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  1. Hi All, First time poster here. I saw different posts regarding junior/regular memberships of some country clubs around the North Jersey area but figured to put up another post since I didn't see anything conclusive. I was wondering if anybody recently have gotten more information on some of the clubs. Interested in - White Beeches - Knickerbocker Now of course, there are some other clubs that I'd be interested in joining but due to their rumored pricing for non-junior membership I'm not 100% sure I'd be comfortable paying for it. - Arcola - Montclair - Upper Montclair - Ridgewood (Grew up here in the town, so would be a dream to be a member) If anyone has any information on the courses, I'd much appreciate it. Also would be awesome to get recommendations too! Thanks, Magikarp
  2. I visited Wild Dunes last year and was paired with a couple of local golfers. They were playing using their passbook. My understanding is it goes on sale in the fall and sells out quickly. Do you have to be a resident of Charleston to purchase the passbook? If someone from Charleston purchases a passbook may an out of state resident use it?
  3. I had the great pleasure of walking the Ralph Myhre golf course at Middlebury on a pleasant summer day last week and wanted to write down my thoughts about it. I had initially seen the course on No Laying Up's strapped series and my family spends a few weeks up in the adirondacks each year so I made the hour+ drive over to the course to check it out. I play golf in middle tennessee so there were a number of features that I greatly enjoyed here that I never see down south. I will break down my thoughts into a few key categories going from what I think is most important to least important: Layout: The course is set right on the Middlebury campus and is relatively high up compared to the rest of the campus. You start high up on a hill and work your way down and up and around over some rolling terrain. In all, it felt like there was about a 100 foot elevation drop from the highest point to the lowest point. A relatively easy walk as the holes were well connected. A number of different looks from the tee and by my count there were at least 5 doglegs and both uphill and downhill moving holes. I have to admit I really liked the gravel cartpaths because if you ball struck one it didn't bound off into oblivion like concrete cart paths tend to do. Not a ton of sand which is fine with me as the sand quality at this course is nothing to write home about. Lovely setting of trees and hardly any housing or other man made structures (aside from middlebury athletic complex) visible from most of the course. Overall, I thought the layout was intuitive and asked a number of questions. Conditions: The greens rolled beautifully. The fairways were a tad scruffy but that has been my experience throughout the adirondacks. The sand was average for a public course. I saw a number of moveable sprinklers so I don't think the course has much (if any) irrigation so there were some burnt out spots in the rough. I thought there was a good use and maintenance of native areas as well as trees that were strategic but not claustrophobic. Greens: These get their own category because this is truly the defense (in my opinion) of par at this course. These greens were incredibly difficult for me to figure out. They looked fairly benign but had considerable break on almost every putt. Many of the greens are elevated and have false fronts as well. That said, they held shots well and were consistent in their movement and speeds. I think I had more 3 putts in this single round that I had, cumulatively, in 5 rounds prior. I think if you played out here frequently you would have a tremendous advantage over a newcomer. Fun Factor/Playability: For me, this course is playable for a lot of different skill levels. Probably a bit short for big hitters (which I am not) and not a ton of O.B. or overly penal features. Fairly generous fairways for a course up here leads to allowing me to hit driver more often than I would have thought. Even though the greens destroyed me and pushed me to a 79 I had a great time out there. I thought the back was more interesting than the front but I would play this course every day. Most of the course is there in front of you and I only misplayed a few shots due to not knowing where trouble started, etc. Holes of Note: #3 got my attention as it is a semi-blind short par 4 with a massive right to left slope and a centerline bunker. But the green is OUTRAGEOUS. It is fairly narrow and has this crazy right to left slope, the pin was on the right side and I flew it directly over the flag and then the slope carried it 15 feet left and almost completely off the green. That would be a fun shot to have again because I would intentionally land it right of the green and have it trickle down. Cool feature and good local knowledge. #11, a bit polarizing for me but very dramatic. 70 foot downhill tee shot but a bit of a forced layup as there is a retention pond and trees that bottleneck around 250 off the tee. Then the hole has a 90 degree dogleg left with trees blocking you unless you are on the extreme right of the fairway (hugging the OB line). This is a cool strategic play but in practice most times I would end up either bunting a driver or hitting 3W then laying up with a 7 iron and wedging on. Definitely memorable if not entirely fun. See layout below: #15 was a short par 4 that I totally misplayed as the trees came in quicker than I thought. It is a downhill dogleg left with a stand of trees left and OB right. Then the green is elevated and narrow with a retention pond right. Also the green has a ton of slope in it. Cool hole but also my only double bogey of the day. #17 I did not like this hole at all. A bit of a bland par 5 as it is pretty straight BUT it is penal off the tee. OB right with wind blowing hard toward the OB and then a huge stand of trees left. Yes it would have been good to just hit a draw against the wind but I was pretty scared of blocking one OB so I tried to hug the left and just nailed the stand of trees left for a nice 70 yd tee shot. My fault but a very uncomfortable tee shot for me that I didn't enjoy. The rest of the hole is pretty wide open and featureless except for a large retention pond left that isn't really in play. Odds and Ends: I booked a tee time online and showed up and they were having a tournament. The pro shop said they "had no idea how I was able to book such a time." The offered to let me go out in between a group as a single (which was a preposterous suggestion) so I waited until the last two groups came by (20 minute wait) and then had to sit behind a 3some playing tournament golf for 9 holes (2 hours and 30 minutes). I had another gentleman catch up to me on 8 and we played the back 9 (both walking) in about an hour and 10 minutes. So it felt slow on the front but overall a nice experience. Not sure if I would always drive an hour+ to play this course but if you are in the area it is much better than other courses I have played in the adirondacks on the New York side. Pictures below. Overall, for a public/college course this place is pretty amazing. Not quite Sewanee levels but you could (and I have) do a lot worse. Nice feature for Middlebury to have despite the fact it is probably covered up with snow most of the school year. Will try to get back there again when it is NOT a tournament day. I look forward to getting my teeth kicked in by the greens again, they were extremely tough to read.
