested in the SIM and the Ping G410. I am wondering if anyone here has first ha
  18. So basically I am in a bad spot with my wood shafts... for years I've played the Proforce VTS Silver 6x in my 917 driver but it is getting too soft for me. Similarly, I've played an 80 gram stiff whiteboard in my 917 3w and I am snap hooking that thing like it's my job. I tend to hit down on the ball a couple of degrees so spin has always been an issue and I hit the ball somewhat high mainly just due to swing speed. I bought a 1st generation Fuji Speeder Pro Tour Spec 74x on here a few months ago and I find that it is just a hair too heavy and I feel like I have to add loft to my driver to p
  19. Hello, friends... Never hit. From Taylormade to me to you. Take a look. Grip: Taylormade Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard (logo down)Standard Length: 43.25"Standard Lie: 59˚(1) Free sleeve of Snell MTB-X or MTB BLACKPrice includes shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees...$200 OBO...SOLD
  20. Hi All, Looking for some input from the forum please I am looking to move on from my Epic Flash SZ three wood I have loved it, but I am starting to realise that its deeper face (assuming that is classed as a deeper face for a three wood these days?) means that I do struggle with it sometimes off the fairway A bit about my game, I play off of 5, swing speed is about 106-108mph with driver I tend to hit the ball a little low, but this is mainly because I currently deloft the club at impact, something I am working on changing. I tend to use my three wood off the tee quite a bit, I like having a t
  21. Bridgestone Tour BX CB 4-PW w/Nippon Modus3 125 stiff shafts. Standard length, loft and lie. I had them double checked and had the lie corrected on two of them last week. Grips are MCC Plus 4 standard. 7 and 8 iron have the most wear and are highlighted in pics below. Looks worse in pics than in real life but just for transparency. $600.Titleist TS3 3wood 15* w/HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 70g (stiff). Shaft is 42" by itself. Comes with matching head cover. Grip is Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 standard. 9.5/10. $200.Ping G400 9* w/Accra Tour Z RPG 462 M4+ (stiff). Comes with matching he
  22. First up is a Taylormade Blood Orange Staff bag. This is the large version. Used less than 10 times. In excellent condition. No rips or tears. Comes with strap and rain cover. $300 Next up is a Tour AD BB 7x 3 wood shaft Taylormade tip. New mcc plus 4 align grip. Standard length for TM 3 wood. $125 shipped. 2 Epic head covers for sale. Brand new $20 each.
  23. 2017 m2 3 HL with diamana D+82 X flex. Lamkin grip. Players 42.5 ish. Super clean with HC. True bomber. SOLD
  24. Hello! All prices are OBO and include shipping from Southern California. Please add $10 east of the Mississippi. Local pick up in Irvine, CA is ok too. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!Open to trades for:-Titleist TS3, Mizuno ST190/200, TM M5/M6 drivers (10.5* only and just head ok too)-TS2 5 wood (just head ok too)-Taylormade MG2 50*/52*/54* wedge-Vokey SM7 50*/54* Up FOR SALE: -Taylormade 300 Forged Iron Set 5-PW great condition with deep grooves for an iron set this old. Rifle Flighted FCM 6.0 shafts. GP TV standard grips. Standard LLL. $75 OBO shipped-Titleist 718 T-MB s
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