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  1. Trying to figure out what will bring my flight down (Shaft? Ball change?) A little background: I'm a higher speed player so I understand that will naturally correlate to higher apex, but I noticed over the summer that it seemed I was hitting my irons excessively high, especially the scoring irons. Plus I'm starting to work on little baby fades, so that too will bring the apex up. Some more context - I play Apex MBs in the scoring irons with Dynamic Gold AMT White x100s. With that said, I've had access to a trackman the past couple of weeks to test my theory: Club used: Apex MB 7iron AMT White x100 Ball used: ProV1 RCT Conditions: Indoor, decent lighting, golfmat Stats (better strikes only - Normalized): - Club speed: 98mph - Ball speed: 132mph - Carry - 180-185yds - Spin - 5700-6100 (depending on strike) - Club path: 2* in to out - face to path: +-2* either direction (need to work on that) - Launch angle: 17-18* - Angle of attack: -2.5* - Apex: 120 - 130ft Final observations: Ultimately I'm wondering what would best get my ball flight down. My ball position is pretty centered and have a negative AoA. What's interesting is I've discovered I have pretty low spin for a 7 iron, but I launch it 17 to 18 degrees and my apex gets up to 130ft at times! Would a more stout shaft be a good option? (CTaper? X7? PX 7.0?)... I like a heavier shaft. Don't mind the amts being lighter in the long irons, but would also be willing to go heavy throughout the set...Or maybe a ball change?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Balls were purchased Summer 2021. 3 Dozen Chrome Soft balls. 1 Dozen Chrome Soft X ( 1 ball played 1 hole ) $120 shipped TYD, US48 SOLD! Thanks WRX Thanks
  3. Asking as a PGA Professional coach. How much would you want a fitting incorporated into your lessons? In the scenario, the coach is not a retailer, so there is no sales motive within the context of the lesson.
  4. New Years sale - VA Composite Nemesys 65 stiff shaft. Has a Titleist tip and plays at 44.75 in a TSi3 head. This shaft has been tipped .5 inches. This is really a great shaft just moved from TSi3 for the time being. Sold for $135 shipped to main 48 Modus 120 x pulled from a set of Srixon xz7 4-AW. Plays at standard length. Picture length is of the 8 iron. 4 iron is 37.5 with 1/2 increments to PW. SOLD for $145 3 dozen Titleist Prov1 high numbers (5-8). Sold for $125 shipped to main 48 Brand new Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 (2021) 34 inch. Still in plastic. Save some tax and shipping costs Asking $400 shipped to main 48
  5. Irons - Callaway Apex MB 18's (4-PW) Shafts - PX 6.0 (Standard loft and lie) Price: $730 Shipped Golf Balls: Titleist Pro V1 (2 Sleeves) and Pro V1x (10 Sleeves) - 3 dozen total all (#1's) $old! 2018 TM TP5 - 2 dozen $80 Shipped Titleist 917F 15 degree 3 Wood Head Price: $100 Shipped
  6. Irons - Callaway Apex MB 18's (4-PW) Shafts - PX 6.0 (Standard loft and lie) Price - $800 725(obo) Wedges - Cleveland (RTG Tour Zip ) Lofts - 60.6 and 54.8 Grips - Royal V-Sand Price - $100 80 (obo) Will ship in the US only and Paypal is preferred @ [email protected]
  7. Looking for comparisons on these two balls. Seem like the perform very similar for me but curious what you all think. & maybe even throw in what you thought was the best ball of 2021
