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Found 17 results

  1. The Kai'li Blue is currently being used on tour as a "Prototype", just like the Kai'li White was before it hit retail. I found some Info regarding the tour proto version from the Kai'li White forum, which is shown below. Looking at the Kai'li White's retail spec vs. the Proto, they are identical and I guess we can except the same from the Blue. Does anyone have any info on a retail release for this shaft? @MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL is there any info you can give us regarding the release date or how it compares to the Kai'li White or Diamana TB?
  2. What driver shafts should I be looking at that would pair well with the feel/bend profile of DG X100 in my irons? (i.e. more flex in the butt section progressing down to a stable/stiff tip section) Ventus blue 6X sounds like the obvious choice, but I don’t want to fork over the $350 right now. Is there such a thing as a “poor man’s Ventus”? If you play x100 in your irons, what shafts have worked well for you in your woods?
  3. Fellow Golfwrx’rs! •shipping from Canada so please allow sufficient time to reach destination. Always ship expedited USA. Roughly 6 business days •prices are in USD $’s and include shipping anywhere in 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 •no trades unless posted •buy with confidence. 100% feedback on multiple selling pages TRADE LIST: PXG Golf Balls L.A.B Golf Mezz Putter 1. PXG Wood Set $425 ❌OBRO shipped for all 3 NOW $380 Shipped •0311 XT Driver, 9* •0311 X 3 Wood •0311 X 5 Wood •All have Diamana S+ Shafts. Stiff flex (60 gram and 70 gram) •Includes stock Gen4 Headcovers •PXG Lamkin Standard Grips 2. PXG Battle Ready Raptor Putter $OLDOBRO shipped •34” •SS Flatso 1.0 Grip •includes 2 headcovers
  4. Sorry in advance, bit of a nit picky post here. Playing SS 120-125ish, into the low 130’s when messing around in a simulator. Looking for as low launch shaft as I can find, but I also really enjoy that loading feeling at the top. To throw in a 3rd wrinkle, I’ve also found that I don’t get along with lower balance point shafts ex: TZ5/Hzrdus Black. I’ve recently gamed Hzrdus Yellow, PO Orange, and TZ5. Yellow felt the best, but launched super high, Orange performed the best, but there’s no distinctive load. It may well be that I’m looking for a bit of a unicorn, but I’m open to opinions or reviews of shafts anyone has used. Thanks!
  5. I’ve been recently exploring the option of upgrading my stock shafts to aftermarket. I currently use the HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 in all of my woods and wanted to get recommendations on which shafts I should try. If you could explain the feel and differences between shafts, especially if you switched from the HZRDUS Smoke, that would help a lot. Thanks in advance!
  6. Gamed - Diamana D+Plus Limited 70TX - AV Raw White 75TX - HZRDUS Black 6.5 - Tensei Pro Orange 70TX How does or would the Trono compare? thanks!
  7. Anybody know what shaft is this? I think it came stock with a mavrik driver but cant find anything online...
  8. I demo’d a Sim Udi 2 iron the other day and loved it. Although I actually got along with the stock Diamana Thump 100X it comes with, it was still launching just a bit high for me. Im looking for a lower launching hybrid shaft that still has a somewhat smooth release (not a board) that won’t fight the draw I use to knock my ball flight down. I haven’t messed around with many hybrid / driving iron shafts, so I’m looking for a little input from those with more experience. Thanks guys
  9. Pretty much all of the fairway wood shafts I've played in the past have had recommended tip trim instructions of the usual 0.5" trim for 3 wood, 1" for 5 wood (sometimes 7-wood these days) etc. which seems to have worked nicely in general, comparing how the shaft performs from driver to 3 wood etc.. Recently I've picked up a few Fujikura and older Aldila models that recommend 0 tip trim for 3 woods and I'm abit nervous/curious about why they do this. It's not as if the tips of the shaft are so stiff in comparison to other manufactures that they perform differently (or is it?!). Is it just a presumption that you want a fairway wood to launch higher than a driver? I'm not sure that's always the case from a shaft perspective, loft does the job for the most part. I've noticed Aldila have gone to the standard 0.5"-3 wood, 1" 5 wood or similar since being brought out by MRC. Anyway, so the question is what are peoples experiences or knowledge of why they do this? And how has if effected the performance of the shaft? Has not trimming the 3 wood shaft worked or have you had better results ignoring Fujikura etc. advice and going with the usual 0.5" trim etc? Anybody follow the no tip trim advice on shafts from other manufacturers that usual recommend trimming and had success? Any particular experience of the Fujikura Atmos line would be appreciated! Cheers
  10. Does anyone know the recommended tipping for the Diamana D+Limited 70tx? I usually tip all my shafts 1" and then take . 5 off the butt to make it the length I prefer but figured I would see what others do. Thanks!
