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  1. Like everyone else I'm here to share what's in my bag. I want to do a bit more as well by showing off where I'm starting as my 2020 bag isn't fully set, what I'm thinking of changing, my fitting, what I end up with and how it plays/played. I may go through more about myself but that might take away from the whole WITB theme. My 2019 WITB before 2020 fitting: Driver: Ping G410 Plus - 9° - No Hosel Adjustment - Weight in Draw - Ping Tour 60S - GP 360 Tour Velvet Cord Midsize.Fariway: Cobra F7 - 15.5° - Set in Draw - Weight in Back - Tensei 65S - Trimmed tip and butt - MCC+4 MidsizeHybrid: Ping G410 - 19° - Set to Flat - Alta CB 70R - MCC+4 MidsizeIrons: 4i to 7i Srixon 585 - AMT Tour White S300 - 1/2" Length - MCC+4 Midsize8i to PW Srixon 785 - AMT Tour White S300 - 1/2" Length - MCC+4 MidsizeWedges: Forget which shaft, believe it's a Dynamic Gold Stiff, shafts are unbanded. - +1/2" Length - MCC+4 MidsizeCallaway Mack Daddy 3 - 51°Ping Glide Stealth 2.0 - 56°Ping Glide - 60°Ball - Various mostly X models, went back and forth between Srixon Z-Star XV and TP5X.Putter: Edel E-3 - 36" - 150g counter balance (50g in handle, 100g grip) - Flat Cat Tak Standard - Installed sideways for claw grip. What I plan to change:Driver: The head is staying, I love the 410 Plus from the look at address, the sound, how it controls my spin and obviously the forgiveness. I'm looking at changing out the shaft, when I did my fitting last year I did a lot and well dropping extra cash for a shaft wasn't in the cards. Luckily this stock shaft actually fit me quite well so we didn't have to worry much, but I'm going back for a fitting and testing some shafts won't take long. I'm mainly looking for something I can step on the gas more, I don't feel like I can go all out with this shaft when I'm feeling good.What will go in? Well I'll leave it mainly up to my fitter, they know more than me, I just give feedback when swinging. We know the Accra TZ5 and TZ6 are front runners but something else could perform better or the current shaft. There are a few shaft that I do want to try but who knows.Fairway: This club I have a huge love/hate relationship with, some days I can't miss and will use over the driver even if my driver is good then there are days I can hardly hit this thing especially when I need it. I need more consistency with my fairway especially especially on short par 4s and reachable par 5s. The other issue is this thing is a missile, it's low and piercing flight, great off the tee, absolutely useless into greens unless they're super soft.What will go in? I haven't tested much in store as I can't find a head and shaft setup I like so I'll wait until I'm getting fitted. I have looked at a lot at address and really like the look of the SIM, coming in behind is Maverick and ST200 line. But everything the fitter hands me will be tested and this category is the biggest mystery for me in what I'll end up with.Hybrid: Not going to sugar coat it but I don't hit hybrids well, don't like the look of most at address, I also hit my irons way better and further.What will go in? I'm thinking of ditching hybrids, I'm sure I'll test a few but I'm leaning towards a driving/utility iron. I might just go with a hollow body iron like the P790 or Cobra Forged Tech in a 3i. I have enough height with my irons I don't have to worry much about stopping power but it's more for fairway finders on tight holes I can't hit a wood on and other situations where I need to go ~210-220 in the air. I think that's good for now, I'll continue next post with what I might change in my bag, why and what I'm looking at. Obviously I'll answer any questions or anything like that on my bag, why I'm doing what I'm doing with changing certain clubs and all that jazz. Shoot you can ask me almost anything if you want.
