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  1. Since there isn't a ton of information about the Dynamic Gold X-Seven out there due to its scarce or "very exotic" nature I figured I would post about my initial impressions after having gamed it for roughly 20 rounds over roughly the last 60 days. **Quick Backstory: ** PX 6.5 X-Flex was the stiffest/heaviest the Titleist rep had at our Titleist Demo Day back in April and suggested I might look into trying the 7.0 or the X-Seven. Armed with that info, I contacted my clubfitter in Kansas City and told him I wanted to try the X-Seven as well as the Nippon Modus variants. The clubfitter knows
  2. I am getting a set of G710 irons and going graphite shaft. They offer the Alta CB Red and can still get the Alta CB Black. I like the look of the black much more, but don’t want to sacrifice any new tech. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference with the tech? Has anyone hit both with the G710's? Thanks
  3. Anyone move on from the BB-7X in driver? I’ve been playing it 3 years and just picked up a new G410 Lst. Have no complaints about the BB just wondering if in the 2020 shaft market there’s anything similar to compare it to.
  4. Selling two awesome shafts directly from the Taylormade factory today. Both have only been hit during one range session and unfortunately aren't for me - but are in Mint/New shape. Please reach out with any questions or if any additional pictures are needed. My only trade interest at the moment is a Bushnell Pro XE. Thanks! Driver Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 7x (w/Velocore) directly from the Taylormade Factory - SOLDExtra Stiff44.25 InchesGolf Pride Z-Cord - Mid-Size +1 Wrap GripTaylormade Tip 3-Wood Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 7x (w/Velocore) directly from the Taylormade Factory - $300Ext
  5. So my brother-in-law is a big guy. He has a high swing speed and hit irons fly way too high with too much spin. He currently games TT DG AMT X100s. Any good iron shaft recommendations to bring his height and spin down?
  6. Two shafts I have moved on from for sale: Hzrdus Smoke Black 6S Driver shaft, 44" with a cobra tip and a new Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip. Came from a brand new SZ driver, played 2 rounds and it wasn't for me. $oldFujikura Pro 2.0 7S 3W shaft, 42.25" with a cobra tip. Just put a new Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip on it 2 weeks ago. Played for 1 season but my swing speed is up 8-10mph and need a more stout shaft. $70 obo Main trade interests would be a Tour AD DI 6X driver shaft, MP 20 MMC $taper 7, 8 and/or 9 irons or a ping sigma 2 anser.
  7. I can’t shake my KBS Tour V 125s. Buy my expensive mistake. Paid $300 for the shafts brand new and $80 for the Grips. Played standard length in Mizuno MP 20s and the tip weights were to maintain the D3 swing weight (I measured every shaft and will include pics). Can easily be removed with some heat. There’s no shaft wear or grip wear only thing is the white end caps on the grips could use a cleaning from my dirty bag. Will Lysol everything before shipping. Asking $175 firm shipped in the US message me for questions or PayPal Info. *My actual measurements could be off because of the tip weight
  8. Callaway Apex MB Raw 4-PW RH. Standard length 38”. 5 Iron, standard loft, 1 degree flat lie angle with Tour issue DG X100 and golf pride Tour Velvet grips. These were built as a back up set for a friend on tour. They show some very light wear from a range session and very light chatter here and there from travel. $OLD OBO Shipped in the USA. Not really looking for trades but some items of interest would be Tour Issue Maverik Sub Zero or Sub Zero triple diamond, Apex Pro- pro dot Raw ,Byron DH 89 GSS, Bettinardi Tour Stock, PXG Gen1 or Gen 2 0311T Irons-extreme dark. Must be in good shape. Vok
  9. Hi Guys - Shafts for sale here - professionally pulled and cleaned by PGA SS. 5- PW Porject X Catalyst 60 5.5 Regular Graphite Shaft - Standard Callaway Golf Pride Grip in very good condition - pulled from Apex 19 CF irons 2 True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue Wedge - pulled from RTX 4 wedges - in great condition $OLD Total of 6 graphite shafts - for $90 shipped Conus and paypal G&S. Thanks for looking!
  10. Here we have a sweet Goodwood 003 prototype putter. I purchased it here but I have since received my custom Goodwood that I designed and it's going in the bag. This plays @ 33", is made from carbon steel with a cerakote finish and a head weight of 350 grams. Has a pingman grip. I do not have a head cover but I can put a random one on it for shipping. It is more of a bronze color than it looks like in the pics. I can gladly send more taken in natural light if you would like. $245 Mitsubishi Diamana S limited stiff shaft. Taylormade tip. $65 Adams hybrids. 26 and 23 degree. The 26 has barel
  11. Guest

    Need help with shafts

    So I'm living overseas and my fitting options here are very limited. I went to the top fitter in the country and he had literally 3 different weight shafts in steel, 95, 105, and 130g. I've played 130g since college and hit that one the best in the fitting predictably, spraying the lighter ones quite a bit more. I have the opportunity to pick up a set with Oban ct115's in them, but the fitter told me he wouldn't advise me going any lower than 130. I swing the 7 iron about 84-87mph, good swing, good ball striker. Is the 15g drop down going to throw my dispersion off much? I know its impossible
  12. Rogue white 60X Ping Driver G410 tip basically new. played one round with it. $130 shipped. shipping to CONUS only .
  13. In the off-season I picked up an Epic Flash Sub Zero 3W and 5W. The 5W made the bag, but I can't find a gap where the 3W (it goes too far). It's been hit a handful of times, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves. HZRDUS Smoke black 6.5 80g shaft. Headcover included $old. Also on the market are a pair of driver shafts with Callaway adapters: Graphite Design AD-IZ 65g X, Measures 43.5" (plays 44.5) (tipped 1/2") - $OLDUST Mamiya Attas Cool 6X. Measures 43.75" (plays at 44.75") $100 OBO
  14. Can anyone advise on improvements/differences between the original Diamana Whiteboard Flowerband shaft and the latest D+Limited Dialhead? I have been using the Flowerband ever since it came out but am thinking I can get more out of newer technology. Thoughts?