  11. Bouncing between shafts and IMOP couldn’t be two totally different set ups Ventus 6x w/ Stealth Plus + 8* , static weight of 320g no lead tape Diamana Limited OG 70TX , lead tape job 335 to 340 ish depending on the tape job I’m Testing Both just a shade north of 45” Ventus I want to make the Ventus work prob because its popular and I am in fear of Equipment FOMO, Ventus by Far the LONG of the LONG , 325ish Like an ICBM , carry but I am just not skillful enough to harness that power on the course. Driving range hero swing after swing where I want it to the back of the range, but on the course she’s a little bit of a wild devil, I even tried a Ventus TR 7tx , still testing Old Faithful - D+ Limited 70TX , aka heavy carbon fiber bar (Trackman was tested with 340g club weight ) See trackman below , cuts through the wind, is pretty long 305 to 315ish carry, and the most important , she’s a fairway finder , NOT the long of the long but puts me in play. Leaving 10-15 yds on the table is significant but additional power is useless less its transferable to the course. Any thoughts on how to make the Ventus more consistent set up , or I’m I jumping over a dollar to get at a nickel? The Ventus is legit , I just maybe one of those folks that need that weight to make speed with accuracy. Thanks
  12. So I've had this shaft in my driver (73g, Stiff, tipped a half inch), my 3w, and my 5w (both 83g Stiff), for quite a while now and needless to say, I'm pretty used to how they feel. I think I could even say that I've probably evolved my swing / tempo to some degree to suit this shaft. Now, the TSR's are looming just over the horizon, and I'm thinking of upgrading all my woods, but I'd like to think about a modern shaft with a similar swing profile / feel to my current setup. So can any of you gear junkies make any recommendations for what modern (and hopefully stock) shafts would feel most familiar to someone accustomed to swinging this shaft? Thanks in advance!
  13. @MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL Will we see an update to the Diamana D+ Limited Edition / D Limited line with some updated materials in the near future? I currently play D+ Limited Edition 60TX in my driver and I love the more stable handle version of a whiteboard profile. I would love to see a similar bend profile with some updates to the materials (5th Gen Diamana), while keeping some classic materials that made this profile so popular with Tour Players (Tiger, Brooks, Morikawa, Finau, Lowry, etc.). Traditionally, the whiteboard profile has been softer handle with a stiffer mid and tip section. With the D+ Limited Edition, MCA wanted to produce a whiteboard profile with a more stable handle/tip section and to lower the torque. Some materials I would like to see in an updated version would be: + DIALEAD Pitch Fibers in the handle. + MR70 and Boron Fibers in the tip section. + X-Link Tech Resin System + Ion Plating Finishing What improvements would you like to see, if any? Would you like to see them produce a stiffer handle and tip shaft that would compete with the Ventus Black? Images below: EI Profile of D Limited vs S+ LE (Blueboard) and D+ LE vs. Ventus Black
  14. I'm pretty certain there's something about this somewhere on the internet but I really don't want to go digging for it more than already have BUT... I was looking into possibly throwing a HZRDUS Black 6.5 85g into a 3W. Looked PX's website and they didn't really say anything about putting it into a wood (excluding the driver of course) If anyone could help me out on this it would be greatly appreciated. Currently have a Diamana D+Limited 80TX in there now. Thanks!
  15. I recently had to change out a tip adapter in my Fujikura six xlr8 driver shaft and discovered a strange material that was in the tip end of the shaft. Can someone please help identify what type of plug (tungsten, lead, liquid tungsten, etc.) I found? I have attached a few pictures. The metal is in a few pieces because I had to cut the tip which ended up cutting this material that was at the end of my tip as well. Also, any suggestions on where to purchase something similar to match the swing weight of my old driver shaft that had this material? The new shaft (same model) now feels way to lite without this material in the tip. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  16. I'm selling two fairway woods that are barely used. I'm splitting the components up just to accommodate whichever set-up is preferable. All prices include ConUS shipping. Tracking will be provided. First club head to be sold will include a matching 915F head cover (I only have 1). I'm open to offers and I'll listen to trades. Bundles are always available for discount. Thanks! Full Club: $OLD Club Heads: Titleist 915F 3+ (13.5*) $OLD Titelist 915F 5 (18*) $OLD Fairway Shafts (OEM Titleist with original adapters): Diamana S+ Ltd (w/Dialead) 70g Stiff $OLD Diamana S+ 70g Regular $OLD Hybrid Shaft (OEM Titliest with original adapter): Diamana S+ 70g Regular $35
  17. I have up for grabs two driver shafts, both with Ping adapters. Shipping to the lower 48 only. First is a Diamana S+ Plus Blue 60g Stiff. Shaft measures 43.75" to the end of the tip, played 45" in my G head, D2 SW with the standard weight. Cobra branded Golf Pride Z-Grip. This shaft has had very light usage. I tried it for a short while and it didn't really work for me. There is a wide variety of pricing of these on eBay, but $70 will get it to you USPS Priority Mail. I got a little overzealous with the tip trim, check the pictures. Second is a UST Mamiya Elements Chrome+ 70g Stiff. This shaft is just a hair over 43.75" to the end of tip, and plays a tiny bit over 45" at D3.5 SW. TackiMac grip that will need replacing. This was my gamer for a few years, and shows bag wear along the shaft (check pics). I went back to the Ping Tour S shaft at 44.5" and am hitting frozen ropes. This has been pushed aside. Again a big range of prices on eBay for this. $55 shipped to you USPS Priority Mail. If anyone is interested in both, I'd drop $10 off. If my pricing is completely whack, feel free to correct me. Paypal accepted + GS fee. If you'd like more pics or measurements I'll get them up ASAP. Thanks for looking.
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