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Found 3 results

  1. Sorry in advance, bit of a nit picky post here. Playing SS 120-125ish, into the low 130’s when messing around in a simulator. Looking for as low launch shaft as I can find, but I also really enjoy that loading feeling at the top. To throw in a 3rd wrinkle, I’ve also found that I don’t get along with lower balance point shafts ex: TZ5/Hzrdus Black. I’ve recently gamed Hzrdus Yellow, PO Orange, and TZ5. Yellow felt the best, but launched super high, Orange performed the best, but there’s no distinctive load. It may well be that I’m looking for a bit of a unicorn, but I’m open to opinions or reviews of shafts anyone has used. Thanks!
  2. Pretty much all of the fairway wood shafts I've played in the past have had recommended tip trim instructions of the usual 0.5" trim for 3 wood, 1" for 5 wood (sometimes 7-wood these days) etc. which seems to have worked nicely in general, comparing how the shaft performs from driver to 3 wood etc.. Recently I've picked up a few Fujikura and older Aldila models that recommend 0 tip trim for 3 woods and I'm abit nervous/curious about why they do this. It's not as if the tips of the shaft are so stiff in comparison to other manufactures that they perform differently (or is it?!). Is it just a presumption that you want a fairway wood to launch higher than a driver? I'm not sure that's always the case from a shaft perspective, loft does the job for the most part. I've noticed Aldila have gone to the standard 0.5"-3 wood, 1" 5 wood or similar since being brought out by MRC. Anyway, so the question is what are peoples experiences or knowledge of why they do this? And how has if effected the performance of the shaft? Has not trimming the 3 wood shaft worked or have you had better results ignoring Fujikura etc. advice and going with the usual 0.5" trim etc? Anybody follow the no tip trim advice on shafts from other manufacturers that usual recommend trimming and had success? Any particular experience of the Fujikura Atmos line would be appreciated! Cheers
  3. Cleaning up the redundant golf items. All prices included shipping to CONUS. Not interested in any trades currently. 5. m2 2016 9.5 degree head only. Comes with original headcover. There is a scratch by the weight port that doesn't affect play-ability. Please see pictures. Asking price $90. 7. Matrix Ozik HD7 shaft. Measures 44 inches and comes with a Taylormade tip. Asking $50. This will work with the m2 listed above. If you buy both, I will give you a better price. 1. Tourstriker planemate, that has been used for a month. Bought brand new from TourStriker directly. Asking price $old. 2. Superspeed sticks. Asking price $old 3. Cobra F9 driver 9* loft with 45 inch ATMOS TS Blue 6 Stiff. Swing weight should be D4 as that's what I specified to Cobra. Head cover and tool included. I have swung this 15-20 times indoors. It's almost brand new. Asking price $old. 4. JPX 919 Tour 3-6 Irons. These come with DG 120 S300 shaft. The L/L/L are standard. 4-6 irons have about 10 rounds on them , 3 iron has never been hit. $old. 6. Bushnell tour v3 , patriot pack. Item is well taken care of and the optics are in fantastic shape, as you can see in the pictures. I recently upgraded to pro XE , so this needs a new home. Asking price $old. First person to send paypal gets the item. pin 8/30
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