  4. Looking to start playing more with lower handicap level amateur players around Houston. Comment on the thread if you’re interested and we can set up a match!
  5. Anyone have opinions on the following country clubs, including how easy it is to get a tee time as a member and opinion on the course and value: Sugar Creek Country Club Riverbend Country Club Pine Forest Country Club Braeburn Country Club North gate Country Club
  6. Recently made the trip to play Pine Dunes just South of Frankston, Texas and was inspired to start a thread about how unique it is. Easily one of my favorite Public Golf Courses in Texas. Rankings: Golf Digest - 4.5 Star Rating Golf Digest - #6 on America's Best New Upscale Public Courses, 2002 Golf Digest - Best value in America, 2004 GolfWeek - #1 Resort Golf Course in Texas, #46 in the US, 2018 GolfWeek - #1 Golf Course to Play in Texas, 2018, "Best Courses You Can Play" Golf Magazine - Honorable Mention as "One of the Top Courses You Can Play" Golfweek - #1 course in Texas (2010-2012 & 2014-2018) A few holes seem to be worth highlighting: Hole 2 - 348 Yard Par 4 The Par 4 Second Hole presents an early birdie opportunity with a reachable Par 4. The green has significant sloping, like many others on the course, to give the hole some teeth. Hole 5 - 501 Yard Par 5 The Par 5 Fifth Hole offers an option for golfers to take their tee shot left with 249 yards of carry over a natural sand dune waste area, enabling players to reach the green in two shots whereas if they elect to go right of the split fairway it will be a guaranteed three shot hole. Hole 6 - 254 Yard Par 3 The Par 3 Sixth Hole has the most elevation change as it was was carved into a natural hill. At least 50 feet of drop, by my estimation. The green naturally slopes from right to left towards the water hazard left of the green, which seems to be well out of play except the entirety of the hole slopes towards that hazard. A Par here is an excellent score. Hole 11 - 605 Yard Par 5 The Par 5 Eleventh Hole is every bit of 605 yards as the fairway ends at 307 yards out where natural sand dunes separate the split fairway. Many elect for something less than driver as it will be a three shot hole regardless of how far you can hit your tee shot. Only the absolute longest hitters out there can reach this one in two from the championship tees. Another hole at Pine Dunes where Par is a great score. Hole 15 - 344 Yard Par 4 The Par 4 Fifteenth Hole is another reachable Par 4 as it plays shorter than 344, doglegging around Pines. One can lay up here if they have a particularly good round going and want to protect their low number, but I otherwise encourage players to go for it here. It plays even shorter in length than the reachable Par 4 on the front if you can carry the Pines on the left. Hole 18 - 512 Yard Par 5 The Par 5 Eighteenth Hole is a masterful finish. Sharp dogleg right around a sizeable water hazard. One can have 160 yards or less into the Par 5 with their approach, but this requires a tee shot with more than 272 yards of carry to clear the hazard. A long drive is not necessary to reach the green in two as it would be advisable to play this tee shot left of the hazard unless you are confident in carrying your drive 280+. That is all carry, not roll. As a final note I would like to add that a part of the charm of Pine Dunes is its absolute isolation. It is worth the journey to arrive at such a unique piece of golf property. A real Texas Golfer's dream. Peter Kennedy on Hole 5 at Pine Dunes July 2022:
  7. Hey Everyone, Houston resident (Galleria area) looking for a practice facility around town with the option to hit short game shots to real greens. Appreciate the feedback!
