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Found 18 results

  1. Hey Guys! I wanted to share a super unique set that I have been working on. The curved ball frame with stampings and the rare leather grips are absolutely stunning. Matching serial #s. I painted the entire shield gold instead of just paint fill. I think the good shield pops off nicely. enjoy!
  2. The Mizuno MP-14 shape reminds me a bit of the MacGregor Muirfield. Take a look! This one turned out really pretty.
  3. Hi all, I recently purchased a Ping A-Blade putter from ebay as a sort of restoration project, thinking it'd be cool to have a putter so old. I know there's no real monetary value in this model, which isn't really the point of my interest in it, but I still would like to find some information on it. For example: - What differentiates it from all the other ping models made at the time (Y-Blade, O-Blade, etc.)? - It seems to closely resemble the original Anser model... why make an entirely separate line? - What does the "Pro Only" marking on my grip mean? - When was it made/how much did it go for at the time of manufacturing? These are just some of the questions I have regarding this putter. It seems nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find any information on the early model Ping putters, other than the Anser of course. If any of you have any knowledge on this model, that'd be awesome. Or just sources in general really. Thanks in advance!
  4. I picked up a set of MacGregor Colokrom Tourney M65 irons from a garage sale and I was hoping to get a little more information on them since it is tough to get info on MacGregor's these days. This is a 2-9 iron set with True Temper shafts and they have a copper face.
  5. Just wanted to share a recent find from the thrift store. Saw these looking sad and rusty on the shelf tugging at my heart strings. Took them home to give some love. Grips are leather and say Dunlop on the bottom hand area so I'm wondering if original? Shafts are Dunlop Maxpower S flex. Not sure if original. Wondering what year approx these would be, saw a post in a relevant threat a few years back and they look almost exactly like the 1967 Maxfli irons but feature line on the club head is shorter. Wondering if anyone can tell me for sure. Anyways cleaned them up a bit not great but serviceable. Will try to polish them nicer maybe as time goes on. You can see the whole set pictured here with my also newly acquired Macgregor VIP 1 and 3 Woods.
  6. Hello, total newbie, no idea about golf or equipment, I found an old club (looks very old! the handle is wood, like a cane) it says J Shannat Special Niblick on the metal bit (think it’s an Iron?) and a swing trainer that says it’s a Revball??? I think the trainer might be from the 60’s/70’s? I found these in the house I bought which hadn’t been changed since the 60s. Can anyone tell me what they are and if they’re valuable? going to put them on eBay but don’t know what to put them on for! thank you I’m advance for your help - now with pics, sorry didn’t know how to add first time I posted!
  7. Morning all. I'm hoping you can be of some help in the States at least, to explain just what I've got on my hands here in the UK. I'm a bit of an American nut when it comes to golf clubs, specifically Cleveland stuff, although I love the EV Snake Eyes stuff too. I bought what I thought was a BeCu Cleveland Designed by Ben Crenshaw Putter off UK Ebay a few years ago. I love it and use it often. But I'm still not 100% convinced it's legit. It LOOKS like a bona fide BeCu napa putter from Cleveland, although the patina isn't quite right. (It doesn't seem to get darker over time - I should point out that I've not cleaned it at all with anything like Coca Cola). Also I've seen quite a few bona fide Cleveland Designed by ("CLASSIC") BeCu putters over the years (_ but not once a BeCu Cleveland designed by "BEN CRENSHAW" putter. Not one, although I've seen plenty of NON-BeCu Designed by Ben Crenshaw Putters. The grip looks legit. The shaft looks legit. But is this a fake. Or copper plated??? Or a real BeCu putter? And from what year? 1987? Much later? Any ideas please, thanks in advance. Doug in Scotland.
  8. Hello! I’ve been getting into older clubs and wondered if anyone knew the difference between the macgregor tourney mt and dx models. Thanks
  9. Just found this old set of Wilson Foremaster with Glide Thru Sole. Full set 3-PW with matching serial numbers on sole and original grips. They are in great shape, just took a little elbow grease to make them like new. I was wondering if anyone had some info on them, only thing I could find on this model was a vague ebay listing.