  2. What's In ForTourUseOnly's Bag? Driver: Titleist TSR3 9.0 Shaft: Fujikura Ventus VeloCore Black 6-X (Tipped 1") Digital Loft: 8.2 Length: 45.00" SureFit Hosel: B1 SureFit CG: Black +2g @ T1 Lie: 57.75° Swingweight: D3 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) 3-Wood: Titleist TSR3 15 Shaft: Fujikura Ventus TR VeloCore Blue 8-X (Tipped 1.5") Digital Loft: 15.0 Length: 42.50" SFTSureFit Hosel: B1 SureFit CG: Black +2g @ T1 (3g Hot Melt In Toe) Lie: 55.75° Swingweight: D3 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) 7-Wood: Titleist TSR2 21 Shaft: Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 9.2 Tour Spec Flex-X (Tipped 1.5") Digital Loft: 19.0 Length: 41.00" SFTSureFit Hosel: C1 SureFit CG: White -6g (6g Hot Melt In Toe) Lie: 57.25° Swingweight: D3 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) Utility: Titleist TSR1 20 Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Gen4 Black 105 HY TX (Tipped 1") Digital Loft: 19.0 Length: 41.00" SFTSureFit Hosel: C1 SureFit CG: White -6g Lie: 56.00° Swingweight: D4 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) Iron: Titleist U-Series U•500 4 Iron Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Length: Standard Loft: 22° Lie: 1.5° Flat Swingweight: D4 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) Irons: Titleist T-Series T100•S ('21) 5 Iron - 9 Iron Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Length: Standard Loft: 1°-2° Weak Lie: 2° Flat Swingweight: D4 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) Specs: Iron - Offset - Length - Loft - Lie - SW 4 - 2.6mm - 38.50" - 22° - 59.5° - D4 5 - 2.4mm - 38.00" - 26° - 60.0° - D4 6 - 1.8mm - 37.50" - 30° - 60.5° - D4 7 - 1.5mm - 37.00" - 34° - 61.0° - D4 8 - 1.2mm - 36.50" - 38° - 61.5° - D4 9 - 1.0mm - 36.00" - 42° - 62.0° - D4 PW: Titleist Vokey Design SM9 46.10 F-Grind Raw Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Length: 35.75" Loft: 46.0° Lie: 62.0° Bounce: 10° Swingweight: D4 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) GW: Titleist Vokey Design SM9 50.12 F-Grind Raw Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Length: 35.50" Loft: 50.5° Lie: 62.0° Bounce: 12.5° Swingweight: D4 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) SW: Titleist Vokey Design SM9 54.10 S-Grind Raw Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Length: 35.25" Loft: 55.0° Lie: 62.0° Bounce: 11° Swingweight: D5 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) LW: Titleist Vokey WedgeWorks 60.06 T-Grind Raw Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Length: 35.00" Loft: 60.0° Lie: 62.0° Bounce: 6° Swingweight: D5 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord 60R (Logo Down) Putter: Scotty Cameron Fastback 1.5 T22 Tour Tour Teryllium Fastback 1.5 T22 in Tour Black. Shaft: Scotty Cameron Stepless Steel - Tour Black Length: 33.50" Offset: 1/2 Shaft Loft: 3.5° Lie: 70.0° Head Weight: 360g Grip: Scotty Cameron - Pistolero Plus - Black Texture & Red Ball: Titleist '21 ProV1x Marking 1: "M" Initial On Side Marking 2: Black Line Over Side Stamp
  3. Hi guys new to the forum but came here looking for some opinions. I currently game Adams a12 pro irons in a kbs stiff shaft and can clip my 8 iron about 145-150 carry but I want to get some Srixon 785/585s and the seller has them in a modus 3 120 X shaft and I’ve heard they play almost as soft as a stiff and I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with these shafts. I really love the Look of the irons but don’t wanna sacrifice my game by jumping into shafts that are too stiff. I’m also an 8.6 handicap and play stiff shafts in my all of my other clubs
  4. For Sale - SPIDER BLACK TOUR - New KBS CT putter Shaft, Grip, Headcovers & Nike Jordan 1 low w/ GolfKicks spikes sz 11 Hello all, As we know recently Dustin Johnson had putter issues and switched back to his prior Taylormade Spider Tour Black and has been putting lights out. These are hard to find new let alone used in mint condition with NO sightline like DJ's OG. 1. Taylormade Spider Black Tour Putter - Slant neck, No Sightline - Dustin Johnson Putter Model - NEW KBS CT Tour Putter Shaft 120g Brushed Black PVD shaft - New Taylormade Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny Grip - New Black Taylormade Spider headcover - New additional weights from Taylormade, black in color, 12g each - RH 33' - Head is used and is in 8.5-9 / 10 condition. See tons of pics. Only visible marks are in the photos which is on the sole near the rear of the toe and front hosel neck. - Stock head with 2g weights installed is 355g. Changing the weight to the 2 black 12g weight adds 20g making the head weight 375g NOTE: Only the head has some prior use, everything else in newly installed and built as of last week. SOLD 2. Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Low Sneaker with GolfKicks V4 newest version installed (see http://www.GolfKicks.com for more info) - Color: Shadow (Black/Light Smoke Grey/White) - Size 11 - Only used/worn 1 time this past weekend at driving range. I just need a bigger size is the only reason why I am selling. Otherwise shoe is new, see pics - Comes with the rest of the pack of GolfKicks that includes the 2 ball markers, extra spikes and tools. (easy install) SOLD No trades, only looking to sell. Thank you.