  8. HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY - THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE & ARE SERVING!!!! YOUR SACRIFICES ARE MUCH APPRECIATED. The items below includes USPS shipping within the US only. Payments through PayPal only. Not interested in trades at this time. Please ask questions before buying. Thanks for looking. Mizuno M Craft IV Putter – 34” with factory headcover, weight kit & original grip – Putter was purchased new as 35”. Played one time and realized I needed a 34”. Original grip was removed, shortened and replaced with a Golf Pride Pro Only Red Star grip. Used about 10 rounds total. Beautiful putter, but I keep going back to my center shafted. - SOLD 2nd Swing Putter Headcover – Only used a couple of rounds. Strong magnets. Heavy material. - $25.00 TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls – 1 dozen new in sleeves. Do not have the large box. - SOLD TaylorMade adapter with screw .335 & TaylorMade Golf Pride grip in excellent shape. Pulled from Diamana Limited shaft purchased from Global Golf - $10.00 (Adapter Sold) Grip only. TaylorMade RAC CGB 4 Iron Head – The shaft was broke and has not been drilled out or removed. - $35.00 PXG Wrench – Never used - $20.00
  9. The items below includes USPS shipping within the US only (east of Mississippi + $10). Payments through PayPal only ([email protected]). Not interested in trades at this time. Please ask questions before buying. Thanks for looking. 1. 2021 Titleist Pro V1 golf balls New (5 dozens), $Sold. 2. PXG Gen 2 0811 X 10.5 degree loft. leather PXG Headcover included, Head only $160 $140 Mitsubishi Diamana S+ 60 Limited Regular flex shaft, $100 $80 Head + shaft, $245 $225 3. Tour Exotics CBX 119 15 degree loft 3 Wood with ProjectX Evenflow 75G Stiff shaft, Callaway headcover included, $110 $90 4. Titleist Vokey SM5 K grind 58 degrees 11 bounce, True Temper wedge flex steel shaft, $49 $39
  10. Time to fund the next terrible idea….. If you have any questions or need anymore pictures please let me know. No trades at this time….(that I can think of). All clubs include stock headcovers and are stock length. 1. Fujikura Ventus Red Velocor 8x tipped 1” Taylormade Adapter and GolfPride Tour Velvet grip. SOLD. I would consider trading this for a Ventus Black 6x with a playing length of 45.5” or more. 2. Titleist Left Dot Prov1. 2 Dozen, one ball has been used for one hole and is pictured. SOLD I know these arent exactly cheap, but its seems this is what they go for sooo. 3. Ping G425 5 Hybrid Altus R flex shaft w/ Golfpride Tour Velvet grip. $175 4. Ping G25 6 Hybrid Ping PWR R flex shaft w/ Lamkin grip. SOLD 5. Srixon Z F85 3 wood Project X HZRDUS Red 5.5 shaft Golfpride Tour Velvet grip. SOLD
  11. Does anybody know if Taylormade or any of the online golf distributors offer bulk deals on *new* TP5/TP5x Pix balls? I know there are buy 3 (or 4) dozen, get one dozen free deals out there for other balls (including the regular TP5), but I can't seem to find any for the Pix. I don't mind if the balls are last year's model, but I'm personally not interested in refurbished balls. Thanks!
  12. NEW Taylormade TP5X (15) GFore MG4+ White Shoes, SOLD -Size 10.5 -Great Condition Nike Performance Trousers (2 Pair), SOLD -Standard Fit -33 Waist, 34 Length -Khaki -Mint Condition Peter Millar Golf Polo, Large, SOLD -Haig Point Logo Left Sleeve -Pink and White Stripe -Pique -Large -Great Condition Bushnell Tour V5 Shift, SOLD -Like New -Rangefinder shell included Please feel free to PM me with any and all questions and offers. Please don’t hesitate to send offers, they are all welcomed and will be responded to. Prices are OBO on ALL items. Prices include SHIPPING. All items will be shipped by at least the following business days! Thanks for looking! Please no trades at this time.