  10. Ladies and Gentleman, The 2020 Masters is finally underway! To show the appreciation we have for our record number of bidders and consignors, we are offering FREE appraisals on your pieces of golf memorabilia. The Golf Auction has THE golf auction of the year with 1,500 lots of collectibles to choose from ending Masters Sunday November 15th at 9 PM ET. The eclectic offering includes clubs, bags, Masters, flags, autographs, balls, player memorabilia and many other one of a kind items. You can see the auction at: https://thegolfauction.com/Catalog.aspx Simply post a picture of your item of golf memorabilia below and the experts at The Golf Auction will take a look at it, give you some additional information that you might not know about it and an estimate of what you might receive from your collectible if it was put up as an item in a future auction of ours in front of our world-wide bidders. Other questions we have for you are: 1. Who do you think will win the 2020 Masters? 2. What item would you like the winner to sign and what value would you put on it? We started the appraisal session off with our first lot: Bobby Jones Signed Personal Print on Board Portrait Gifted to Personal Assistant Jean Marshall JSA ALOA Bobby Jones inscribed the gift to Jean, and on the reverse is the following from Bobby: "Jean, I am immensely complimented by your treatment of my picture. Much love, Bob. Nov 6, 1968." Robert T. Jones Jr. was The Masters, from building Augusta National Golf Club the way he envisioned doing it to starting the "Invitation Tournament" in 1934. This took place four years after his 'Impregnable Quadrilateral' Grand Slam year of 1930 in which he won the US Open, US Amateur, Open Championship and British Amateur. Jones' early retirement from competitive golf shortly followed. Appraised value: $4,000+ The Golf Auction
  11. Hi guys! Longtime reader but first time poster. I found this old wooden putter of my late father while cleaning through his collection (I'm saving the full set of Ping Eye 2s from 1 iron down to lob wedge haha), but I couldn't find any information on this putter or the maker "Custom". Is anyone enough of an expert to give me some hints on the maker of this and if there is any significance to this on?? I putted a few balls on the carpet inside and it feels nice and sounds great. I just want to find more information about it! Appreciate any and all help! Thanks all and hope everyone goes red this weekend!
  12. So I recently picked up a set of Pat Pending Ping Eye 2s at thrift store for $10 (SCORE!). 2-9, but missing the 6 Iron. While hunting for a 6 iron I decided to pick up a wedge too. As I couldn't find a cheap Pat Pending Wedge I sprung for a newer one. When it got here it turned out to be a plus-no-plus model. I've heard that the Plus and Plus-no-plus wedges are great due to the scalloped sole, but I know they are stronger lofted. Since I want the gapping to stay consistent, I have a few options. Do I: 1) Say screw it and not worry about the 5* gap from 8 to 9 and 3.5* gap from 9 to W. 2) Have the 9 iron bent 1* stronger so its 4* gapping from 6-9 and 4.5* from 9 and W (actually the same gapping as my G2s). 3) Have the Plus-no-plus bent from 48.5* to the original Eye 2 50.5* loft (I know this will mess with bounce). 4) Just buy another pitching wedge and make sure its the right one. I'm leaning towards option 2 and picking up eye 2 plus or plus-no-plus sand and lob wedges later on. Let me know your thoughts!
  13. Just entered the world of club restoration and need some help identifying the club below. Only visible marking so far on the back is the C / semicircle. On the face is a regular pattern pin hole. Any info appreciated.
  14. Picked a set of these up the other day but was wondering if anyone knows anything about them? I know they are Tru-Matics but unsure of the year.
  15. Hello, Does anyone know what model this Cleveland Classic is? I have searched the internet and cannot find anything really like it. Most of the Cleveland's I have seen have the model where this one has one looks like a date stamp. The name plate looks more similar to some Mcgregors I have seen. If anyone has any input I would be glad to hear.
  16. Has anyone any experience with the 2021 odyssey dfx range and specifically the #1 shape? Looking for a blade putter that fits within the price range of the dfx and not sure whether to go down this route or go for something in the used market like the odyssey metal x milled or similar. Any feedback would be welcomed.
  17. Need a wee bit of help identifying this iron. Not much to go on other than the C on the back and the regular pin pattern on the face. Any help appreciated
  18. Hello, Does anyone know what model this Cleveland Classic is? I have searched the internet and cannot find anything really like it. Most of the Cleveland's I have seen have the model where this one has one looks like a date stamp. The name plate looks more similar to some Mcgregors I have seen. If anyone has any input I would be glad to hear.
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