  15. I was recently fit at Club Champion into the Ventus Black. Club Champion only had the 6x but did not have the 7x or 8x to demo. I am seeking improved dispersion (distance not really a problem). I tend to hit the driver low and I'm trying to get it up in the air so it lands a bit softer. Is there a significant difference between the 6x and the 7x?
  16. First up is a TS4 9.5 degree. Standard Shaft is the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Stiff with superstroke grip (similar to dritac). Played for roughly half a season (picked up late last year and played most of the season up until now). Not a lot of wear and face and crown look great. Comes with Headcover and tool. Just not suiting my game so I bought something else. Would like $260 **SOLD** Shipped https://imgur.com/aMkIuVf https://imgur.com/TOVnlUe https://imgur.com/xnVCQxc https://imgur.com/0dvnPkY Next are two shafts with Titleist TS adapters. One is the HZRDUS Yellow Handcrafted and the other
  17. Been searching for a set of irons and stumbled across www.japangolfclubs.com it seems a little outdated so wasn’t sure if it was safe to buy from? Is anyone able to help?
  18. I was custom fitted for iron shafts with the Mavericks, and the Accra iSeries Steel Iron 115g stiff shaft worked best. If I order direct from Callaway, the options are limited to KBS, Nippon, Project C, and True Temper. Does anyone have suggestions on which Make and Model shafts might be best to try that could compare to the Accra iSeries model above?
  19. Pricing includes shipping to the lower 48, other destinations inquire within. Possible trades: MD5 or Vokey raw wedges. 1.) Sim Max D 16* fairway wood, Helium 5F4 shaft, midsize mcc+4 grip, no h/c. A couple of rounds and a few range balls on this one $190 2.) Sim Max 19* hybrid, Ventus Blue 7S shaft, stock lamkin grip, includes h/c. One range session on this one $OLD 3.) 6-pw (5 shafts) Dynamic Gold S300 AMT white taper tip shafts, Custom black onyx finish from TT. Winn midsize grips on 4 of the shafts, pulled the 8 iron grip to ensure no extensions. Longest and shortest shafts
  20. I’m looking for the best head and shaft combos for a new 3 wood. Driver swing speed is 110, 115mph when I step on it. Looking for both a tee and fairway 3w. I’ve leaning toward the TM SIM and TS2. What combos do people like among the stock options (w/o up charge If more the $50)?
  21. Got some extra shafts First Tensei Pro White 60tx with callaway adapter and lamkin tour cord with a couple extra wraps. Right around 44.5 with grip. Looking for Sold Second: Project X Small Batch Hazrdus Smoke Yellow 70 6.0 has a Titleist adapter with new Tour velvet 360. A shade over 43.5” looking for was $140 now $125 Last: set of CTaper 120 stiff 4 to PW. Longest is a shade under 38” shortest is a shade over 35”. Played 1/2 inch over standard in JPX Tour 900s. Very good shape Zcord midsize grips and sick set of BB&F Jubilee ferrules that are in great shape. Looking for $sold all prices
  22. I hope this is the appropriate place to post this. I'm looking to put a new shaft on a TM R11 Driver and was looking at the one on ebay. I'd link it, but it won't let me since I'm new. But it is listed on eBay as project X PXV white driver or fairway shaft. They also list it as a 60g. Is this a legit shaft? Reason I ask is the seller advertises this as a 60g but I only was able to find existence of 39 and 52g in this model. Maybe I'm being extra paranoid, but I don't want to buy a fake and I'm new to the game and unfamiliar with shafts and such. If this is legit, is it a decent enough shaf
  23. I hate to part with both of the sets as they have a ton of sentimental value to me. I played to a single digit for a good while and these were instrumental in getting me there. But I have a baby on the way and I’ve taken up other hobbies that don’t give me the time I need to golf. All prices are shipped. Mizuno MP64/MP4/MP Fli Hi combo set 3-PW. Nippon Modus 130X 4-PW, 120X in 3 iron. Length is 1/4” over. Condition is very good, would say 7/10. Grooves are awesome. The only issue is the 8-iron has a few rock dings on the sole and the grip is starting to split. 5-iron apparently lost a ferrule
  24. I was recently fitted for the Srixon Z585 irons, DG AMT White shafts 5-pw. I was coming from Taylormade Rocketballz, XP95 shafts. I love the feel of the irons, and my longer clubs (5-7) have been working really well for me, but I’m having some issues with the shorter irons. With the AMT White shafts, the weights gets progressively heavier as you go across the irons, so while I loved the feel of the 7 iron during the fitting, the PW at 130g has been causing me some issues. I am not getting much trajectory or spin on the ball and it has been hard to hold greens. Should I try to go down in weight
  25. Fairway shaft looks to have a crack. Should i be concerned about this? Is there a way to stop this crack to grow...
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