  13. Last month I had the privilege to go through Titliest's Tour Ball Fitting. The fitter and I spent almost three hours testing balls with Trackman on the golf course, practice range, and short game area. For a golf ball nerd like me, this was an incredible experience... and eye-opening. The Titleist fitting process consisted of hitting a 50-yard wedge shot, pitching wedge, nine iron, seven iron, and five iron using all four Titleist tour balls – AVX, Pro V1, Pro V1x, and Left Dash V1x. We started on the practice range using Trackman to determine which Titleist ball was my best fit. (Wondering why we did not test the driver? Titleist's fitting theory is you find the ball that fits your iron and wedges best, and then you fit a driver to your new ball. I have not heard this theory before... but I like it.) Not surprisingly, it came down to Pro V1 and Pro V1x as my two top fits. AVX launched and spun too low and was eliminated by the time I got to seven iron. Left Dash V1x launched higher than AVX and spun more on the wedges. However, by the time we got to five iron, I was hitting knuckleballs that you could see falling out of the sky. You could also see AVX and Left Dash V1x produced the straightest flight but at the sacrifice of less carry and less spin. At this point, the fitter was confident V1x was the best Titleist ball for me because it ultimately delivered tour average height and spin throughout my irons. Not to rely on pure Trackman numbers, he wanted to test V1 and V1x on the short game area to verify what we saw on the practice range. So it was time to take the two finalists and my current gamer (Bridgestone Tour BX) to the short game area to test all three from 80 yards and in. My home club has significantly firm and fast greens, so there is a premium put on approach spin and control. This process quickly eliminated Pro V1 and crowned V1x the best Titleist ball for me. I preferred the feel of V1 over V1x; however, the results that we had seen on Trackman spilled over to the short game area. V1x again gave me tour average height and spin, and the V1 came out too low and with less than preferred spin (V1 spun less than Tour BX and had a slightly lower flight). Out of greenside bunkers and on short chips, the balls were very similar. The fitter felt V1x was better, and I felt BX had it beat... we agreed to disagree. Interestingly enough, the fitter was impressed to see BX hanging with V1x during this 80 yard and in testing phase (I wasn't surprised... BX is an excellent ball). At this point in the testing, the fitter wasn't sure he could find a reason for me to switch to V1x... but rest assured, he was bound and determined to try and find one. Here's where the rubber hits the road – V1x, Tour BX, Trackman, the fitter, and I headed to the course... it was time for the real deal... which ball was truly best for me and my game. At my request, we hit a couple of drives with each ball. V1x launched a bit higher with a touch less spin with similar ball speeds – this gave V1x a slight distance advantage with its extra carry and roll. But, to Titleist's point, this could easily be flipped if I worked to fit a driver specifically to either ball. Now it was time for the final test (and the one I was looking the most forward to) - mid iron and wedge. We set up Trackman in the 18th fairway, which allowed us to fire to an elevated green. Because of the raised surface, this shot plays about a half club longer and truly tests the ball's spin and descent... with balls coming down on a steeper angle to the high surface, we got a chance to see what each one did on this challenging approach. At this point, I was well aware the V1x launched higher than BX, and hitting several shots with both balls to an elevated green certainly allowed V1x to show its capabilities. Next, I hit several shots to a forward pin that was only a few paces on the green. This location demanded a lot from each ball to get it close without over spinning and rolling back down the 25-foot false front or under spinning and going long to leave a sizeable downhill putt. After landing a handful of solid shots with each ball, we walked up to see the results before reviewing the Trackman data. At this point, I was not surprised to see V1x's closer to the hole by roughly 50%, and each BX had released past the pin nearer the middle of the green (neither ball overspun and backed off the green). Trackman verified the ball flight we witnessed – V1x has a peak height of around 90 feet, and BX topped out around 82 feet. V1x also had an average additional spin of 600 rpm. These two characteristics ultimately allowed the V1x to land and stay significantly closer to the challenging pin location, therefore claiming victory in this contest. So there it is... the fitter (and V1x) appear to have won this exciting battle and found all the reasons for me to switch from Bridgestone Tour BX to Titleist Pro V1x. After seeing the results of higher ball flight with additional spin and control on mid irons and wedges with my own eyes (and Trackman data), I'm not sure I can ignore the decisive evidence. For those of you who have read my many posts singing the praises of Tour BX for so long, I don't take back one word... I still believe the BX is a game-changing ball, and I love it! But, the fact of the matter is after this tour caliber fitting, we spent enough time proving Titleist engineered the 21 V1x to do everything my beloved BX does – and for my game, V1x does the important stuff a little better.
