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  1. Well, I dont think you'll find a more Ping-centric post here on WRX. I hate selling all of this, but I played 27 holes last year (clubs show this...) and have an injury that is going to keep me out all of this year. Combine that with an upcoming wedding this summer it makes sense to sell the clubs. I take obnoxious care of my clubs hand washing them after every round to keep them looking as close to mint as possible. There are a LOT of pictures so scroll through as I have G425 Driver, Fairway, Hybrid + Crossover available plus Glide Forged Wedges + i59 irons and lastly the Hoofer Tour Bag 1. Ping 425 LST 9* Driver w/ Speeder 661TR X-Flex Shaft. 45.25", golf pride tour 360 grip. This shaft was ordered directly from Fujikura and installed aftermarket with the 425 tip from a Top 100 Ping Fitter. When you order from Fujikura you have the ability to laser etch the shaft, which you will see is etched with my twins names on there (#kate&coop). Club is above-average to mint condition and in my opinion other than the sole (which is also really good) is near perfect. Played less than 5 total round. This shaft when ordered from Ping was a $350 upcharge. Currently new this combo would cost $750, I'm selling for $425 Now $400 Shipped in the CONUS incudes headcover (Sorry no wrench) 2 Ping 425 LST 3 Fairway Wood 14.5* w/ Ping Tour 75 X-Flex Shaft. Standard Length, golf pride tour 360 grip. Club is mint condition. Played less than 5 total round and probably hit a total of 5 times. I'm selling for $SOLD Shipped in the CONUS includes headcover (Sorry no wrench) 3 Ping G425 3 Hybrid 19* w/ Aldila Rouge 95x. Standard Length, golf pride tour velvet grip. Club is average condition. Played less than 8-10 total round. I'm selling for $SOLD Shipped in the CONUS includes headcover (Sorry no wrench) 4 Ping G425 3 Crossover Red Dot ordered from Ping with Ventus Blue 8x Shaft. Standard Length, golf pride tour 360 grip. Club is Above Average condition. Played less than 5 total round and probably hit a total of 10 times. I'm selling for $225 Now $205 Shipped in the CONUS 5 Ping Glide Forged Pro Wedge Set 50/S, 54/S and 60/S with Ping WRX Grind KBS 120 Stiff shafts. Standard Length, black dot. Wedges are is Above Average to VERY good condition. Played less than 5 total round, not sure I hit the gap or sand more than a couple of time each. The 60 was hit more often (too many missed green!) and is the face picture to show it's still extremely good condition I'm selling for $400 Now $375 Shipped in the CONUS for the set, I will not split up 6 Ping i59 4-P Iron Set Project X LS 6.5 shafts. +1/4"Length, Red dot. Irons are Above Average to VERY good condition. Played less than 5 total round. Face picture is of the 7 iron which was used the most to show it's still extremely good condition I'm selling for $SOLD Shipped in the CONUS for the set 7. Ping Hoofer Tour Stand bag. This was used for 5 rounds and shows some minor wear on the bottom (as pictured). Also, as a bonus I will include a never used Ping Tour 68" Canopy Umbrella. $335 Shipped in the CONUS pin 3/7
  2. Last Day to ship was the morning of 3/16. Everyone will need to wait until 3/27 for shipping. Just clearing out the extras that don’t see the course anymore. All prices are PayPal’d and include shipping to CONUS, only (add $10 for each bag and iron set shipped West of Mississippi). Please note I will be out 3/16-3/26 and cannot ship while away. Prices are best reasonable offer and true lowballs will likely be ignored. See photos for the condition of each item. As always first to pay gets ‘em and payment is expected immediately after agreement. No trades. Thank you for looking. Summary: Ping iBlades $445 shipped (plus $10 West of Mississippi) Ping G400 LST 8.5 (head only) $old Ping G400 Stretch 3wood (head only) $old Ping Hoofer Monsoon $125 shipped (plus $10 West of Mississippi) Ping Hoofer $125 shipped (plus $10 West of Mississippi) Srixon ZX5 (mk1) 4 and 5 iron. $old Ping iBlades and Glide 2.0 SS 50: $445 shipped (plus $10 West of Mississippi) 4-PW and the 50 degree (std Ping wedge shaft) The iBlades are all factory Ping with KBS CTaper Lite 110 stiff. They are Powerspec loft and the 6-PW are Red Dot and the 4-5 are Black Dot lie angles. See photos for condition, but they are in good condition, especially for their age. All work was done by Ping including the Lie angles, making it easier to turn over the 4-5 irons. These have never been refinished and I believe the swing weight is std. The 5iron length is std Ping 38 1/8” to end of grip. All serials match on the iBlades and the 50 degree glide 2.0 was added later at retail but the serial # does not match the iBlades. 9,PW,50 6,7,8 4,5 Ping Hoofer Monsoon $125 shipped (plus $10 West of Mississippi). She’s used but still waterproof and all zippers function just fine. Other than some normal wear and tear and a bit of faded trim the only issue is a slight bend to one leg. I meant to call Ping and get a replacement, but never got around to it. It works fine and it’s been that way for 18 months or so. In photos this is the bag with white straps and black dividers. Ping Hoofer (Red dividers in photos and this the regular not the waterproof model) $125 shipped (plus $10 West of Mississippi) Light use on this one and no issues with zippers, legs etc.