  5. Fellow golfers! •Shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. Always ship expedited USA. Roughly 6 business days •Prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in NA •OBRO •Trades, if any, are listed below TRADE LIST: -Titleist Tsi 3/4Driver (Prefer Tsi4) -LAGP 105 Putter Shaft (.355) 1. PXG Gen4 Wood Set. •Driver: 9* XT model SOLD •3 Wood 0311x SOLD •5 Wood 0311x $175 shipped •All EUC. 9+/10 •HEADS ONLY •Headcovers are included BRAND NEW PXG HAT & T-SHIRT INCLUDED
  6. With everything that is going on regarding the delays from the OEM, i would like to hear some options from the others wrxers. I was planning to get a fitting for my irons. Currently, i game the bridegestone J15 cb 5-PW with project x lz 5.5. I was pretty set on the I210, but i am not waiting almost a year to have my irons. What are the other similar irons from the others manufacturers? I am interested in these particualry: PXG. Would it be the 0311t or the 0311p? Callaway: Would it be the apex pro or the regular apex? Cobra: MMT tour? Or any other recommendations would be appreciate but i ma very interested in PXG. Unfortunately, a fitting is out of the plan with them. The only thing i could with PXG is a fitting over the phone. thanks
  7. Pretty happy with my bag right now after having replaced it top to bottom this spring with new-ish clubs - only area that needs addressing is the 195-215 yard shot, whether as the approach shot on long par 4 or tee shot on a shorter but tight fairway. As well and ideally, something that can also hit longer shots lower in windy rounds. I used a Cobra f6 hybrid with loft set to 20.5 degrees or GAPR Hi 4 set to 21 degrees for those length shots this summer and had moderate success with both - negatives really only being 1) higher ball flight than I always wanted and 2) distanced maxed out at around 200-205 yards for either when I really nutted them. The obvious fix would be too add a 4 or 3 iron but my smooth deliberate swing with Driver SS topping out around 94 mph has always struggled with hitting the long irons well. So am thinking a utility iron/club set at 20-21 degrees could do the trick, leading me to my question - the GAPR Mid 4 vs DHY 4? Both will flight the ball lower than my Cobra or GAPR Hi, but I can get a used GAPR mid 4 in near new condition for half the cost of a new DHY 4. Is the DHY worth the cost difference (since the DHY basically looks/feels like a dressed up GAPR Mid) - anyone hit them both and can offer insight? Or is there a third utility/crossover club option I don't know about. Thoughts or advice welcome.
  8. Lot of good things for sale here. 1. KBS TD Tour Driven Category 3 Shaft with Taylormade RH Tip / Adapter - Shaft is newly built by a Master Builder - New Golfprode MCC + 4 Grip - KBS initial premium shaft offering into the market - Category 3 is seen as stiff - Shaft Retails for $375 as it is a Premium Shaft Offering from KBS - Measurements in pictures, depending on the head it will play approx 45 - 45.25 but feel free to all TM and get advice on the specific TM head you have. SOLD 2. GOLF POLO'S - a bunch of stuff I didn't wear this year and can't fit into (COVID weight gain hah) - Size XL NWT - Peter Millar Taylormade Polo White w/ grey/beige stripes - SOLD - Size XL NWT - Adidas Climacool Polo w/ grey body and navy collar - SOLD - Size L NWT - Nike Golf Polo - Dry-Fit - Medium Blue with stripes - SOLD - Size L NWT - Under Armour Polo - Teal/light greenish color with cross line pattern on chest - SOLD - Size 38w NWT - Adidas Ultimate 365 Golf Shorts - Grey w/ grippers in stretch waist line to hold shirt tucked - SOLD - Size 38w NWT - Under Armour Golf Shorts - White w/ grippers in stretch waist line to hold shirt tucked - SOLD - Size XL - Pre-worn for 1 round & washed - like new - Adidas Ultimate 365 Polo - Navy and Solar green Striped - SOLD 3. GOLF SHOES - 2020 Adidas CODECHAOS Spikless shoes - Pre-worn for approx 5 rounds of golf - Size 11 Mens - 2020 Adidas CODECHAOS Spikless shoes - Colors per Adidas are Cloud White / Signal Green / Glow Blue - See pics below, excellent condition - Not allowed because of spam #1 rated shoe for 2020 SOLD ALL SOLD, THANKS! pin 8/19
  9. Greetings from Canada ?? Everyone has there dream golf bag. I’ve finally got mine! It took only a month to complete! Hope you enjoy Nike sq machspeed driver, regular flex, 10.5 degrees, 0.5 degrees open. Long and straight. A real fairway finder. Nike sq machspeed 3 wood, 15 degrees, regular flex. Grip it and rip it! Titleist 503 h hybrid. 19* and a stiff true temper steel shaft. Great from fairway, tee, and rough. Ping eye 2+ Becu 3-lw. Blue dot. Stiff sandvik titanium shafts. High ball flight, forgiving, and very workable. Love the high toe and double grind. Ping anser 3 putter, 35 inches with original headcover. A classic imo. Headcover are mtl canadiens, stock nike fairway, original ping putter headcover.