  14. Just a couple things today… First up, selling my very lightly used Callaway Epic Speed Triple Black Diamond LS driver head alone or paired with with the shafts listed for a bit more if you like something. Head was used for just a couple testing sessions at the range. Very clean all around. TA (Tour Authentic) serial, head weight is 198g and actual measured loft is 9.1°. Shaft options from top to bottom: -Mitsubishi Tensei 1k, their newest shaft out, 60g Stiff, plays 45” -Diamana Tour Blue, the new Blueboard, 60g Stiff, plays 44.5” -Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 6x, tipped 1.5” SOLD -Project X Evenflow T100, 65g 6.5 (X-Stiff) flex, plays 45.25” -Fujikura Speeder Evolution V 661, 65g Stiff, plays 45.5” All $OLD!!! Second, selling five dozen new Taylormade TP5 Pix balls. I picked these up over the winter and actually came from the planned range options at a canceled PGA event, so have “PRACTICE” on the side of them. They are identical to the normal TP5 and are all brand new and unhit, just have that labeling on them. Switched to a different ball and am willing to cut these loose for $OLD!!!
  15. As the title states, my wife is starting to suspect I have an issue. Really have to clean out some accessories and clubs (more in next post) to keep my marriage together...or to make it look better until the next buying spree I go on, either way... ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING. 1. Titleist TSI3 8 * w/ GD Tour AD IZ-6 S. Head is an easy 9/10. Had it hotmelted front, neutral to 199g. Headcover included. Shaft still has the sale sticker on it. A few in scrape of bag wear (in pics) not sure how it happened, as I only hit a bucket of balls with this. 44 1/2" tip to grip. Z cord almost 100% Head only SOLD Shaft only SOLD 2. Taylormade M2 10.5 Hotmelted to 199g. Amazing condition, just have way to many drivers. No headcover. $165 3. Taylormade TP5X 2 Dozen. Bought these off here a few months back. Going to stick with Pro Vs. Didnt notice until now, but 'LP' is on each ball. SOLD 4. Iomic Sticky 2.3 White 6 Total SOLD 5. Iomic Sticky 2.3 Orange 8 Total (3 orange and black cap, 5 orange and blue cap. SOLD 6. Golf pride Z cord. 6 total. Pulled without me using. Great shape. SOLD Few sets of Bb&fs. Dont remember their names... 7. BB&F Cardinal red 4 stripe/black. 8 Total. With bag. $35 8. BB&F Brown/yellow/mustard/white. 10 Total. With bag. $40 9. BB&F Blue/black/red/yellow/white. 10 Total. With bag. SOLD 10. BB&F Teal/silver/black. One time pull from my guy at Golf Galaxy. 6 Total. Sold
  16. Here's my Full OVEN bag that I got one round in with. Driver: Nike Covert Performance 9.5* Neutral UST Mamiya VTS Tour SPX Black 6S Fairway woods: Nike Covert Tour 14* & 17* Neutral VTS Tour SPX Black 7S Irons: Nike Vr Forged 3-PW all split cavity, 1* flat, Modus3 S120 Wedges: Nike Vr Forged Raw 52/10 & 58 DS Putter: Nike Method 006 Paul Casey Prototype 33" All Grips are the Golf Pride Z-Grip Thanks Nike and WRX! CT 5W - CP #2HB 2.0 - CT 3W - CP 3W 2.0 CP 2.0 3 Wood CT 3 Wood CT 5 Wood CP #2 HYB 2.0 Probably my gamer or the Black Got my wedges back Best shoes IMO! Testing out the black! New Wedge! Giving the Super Stroke a shot! Sick of missing everything left! The start of the Vapor bag!