  3. Seven MB DLC finish irons (black) No logo limited edition! With yellow paint fill 4-PW. N.S. Pro modus 3 120 flex S. No. One black on black grips. New/like new. not all clubs have even been hit. Literally the best of the best! All standard built by tour spec. I believe only ten sets exist in this finish. I cannot stress how rare these clubs are!!! $5000 Sold Miura Original Baby Blades Excellent condition. Steel fiber shaft flex S. All standard spec with new No. one grips black/yellow $1300 Miura Golf bag $250 Scotty Cameron Jet Setter 35” still in plastic/box $1200 Titleist Vokey 64* Wedge I have two of them. Excellent like new condition. One with No. One grip one with stock titleist $130 each One sold PXG Sugar Daddy 64* Wedge PXG grip KBS tour wedge shaft $250 Sold Zodia wedge set 49*,56*,59* Great condition. Almost impossible to find these. Steel fiber shaft with No. One grips $450 set All of these clubs were selected after tons of research! To recreate would be very expensive and time consuming. Prices are plus shipping not with. But can be discussed depending on location. This is my third attempt at posting. So please any questions, corrections or comments feel free to ask.
  4. Hey Everyone, Thanks for looking got some stuff up for sale, many pictures included fair warning. The Vessel Player 3 bag is all Navy, 6 way Divided, in packaging, bought it a few weeks ago to have as my 2023 bag going into the season, but decided to stick to my current bag Ive brought it out the box and put clubs in it, but being winter here, didn't want to bring it out in sloppy weather, never made it out on the course. asking $OLD TSR2 Driver 9* Head only used a few rounds. Mint Condition asking $OLD Nike Dri-Fit Chino Slim Fit all are 34x34 Black, Navy, White, Beige The white pants were worn once all the rest were machine washed never worn bought all together from nike a few weeks ago, not a fan of the material at all so looking to clear these out asking 25 a pair separate take all for 90 Looking to unload my Stack System used it since New Years wasn’t getting the results i hoped for comes in original package. stick and the weight kit only asking $old shipped If you would like a PRGR monitor added im asking 425 shipped for the bundle combo retails for 578 before taxes and shipping Stack System was sold separately. PRGR Monitor will be kept in the mean time. Thanks guys All Pictures below
  5. Plenty more to peruse here, and I’ve more to add, just give me a minute and exercise some patience. We’re all in this heap together, fellas so let’s throw down the gratitude journals and fire up your PayPal. Everything is OBO. 1. SOLD Titleist Scotty Cameron T22 Fastback 34” played 9 holes or so, but I chipped in 3 times so it only has six or so 3-putts on it. Sure, it’s great, but if I plan to quit by this Thursday or Friday, this has to lead the charge. Feels great, looks great, and I’m willing let it go after a brief encounter, just like your sister. SOLD $995 shipped in CONUS. 2. SOLD Odyssey Toulon Atlanta 34” with that sexy little slant neck I wish made any sense for my game, but sadly produces nothing but error. I took this one to California and and purchased pre-round beef jerky at a convenience store 5 mins before the guy who bought the winning Powerball ticket. The jerky was terrible, I lost $20 on course, lunch was repugnant, lost a glove on the 4th tee box and by my estimation, essentially lost $533 million in the process. I’d say it’s time to move on. $237 shipped and the headcover to match! PRICE DROPPED TO $205 SOLD 3. Project X Flighted 7.0 3PW pulls which played plus ½” in a set of oh so vogue Bridgestone J40CBs. These pics suck but if you shop on here at all, you’re plenty used to that