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  1. I’ve been using the predecessor to the Tour 2.0, the Mid Slim 2.0 for over 4 years now and I love it. It’s all beat up but it’s perfect for me. However I can’t help but notice how sleek the Pistol GT Tour looks and I’m so tempted to give it a go especially with all the Tour wins it’s racked up. Has anyone used the GT Tour or maybe switched from one to the other and can let me know what their experience was like?
  2. I love the way MCC+4s feel on Dynamic Gold's, but I play mostly ProjectX, which I've read don't taper at the handle like Dynamic Golds. Is that correct? I don't have calipers to measure the diameter at the bottom hand. I wear a medium glove and I've played MCC and Tour Velvet Standard, 1, 2, 3 extra wraps under the double-sided tape and also midsize. The TV are 1/16 smaller diameter than MCC. MCC Midsize are too large. I played them on irons and wedges for a year. Could someone recommend how I could replicate the exact diameter of MCC+4 on a Dynamic Gold with either a an MCC or MCC+4 on a Proj
  3. My first listing. Selling 10 Golf Pride MCC Align +4 standard size. These are brand new bought from Golfworks. $90 shipped. First to PayPal goods and services gets them. PM for PayPal address. No trades. TIA Sold
  4. Hi guys. Just ordered a new SuperStroke Traxion XL plus grip and didn't realize they are 13.75" long against the usual 10.5" when I received it today. Was fiddling around with it and do like the idea to have some extra grip length to slide down my hands on shorter putts so I can be more precise. Does this make sense? Do you recommend mounting it on a 35" Odyssey or should I add some length to the shaft, say +1" or 2", so I have a little bit more shaft to work with? Thanks!
  5. PM me offers! Priority goes to multiple item offers. Thanks! Steelfiber 110cw Stiff flex 4-gw (8 Total) / Purchased here but never used $235 SOLD!
  6. This set is very clean for it's age. No browning. Looks to be plus .25 length. Has Apollo shafts look to be between stiff and reg. flex. Winn grips 9/10 condition. Hard to find this set out there in this shape. $250 shipped.
  7. Silly question I'm sure that's been asked and answered or tried and failed many times over but always wondered why golf shafts/grips, for your driver at least, don't come with a rubber butt knob attachment to give your left hand (if a righty) something to press/support against while swinging. It would have to be firm enough to be able to rest your hand/wrist against but flexible enough to move a little with your swing - just seems like it would make the club feel more secure in your hands resulting in a more confident swing and possibly more clubhead speed/power, no? Or is just a bad idea gone
  8. iBlade 4-W tour issue x100- like new Standard length Bent to 1 degree flat however 4-6 are red dot, 7-w are black dotBrand new MCC +4 on all $old Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5- brand new plays 1/4" below 35"Includes set of 10 gram weightsIncludes phantom head cover just noticed a slight chip on the picture- not noticeable but want to be transparent$375 shipped- OBO$400 with 20 gram set of weights and wrenchScotty Cameron Matador and Pistolero gripsMatador- Black with silver Pistolero- Grey$25 shipped ($15 if bought with putter)
  9. Rare New SuperStroke Limited Edition Grim Reaper Pistol GT 1.0 $50
  10. As the title says, looking for feed back with peoples experience with either of these putters. Been looking at new putters and narrowed it down to these two. Curious about your setup (weight, grip, etc) as well. Any feedback is much appreciated!
  11. Recently picked up a new set of Callaway Steelhead XR 5-PW irons with Accra i123 shafts online for a song (which was sweet) but after I received I swear they'd been custom fitted for someone who decided they didn't like and traded in as the tips were trimmed or hard stepped resulting in minimal tapering near the clubheads, extra weighty feel (D4-D5), and seem stiffer than a regular (feel like an M3+). That said have been hitting them pretty decent with a firm deliberate swing, albeit indoors, so don't want to muck about with them too much too prematurely. Question is: would love to reduce the
  12. Set of 15 new and unused PURE Grips: $OLD shipped to lower 48 7 blue DTX 5 black DTX 1 red DTX 2 white Wraps
  13. For those who have Oban CT shafts or shafts that are also high end, post a picture of your set up!
  14. 1) Bettinardi Limited Edition Air Strike Putter Headcover with original plastic case. Brand new & unused. $180 2) PING Arccos Sensors. Brand new with stickers still on top. 14 sensors (13 club sensors and 1 putter sensor) $100 3) Golf Pride Midsize MCC Align grips. 13 grips brand new, unused with plastic still on. $OLD
  15. I purchased a used PRGR driver and attempted to replace the grip, but after cutting the old grip off I noticed the end of the shaft was really wide (exact diameter of a nickel). Where would I buy a grip for a wider driver like this? I tried the standard size, but it only made it down half way and got stuck.