  8. Hi All, Looking for a sponsor for Cherry Creek country club! I'm 33 looking for a nice club in the Denver metro. Thanks again! -Chris
  9. Anyone know of a good membership for a junior within driving distance from nyc?
  10. Heading to Bandon Dunes on Friday to play all courses. I am curious what tees everyone plays from and why. I am a 1, but the guys I am playing with are 4, 10, and 12. Driving distance ranges from 260-290 in the group. Any suggestions on tees for different courses? I want to be challenged but also want everyone to enjoy (They prefer playing the same tees). I would prefer to play the same tees and know it can be tough from the greens as well, so curious about other experiences. Thanks for any input!
  11. Hey all, I am taking a trip down to Miami (south beach) in July for for a bachelor party. We are all avid golfers and would like to get a few rounds in. Does anyone have any recommendations on courses we should play when we are down there? We wouldn't mind "splurging" on at least one round. Thanks!
  12. Our Pete Dye design is closed on Mondays. I really don't know why as picking is done Sunday night and mowing Monday morning. Maybe staff/cost? It's been that way for decades. Curious on what is done elsewhere. Thanks.
  13. Moving from NYC to CT and looking to join a country club with a solid golf program (course, practice facility, and member tournaments). Looking for any suggestions from locals on which clubs to look at. Early search results were Country Club of Darien, Rolling Hills CC, and Brooklawn CC. 32yo, low single digit index. Thanks!
  14. I'm headed to Vegas for 13 days for work and have a few free days. I'm interested in playing Cascata and possibly doing the double down deal with Rio secco. Can anyone provide insight on if Cascata is worth it to play? I've played wolf creek and Bali Hai. Shadow is closed for maintenance. So any opinions on Cascata would be great
  15. I’m traveling from Minnesota to Portland, ME in late September. Would love some recommendations on top public courses 30-45 minutes from downtown Portland. Thanks!
  16. I'm getting mixed reviews from buddies who have played all 3. Some recommend Princeville while the others say it's overrated and underwhelming. I hear Poipu is great and our Airbnb is right next to it. Makai would be about an hour drive but that's no problem. Would love to hear some opinions
  17. Hey Everyone, I am a young professional, moving near Doylestown PA. I am looking to join a course in the area but don't know which one to join. Doysletown CC looks nice but has a pretty steep initiation fee. Also looked at Commonwealth Country Club, but that's almost 20 min away. Was wondering if anyone here had any information on local clubs, where to look, where to stay away and if there was any insight into their rates. Thanks in advance!
  18. Ok, so last night I discovered the USGA Channel on my Roku. What an incredible library of old golf event footage. US Open's, Women's Opens, Amateurs... all the old television footage of these great events. I started on the US Opens. They have the actual tv coverage of every final round and playoff going back to the mid 60's. I started at 1968 with Trevino winning at Oak Hill. I'm now on 1972 with Nicklaus winning at Pebble Beach. I think I know what I will be watching for the next week or so while I wait for all the snow to melt.
  19. I will be in Portland in March and have one day to spare for a round of golf. Where should I play? I am ok to drive a bit out of town if necessary. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  20. There are several courses out there that are some of the best in the US, but never host majors for various reasons. Pine Valley because the members don't want it and there is no room for spectators. Sand Hills probably just because it is too remote. Cypress Point since it is probably just too short to really test the best in the world and I don't think the members want it. With all this aside, which course would you like to see anyways.
  21. Looking for some insight into the ocean course from those who have played it, I'm headed down to Kiawah for my Anniversary with the SO in April and was fortunate enough to get a tee time a month before the PGA Championship. Im a 6Hdp and game Titleist 712mb's, 54* and 60* sm7's, TSI3, u510 and putt with a spider tour. Is there anything you would suggest to have in the bag for the course? I am planning on taking a caddie out with me so I can find my way around, any suggestions on places to check out on the island would be perfect. best- 30Yard
  22. Hey all, I'm heading to Houston in three weeks with some buddies from the Northeast since they are trying to escape the cold and Houston was warm (other than this week!), cheap to fly to, and had a lot of affordable places to stay. We are hoping to play Friday, Saturday, and Sunday AM so any recommendations for the best courses to play for a range of handicaps (don't want anything overly penal) looking for rounds at $100 or under. We are staying in the Heights Neighborhood, so anything within 45 minutes is preferred. Thanks!
  23. I'm getting mixed reviews from buddies who have played all 3. Some recommend Princeville while the others say it's overrated and underwhelming. I hear Poipu is great and our Airbnb is right next to it. Makai would be about an hour drive but that's no problem. Would love to hear some opinions
  24. Hey y’all! Just curious if anyone knows what this logo is? Not sure if it’s a club. My buddy just bought a brand new bag with this logo on it and I wanted to see if it’s a club or something. The bag was bought from Virginia. Thanks!
  25. So I'm staying at the Encore at Wynn. My buddy has played all the courses in Vegas including shadow many times. Cascata looks amazing, but I hear the newly renovated Wynn course is top notch. And with green fees at only $250 as opposed to $350 at Cascata I'm seriously considering trying the Wynn. The pros would be no travel as I'm staying on property. But I would love to hear from anyone who's played both and just get some opinions/advice.
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