  17. The Titleist golf ball rep told me Jordan has switched to the new Pro V1 x ball. First time he’s switched golf balls in 5 years The photo of Michael confirms it
  18. Hi Fellow WRX'ers! Trying to move on from a few random items to help pay for some recent purchases. As always, pricing includes shipping to Continental US. First to PayPal takes the items and discounts available for multiple items purchased. Currently no trade interests. 1. The Buck Club (TBC) "Slow Players" Grey Hoodie sz M- $130 shipped Bought during one of the recent releases and never removed from the plastic. Rare and Sold Out almost immediately during The Collective Launch. This ended up arriving the same day as another purchase that wife called "another thing you don't need." So, decisions were made (by the boss). 2. The Buck Club (TBC) Magnetic Ball Marker (Tiffany Release)- SOLD This has a funny/ happy story; was sold on here back when it was released and was then sent to the right address in the wrong city. I refunded the buyer and thought I was out the item. But then, out of nowhere 3-4 months later a package showed up with it inside, still in the plastic! It helped restore my faith in humanity. I have too many ball markers and have bought one from almost each of the releases from the TBC, so moving on from this one. 3. New in Box Titleist EXP-01 Proto Golf Balls 1 full Dozen and 2 additional sleeves (6 sleeves in total)- SOLD These have been sitting in my office and are not going to be gamed. Really hard to find these Proto balls, so pricing is a little challenging. I took the lowest price I could find in a Google search and marked them down about $10 from there. 4. New in Plastic Titleist TSI Drive Headcover- $23 shipped Never used, passing along. 5. Brand New Taylormade Spider X Putter Headcover- SOLD Got with my putter and never used. Passing along. 7. Banana Republic Black Sweater sz L- SOLD If you would like a really sharp looking layering piece for the spring WITH NO LOGOS, this is the item to have! Worn once and just been hanging in the closet since. Would like to see this get put to good use as it really is a great looking piece. The Holderness & Bourne equivalent was around $150. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to shoot me a PM! Thanks for looking! ctfuzz21
  19. Hello fellow golf degenerates. I have come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff. This comes without the help of a licensed therapist, pressure from a significant other, or intervention from close loved ones. So far this is my top golf accomplishment for 2021. If my pricing seems off, don’t be afraid to extend a reasonable offer. Lower 48 only and add $5 for anywhere west of the mighty Mississippi. Although I’m looking to free up space, I’m open to trade offers like the true sicko that I am. Heel shafted Del Mar, Odyssey #9 style putters, Lamkin UTX grips, unique Ping putters (BeCu B60 specifically), Ping ES/Eye2 grind wedges (BeCU +), Mizuno MP37 iron sets are my current crushes. Arccos Sensors - $100 14 total Only screwed on three then realized they wouldn’t fit with my counterbalance weights in my irons Graphite Design AD DI-7X - $150 Titleist tip 42 inches, 3W length - see pictures Lamkin UTX grip, 3 wraps Great condition, simply doesn’t fit my swing Fuji Atmos Tour Spec 6X - $SOLD Ping G410/G425 tip See pictures for length Lamkin UTX grip, 3 wraps Perfect condition, just went another route Tour Striker Planemate - $SOLD Perfect condition, I only used a couple swings. I just can’t strap something to myself and feel normal swinging. All the items are included, even the instructions I’m fully embracing my crap swing, learning to love my imperfections Vice Pro + - $SOLD one dozen white, one dozen neon yellow Wrapper still on boxes Stored indoors over winter Went another route with my ball of choice Titleist 816 H1 hybrid - $85 Shaft: Fuji Motore Flex: Stiff Loft: 21° Length: standard Grip: Lamkin UTX 3 wraps Choice of correct 816H headcover or 818H depending on who buys first Titleist 816 H1 hybrid - $85 Shaft: Fuji Motore Flex: Stiff Loft: 25° Length: standard Grip: Lamkin UTX 3 wraps Choice of correct 816H headcover or 818H depending on who buys first Odyssey Rossie - $115 35 inches, standard lie and loft Perfect, minty fresh, 10/10 condition Head still in the wrapper Correct headcover included Callaway 2019 PM Grind - $SOLD 60° of mack daddy loft True Temper Spinner - tears at my cold heart parting ways with one of the last of these Grooves and sole in great condition, barely used. Lots of life left. One small knick from a rock - see picture See pictures for length Lamkin UTX grip Scratch 58° - $75 head only XDG grind - see pictures Great condition, barely hit
  20. As part of my moving sale, finally getting to some golf balls.... 1) 3 dozen 2019 White Titleist AVX BNIB. Asking $30 per dozen, or selling the lot for $105 shipped anywhere in CONUS. SOLD 2) 2 dozen 2020 Titleist ProV1x Left Dash BNIB. One sleeve is newest version of ProV1x. Asking $40 per dozen, or selling the two dozen for $90 shipped anywhere in CONUS. SOLD 3) 2 dozen 2018 Titleist ProV1x special numbers. #69 for one dozen, and 3 sleeves of #13, and 1 sleeve #8. Selling the two dozen for $65 shipped anywhere in CONUS. SOLD 4) 1 dozen of 2020 Taylormade TP5x BNIB. Asking $42 shipped anywhere in CONUS. SOLD
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