incompetence. I’ll post more this evening upon return from my vocational misery. They’re stiff and heavy for all you knuckle-dragging lady slayers. $215 shipped PRICE DROPPED TO $190 4. SOLD Nippon Modus 105x 4P pulls which played standard length in PING i210. These shafts were like my recently deceased beagle-fox hound mix — incredible stability and performance for the first 2.5 hours and a total bed-sh!tter after 3 or more. You might like them if you order medium drinks or think a little hot sauce is enough. $170 shipped. PRICE DROPPED TO $150 SOLD 5. SOLD Callaway Apex Pro ‘19 4-P. Head only because you’re into kink you sick SOB. Played these maybe a round or two before the wind blew a different direction and something new BST caught my attention. Flatter than piss on a board at 3* flat but I can bend them at home because of course I can. A touch weak because I was lifting at the time and fancied myself less of a Nancy than I am and the “fitter” I met got me hard just talking about decent angles. You know the drill, you know the outcome… $425 shipped PRICE DROPPED To $385 SOLD 6. SOLD Mackenzie Ballistic Greyish Brown with custom pocket for water bottle/rangefinder. Gentlemen, I’m prone to bouts of excess, sure I keep it quiet, hidden and somewhat mythic, but, I might have…too much. This bag is an example of a situation in which I might have stepped outside reasonable and touched down (briefly!) in the land of surplus. Great bag, I even used it a time or two and I still can’t decide if it’s brown or grey or some amalgamate of the two. I love carrying any and all sorts of these bags, and the dirty wh0rish truth of it all is, I’ll likely buy another in a moment of quixotic degenerate shiftiness. $265 shipped PRICE DROPPED to $235 SOLD 7. Bettinardi BB-0 (BB Zero or whatever they’re calling them) 110CU (SOLID COPPER) 334g reshafted with True Temper steel and a red Gripmaster. Love the putter, hate that I really only played it once and some jabroni ran my bag over with his cart, breaking the shaft and bending neck. You’re likely wondering how I could even finish the round amidst such carnage. That’s really super of you; a real compassionate mofo you are, and that’s one helluva trait, but you know what else is — the inalienable right to sling dong when you’ve been wronged and belly wedges with Maverick accuracy (did you see them slam those missiles into that freaking silo the size of a shoe box at like Mach 9? Come on) and that’s exactly what I did — to go dormie (2 shanks on 13). Loft is 3.5, length 35”and the lie is 70*. Sure the neck is a little imperfect, but she’s a maniac and you know a little crook in the neck isn’t all that bad…wink, wink! Sets up squarer than those stupid shoes Faldo shills and wedge-footed weeble-wobbles wear. $900 shipped 8. SOLD Titleist Scotty Cameron Red X 35/330g with old red baby T grip. Haven’t played it years and the last time I did, I caught the flu in freaking July which is exceedingly pathetic. Certainly used and I won’t pretend to tell you I kept the best care of it from move to move, but it was delightful on freshly mown Bermuda. You’re probably a bent guy, and I get that, but truly nice Bermuda is second only to your first red head and we all remember that. New grip necessary but I know many of you Cameron flippers like waxing poetic about originality as if you’re in the vintage Rolex business so I’ll let you shine knobs on that perversion. SOLD $150 shipped. SOLD 9. SOLD Odyssey Toulon Atlanta with Tour issue serial at 34” and a grip which will make your lady blush. Another predictable face-balanced excursion culminating in heckles, cash trade and putting fatigue. Gentlemen, this one isn’t for me no matter how hard I try, so it’s time to let it