  16. Have been looking to replace my s3 Pros with something that isn't 9+ years old due to the solid improvements to club heads since then. I've been playing 1.5" long since basically 20 years old. I've been looking at much older clubs and some tour player specs. It seems common that older clubs tended to be shorter, but lofts were weaker too, so in a sense part of that change is just that every iron today is really just has one number too small printed on it. Drivers though seemed to be a few inches lower, and many tour players seem to be shorter than the 45" standard. So my question is... H
  17. 7 Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips. Round. Used 4 rounds and a couple range sessions. $50 shipped ConUS.
  18. Let me know what kind of bulk rates on these are out there
  19. Let me know what kind of deals are out there on these as a set
  20. **Need to get rid of some stuff, shipping included except golf bag. Trades Welcome: Spider X SuperStroke Pistol 1.0 Taylormade Hi-toe Wedges or MG (50-*54*) Tour issue heads (driver, 3 wood, 17 * or 19* hybrid) Taylormade M3 or M5 3 wood Superspeed system Taylormade M4 19* Will add cash if needed 1) Miura Forged CB-301 5-PW with Project X 5.5 Standard L/L $500 obo** **2) Tour Exotics CB PROh 24* head only $40 obo** **3) Flat Cat slim $20 obo clean pull and lots of life left** **4) Brand new in wrapper P2 grips Aware & Reflex Tour $30 each** **5)
  21. Almost mint Alpha RX-2 iron set 3-LW, Stiff Nippon N.S. Pro 950 shafts, brand new Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips. Played 6 rounds. 11 club set, PW not pictured but is included, it was built at a later date. More pics available upon request, I’m motivated to sell, reasonable offers considered! Thanks for looking -$150
  22. For sale Scotty Cameron Grips, Scotty Cameron Custom Shop HC like new, Taylormade Hi Toe wedge 54 degrees with C-taper s shaft ... The grips are 27 shipped to your door, Except the great pistolero , asking 35 for that one.. Six grips total... The Custom shop HC is selling for 50 shipped ... The Taylormade wedge is 80 shipped..
  23. Hey guys, Just trying to get rid of these quick. Always willing to trade - looking for TP5s and a GAPR LO or anything else you might have. Let me know. Will ship ASAP. 1. Odyssey 1WS Red Putter comes with black straight shaft and basically new Super Stroke Traxion grip that has a 50 gram counter weight from Super Stoke. 33 Inches long, 71 degree lie, 4 degrees of loft. Has a small mark on the hosel shown in pics that happened when bending the loft but can't been seen at address otherwise flawless. Includes Odyssey magnet headcover in good shape, not original headcover. $115 - NOW $100
  24. Starting to weed out a few items before impeding surgery to repair labrum tear in my right shoulder. Been a very disappointing year not being able to take a full swing and play any golf. Item 1- Kenny Giannini Mallet with headcover. Looking for $175 shipped in CONUS Item 2- SuperStroke The Claw putter grips- 2014-2015 version- pulls-no tape residue-minimal bag wear on backside Looking for $45 sipped for the three. Item 3- Leather embossed Putter Shoe- velcro closure- Asking $25
  25. I am a fan of the Cameron pistolero grip. I like the axe handle as I feel like it stabilizes my lead hand when I putt and my pinky and ring fingers aren’t in tension. In another thread someone asked about the Iomic pistol grip compared to the Cameron pistolero. There was a good amount of confusion as to how similar they are. I ended up buying the Iomic 65 only to find out that they aren’t that similar and the Iomic was too small for what I was looking for. Here are pictures of the two items side by side.
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