  10. Fellow Lefties! •Shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. I always ship expedited. Roughly 7 business days for delivery *Covid/Postal Delays are out of my control* •Feedback speaks for itself •Prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in North America •No trades unless otherwise noted 1. 2021 Cobra RadSpeed Driver. $380 shipped OBRO •HEAD ONLY. Have multiple shafts if interested for extra $& •Brand new in plastic •9* (Have the XB and Draw version as well) Thank you! ⛳️🏌🏻‍♂️
  11. Shipping from Canada FYI so take that for what it is... Callaway epic flash tour issue 3 wood with a 70g diamana ZF TX shaft. $250 callaway apex Tour issue 19 degree hybrid with a Diamana 90x flex shaft. $120 taylormade tour issue 2016 M2 fairway wood head, 15 degrees actual 15.1. $75 taylormade tour issue 2017 M2 fairway wood head 15 degrees, actual 14.8. $95 scotty Cameron Newport 2 studio style refinished, 33inches and in awesome shape. $400 kuro Kage 80XTS shaft. Tipped 1” and length is 41” without a head on it. This is a tour only shaft I believe Fleetwood plays it in his 5 wood and Day plays it as well. Looking for $125 lastly I have a few pairs of shoes. These I wore very sparingly as they never really fit properly. - White and navy pair of Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 shoes. These are size 7.5. Looking to get $50 - White and black pair of Nike Tour Premiere shoes. Size 8, looking to get $85 each. all prices are without shipping as that will need to be discussed with buyers individually. Thanks
  12. Fellow lefties! •Shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. Always ship expedited USA. Roughly 7 business days •Covid and courier delays are out of my control •Prices are in USD and include shipping anywhere in North America •OBRO •No trades unless listed Trade List: •Putters •Taylormade SIM2 Driver head •Project X Blackout Iron Shafts, 5.5/6.0 1. Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum. TRADED •GUC. Few marks on putter. Top line is clean with no dings. Patina starting to show. See pictures for own judgement •Original mill marks throughout putter •34” •Scotty Cameron Grey Matador grip •TPC hole #16 Headcover if asking price is met
  13. Hey fellow lefties, Im clearing out some extras! Price includes shipping In lower 48 and Canada and are or best reasonable offer Not looking for trades, thanks 1. Like new Custom Shop Scotty Cameron GOLO 34". Used for 1 round and Im trimming my collection. The overall cost of the bells and whistles on this refinish are 425$+. These weights and detail finish are no longer available at the custom shop. See pics for the beautiful upgrades. Basic GOLO cover included can upgrade to a custom shop option for Extra $. Will ship in yellow custom shop box as well 650$ OBRO 2. Brand new in plastic SIM 2 9* head. No headcover 340$ OBRO SOLD 3. Lightly Used SIM 9* Driver head. No headcover. Used for 4 outdoor trackman sessions SOLD 4.5. Lightly used Callaway Mavrik SUB ZERO 9* heads. Purchased these as club building experiments but just dont fit my game. Theyre basically in the same shape so just specify which one you need by the stickered #. No headcover for either 170$ each OBRO 6. Lightly used Callaway Mavrik 10.5* head. No headcover 155$ OBRO 7. Mint Callaway X Forged UT 18* driving iron. Used only for 4 trackman sessions at outdoor range. Was my backup so never saw any play on the course. 40.5" and comes with factory installed Graphite Design TOUR AD 95 in X stiff. SOLD 8. Mint Taylor Made RSI UDI TP 18* 2 iron / driving iron. Used for 2 trackman sessions outdoors. Added some lead tape for extra swing weight which I can remove prior to shipping if you prefer. 41" long with factory installed Graphite Design TOUR AD UT 85 shaft in stiff flex. Brand new MCC +4 grip installed SOLD 9. Mint Taylor Made SIM MAX 18* 5 wood head. No headcover SOLD 10. Mint Taylor Made SIM MAX 19* 3 Hybrid head. No headcover 90$ OBRO
  14. Couple things: •Shipping from Canada so please allow an extra few days for delivery. Always ship expedited which is roughly 7 business days *Covid 19 delays are out of my control* •Prices in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in North America •Best reasonable offer 1. Cobra King RAW CB/MB iron set •4-PW •Project X Pxi 6.0 steel shafts •Lamkin Player Cord grips •EUC. No huge dings/rock chips. Typical bag chatter. Faces are clean. Used for approx 2 months $OLD OBRO Shipped!!