prevail in the hands of a more suitable fella. You’ll see it has some Tour issue identifiers which, back in the days of BIGHITTER would “bring all the boys to the yard” so to speak, but these days it’s fairly common, at least in the WRX circles. I don’t know how much it weighs, but you can see the weight in the bottom and deduce from there because you’re in the know. Includes a Toulon Garage headcover. $255 shipped SOLD 10. SOLD Titleist Scotty Cameron TeI3 Newport 2 Longneck 35” with Lamkin Deepetch black. Played one round and then I remembered why I stopped playing this model in the late 90s/early 2000s — zero success. Now, you’re not to worry about that minor concern, my dear friend as this isn’t a performance buy for you. Instead, you’re here to quench your thirsty lust for lifestyle — the carefree irreverence, beards, vests of all kinds, retro/vintage kicks, logos everywhere, front-tucked suggestive script shirts and the vapid quest for (and subsequent text thread explanation) the “perfect short/half set”. You sir, were barely out of your dad’s shorts in ‘97 yet use Eldrick’s April dominance as a springboard to the “golden years” of the game which you revere so much yet lived through so little. Your next quest is the understanding of golf course architecture and you’ll soon stiffen with the works of Perry Maxwell and giggle into your popped vest collar whenever Fazio is uttered in the same breath as, “good layout”. Back to the putter, Jackson. You’ll see it could use a refinish, but maybe you’ll even like patina outside the lume on your vintage dial and keep it unfettered, truthful to its age and a specimen of a life well lived. Or, you’ll refinish, flip on here and never claim the profit to the IRS like these boards are so often used. $375 shipped SOLD Sorry, fellas no trades but if my prices are out of line, let me know. pin 2/1
  6. This is the new 2023 Model and is brand new. Selling for $235 Local to LAS VEGAS, NV ONLY. Not interested in shipping unless you are providing the shipping label. Thank you!
  7. I've collected a lot of stuff over the past couple seasons, and it's time to let some of it go to make room for even more stuff my wife says I don't need! All prices are PPG&S shipped to Lower 48. Not quite firm on pricing, but If you're going to offer something below asking, just please be reasonable ffs haha. Vessel Player III- 6 way top - Citrine: $OLD Used it for about a season and a half. Definite signs of use, but nothing major by any means. Still has LOTS of life left in it. Includes rain hood, single strap, double strap, rain hood and protective cart strap. Bettinardi Multi-Icon Heart Eyes Blade Cover - Hive Release Valentines 2021: $OLD Only used for a handful of rounds. Spent most of it's life on display. Very good condition (no tears, minor signs of use). Velcro closure is still great. TaylorMade Vault Spider Cover - Does A Bear Hit in the Woods?: $OLD Once again, only used for a few of rounds. Spent most of it's life on display. Like New condition (very minor or few, if any signs of use). Magnetic Closure TaylorMade Vault Spider Cover - Detroit Muscle: $OLD Used for probably a dozen rounds, but hasn't been used in over a year. Very Good condition (minor signs of use). Magnetic Closure Camino Carry Bag - Olive/Brown: $OLD Don't want to pay $1600 for a Mackenzie, but still dig the look? This is a great budget option. Retails for $200. Bought it thinking it would get me to walk my brutally hilly club more... NOPE. Got this out for three 9-hole rounds, and haven't used it since April. Very comfy carry, especially if you enjoy playing a half set. Some signs of use on the underside of the shoulder strap, but thats about it. Time to find someone who will appreciate it.
  8. Hello, Played one round, decided to let irons go for $1200 irons still in great condition, some play marks on the pw and 8 iron pin 12/26
  9. Few items for sale - getting closer to clearing out all the extras. Click "reveal hidden contents" to see the images for each set. All prices are OBRO to the CONUS. As far as trades (will toss in cash if needed): Plumber's neck putters (especially mallets) Miura PP-9003 or Mizuno CB irons Ping G425 driver Please PM offers, trades, or requests for more pictures. All items TaylorMade SIM2 Max 3HL wood :: $165 shipped TaylorMade SIM Max 5 wood :: $120 shipped TaylorMade SIM Max 7 wood :: $120 shipped Ping Glide 3.0 54* and 58* wedges :: $110 shipped/pair Ping Hoofer Blue and Black - $50 + actual shipping Ping Hoofer Red :: $30 + actual shipping TAYLORMADE SIM2 MAX 3HL WOOD :: $165 SHIPPED 16.5* and about 43.25" Stock TM Non-Velocore Ventus stiff flex with TM Z-Grip TAYLORMADE SIM MAX 5 WOOD :: $120 SHIPPED 18* and about 42.25" Stock TM Non-Velocore Ventus stiff flex with red Iomic Sticky 2.3 SOLD ITEMS TAYLORMADE SIM 7 WOOD :: $120 SHIPPED 21* and hair under 42" Tensei Orange CK-70 stiff flex and white Iomic 2.3 Sticky grip Discolored metal piece on hosel from first owner's disastrous reshaft attempt (said reshaft resulted in this head flying off shaft sixty yards down a driving range before I had it reshafted). Tensei was put on professionally PING GLIDE 3.0 WEDGES :: $100 SHIPPED/PAIR Standard length and loft, orange dot lie (2* flat) White Iomic Sticky 2.3s on both (probably due to be replaced) 54* is WS grind, 58* is TS grind PING HOOFERS :: $30 + SHIPPING FOR RED // $50 + SHIPPING FOR BLUE Red bag has Ronald McDonald House logo and South Carolina Palmetto (like the state) logos Blue bag has an American Flag on the center pocket Both bags are pretty clean have been used mainly to hold clubs If interested, PM zip code so that I can send you a shipping quote If you know a junior golfer that may be interested in either bag, let me know, can work out a better deal
  10. 1) OG Taylormade SIM driver head 90 - Very good shape, have the original headcover or a brand new SIM headcover with The Kingdom Logo. $SOLD 2) Brand New SM9 600 10S wedge. New in plastic never used stock wedge flex shaft. $150 140 Shipped 3)Shafts: (in order as pictured, prices shipped) UST VTS Black 7x tour spec with TM adapter. 3W length, 41 1/4", $75 Diamana S60 limited X-flex driver shaft TM adapter, 44", $SOLD Diamana FW75 Limited S-Flex 3w shaft no adapter, 41 7/8" tip to butt, $50 Diamana ZF 60TX X-Flex Driver shaft TM adapter, 43.75" tip to grip, $175 Diamana Thump F85 S-Flex fairway shaft no adapter, 41" tip to grip, $75 Fujikura Speeder 661 Evolution IV X-flex driver shaft, Ping G410 adapter $OLD MCA Tensei Blue CK 60 TX X-flex driver shaft, Ping G410 adapter $OLD 4)Black Stand Bag brand new, no idea of the manufacturer. Has wicked weed brewery logo and slogan on it. $125 (shipping cost negotiable)
  11. Titleist Linksmaster Navy. Just purchased on WRX. Shows light wear on ball pocket as shown. Otherwise very clean. Included single strap and matching rain hood. Price is firm as shipping will be very expensive for me. Price includes shipping and fees to Conus lower 48 only. Local pickup in SF Bay Area. Ball pocket shows some wear. (Does not include clubs.) Please note this is the Linksmaster with the 3 way divider.
  12. These beautiful drivers and bags are brand new, never swung still in the original plastic shrink wrap. These are all right handed golf clubs with a 47g regular 3 star ARMRQ shaft and Golf Pride Honma grips . All the original head covers are included. The specs are: Driver 10.5° loft, Honma ARMRQ 47g Regular Shaft Link: https://us.honmagolf.com/collections/beres/products/beres-3-star-driver?variant=31334146506834 Price: $1000 3 Wood, Honma ARMRQ 47g Regular Shaft Link: https://us.honmagolf.com/collections/beres/products/beres-3-star-fairway-woods?variant=31373567623250 Price: $600 5 Wood, Honma ARMRQ 47g Regular Shaft Link: https://us.honmagolf.com/collections/beres/products/beres-3-star-fairway-woods?variant=31373934886994 Price: $600 $old 22 Hybrid, Honma ARMRQ 47g Regular Shaft Link: https://us.honmagolf.com/collections/beres/products/beres-3-star-hybrids?variant=31374011990098 Price: $500 $old Belding Honma Weekender Bag, 21" x 9" x 11.5" Link: https://us.honmagolf.com/collections/accessories/products/weekender-bag?variant=32176942973010 Price: $500 $old Stand Bag - Dark Navy/Light Grey https://us.honmagolf.com/collections/golf-bags/products/stand-bag-dark-navy-light-gray Price: $265 Will give a discount if you purchase multiple/all the items. No trades. PM for questions or offers. pin 12/14
  13. SOLD First up is a Brand New with Tags, Titleist Deluxe Cart Bag. 14 way too. Magnetic range finder and garment pocket. SOLD Next is an excellent set of TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges. Chrome 54* and black 60*. Both are in excellent condition with no dings or marks. Both have wedge flex dynamic gold shafts. Also have a Brand New pair of Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 in grey. Never worn. Size 10-10.5 US, EU 44. Asking $100 shipped. SOLD Last is a great Callaway Epic Flash 4 Hybrid. No dings, just normal wear after about 2 months of use. Comes with head cover and has a stiff Tensei White shaft.