  15. In the spring I wrote the following post describing my trials and tribulations trying and testing new-ish clubs in an effort to upgrade my 20 year old set of Callaway X-12 irons and Big Bertha woods and after 30+ rounds and a couple of tournaments I thought I'd give an end of season update. Below is the bag I played more or less the whole summer...only major change from original post was the putter.... Callaway Rogue 9.0 - Aldila Synergy 50 reg Callaway Steelhead XR 5W 18* - Tensei CK Blue 55 reg OR Callaway XR 16 3W 15* - Fujikura Speeder Evo 565 reg Cobra King F6 2-3 hybrid 19* - Matrix Red Tie HQ4 70 reg Taylormade GAPR Hi 4 hybrid 21* KBS 70 reg Callaway Rogue Pro 5i-AW - UST Recoil 760 f3 Cleveland RTX-4 wedge 54* - Rotex 90 reg Cleveland Smart Sole 3 S 58* - Cleveland graphite reg Taylormade Spider mini 34" …..as it was putting that was my undoing for the most part score-wise over the summer. I was surprised how quickly (after a 7 year layoff from game) I got my ball-striking back to the high single digit handicap zone I used to be but putting kept me shooting in the low 80's for most of the season. Only had four 78-79 rounds and must have had twenty 80 or 81's haha - but was taking anywhere from 34 to (gak) 41 putts a round. Very frustrating....but I suppose that's what 7 years away can do to your touch/feel/consistency on the greens. Still getting used to the TM Spider Mini (having tried a Odyssey White Ice Rossi for first half of season) and like how it feels and lines up behind the ball...but it still rolls the ball better than both my old 20 year old putter and the newer Odyssey so finding judging weight and not rolling the ball too far past the hole still a challenge. Though I suppose if I just got the ball IN the hole in the first place I wouldn't be concerned with going too far by haha. At any rate, with practice the putting touch will come back...I hope. One thing I'd add and not to be making excuses but I've always putted with the pin out and with covid and pins staying in I always found myself distracted by the pin and always trying to hit it...the pin....as opposed to just finding the hole. Did anyone else find that a distraction or problem? As for the rest of the clubs was pretty happy with them. Wedges and Rogue Pro irons covered the gaps pretty well from 65 yds - 185 yds. Driver got better and better through the year...250 yd average I'd guess. And as for fairway woods I found I usually hit the 5 wood around 225 - 230 yds and the 3 wood only 230 yds and maybe 235 if I nutted it....so am looking at getting an Epic Flash 5 wood and lofting down to 17 degrees and losing the 3 wood altogether. That could open up bag for another wedge or more likely a GAPR Mid 4 set to 21 degrees or maybe one of the new TM DHY 4 utility irons (22*) - something to hit a lower stinger up to 215 yds on windy days or tight par 4's. That was a gap I found problematic - hit the 5 iron okay up to 185 yds max....and could hit the GAPR Hi or Cobra F6 hybrid up to 210 yds but they flew higher and opened door for trouble sometimes when windy or a tight fairway. Balls were a fun experiment - and ended up playing lower compression balls - the Bridgestone RXS the majority of the year, or the Srixon Q Star Tour. Hit the Srixon a little further but liked the decent distance with better spin around greens playing the Bridgestone. That said tried the Titleist AVX last week and used for two rounds....that ball is lonnnng with acceptable spin around greens - I may start off next year using it. So that's the update....fun to be back playing again and enjoying figuring out and getting used to and better with these new clubs - just have to get the putter back on track and working consistently again. Thanks for listening.
  16. 1. NEW Miura TB/CB combo set. I put these together myself and fully intended to game. These are BEAUTIFUL and all components are brand new - $1,600 Shipped OBO - 3-8 in Tournament Blade, 9-PW in Cavity Back - DG X100 AMT Shafts (3 iron is head only) - Golf Pride Z Cord ALIGN grips - Custom gold ring ferrules - Standard L/L/L 2. Mint Taylormade 2017 M1 15 degree fairway wood - SOLD
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