  14. Purchased this bag on October 12. Played 3 rounds with it but by then it was just too cold here in Maine. Awesome bag but just looking for something a little bigger. Insanely light, Great for walking Open for trades - looking for new/mint hybrid or driving iron $225 shipping included
  15. Thanks for looking. CONUS only. Only trade interests are t100s irons or studio select fastback 1.5 33 length First up is 2020 P770 irons 5-PW, used 3 rounds. Ordered a custom set, but then had access to this one. My custom set came in so these need to move. KBS Tour 120 stiff. Standard length, 1 degree flat. $sold shipped. 5 iron 25 degrees 6 iron 28.5 degrees 7 iron 32 degrees 8 iron 36 degrees 9 iron 40.5 degrees P wedge 45 degrees Ping bag in solid shape, no tears. Rain cover included. $sold shipped.
  16. 1. X100 pulls -- $199 4 and 5 iron are regular X100s, 5 - PW Tour Issue X100, and 3 s400 wedge shafts. Lengths played +1/4" in Mizuno MP-5s. Lamkin UTx grips 2. J33 CB half set -- $150 5, 7 and 9 irons. Really fantastic condition. S300s. Standard LLL (I think) 2. Ventus Black 6x w/ Velocore --$199 Titleist Tip, playing 46", tipping 1" (that's what I was told when I bought it) 3. Sun Mountain 2.5 -- $175 Black bag with no logos. Very light. Like new condition. 4. Atmos black 8x-- $99 Pull from 3 wood... played 43"
  17. Thanks for looking. All prices include CONUS shipping. No trades at this time. Rare Camo Nike Sport Lite Bag. Bag is used, but clean. Big time eye catcher. One of the dividers is frayed a bit, tried to show in the pics. Rain cover included. $115 shipped in CONUS. Used Apex 19. 4-AW. Elevate 95 stiff and tour velvet ribbed grips. Standard length and loft, 1 degree flat, but easily bent. 4 iron is almost new with original grip. The balance have been played quite a bit and priced accordingly. Tried to take pics that showed the clubs in true light. There is a bit of wear on the sole of the pw. These are long! $400 shipped in CONUS.
  18. 4 things looking for a quick sell. All items are OBO and include shipping 1. Jones Golf Bag I don't remember the actual name of it but its the "college" bag due to the ball pouch and side pocket are removable for embroidery. Bag is in great shape just a few wear marks. Nothing crazy. I had a few pins on the ball pouch and you can see the sun mark on it. Comes with 3 total straps. I bought 2 extra and had the "birdie" logo heat pressed on. The black on on the bag has a tear but still works just fine. $OLD 2. Scotty Cameron Red X face balanced 35 in. OG baby T grip and OG head cover. In great shape just have no need for it $old 3. Taylormade Spider X blue 35.5 in. KBS white putter shaft with super stroke 2.0 grip. Definitely has some wear on it but has PLENTY of life left. $OLD 4. Nike Vapor Fly Pro 4i w/ Tour AD DI 85x hybrid shaft aka the Brooksy In really good shape. the shaft alone is worth it. $old
  19. This Scotty Cameron Sunday Journeyman Carry Golf Bag and Headcover are from the 2018 Club Cameron kit. They are brand new never been used. Was only taken out of the bag to be photographed. $250 PP and Shipped East of the Mississippi add $10 if West. Trades: Looking for Low lofted Drivers/ Heads or X/TX Driver shafts. I can add cash to even the deal.
  20. A few items for sale. Cash is king. Happy to hear offers for multiple items. Mizuno 919 Forged Set (4-PW) - $OLD shipped - C-Taper 130x shafts - BB&F Co. ferrules - Golf Pride MCC+4 Light Blue Grips - installed in September - Shafts are -1/4" from Mizuno standard - Irons are 1 flat and 1 weak - the "4" iron is a Hot Metal Pro 5 iron - the loft of 23* fits the set - Face with the most wear is the pitching wedge (see pictures), but the clubs are in excellent shape Mizuno Tour Stand Bag (2020) - $170 shipped (we can talk shipping costs if west coast) - Great condition, used for less than one season - Legs have scratches and there are a couple of blemishes, but all zippers work great - Includes magnetic range-finder pocket Swag Golf Patina Tiffany Aviator Skull Marker - $OLD - Rare ball marker, in great condition - Purchased new out of box and has just been sitting in a valuables pouch on my desk
  21. All items shipped USPS from Florida- Prices include shipping- PayPal only no trades- All prices are best reasonable offer. (I have been successfully involved in wrx bst since 2006) – any questions or any prices out of line-or if you need extra pics lmk- thanks guys FRIDAY 08/27 - Price drop- send offers. Mizuno iron set MP20 MMC 4-P (7irons) KBS $-Taper (Stiff) Standard Loft,Lie,Length GolfPride b/w new decade grips (7irons) 695.00 shipped now 550.00 TM m5 3w 14.0 * Graphite Design Tour IZ 70g (250.00 SHAFT TM UPGRADE $) (xstiff) Standard Loft,Lie,Length incl headcover 275.00 shipped now 235.00 Callaway iron set Xforged Combo Set 4-7 CB + 8, 9, and P MB (7irons) Tour DG 120 x100 (xstiff) Standard Loft,Lie,Length GP TV grips 695.00 shipped sold thanks KellerJackson Gfore Daytona golf bag White Great shape – all legs, zippers, pockets etc. in working order 225.00 shipped sold thanks Ethan8 TM 300 Mini Driver 11.5* HZRDUS Smoke 70g 6.0 (stiff) Standard Loft,Lie,Length incl headcover (clean club- no dings, hickies, roofies etc.) 410.00 shipped now 350.00 Callaway Mavrik 5wood HZRDUS Riptide 70g 6.0 (stiff) Standard Loft,Lie,Length incl headcover (clean club- no dings, hickies, roofies etc.) 195.00 shipped now 125.00 Scotty Cameron headcover collectible blade putter h/c Las Vegas 75.00 shipped sold thanks stogie123 Tour edge hybrid C721 5hy -25* HZRDUS RDX Smoke 80g 6.0 (Stiff) Standard Loft,Lie,Length knit h/c 225.00 shipped now 185.00 Titleist u500 3iron HZRDUS Smoke 90g 6.0 (Stiff) Standard Loft,Lie,Length 215.00 shipped now 170.00 Adidas ZG21 BOA size 12.5 worn 9 holes 145.00 shipped sold thanks pdhoff -------------- mizuno irons TM m5 callaway irons gfore bag TM Mini call 5w scotty TEE u500 adi pin 8/20
  22. $150 - New bag, plastic still on the legs. Just need something different.
  23. Ping DLX Cart Bag Used for 6 rounds ***SOLD*** Machine M2A Converter Putter Head is Carbon Steel Copper Plated Flange and neck are aluminum bronze with antique finish DG Black Golf X100 3iron shaft (has a light gold tint and goes well with the head) 33.5" No headcover. Will ship in an old one for protection. Will include new Iomic grip and extra weights and screws pictured so you can adjust weight to your preference. ***SOLD***
  24. Tore up my knee pretty good, so season is likely over for me. I’ve got some clutter to clear out. All prices are OBRO and shipped in ConUS. The only exception is the bag. I will split actual shipping costs with buyer. 1. Scotty TCC Blue Demon - SOLD –not used, but displayed 2. Scotty Special Select Del Mar - $325 –grip in plastic, 34” 3. SeeMore M7 Tour Platinum - SOLD –used, but nice condition, 35” 4. Tensei CK Orange - SOLD –Sim adapter, 44.5”, 60 stiff 5. SteelFiber 2 iron shaft - $30 –110cw stiff, 39.25” 6. Stitch SL1 Luxe - SOLD –used once or twice, will wipe off before shipping please feel free to pm with any questions/offers.
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